Absolute Necromancer Chapter 83

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All Master Necromancer Episode 83

As the young Taoist shed tears in defeat, the sound of footsteps echoed in the quiet forest. Hong


hyeon slowly walks down the broken forest path.

When the sound of his footsteps fills the quiet forest.

Someone came up next to Hong Gil-dong and said.

“You’re not going to give up, are you?”


It was Jinhyuk.

Hong Gil-dong, who raised his head at the voice of Jin-hyeok asking calmly, lowered his head again, discussing defeat with a tear-filled face that was uncharacteristic of him.

“Wrong. Brother, at least run away. If you are Hyung and the group, you will definitely be able to move on to the next floor. The destination of the horse ship must be downstairs. If Mr. Hyung’s group goes up, they will face ruins, but they will be able to survive unscathed.”

When Jinhyuk asked if he was going to give up, Hong Gil-dong looked sad and advised Jinhyuk to run away.

Jinhyeok, who was silently listening to Hong Gil-dong’s advice, slapped Hong Gil-dong in the face.


The sound of a slap on the cheek echoed in the forest filled with only the sound of Hong Ik-hyeon’s footsteps.

“…Ouch! “What are you doing?”

I gave him advice, but what came back was a slap in the face.

It was natural for Hong Gil-dong to get up from his seat in embarrassment.

But Jinhyuk proudly raised his head and answered.

“You seem to have come to your senses now. Are you telling me to run away? why? Are you going to give up? “I can’t do that?”

“…You will have to risk your life. Because that’s what Demon Ship is. There is no need for someone who is not a resident of Yuldo Country to risk his or her life because of the affairs of Yuldo Country.”

Hong Gil-dong added in a weak tone while looking at Jin-hyuk, who seemed to have no intention of running away.

Although it has been stretched out, it is not much different from saying to run away.

In response, Jinhyeok crumpled his face and scolded him.

“I haven’t even received my payment yet! Are you telling me to just go through all this trouble? “I could never do that!”

“…If you want, I will give you even the rarest thing I have. So please don’t let me see my benefactor who helped me die.”

Jinhyuk shakes his head while discussing the price.

In response, Hong Gil-dong wiggled his arms and sincerely tried to hand over what he had.

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue at Hong Gil-dong, who was trying to make him run away by giving him everything he had.

“Tsk, I’m so greedy that I’m not satisfied with things like that. The promise I made earlier. “You didn’t forget, right?”

The promise I made earlier.

This was none other than what Hong Gil-dong was referring to when he was asked if he could eat Yoseon and said yes.

It wasn’t long ago that Hong Gil-dong couldn’t remember it.

And those words also meant that he would not run away from Yoseon, or rather, Hong Ik-hyeon, who was now Maseon.

“But that’s only after you catch the yoseon…!”

Jinhyeok pointed at Hong Ik-hyeon, covering Hong Gil-dong’s mouth as he tried to persuade him again.

“Open your eyes and look straight. “Is that really a magic ship?”

“…What? “What… is that?”

“Just answer what I said. “I asked you if that really looked like a demon ship, you b*stard.”

Maseon is Maseon, so is it a immortal?

Hong Gil-dong wanted to answer like that, but since Jin-hyuk was no different from his benefactor, he barely suppressed his feelings and turned his head to Hong Ik-hyeon.

The moment he was about to turn his head again as he felt as if his good energy and magical power were being polluted by the demonic energy that was threatening to pierce his eyes.

“Open your eyes!”

“…!!! Big… big! Tongue… Brother, leave this aside…”

“I won’t say it twice. look.”


‘s cold gaze struck Hong Gil-dong as he held his head as he tried to turn away and fixed his eyes wide open.

In the end, Hong Gil-dong had no way to escape, and his eyes were stinging with magic.

Perhaps Jinhyeok was holding his eyes and not being able to blink, so he looked at Hong Ik-hyeon with dry, stinging eyes.

“…for a moment. “Something is strange.”

“Okay, idiot. “I told you to look straight ahead, right?”

Soon, Hong Gil-dong was able to understand why Jin-hyuk told him to look straight ahead.

Realizing that Hong Gil-dong saw what he saw, Jin-hyuk released his grip on him and grinned.

“Magi… is incomplete. “Has it not been perfected yet?”

Incomplete Magi.

Jinhyeok was the first to realize this, and with his help, Hong Gildong followed suit.

Currently, Hong Ik-hyeon was not a complete horse ship.

To be precise, it would be correct to say that the demon energy that made him a demon ship was incomplete.

“That’s correct. “That guy had so much magical power that I didn’t notice, but as I watched, I realized it was a little different from what I knew.”

“What do you know?”

When Jinhyuk said that he knew, Hong Gildong tilted his head, forgetting the seriousness of the situation.

To satisfy his curiosity, Jinhyuk personally took out a sample.

“Okay, this.”

“…Huhhh! Brother, please get rid of that dangerous thing! It feels like it will corrupt you if you even touch it! No, but how did you do that?”

Pure Magi.

The magic energy originally handled by Jinhyeok and contained in the ring he received from Bune.

That was the specimen Jinhyeok took out.

Hong Gil-dong was frightened and took a step back at the magical energy that was so clean that it could be said to be the same as the magical energy of the demons that attacked Yuldo Kingdom just a while ago, or even purer than that.



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As a Taoist, he had a deep-rooted belief that Magi was a dangerous force that would corrupt anyone who came close to it.

Of course, since Jinhyuk showed outstanding ability in controlling energy, such a thing did not happen.

“I won’t ask. So look!”

“…It is definitely a Magi of such purity that it is appropriate to say that it is clean and pure. “Brother, no, I don’t know how you have such magical energy, but after seeing this, it becomes clear.”

“Yes, the magic ship is imperfect. In other words, it’s still worth a try. “I don’t want to run away from a worthy partner… but you don’t?”

It might be stronger than Yoseon, but it’s still worth it.

The imperfect demon ship was clearly strong.

Just by feeling the tingling energy, I was able to indirectly understand how much he had changed from before.

However, Jinhyeok did not give up because he was stronger than Yoseon and still weaker than Maseon.

And once Hong Gil-dong realized that his benefactor did not give up and that Ma-seon, whom he thought was an unstoppable enemy, was in fact imperfect, the word ‘run’ did not exist in Hong Gil-dong’s mind.

“…I won’t run away.”

“Yeah, that’s it. Instead, there is a condition because the enemy has become stronger.”

“…Conditions? If it’s within my power to do so, I’ll do whatever it takes. “If necessary, I will risk everything.”

“That’s enough. No, is it a bit lacking? “What I want is help with my future path, and that’s a big deal.”

Help with the path to take.

Among those gathered here, Hong Gil-dong was the only one who did not know about the ‘path to take’.

That’s why Hong Gil-dong asked back.

“When you grow up, you even add the word ‘conditional’… Yuldo-guk and Taoist monks do not forget grace. No matter how difficult the road is, I and my country will help you…” “

I am trying to turn the tables. “It feels a little awkward to talk to someone I just met today… but for a moment, you are a lively and foolish person who laughs wildly without permission, but I am telling you this because I don’t think you will reveal important information anywhere.”

“Station… thousand…?”

Mad words that threaten to overthrow the sky.

However, when Hong Gil-dong quietly mutters words whose exact meaning is unknown.

The explanation followed as if hitting his head with a hammer.

“I heard it earlier. “I heard your country was also attacked by the Four Emperors, especially the demons, right?”

Wow –

Hong Gil-dong gritted his teeth at Jin-hyuk’s question, which he had inferred through a conversation with Hong Ik-hyeon earlier.

It was a recent, warm past that made me shiver just thinking about it, so it was natural.

“That’s right. But why is that…?”

“The reverse heaven I spoke of is a reverse heaven that means overthrowing not only the demon race but the entire Four Emperor clans.”


Hong Gil-dong showed the most surprised face he had ever shown at this very spot.


No, it would be difficult to describe this as madness.

‘…You’re crazy.’

It wasn’t madness, it was just madness.

All that comes out is that you’re crazy.

However, after hearing those crazy words and seeing Jinhyeok’s colleagues just shaking their heads without saying anything, Hong Gil-dong was dazed.

‘Do they really believe that the plan will succeed? Or is there something else?’

The sight of them accepting it as if it were natural was unfamiliar to Hong Gil-dong, who lived one step away from the tower.

The Four Emperors.

It was a name that anyone who had spent some time in the tower could not have known, and the same was true for Hong Gil-dong.

Therefore, Hong Gil-dong could not sympathize with the idea of overthrowing them.

There was just one thing.

‘…I’m sure my head thinks I’m crazy, but why is my heart beating so wildly? I… I really think they can do it… or do you really think I want to join their ranks?’

Even if Hong Gil-dong’s mind doesn’t know, his heart, at least his heart, is in sync with him.

A pounding heart and a burning head.

Jinhyeok’s voice struck Hong Gildong’s eardrums as he was torn between two things.

“Not an individual, but a country was attacked. From what I heard, you have an important position in that country. That seems like a high position, but isn’t it unfair? Don’t you want revenge? Are you going to be satisfied with just killing the evil beast and killing the corrupted Yoseon who was damaged by it?”

Isn’t it unfair? It was unfair.

Don’t you want revenge? I want revenge.

Even if you kill the evil beast, the damage does not go away, and even if you kill the corrupted Yoseon, your grandfather, Hong Ik-hyeon, will not return.

That feeling cools my head and spurs my heart to pound.

“…It’s unfair! why! Even though we were attacked first, we were afraid of them and couldn’t overcome their power! “Even though I was treated unfairly, I just have to repair the damage and lose someone precious to me!”

The entangled heart bursts out and shakes the broken forest.

A force so powerful that even the approaching imperfect magic ship stops walking.

Jinhyeok looked at him with a slightly surprised face in front of the spirit and spirit of the new king of Yuldo Kingdom, a member of the ‘Hong’ family, who gave up his original name and assumed the name of ‘Gildong’.

That too for a while.

Grinning –

the corner of the mouth rises towards the sky.

The corners of his mouth rose so high that everyone knew that it was Jinhyeok’s, even if no one had to say it.

Satisfactory answer.

That was enough.

“We are all victims of them. The minority who suffered damage came together to become the majority, and the majority came together to form one organization, so the foundation for a reversal was laid. Now all that’s left is to build strength and gather people who want the same things as us. Will Hong Gil-dong, or rather Yuldo-guk, participate in Yeokcheon?”

Majestic voice.

The voice, like the majesty of a king speaking to his subjects, weighs down the messed up forest.

The words that made even the imperfect Ma Seon take a step back contained a double meaning.

One was whether he would join the guild ‘Yeokcheon’, and the second was whether he would join ‘Yeokcheon’, which was literally attacking the Four Emperors.

I wasn’t sure about the former, but I was sure about the latter, so Hong Gil-dong nodded without even realizing it.


Hong Gil-dong, who only realized his nod after nodding, was surprised, but there was no reversal.

“…I, Hong Gil-dong, the king of Yuldo Kingdom, will take refuge in ‘Yeokcheon.’ “If you really promise to break the evil line, relieve our troubled hearts, and further punish those who control the tower like the palm of their hand, I will persuade everyone who opposes me to join the ‘Reverse Heaven’.”

He just adds weight to his words and bows his head.

Jinhyeok, who listened to the end of Hong Gil-dong’s words, which included the entire Yuldo Kingdom and placed conditions on himself, answered without lowering his mouth.

“Welcome, Hong Gil-dong, King of Yuldo Kingdom.”

Although each individual’s strength was great and their future potential was high, ‘Yeokcheon’ was not enough to be called a group.

The place was slowly becoming a real organization.

As a group to kill the impregnable monster called the Four Emperors.

Of course, there were still many mountains to overcome, and not the entire Yuldo Kingdom had entered Yeokcheon, and even if they had entered, the scale was very small.

But one thing was certain.

“Let’s crush Phase 2 like Phase 1 and move on.”

At this moment, Yeokcheon has taken a step forward towards the neck of the Four Emperors.

That much was an undeniable fact.

“I understand. This moment we are together now is like the beginning of a turning point.”

“It will be the beginning and foundation for countless things. “The real thing is still a long way off.”

“Are we done talking now? Then go with all your might.”

“Onii-sama, we will help you this time too!”

Jinhyuk revealed everything, and since Hong Gil-dong accepted everything, there was nothing to hide from him anymore, so Jinhyuk revealed everything about himself.

“…wake up.”

Jinhyuk’s voice falls softly.

On the contrary, spirits began to arise in the ruined forest.

Spirit Master.

Jinhyeok, who had taken out all the sleeping spirit soldiers as well as those who had stood up at the command of their monarch, looked at the imperfect Demon Ship with a cold gaze and gave an order.

“Bring the prey.”

It was just a simple word, but it had a huge impact.



There are soul soldiers with high spirit, and there are less but holy soul soldiers and magic soul soldiers that can be considered elite.

In addition, the undead that Balkan had been dealing with ran through the forest behind them.

However, the real main force was behind them.

Hendrick, Hong Gil-dong, Ha-ryu, Mi-ho.

One dragon, one swordsman, one goblin and one fox.

A strange party that seemed like it could never come together was thrown out.

Only one reason made them move.

-Drag the prey.

That was precisely the order Jinhyeok gave them.

Due to that person’s command, the forest, no, the entire 51st floor they were on began to shake.

Those who made the entire floor vibrate had only one goal.

-These…these guys?

It was an imperfect horse ship that lost Oman and Gwangoh in their rush and instead gained embarrassment.

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