Absolute Necromancer Chapter 88

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All Master Necromancer Episode 88

‘…the seed moved. ‘What does it mean?’

There are two seeds in Jinhyeok’s arms.

One is a sacred power generating organ, and the other is a demonic energy generating organ created in the process of eating the corpse of a demon ship.

The two seeds were like human organs, but they were literally as small as seeds.

The seeds that were just sitting there and creating demonic energy and divine power reacted for the first time when demonization was completed.


Jinhyuk, who thought there might be some meaning in the movement of the seed, which was only slightly but clearly shaken, eventually shook his head to shake off the thought.

‘We’ll think about the seeds later, now focus on Hendrick.’

Rather than spending time on seeds, the strong man in front of me named Hendrick was more important.

Jinhyuk, who had now drawn attention from the unshakable seed, looked at Hendrick.


‘Even wearing barding, it feels like you can live beyond it… It looks like you prepared a pretty big blow.’

Jinhyeok, who confirmed that he was preparing something as powerful as the demonization he had prepared, smiled and removed the mask.


The body that allowed him to move like a fox returned to Jinhyeok’s original body, creating an eerie sound.

The pain that occurred in the process was no joke, but Jinhyuk calmly changed his mask.

Cheokkkeok –

Goblin mask.

Jinhyeok, now wearing a mask that was no different from his own identity, looked at Hendrick with eyes shining with spiritual power.

“Should I wait?”

“…It’s done. Rest assured, you won’t have to wait.”

“That’s a good thing.”

Jinhyuk said, looking down at him arrogantly with his arms crossed.

Perhaps it was because of his new demonized body, or perhaps because his entire body was covered with demonic energy, and even his insides were covered in demonic energy, but Jinhyeok had become slightly arrogant.

Of course, I was always arrogant, but my current arrogance was slightly different from usual.

‘It’s like a demon. I have to be careful. After all, Magi specializes in destroying people.’

Unlike dragon power, mighty power, and divine power, many of those who came into contact with demonic energy became crazy or mad.

Climbers who received demonic energy from demons and became demons also often went crazy, so Jinhyeok regained control of his mind.

‘If you become a madman after being seduced by a demon, you are no different from those who became demons. More than anything, I feel worse because I feel like I was defeated by the demons.’

This is because, let alone becoming a madman, being defeated by the energy of the demons that one was supposed to defeat and becoming a madman felt like being defeated by the demons.

Anyway, Jinhyeok, who was suppressing Magi’s arrogance with frustration and anger, relaxed his arms.

Spread your legs and clenched your fists tightly.

The power contained in the fist is enough to shatter mountains and split the ocean.

That time when you focus all that power on one point.


Hendrick moved.

It was also the moment when his strike, which even temporarily changed his body structure for a single sword strike, began.



The extremely light cut even gave the illusion of paper fluttering and flying away.

However, Jinhyuk soon found out that he was hiding his teeth behind his true ‘lightness’.


“…I’m serious. “What kind of dragon is this again?”

A new type of dragon following the fire dragon and thunder dragon.

Each dragon has its own characteristics, and any new type of dragon will have its own unique characteristics.

That’s why Jinhyuk asked, looking at the dark red dragon that revealed its hidden teeth and roared.

He did not deny that although it was for preparation, it was also for the purpose of resolving curiosity.


“It’s a crazy dragon… so it’s perfect.”

Jinhyeok nodded as he looked at the dragon, whose dark red appearance was just like Hendrick’s and was thus named Crazy Dragon.

It suited me.

The light dragon flying now was not just a collection of energy or a crystallization of technology.

‘Hendrick, are you flying?’

Gwangryong, Hendrick.

The dragon in front of me looked so similar to Hendrick that I felt as if the magician Hendrick himself was rushing towards me.

No, it was no exaggeration to say that it was Hendrick himself.

Jinhyeok threw out his clenched fist, remembering in his mind every single movement of Gwangryong trying to destroy the forest and destroy the floor.

“You told me, but I should tell you too.”

“…what? “What is your strength?”

Hendrick, who was exhausted after spitting out the dragon, used the dragon sword as a staff to support himself and asked.

Jinhyeok coolly responded with a smile hidden behind his mask as he heard his voice gasping for air.

“I made it because I thought that a devil must have at least one skill like this.”

“Answer me… do it…!”

Jinhyeok quietly recited the name of the technique while keeping his eyes on Hendrick, who did not lose his momentum even though he was completely weak.

“Fight of destruction (滅神拳). “It is a fist that destroys God.”

[Many gods are dissatisfied with your skill name.]

[Many demons cheer for your skill name.]



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Jinhyeok’s fist stretches out, breaking the message window of the gods and devils who are divided into pros and cons and share their dissatisfaction and cheers. went out

A wild dragon that destroys the forest.

A fist that erases the forest.

A light dragon that destroys floors.

A fist that erases layers.

The winner was decided.

“1 win 1 loss. Right?”


Jinhyeok’s voice softly reached Hendrick’s ears along with the sad cry of the torn dragon.

1 win 1 loss.

Hearing his words about sparring on the 10th floor, Hendrick smiled and nodded without realizing it.

“Yes, you damn b*stard. “You won.”

The moment when Jinhyeok says something similar to what he said when he faced Hwaryong on the 10th floor.

The right to destroy has reached Hendrick.

After Hendrick’s answer with a smile on his face, the forest on the 51st floor disappeared from the 51st floor.

The results achieved by one climber with one technique will forever exist like his achievements on the 51st floor.


“…I told you to do it in moderation. Mr. Hendrick is the same. “How can such a terrible technique be used against someone who just woke up in a few days?”

“…I’m sorry. After a few days of fighting, my sense of victory was so high that I was slightly blinded. “I apologize.”

Ha-Ryu criticized Jin-Hyuk, who coughed harshly, and Hendrick, who made Jin-Hyeok do that.

Both of them knew their mistake, so they just lowered their heads and closed their mouths in response to her scolding or offered an apology.

But since it’s funny to argue about things that have already happened, Haru was the first to give up.

“Don’t do that next time. It was truly dizzying just to look at Hendrick’s abilities and your brother’s. “If something happened to you two… I don’t even want to imagine it.”

Although they grunted with their lips sticking out, the beating was over, and the two people looked at each other and sighed in relief.

‘The nagging feeling downstream is more painful than the creaking body.’

‘…I agree.’

The two people, who had been conversing with just a glance, stood up, each supported by Ha-ryu and Hong Gil-dong.

“Tsk! “Then where do you plan to go?”

In response to the words of Hong Gil-dong, who supported Hendrick with his arm on his shoulder, Jin-hyuk, who was also supporting him with his hand on Ha-ryu’s shoulder, opened his mouth.

“It must be the 50th or 60th floor.”

“Anywhere would be good. Because the entire upper floor was destroyed by the demon ship, the tower would not be able to operate normally. “Maybe I can go up naturally.”

“…Then it would be better to go up. “Let’s go up.”

Free pass to the 60th floor.

It is better to climb up when you can comfortably than to wait until the tower is completely restored and gradually break through the floors.

Because he didn’t know that, Jinhyuk chose to go straight to the 60th floor.

“Then, I will support Hendrick, so you two can come in private!”

“…What is Obu?”

“…I’ll see you upstairs, Mr. Hong Gil-dong.”

Jinhyeok grumbled at Hong Gil-dong, who disappeared to the next floor as soon as he finished speaking.

However, on the contrary, Ha-ryu blushed slightly and bowed to him.

After confirming that Hong Gil-dong and Hendrick had disappeared, Jin-hyuk looked downstream with an apologetic expression.

“I’m sorry. If I hadn’t sparred like you said, I would have been able to walk on my own feet just fine. If you ask Balkan to help you right now…”

“…I’m fine.”

Jinhyeok, who felt bad about being indebted to Ha-ryu, tried to call Balkan, but strangely, Balkan was nowhere to be seen.

In addition, Ha-ryu, who was currently supporting him, said that he was okay, so Jin-hyuk clung to her as if he had no choice.

I was thinking of receiving support properly.

But I didn’t intend to just receive support.

“I’ll go to the 60th floor and buy you the gift I mentioned last time. “It’s a bit late, but… are you okay?”


Ha-Ryu nodded as he looked at Jin-Hyeok, who mentioned the promise he made before going up to the 51st floor.

“That’s enough.”

Ha-ryu smiled and made a satisfied face when he heard that it was a gift.

Not only that, Miho came closer and grabbed Jinhyuk’s leg, looking up at him.

“I have a gift too…”

“Okay, let’s buy yours too, Miho. “Okay?”

“Yes, good.”

When Miho heard that he was going to buy her a gift, she smiled brightly and spun around.

Jinhyuk stopped Miho, who was circling around him, and stroked Miho’s soft purple hair.

Jinhyuk, who stroked Miho’s head and pulled her to the side, looked downstream and said.

“Then let’s go. “I want to go up quickly and take a shower and rest.”

“Me too. Then I’ll leave. Ah, but Grandpa Balkan….”

“I don’t know, he’ll come by himself. “Tsk, where did you go without helping the owner?”

Jinhyeok, who was grumbling at Balkan, who disappeared somewhere without even helping him, soon disappeared along with Ha-ryu and Miho.

And where the three disappeared, Vulcan appeared.

“Tsk tsk, you clueless b*stard. No matter how bad the child next to me is at expressing his emotions… Even if I, who is quick-witted, takes care of moving away, he can’t accept it… I feel sorry for that little child.”

Balkan, who had been chewing on Jinhyuk for a long time because he was busy swearing at him without even understanding his ocean-like heart, eventually dispersed like smoke.

It was the moment when Jinhyeok fainted after the fight with Ma Seon and had to completely leave the 51st floor, where he had stayed for several days.

In the aftermath of Jinhyuk and Hendrick’s sparring, Jinhyuk and his group left the 51st floor, leaving behind the wide forest that had become a wasteland.

And after everyone left and some time had passed.

The members of the investigation team and the information guild reappeared without fear and found the forest changed from when they left.

No, I gaped at what used to be a forest.

“…You did well not to cross the line.”

“…Life is more important than money.”

A huge forest that occupied most of the 51st floor.

It would be even more surprising if you weren’t surprised to see the place turned into a complete wasteland.

They were heartbroken over the choices they had made earlier.

“Going back!”

“Purify and unravel the information about ghost faces as much as possible. “Unless you want to get into trouble with him!”

After scraping out as much information as possible from the forest that had become a wasteland.

Returning to their base, they were thinking the same thing even though they belonged to different places.

‘You must never spread negative rumors about Ghost Face.’

‘Everyone who came here could be robbed.’

At least there was no one here who wanted to get in trouble with the super rookie who devastated an entire floor.

Instead, another rumor spread throughout the tower.

Instead of the bad news that they had been threatened(?), the rumors that spread were enough to instill fear and interest in the climbers.

-Ghost face has the power to destroy an entire floor.

Even though he stayed still, it was a moment when Jinhyuk’s evaluation was skyrocketing.

But it wasn’t all that good.

It was also a moment of caution to those who had animosity and wariness toward Jinhyuk.

Of course, this was unknown to Jinhyeok, who was devastated and had not even gone through a proper trial, but had broken through the 52nd to 59th floors, arrived at the 60th floor, and was soaking in hot water.

In this way, Jinhyeok unknowingly got one step closer to clearing the quest with Baal.

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