Absolute Necromancer Chapter 84

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All Master Necromancer Episode 84


“Yeah, I’m on the left.”

“Then I’m on the right.”

The two girls reached Yoseon faster than Jinhyeok’s army, which departed first.

In terms of speed, it is only natural that they are the fastest two in Jinhyeok’s group.

Of course, they weren’t all that fast.

-Young things are urging people to pray. That’s right, as an adult, I can’t let Ahae walk the wrong path! Come here, the devil himself will teach you!

Hong Ik-hyeon looked at the two young girls approaching him with a laugh and opened his arms towards them.

The imperfect but clear magic energy contained in his fluttering coat of arms as he tried to give guidance was ready to tear the two people apart roughly.

And the two of them had also finished preparing to accept it.

The two people on the left and right respectively swung their weapons wildly.


Before I knew it, Ha-ryu’s dragon slayer sword and Miho’s long drawn out claws collided with Dopo.

-These… these guys?

“Just because we are weaker than you, don’t think that we can’t properly block an attack.”

A red aura flickered in Ha-Ryu’s eyes as he lightly scolded her with a cool gaze and voice.

This was because the ego contained in the dragon slayer sword had quietly melted away during the battle.

The lower class noticed this, but did not drive out the ego.

“Just add a little strength. “As long as it’s not unreasonable.”

-Sheesh, that guy ruined everything. I ruined everything!

Instead of you using the downstream, the downstream uses you.

Ego grumbled as if he didn’t like that fact, but he didn’t ignore her words.


Red energy flowed from the dragon slayer sword and enveloped the stream.

As the power of the ego increased, the lower stream took its place.


Hong Ik-hyeon shouted as he looked at the stream rushing towards him.

At the same time, Dopo on the left, who had attacked Miho, also aimed downstream.

You can block one arm, but you can’t block both arms.

Haryu knew that fact well.

Knowing full well the difference in level with Hong Ik-hyeon, she did not block the attack.

It was just…

Keying –

I just checked the path with my eyes flashing and gently moved my body accordingly.

Battle foreknowledge.

This is possible because the ability, which can be said to be a characteristic of the lower class, has been demonstrated.

Ha-Ryu, who dodged Dopo’s crazy swing and the sharp magic power contained in it by just a hair, approached Hong Ik-Hyeon.

-…This is ridiculous!

Hong Ik-Hyeon was proud of the fact that he not only dodged all the attacks that were thrown at him, but also avoided all of them by a narrow margin.

This is ridiculous.

What Ha-Ryu did just now can be said to be something like that.

It was swung randomly without any set path, and there were no rules for an attack that was intended only to destroy everything.

‘It looked weaker than the ones that attacked earlier, so I thought it would be dead from a single blow… I guess it was a misjudgment.’

When even the demonic Hong Ik-hyeon reprimands his own misjudgment.

Haryu approached and swung his sword.

-One mistake cannot destroy a giant castle. Even if you avoid the attack, your sword will not reach me.

However, Hong Ik-hyeon was a horse ship.

He was not weak enough to collapse with a single misjudgment, and what he said was true.

The sword of the lower river was sharp, but not sharp enough to cut the horse ship and not heavy.

Even though Ha-Ryu also knew that, Ha-Ryu did not stop.

“You get points for making one mistake. “That’s enough for me to do.”

One mistake.

It was a mistake that could be said to have been minimal, but because of that mistake, Hong Ik-Hyeon would be allowed to make one attack.

Like right now.


The force contained in Ha-ryu’s sword strike, which was struck with a sharp sword, shattered Hong Ik-hyeon’s defense.

This is a defense made by recognizing one’s own misjudgment and at the same time forming the arms around the sword into an X shape.

The moment his arms crossed in the shape of an X rose into the air due to the force contained in the sword strike, his chest was empty.


“…I’m already here.”

A small gap created by the downstream.

Miho squeezed in through that gap.

“…Hojo Ranmu (狐爪亂舞).”

Although it is still a young fox’s nails, as its name suggests, its extremely sharp nails violently stirred my empty chest.

Do it yourself!

-…Wow! Ah… how could a child pierce my magic armor!”

Mapo (魔袍).



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A spray imbued with magical energy.

Although it is imperfect, it is the main attack and defense method used by Hong Ik-hyeon, who has become a demon ship.

Of course, the cloth imbued with demonic energy was so hard that it could no longer be considered cloth.

To use a rough analogy, it would be explained if it was similar to the armor that a craftsman made with great effort for several days.

But Miho tore that linen to shreds.

To be precise, by tearing the magic energy surrounding the Dopo, the Dopo was torn as well, but that would be it.

In the end, the fact that Miho broke the defense of Hong Ik-hyeon, the magic ship, did not change.

It scratched Hong Ik-hyeon’s pride that a child had broken his defense, and he exploded with anger.

-How dare you hurt my body!

The wounds he suffered were insignificant compared to the torn demonic energy and torn swords.

This was inevitable since the two of them were at the bottom of the group in terms of strength.

Nevertheless, Hong Ik-Hyeon exuded anger.

This was when an enormous amount of demonic energy burst out along with his anger and was about to sweep away the two people.



-Protect the monarch’s colleagues!

Various spirit soldiers, including undead, who followed the two people blocked the attack.

Led by Demon Spirits and Demon Bones, who had demon energy in their bodies, others worked to distract and disperse the demon energy.

Is it thanks to their efforts?

The magic energy that seemed to overturn the forest, no, the world, did not reach Haryu and Miho.

However, in return, damage continued to occur not only to other undead, but also to the soul soldiers, which could be said to be the main force, and the demon soul soldiers, who were able to handle the magic energy from the front.

Even though it was a soul bottle containing demonic energy, not only could it not contain all demonic energy, but the demonic energy that Hong Ik-Hyeon had sown had the nature of an attack.

“Downstream, Miho! Are you okay! If it’s okay, get out right away!”

“…yes. “Let’s go, Miho.”


Hearing Vulcan’s voice coming from afar, Haru looked at those who sacrificed for them and slightly bowed his head in silence.

He then grabbed Miho’s hand and quickly walked away from Hong Ik-hyeon.

-Kaaaaaa! Miscellaneous things! Get out of the way! That’s Vicky!

While the two were running away, the most numerous and disposable undead threw themselves in to buy time, followed by demon soul soldiers, holy soul soldiers, and spirit soldiers blocking their way.

Even if they don’t know about disposable undead, the Soul Bottle series can be said to be the backbone of Jinhyeok’s army.

An outstanding commander named Balkan was there to control them, so even if it was a magic ship, it couldn’t chase after the two people right away.

Thanks to this, the moment Ha-Ryu and Mi-Ho crossed the safe zone.

The two most important people who had been hidden behind the undead and soul bottles appeared.

“Strike before Dopo and Magi are restored.”

“I understand! “Just trust me!”

Hendrick and Hong Gil-dong.

The two aimed for the gap created by Ha-Ryu and Mi-Ho’s single mistake.


Unlike other places, there was no dopo or magic there.

In other words, unlike other places, if you attack there, it can cause almost complete shock.

“I will open the way!”

“Trust me, I’m preparing to attack.”

When Hong Gil-dong took the lead and insisted on opening the road, Hendrick took a step back and prepared to attack.

Leaving behind Hendrick, who was preparing to attack, Hong Gil-dong ran forward and violently swung the long baton.


A technology that goes one step further than the wheel that was introduced earlier.

If Cha-ryun was simply a technique of putting power into a stick and swinging it roughly, Dae Cha-ryun went a little further.



Originally, Taoists refer to those who have reached the state of harmonizing with nature and controlling nature.

If you go further from there, you will reach the state of ‘freshness’ that becomes nature itself.

Unfortunately, Hong Gil-dong did not reach the level of immortality where he becomes nature itself.

Although he has talent, he is still young and has little experience.

Nevertheless, when viewed from the perspective of a Taoist monk, his abilities were considered outstanding.

The wind was wrapped around the stick that Hong Gil-dong was swinging, and the wind gradually increased its length as an intangible stick.

The length of the pole, which was close to 2m, increased to nearly 3m or 4m with the addition of the wind pole.

-You’re a thousand years too early to use Taoist arts in front of me, you idiot!

Of course, since Hong Ik-hyeon was originally a hermit, Hong Gil-dong’s Taoist skills were still quite immature, but Hong Gil-dong did not mind.

“I am Hong Gil-dong, the king of Yuldo Kingdom!”

As a member of the ‘Hong’ family, he has the name ‘Gil-dong’, which only one person in a generation can obtain.

Hong Gil-dong raised his eyes, recalling the heavy burden on his shoulders, and there was a blue goodness in them.


Hong Gil-dong, who half-immersed himself in the state of immortality, which is said to be attainable only by a Taoist who has practiced the Tao for a long time, completed the Great Wheel.

Kwakagagak –

A wind pole that has become as long as the original pole.

They were manipulated by Hong Gil-dong and scattered wind like blades.

This is the ‘big wheel’.

A technique similar to his special move, in which the wind blowing out from the wheel looks like a giant wheel spinning and attacks the enemy.

Suddenly, the

blade-like wind split into dozens or hundreds of pieces and cut Hong Ik-hyeon down.

It was a blow that he, stranded by the undead, had no choice but to block.

But he was still fine.

-Do you think I’m going to collapse like this?

The magic energy of the demon ship protects the entire body, and the magic energy enhances his recovery.

In the end, Hong Ik-hyeon, who blocked the bogey wheel that Hong Gil-dong had put all his strength into, harshly punished him.

His whole body was covered in wounds, but just by looking at the fact that he was slowly recovering his magical energy, it was possible to infer that he had not suffered much damage.

Even though his special and final attack didn’t work, Hong Gil-dong just smiled brightly and fell backwards.

“Haha! “Now, bro!”

He did a great job at what he had to do, and from now on it was Hendrick’s job.

“…Good job, stay out! Fly, thunder dragon!”

“…You’re not normal either. “My eyes are strange.”

Hendrick, who thanked Hong Gil-dong for saving time by giving up everything for him, stabbed him with his straight sword.

Hendrick’s sword, which went into a frenzy with the excitement of battle, changed the surroundings.


The thunder energy that shot out from the sword changed the sky on the 51st floor.

The sky darkened, and before we knew it, thunderclouds filled the sky and threw bundles of lightning to the ground.

Noegi, the beginning of all change, passed through Hendrick’s sword and became a dragon.


Although it was not as flashy as the flower dragon he showed in his sparring with Jinhyeok, the sharply forged force of the thunder dragon overwhelmed him.

The thunder dragon that looked at heaven and earth roared and flew towards Maseon and Hong Ik-hyeon.

-In addition to the young dragon, you are using another dragon. Oh, is this body, which will cover the world with demons, lashing out at dragons and such? come! I will crush you from the front, young dragon!

Hong Ik-hyeon, who did not back down as he watched the Thunder Dragon attacking him, breathed magical energy into the fluttering hem of the sword wrapped around his arms.

The hem of the sword, which became harder than steel and sharper than a blade, was swung as the demonic energy seeped into it.

Kaga Ga Gak –

A clash between a flying thunder dragon and a magic gun.

That set off a huge spark.

After an attack that did not back down even an inch, the thunder dragon slowly opened its mouth and advanced towards Hong Ik-hyeon.


Hong Ik-hyeon’s face turned red as if he was going to burst, as he gritted his teeth to block it, and black demonic energies waved wildly as a result.

The transformation from demonic energy to demonic energy had only recently taken place, and even though it was still incomplete, the demonic energy was shaking in front of the mighty power.

In a long battle of strength, the winner was Thunder Dragon.


Hong Ik-hyeon’s arms, which had been blocking the thunder dragon with the fluttering hem of his sword, bounced off again and soared into the sky.

A chest that was naturally empty.

A thunder dragon dug in there.


Painful voices soaked in magic energy filled the 51st floor.

Whether it’s a monster or a climber.

The impact was so great that it would have made anyone, if they were on the 51st floor, cover their ears to the painful voice and sit down on the floor and tremble.

But Hendrick and his colleagues who created it were fine.

This is because I know that the roar is not a roar for an attack, but a roar made by an attack.


“…Whew, I don’t think I can be of any help anymore if I hold on to this.”

Hendrick wasn’t fine either.

Although he had grown over several months of climbing, the thunder dragon created by putting all the energy he had into it was enough to bring the steadfast Hendrick to his knees.

A state of exhaustion that even causes the frenzy and madness caused by the excitement of battle to disappear.

It was hard to say that his condition was normal as he was kneeling on one knee and breathing heavily.

-…Khahaha! At best! Did you think you could stop the devil from appearing with just that? Wrong, you are all wrong! That’s not enough to stop the devil!

“…Oh my, wasn’t that enough?”

The dust cloud settled, and Hendrick chewed his lips at Hong Ik-Hyeon’s mad laughter, who was hit by a thunder dragon and was pickled with brain energy, but held on in the end.

Couldn’t knock it down.

That meant defeat for Hendrick, and it was natural for him to react that way when faced with his first defeat since his first death. Although Hong


was like a beggar, his steps were heavy.

A gait that weighs down those around it and overwhelms the crowd with every step.

Every time he approached, everyone had to grit their teeth to hold on.



Low-quality undead returned to death just by witnessing that momentum.

-Hold on! For my lord!

– Ugh… What… The knees…

The soul soldiers who used evil and other demon soul soldiers and holy soul soldiers were better than them, but they were the same in that they couldn’t move.

The sight of them struggling to get up on one or both knees in front of the force pressing down on their shoulders looked desperate.

Turp –

-It’s your defeat.

Hong Ik-hyeon’s voice falls as he takes another step.

When everyone grits their teeth at the final voice announcing defeat.

Only one person opened his mouth rather than clenched his teeth.

“I didn’t lose.”

-…Hide your life by hiding behind your comrades and your defeat will not go away.

The very back.

Jinhyeok, who was standing behind Balkan, was the one to speak.

“Oh… brother!”

What a provocation when staying still isn’t enough.

Ha-Ryu, with a pale complexion, tried to stop him, but Jin-Hyeok did not hesitate.

“Preparations are over. “Yoseon… no, it’s time to put an end to the hunt for demon ships.”

-Try it. It will make you clearly feel your shortcomings.

Hong Ik-hyeon spreads out his hands, giving an eerie look as even the wounds caused by the thunder dragon are slowly being healed.

Jinhyeok accepted his declaration and ate it.

“As much as you want.”

Keyeeing –

Take a gun position with one hand, as if shooting a pistol, and support the hand in the gun position with the other hand.

A similar posture to shooting a Yeongtan or Yeongchung bullet.

However, the momentum flowing from Jinhyuk was different.


gritted his teeth at the gathering energy.

This was because not only my hands were trembling, but my whole body was trembling due to the collection of spiritual power that seemed to explode from my fingertips at any moment.

Jinhyuk, who went to this extent to endure it, looked miserable.



“Cha Jin-hyuk, you look like such an idiot! “You’d better run away.”

Although he did not give up in the face of a powerful enemy called Maseon, he was devastated.

Since it seemed like he was about to do something reckless like hitting an egg on a rock, everyone was worried about Jinhyeok and told him to run away.

While everyone was praying and worrying for him to run away, Jinhyeok, who was also worried about them, curled up the corner of his mouth trembling.

“I won, so why are you running away, you idiots? “I’m Cha Jin-hyuk!”

A voice confident of victory.

At the same time, a single bullet was collected at the tip of Jinhyeok’s finger.

The one shot created through everyone’s sacrifice was fired.


“…It is the strongest single weapon I can see. “If I survive after being hit by this, I will go see Hades.”

A gunshot erupted, and Jinhyeok, who joked that he would go see Hades if this attack failed, muttered quietly.

“…Strong bullet!”

Yeonggangtan (靈强彈).

The last version of the Yeongtan series, called Kangtan for short.

It was a bullet that was fully charged with spiritual power, and at the same time, as Jinhyuk said, it could be said to be the strongest anti-personnel technique, and it was lodged in Hong Ik-hyeon’s chest.

Quad deuk-


Hong Ik-hyeon’s real moans that have never been heard before.

Everyone’s eyes widened as they heard a groan that was not a moan of pain, but a groan that only someone who was truly on the verge of death could utter.

And that wasn’t the end.

A thin thread of spiritual power was connected to the bullet, and the bullet was connected to the fragments of the spiritual bullet that had been fired earlier.

At the end of every thread leading from bullets to fragments, Jinhyeok existed.

“Explode, spirit explosion.”

The spiritual power that has accumulated to its limits explodes.

The impact would be comparable to that of a nuclear bomb, no, even greater.

However, since Jinhyeok is a perfect master of spiritual power, the damage was focused solely on Ma Seon.

The power to destroy a country is concentrated in one person.

The result will already be decided.


An explosion and explosion shook the entire 51st floor.

At the same time, Masun and Hong Ik-hyeon, who had stood firm against the attacks of Ha-ryu and Dragon Slayer Sword, Miho’s Hojo Rampage, Hong Gil-dong’s Great Wheel, and Hendrick’s Thunder Dragon, fell.


wasn’t a very large body, but it must have been no mistake that the sound it made when it fell felt like an earthquake.

It was only after Hong Ik-hyeon fell that the joy of victory appeared on everyone’s faces as they realized the situation.

[The pinnacle of all evil opens its mouth wide.]

[The nine-tailed fox closes someone’s mouth.]

[The first owner of Yuldo Kingdom looks at you with a happy face.]

[King Mifu shakes his butt.]

[Han Shin ….]

[A devil….]

They were not the only ones intoxicated with the joy of victory.

God and devil.

When even those who are in conflict are intoxicated with joy with one mind and one intention.

Only one person was focused elsewhere.

“Then you have to get paid. Eat it up, Tam.”


Jinhyeok, who had achieved victory, reached out to get something in return.


Tam, a gigantic creature made of spiritual power.

He swallowed Hong Ik-hyeon, who had become a rag.

[The greedy dragon looks at you with joy.]

[It cries out that the pinnacle of all evil is the devil of predation.]

There would be no need to say that the two devils were most delighted with that.

What started with conquering the 51st floor ended with Masun’s death and devouring him.

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