Absolute Necromancer Chapter 90

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All Master Necromancer Episode 90

“I will check the invitation.”

“You can check it here.”

“We hope that participants in the black market will come here.”

After shopping at the black market, Jinhyeok went to the auction house where the auction was being held to enter the black market, his actual goal, and saw quite a large crowd of people.

“That’s quite a lot.”

“So, I guess the number of people allowed to enter the Black Market has increased. “I wrote it down because of me.”

“That may happen over time.”

Not only Ha-Ryu but also Jin-Hyeok could not hide their surprise at the number of people there being more than expected.

Usually, black markets only send out invitations to special customers called VIPs.

Even if you received an invitation last time, there are often cases where you are not invited this time.

Of course, invitations can also be purchased offline or through Gold Rich’s ‘auction house’, but the price is not something that an ordinary climber can purchase.

‘It’s strange, no matter how much it’s called a black market, it’s only a black market held on the 60th floor, but this much crowd of people? ‘I think there’s something there?’

The black market is not only held on the 60th floor.

100th, 200th, 300th floor.

I said all this because black markets are sometimes opened even on what can be called high-rise floors.

Among them, not many people participate in the black market on the 100th floor or lower, which can be said to be a low floor compared to other floors.

If you want to find useful items in the first place, you usually go to a black market held on a high floor or similar to your floor number.

‘But looking at the sporadic signs, most of them are above the 100th floor… I have to be careful.’

Jinhyeok approached the entrance, wary of what kind of item he brought, why there were so many people, and why the level was so high, and took out an invitation from subspace.

When I brought up the topic of the black market to Goldrich, I was able to receive it right away.

“Check the invitation… hehe!”

And the response that came back was different from what Jinhyuk expected.

When the previous people entered, they had a face that said, “They’re just working,” but the face of the employee who received their invitation now had a face that said, “Why is this person here?”

“what? Is there a problem?”

“…no. I have confirmed the Black level invitation. “Let’s go in.”

From his answer, Jinhyeok could vaguely understand why he was surprised.

-Black level?

-As expected, did you come here aiming for ‘that’ that appeared at the auction house?

-It’s not a joke… You won’t be short of funds, right?

‘Is the black level important? Well, it’s only natural that I had never received a black level invitation in my previous life.’

To be precise, it was due to the excitement surrounding what the employee said was a black level invitation.

Since it was a grade he had never received even in his previous life, it could be said to be Jinhyeok’s mistake for not anticipating the reactions of those around him.

As attention gradually focused, people recognized Jinhyeok one after another.

-…Isn’t it a ghost?

-That’s right, it’s a ghost. Is it already the 60th floor? I’m serious.

-A climber on the 60th floor is rated black? Isn’t that manipulation?

Ghost face.

Jinhyeok sighed as he looked around at the people whispering the name that most people in the tower would now know.

“It’s not a good idea to go lightly. Right?”

“It’s okay, the battle here will be difficult anyway, so there won’t be any interference.”

“I’m sorry, I came here to take a break, but all my attention was focused on me for no reason. Should I have at least taken off my mask? Oh, or should I change to a different mask right now?”

Jinhyuk played with the goblin mask over his face.

It was a question that took into account the fact that the goblin mask, which has now become a very clear identity, attracts attention.

However, Ha-ryu’s face hardened at Jin-hyuk’s question and he grabbed Jin-hyuk’s hand as he played with his mask.

“No, it was nice of you to wear a mask. It’s even worse to wear another mask. “I think it would be better to wear that mask.”

“okay? Well, it is probably already known that a black market has appeared, so it would be pointless to change it now.”

Most visitors to the Black Market are merchants.

Jinhyeok knew that rumors about him would have already spread to most of those who visited this place, as no one had as keen eyes and ears for information as the merchant.

In other words, now that the mask has been changed, there are many people who will even recognize the changed mask.

In the end, Jinhyeok gave up on changing his mask as Ha-ryu said and took a step forward.

“Then shall we go in?”


Po-ok –

The invitation confirmation was over, and Ha-ryu also walked away, hugging Jin-hyuk by the arm as he walked into the black market.

“Confirmation complete.”

“We will block the entrance.”

Kwiik- Boom!

And not long after the two people entered, the employees checked all the visitors and closed the door to the black market.

The black market auction began with a loud thud and a tightly closed door.

Jinhyuk and his group entered the Black Market and were immediately guided to their respective seats.

“Then I hope you have a good time.”


When the guide in charge of the tour returned after giving the tour with a grin, Jinhyeok immediately sat down in his seat.

“The chair is soft.

“I don’t think the chair is the problem… Isn’t this a private room in the first place?”

“It’s spacious! good!’



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Of course, as befits the name Black Market, the seats provided were closer to private rooms that could not even be called seats.

Jinhyuk accepted it as if it were natural, but the same was not true for Ha-ryu, who was new to the black market.

Well, Miho, who is still young, just rolled around on the seat as if she was happy to be in a spacious place.

Jinhyeok shrugged his shoulders and explained for Ha-ryu, who still couldn’t accept it.

“Well, that’s how it is here. The interior of the auction house is spacious thanks to the use of an enormous space expansion spell. “There aren’t many customers who come anyway, and each of them has their own class, so you have to treat them like this and there’s nothing left to say.”


“So just relax. Since it serves as a screen for other people to monitor and inspect each other, you will be able to avoid some of the leering glances like at the entrance. There’s nothing you can’t see if you set your mind to it… but then it’s no different from fighting. So there won’t be anyone like that.”

“Thank you for the explanation. “I understand.” Hearing the perfect explanation about the black market

, Ha

-Ryu sat comfortably next to Jin-Hyeok.

It was more like a huge sofa than a seat, and although Miho was rolling around and running around behind her, Ha-Ryu felt like they were sitting alone.

Ha-ryu, who had been feeling happy for the first time in a long time by Jin-hyuk’s side, frowned at the sudden brightness around him.

However, Jinhyuk seemed to have already anticipated this situation and calmly picked up the refreshments provided in the room.

“It begins.”

“…Do I choose my gift?”

“If there is something I like, buy it, and if not, buy what you want. However, due to the nature of the auction, it is difficult to buy something that has passed. It’s not easy to know who bought it, so if you want it, just tell me right away. “Don’t worry about it and miss it.”

“…Yes, I definitely will.”

After giving a few precautions about the auction, Jinhyuk grabbed Miho, who was rolling around behind her, and made her sit on his lap.

“Miho, the auction has started, so be quiet and eat some snacks.”


Jinhyeok watched the auction while gently stroking the head of Miho, who was focusing on the snacks with her eyes sparkling at the mention of snacks.

‘I don’t know if there’s anything useful. As for Miho, I guess I’ll have to make a rough choice.’

Although the black market is great, there is no way that exactly what someone needs can be found on the market.

Because there are just a lot of rare and precious items coming up.

Therefore, they hoped that something suitable or suitable for Ha-Ryu and Mi-Ho would be put up for auction according to the purpose of their visit.


Jinhyeok was chewing roughly the snack left for him to eat and watching with eagle eyes the auction items that were slowly starting to rise up to the stage.

“…Hmm, there’s nothing useful.”

“There were a lot of good things. “We just didn’t have what we needed.”

“Still, I got one thing from Miho. “That’s a good thing.”

It’s already been over an hour since the auction started.

Roughly speaking, the auction lasted about three to four hours, so about one third to one fourth quarter has now passed.

However, Jinhyeok was in a bad mood because he couldn’t find anything worth using.

I came here to pay for my life, but I couldn’t find anything worth it, so I couldn’t help but feel bad.

The good news was that I was able to find a gift for Miho.

“Is it good? “I’ve heard about it, but I don’t know if it’s good because I don’t know much about Miho.”

“A thick rope containing spiritual energy. That will be a big help to Miho, who is still young. It will quickly restore not only the spiritual power you lack but also the spiritual power you have consumed. When you get the winning bid, tie it neatly on your back. “It would look better than just carrying it around for no reason.”

“That’s all. “Please leave it to me.”

A thick rope containing the spirit that was auctioned.

Spiritual energy refers to the energy contained in beings such as spirit creatures or spirit beasts.

Naturally, as it is a special energy, it is not easy to find an object imbued with it.

It may be easier to obtain than a dark force ring imbued with demonic energy, but even in the entire tower, obtaining an item like a dark force ring would be more difficult than picking up a star in the sky, so the value of the thick rope imbued with spiritual energy could be seen as enormous.

of course.

“350,000 gold… It’s a little expensive, but since it’s a ‘Reiki’ type, it’s about the same price. If it were something else… I wonder how many times it would have been.”

Spiritual energy is the energy mainly used by spirits or spirits.

There are some among the beastmen, but most of them are used by pets.

This meant that demand was low, so even though it was a good product, it was quite cheap.

If the thick rope containing spiritual energy had been a rope containing mana or energy that climbers could use, its value would have increased several times.

“Still, there’s not much to buy. “You don’t even see it, right?”

“…Yes, a little bit like that. “It doesn’t seem like anything is needed.”

“Then let’s just watch. “There is still time left.”


You could say it was an hour, but if it was one hour out of three or four, it wasn’t that much time had passed.

It was clear that there would still be quite a few items coming out, so I decided to wait and see a little longer, and about an hour later.

-This item can be said to be the middle boss of this auction! It is an even rarer item because it is no longer available.

As the host’s voice rang out, something came up onto the podium.

Something tightly protected by a glass case.

“…Um, what about that?”

“What is this? Do you know something?”

And Ha-ryu, who saw something, recognized the object even before the host’s explanation began.

Jinhyeok immediately reacted to Ha-ryu’s shocked appearance.

There aren’t that many things downstream knows about.

In particular, since he came down to the first floor as if running away, his knowledge of the tower was similar to Miho’s, so he said everything.

Still, if something she knew came from the black market, it only meant one thing.

‘…is it something related to goblins?’


An item about a race that has now fallen to a level close to extinction.

It can be said that he is almost the last remaining survivor, but he is clearly a goblin, and this is something that anyone living in a goblin village would be familiar with.

-This item is a flower that only grows in Goblin Village, which was put up for auction by one of the Four Emperors. It’s called ‘the last remaining goblin flower’!

It was a goblin flower.

The goblin flower, which boasts its simple splendor as if symbolizing the goblin, was very beautiful.

So many that it’s a shame that there’s only one flower left. “Oh…


… that… that flower…”

Jinhyeok laughed bitterly as he felt Ha-ryu’s trembling with his whole body as he held onto his sleeve, trembling with a pale, exhausted face.

Because I couldn’t even imagine what she was feeling right now.

Anger, sadness, fear, etc.

When various emotions are mixed together and are about to explode.

People appeared one after another here and there holding up plates symbolizing themselves.

“50,000 gold!”

“50,000? “I have 100,000 gold!”

“Tch, 200,000 gold!:

Just one flower.

However, due to the adjective ‘the last remaining’ and the unique beauty of the goblin flower, participants rushed to bid for it.

The prices slowly rose, getting higher and higher, and eventually.

“500,000 gold!”

The price was higher than the thick rope containing the spiritual energy that I bought to give to Miho.

Ridiculous price.

Even with the premium of being the ‘last one left’, it was an impossible price, but even the new product of the seller who posted it added to the price.

‘Even at times like this, it’s annoying. ‘Four Emperors.’

The Four Emperors are clearly related to the destruction of the goblin village.

The premium was doubled because of his name.

-Well, we’ve reached 500,000 gold. Is there more? Then, we will end the auction here.

“…I’m fine. At best, it’s a flower. 500,000 gold for something like that. “I’d rather buy something else good and eat something delicious with the money I have left over.”

Contrary to the quivering corners of her mouth, the words that came out of her mouth were denial.

She wants that flower more than anyone else, but for investment purposes, she doesn’t want Jinhyuk to spend a lot of money on pigs who only see the premium.

And the moment Jinhyuk heard those words, he decided on an answer.

“1 million gold. “If you’re scared, just search around.”


The price was quoted like a tabloid.

Jinhyuk’s answer was to reveal his will to buy this unconditionally.

I take whatever I want. And 1 million gold is cheap for my life.

What the downstream wants.

A reward for the sacrifices she made for herself.

If it were 1 million gold, it wouldn’t be that expensive.

‘Goldrich will say something.’

The person paying for it was Gold Rich, not Jinhyuk.

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