Absolute Necromancer Chapter 85

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All Master Necromancer Episode 85

“I won! I won! Hahaha! Brother! “This is all thanks to you…”

Hong Gil-dong was the happiest at the fact that he beat Hong Ik-hyeon.

Even though his body could not be found, the important thing was that we stopped him before he became a true demon ship.

Hong Gil-dong, who was looking at Jin-hyuk while expressing his joy, stopped speaking and his face became stiff.


“…Brother? Brother! what’s the matter?”

This is because Jinhyeok, whom he was looking at, fell to the ground, spitting out black blood.

Hong Gil-dong quickly walked to his side and took a closer look at the condition, which looked unusual at first glance.

However, after examining the details, the only thing that came back to him was that Jinhyuk was fine.

“…What on earth is this?”

For Hong Gil-dong, who had studied medicine to some extent, the situation in front of him was like an incomprehensible territory.

Even though he is not injured anywhere, Jinhyeok complains of pain and spits out black blood.

That fact cannot be understood.

“Get out of the way…don’t make your head pound for no reason.”

However, Jinhyuk knew well about his physical condition.

It makes no sense to not know your own body condition.

The reason why Hong Gil-dong did not notice why something like this happened was simple.

‘…Tam, this prey has grown quite a bit.’

Hong Ik-hyeon’s body devoured by Tam.

That could be said to be the root of this problem.

It is made up of spiritual power and is a life that combines the characteristics and power of predation, greed.

The corpse he swallowed was connected to Jinhyeok, but it was not Jinhyeok.

However, the corpse he swallowed clearly affected Jinhyeok.

‘The magic is running wild. The magical energy of the ring that Bune gave me is flowing into me, and the imperfect magical energy is becoming real magical energy. Once all of this has been converted… it will be eaten by the demonic energy.’

A runaway of magic power.

Unlike Jinhyeok’s magical energy, Hong Ik-Hyeon’s magical energy was clearly incomplete.

However, the root of all problems was that Magi began to overcome his imperfections by combining with Jinhyeok.

One hermit becomes a Yoseon, and a Yoseon becomes a Demon Seon.

Of course, the enormous good energy he possesses becomes a yogi, and a yogi becomes a demonic energy.

‘I guess it’s impossible for my body, a 50-story climber, to digest the enormous strength I’ve accumulated over decades.’

It was impossible for a 50th floor climber to eat and digest it.

This is completely different from Jinhyuk ‘predating’ one or two of Yuriel’s feathers.

‘Now all that’s left is to suppress or extinguish the incomplete demonic energy before it is converted into complete demonic energy.’

Jinhyuk, who has swallowed a large prey, has only two options left.

Digesting all of the incomplete demonic energy before it is converted into complete demonic energy and forcibly suppressing the converted demonic energy by crushing it.

None of it was easy, but Jinhyuk had to choose, and in the end, Jinhyuk chose.

“…Hong Gil Dong.”

“Just say the word. Should I get him some medicine? Otherwise, I have to go back to the 50th floor and call the doctor…”

“Be quiet and stand by my side with the other kids to protect me.”

Protect the law.

It’s about stopping someone from approaching you.

Hong Gil-dong looked at Jin-hyuk with a puzzled expression.

“…Defending the law? Is that really all you need? No, you have to tell us what the hell is going on so we can prepare…” “

I won’t say it twice. “I’ll tell you the details when everything is over, so just do as I say.”

“…I understand.”

Finally, Hong Gil-dong nodded at Jin-hyuk’s words, which were now pale.

Jinhyeok looked at his colleagues gathering one by one and barely moved his body into a sitting posture.

And then he searched around in his sub-space.


“Whoa, I never imagined I’d be able to eat all of this at once… but I can’t help it.”

Hong Gil-dong tilted his head at something he pulled out in a handful from subspace, and Jin-hyuk looked at it with a bored expression.

“Cha Jin-hyuk, it’s dangerous. “I know roughly what your abilities are, but that’s no different from saying you’re going to die.”

“Yes, I agree. “Are you saying that the guy who couldn’t digest even a single feather properly at that time saw his body explode like a balloon bursting with a handful of feathers?”

Hendrick and Balkan, who figured out what Jinhyuk had taken out, immediately stopped Jinhyuk.

“…What is that, that you two are trying to stop your brother?”

However, Ha-Ryu-Man, who was not present at the time, could not guess what Jin-Hyeok was holding or what he was trying to do.

In the end, she asked Balkan what on earth was happening now.

“What that guy is holding is the feather of an Elyos, and a very high-ranking one at that. He’s trying to eat all of it now. This is crazy. “At that time, he couldn’t even digest a single feather properly, so he tried to eat all the feathers she gave him… wow, my head hurts.”

I couldn’t help but be surprised.

She was so shocked that she couldn’t even recall the story of Jinhyeok and the woman from the Elyos tribe meeting, and continued to stutter.

“So… then your brother could die…?”

“Didn’t you just say that? Your body will burst like a balloon and you will die. The amount of energy contained in that single feather is enormous. “I have a rough idea of what he’s thinking, but… it’s crazy, it’s crazy.”


Ha-ryu now looked at Jin-hyuk with a paler face than Jin-hyuk, the person involved.

Since Balkan was most deeply connected to him, he immediately found out what kind of situation Jinhyeok was in.

‘Tsk tsk, I ate too big a prey. This is definitely a problem with his characteristics. ‘I feel sorry for the lower class.’




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True to its meaning of vicious eating, Jinhyeok’s predation does not discriminate whether the target is weak or strong.

Just eat it up.

However, Jinhyuk had to bear the consequences of what happened in the process.

Either you eat someone who is too weak and there is no significant change, or you eat someone who is too strong and your body explodes like a balloon like it does now.

And what Jinhyuk was trying to do now was simple enough that anyone who knew Jinhyuk’s abilities could guess it right away.

‘Is this Admiral Lee?’

Kill poison with poison.

Those words, similar to fierce passion, fit the current situation perfectly.

To be precise, Jinhyuk chose Admiral Lee’s method of being fierce and fierce.

What Jinhyuk wanted to do was simple.

‘It means that the demonic energy that is trying to explode in one’s body is suppressed through a similar level of divine power. ‘This is crazy.’

There is 100 magic energy.

That magic energy is not enough to destroy Jinhyeok’s body, but it is enough to overflow.

In order to prevent this, a large amount of sacred power, which is an energy that is opposite to the demonic energy and is threatening to each other, is invested.

100 magical energy and 100 divine power.

If they repeatedly attack, defend, and push each other down, both will lose strength, and Jinhyeok will overcome both of them.

‘Easier said than done.’

However, it would not be as easy as explained.

‘First of all, the problem is pain.’

The shock generated while demonic energy and divine power, enough to explode the body of a climber like Jinhyeok, collide to kill each other, would be enough to make one want to die.

That wasn’t all.

‘If you win either of 100 magical energy and 100 sacred power, there is no change in the fact that you will burst like a balloon and die.’

Even if the energy is the same size, one person can lose and win.

That hasn’t changed.

The victory of either of them meant Jinhyeok’s death.

The energy that killed, absorbed, or destroyed one side will change to Jinhyuk’s body as the target.

In the end, what Jinhyuk wanted to do was a gamble.

A gamble with my life.

Of course, even if he didn’t gamble, death was almost certain, but Balkan had a bitter taste.

“…Haryu, let’s retreat for now.”

The bitter taste was caused by the pale complexion of Balkan’s beloved downstream.

Balkan was also heartbroken to see her half out of her mind, but Jinhyeok had already made a decision.

Vulcan could not refuse the orders given by the Spirit Master, and the downstream could not refuse the orders given by the Guild Master.

“…Brother, never. “You must never give instructions.”

“…I’m stating the obvious. “I wouldn’t gamble if I thought I would lose.”

Jinhyeok responded by raising the corner of his mouth trembling towards Ha-ryu, who turned around after saying one last word.

Although his whole body was shaking due to the pain, Jinhyuk was full of confidence.

Along with his attitude that there was no such thing as failure, Jinhyeok’s hand moved into his mouth without hesitation.


All of the feathers given by Yuriel.

I hadn’t eaten a single feather since the first feather I ate in consideration of obtaining demonic energy later, and they disappeared in my mouth.

Uriel’s feathers gently melt and disappear the moment you chew them roughly.

At the same time, a big change occurred in Jinhyeok’s inner world.

A sound like a bomb exploding inside the body hit Jinhyeok’s eardrums.

Jinhyuk lost consciousness when he heard the sound of banging inside, not from outside. The moment when

‘s eyes, which had been wide open as he drank heavily, slowly closed.

“Then let us begin.”

“I will release the undead and guard the surroundings. “I’ll take care of the other climbers and monsters.”

“I will take care of Eunkong so that he can be in the best condition.”

“…Me and Miho will watch over you. “So that you can overcome it.”

“huh! “We will watch.”

Starting with Hendrick, Balkan, Hong Gil-dong, Ha-ryu, and Miho.

Jinhyeok’s colleagues shared the tasks they each had to do and moved to carry them out.

“…This place? Ah, it’s been a while. “Is this the first time since then?”

A dark space.

There, Jinhyuk opened his eyes.

It had been so long that he couldn’t remember himself, but since he had an excellent memory, he soon remembered where he had set foot.

“Inner world.”

Inner world.

A place that everyone has and not everyone can enter.

Normally, it wouldn’t be a place where you could come and go as you please, but now it was a special situation.

Quad deuk- boom! Quang! Bang bang bang!

“…It’s dazzling.”

White light burst into the dark space.

Onslaught of darkness and light.

They are targeting each other.

Their fight, not caring about their own bodies being shattered, destroyed Jinhyuk’s inner world and, by extension, Jinhyuk himself.

“Wow, do you feel pain even in the inner world?”

Every time they collided, Jinhyuk felt pain as if his whole body was being shattered.

As it was the inner world, he did not vomit blood, but regardless, the pain of not being able to faint was tormenting Jinhyeok.

“…Damn you guys. “Even if it was my choice, is it okay to wander around other people’s houses like that?”

Jinhyuk’s own choice.

The magical energy came from Hong Ik-Hyeon, whom Jinhyuk ate, and the corresponding sacred power came from the feather of Uriel, which Jinhyuk ate to suppress him.

‘This is a bit surprising. ‘The energy of the immortal, or rather, demonic spirit that has been accumulated over decades is similar to a handful of Uriel’s feathers.’

Difference in rank.

A being born to rule from birth.

Among them, the crumbs of what must have been the most outstanding being were equivalent to someone’s decades.

Jinhyeok once again experienced the types of beings he would have to face in the future, but he remained calm.

“Whew, we’ll have to get rid of those guys first.”

Two spirits fighting in the living room of someone else’s house.

Magi and divine power.

Jinhyeok, who was thinking about suppressing them, decided to make a change.

This is Jinhyeok’s inner world.

Of course, it is a space where the owner, Jinhyeok, can move as he wishes.

Of course, it was impossible to make them submit, but it was possible to bring about some change.

For example….


“Since it’s only in a straight line, the only thing we can do is bump into each other. But what if I bend it?”

Jinhyeok, who bent two energies like bending an iron rod, looked at the situation.

The demonic energy and sacred power, which were in the shape of a semicircle, continued to target each other, as if their desire to destroy each other had not changed even though the shape had changed.

But there was definitely a change from before.

“…It’s spinning.”

In order to catch the tail of the Magi ahead, the head of divine power follows behind him.

The head of the Magi follows after him to catch the tail of such divine power.

As this was repeated, and again, and again, they began to spin.

The result of moving and moving to catch each other’s tail.

The two energies were slowly becoming one, like a black and white snake.

It was so huge that its head looked like Ouroboros, a snake biting its own tail.

To be precise, it was in the form of the divine power biting the tail of the magic energy, and the magic energy biting the tail of the divine power, but the big picture was not different.

Although imperfect, they became one, and even after becoming one, they did not give up their desire to destroy each other.


they were biting each other’s tails and clearly expressing their ferocity, but it was not enough to become one.

Their fight continued, and Jinhyeok’s face, who had barely succeeded in connecting the two, was extremely pale.

“…You’re still fighting like this, right? “What should I do now?”

It was less shocking than when they were in a straight line, but it took a lot of mental energy to change them, and the fact that they were chewing their tails was a big shock to Jinhyuk.

Jinhyeok was now worried, his face as pale as a sheet of paper.

The goal was to find a way to fill in the missing 2% in order to deal with those who were working to destroy each other.

And Jinhyuk soon found 2%.

“Yes, whether it’s magical energy or divine power, it’s just energy in the end. In front of the most fundamental energy, you are no different from other energies. is not it?”


After finishing thinking, Jinhyuk radiated spiritual power.

It was a moment when the world filled with black and white was colored with black and purple.



“It’s late, you b*stards.”

Black and White, who were only targeting each other, were surprised when they noticed the sudden appearance of a third person, but it was already too late.

Churrrrrr –

spiritual power.

The most primal and fundamental energy called the power of the soul covered the surface of black and white, biting each other’s tail and becoming one.

Black and White noticed the purple-black spiritual power covering them and began to struggle.

We have realized that what is important now is not each other who must be destroyed.

But as Jinhyeok said, they were too late.

“You should have killed me first.”

Beings that should have been treated and thought of as the most important thing so that each person hates the other so much.

They forgot who owned the body they were in and focused on fighting.

That was their defeat, and it was the biggest reason why Jinhyuk was able to win.

“It’s over.”


Spiritual power completely surrounds them.

Black and white.

They became one, coloring the dark space with their own colors.

Rather than distinguishing between black and white, they became ‘unified’ with a new color called black and purple.

Along with that, a message window appeared in front of Jinhyuk.

[Magic energy and divine power. [I have succeeded in incorporating two incompatible energies into my body.]

[No one has ever succeeded in this. Even if it were a god and a devil, you have accomplished the impossible.]

[Your achievements will be recorded in the Tower of Achievements.]

[Magic energy and divine power. You have succeeded in uniting two incompatible energies.] [

Even gods and devils will be astonished. It is an achievement.]

[Your achievement will be recorded in the achievement tower.]

“…It’s not a joke.”

When Jinhyeok was tongue-tied in revelry in the message window, which was longer than any other message window.

A new message window covered Jinhyuk’s eyes.

[Characteristic: A circle has been created.]

[Body: A half-sacred half-demon has been created.]

“…It’s worth risking your life.”

Jinhyuk smiled at the message window indicating that he had acquired new characteristics and body, and soon Jinhyuk’s vision went black.

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