Absolute Necromancer Chapter 79

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All Master Necromancer Episode 79

“Hmm, who’s talking about me?”

In the city located there, Jinhyeok picked his ears.

What tickled me was because it felt like someone was talking about me.

“It looks like the Nine Stars are talking about you.”

“Then it’s good for me.”

The reason for attacking the guilds under Seongguk was largely to attract the attention of the Nine Stars.

Of course, it was Jinhyuk who was happy to hear that his ears were itchy thanks to their interest in him.

“You intentionally leaked information so that you could find out about me.”

“That’s right. “We tried to conceal information as much as possible up to the 40th floor, but what kind of wind blew this time?”

“I just thought it would be okay to fight from now on.”

Hendrick nodded at the moment the question about Jinhyeok, who had been completely concealed until he attacked the Shakari Guild branch located on the 50th floor, was deliberately exposed to the survivors of the Shakari Guild was resolved.

Of course, in preparation for any unexpected incident, he was shown wearing a ‘fox mask’ to disguise that it was not him.

“They might attack soon.”

“Yes, they are very scared. “I’m sure there will be a response before I completely leave the 50th floor or when I just arrive at the 60th floor.”

“…Better contact Goldrich. “So that we can respond immediately.”

“It’s good. “Call me right away.”

When Nine Star moves, the entire guild under it moves.

Jinhyuk nodded because he did not know that fact.

If you call for reinforcements after they move, it’s too late.

In war, those who prepare are the ones who win.

Jinhyeok spent most of his time alone, but his life was always like a battlefield, so he couldn’t let down his guard.

Especially since it was the basis of revenge, Jinhyeok had no reason or intention to waste time.

“I have some of my own characteristics, but since I have evolved, it might be worth doing a little more.”

“…Wow, that’s pretty fast. “The characteristics are already evolving.”

“It’s possible because it’s me.”

The power of the guild under Nine Star.

Even if you borrow Gold Rich’s power, it is still powerful.

If the guild master and his subordinate guards and guild executives all participated, their number and strength would be enormous.

It is clear that they are all people who have passed the 100th floor and are close to the 200th floor, so their strength is natural.

Nevertheless, the reason why Jinhyuk is not worried is largely due to the evolution of his characteristics.

‘I can finally chew a living one. It’s definitely faster than my previous life.’

Evolution of traits.

This refers to the characteristics that a climber naturally possesses that grow together with the climber as he or she becomes stronger.

Usually, there are cases where the characteristics do not evolve beyond the 100th floor, and at the latest, even the 200th or 300th floor.

In particular, it is rare for the description shown in the information window to change rather than the power of the characteristic.

However, the evolution that Jinhyeok has experienced now is an evolution that changes not in terms of power, but in terms of explanation.


You can eat anything. (Living creatures are not allowed.)

It takes everything from what it preys on.

It was originally an explanation of Jinhyeok’s characteristic, ‘predation’.

And the explanation for the evolved trait, ‘predation’, was as follows.

You can eat anything.

It takes everything it feasts on.

At best, the one-line sentence ‘No living creatures are allowed’ disappeared, but Jinhyeok, who had already tasted advanced predation once, knew that that one line was very big.

‘Predation so far could be used for recovery after or during the battle. However, due to this evolution, predation has turned into a completely offensive trait. While maintaining its original purpose.’

Characteristics are often divided into several categories, but can be roughly categorized into four types.

The first is defensive.

It literally refers to a trait that exerts great power in defense.

This includes characteristics such as making the body hard.

The second is auxiliary type.

A trait that exerts great power before and after battle, but is difficult to use in direct attacks.

Detection and recovery can be said to be abilities that belong to auxiliary characteristics.

The third is talent type.

If there was a trait called swordsmanship mastery, which was a trait that categorized talent for weapons or magic, whether it was a sword or a bow, it would be a trait that would allow the climber to skillfully handle a sword even if it was their first time holding one.

Jinhyuk’s second characteristic, ‘versatility’, is a talent-type characteristic like the above.

And Jinhyeok’s first characteristic, predation, was the second, auxiliary type.

However, now that it has completed its evolution, it has become the fourth and final branch, an offensive trait.

A type of characteristic that allows you to strike the enemy directly.

Since he maintained his original ability and even possessed offensive characteristics, it was natural that Jinhyuk was confident.

Jinhyeok smiled slightly as he checked the status window to check the performance over the past few months, putting the evolution of predation behind him.

Strength: 78 (+33)

Stamina: 76 (+33)

Dexterity: 77 (+33)

Intelligence: 112 (+33) )

Mana: 136 (+48) Magic Energy

Holy Power: 6

Comprehensive Resistance, Tenacity A



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status window with tremendous changes even at first glance.

Not only did his abilities grow rapidly, but his sacred power also increased by 3 despite not having eaten Uriel’s feathers.

It was an even more meaningful achievement because I achieved it even though I did nothing and just climbed the tower.

‘Compared to other stats, it’s still a bit better, but this can be filled with predation at any time. The efficiency is low, perhaps because the sacred power generating organ is still very small.’

Of course, some regrets remained.

Since some of the stats had already reached 100, I could have said it was 6 at most.

Isn’t he almost at the level of a climber who has just entered the first floor of the tower?

However, since it was a sacred power that could be said to be a special stat, Jinhyeok was not impatient.

‘It is a satisfactory result in that it possesses both magical and divine power, which are opposing stats in the first place.’


It cannot even be compared to water and oil, and it is an opposite that is one level higher than the representative opposites, such as between a dog and a monkey, or between a dog and a monkey.

That was the relationship between demonic energy and divine power.

The two do not mix like water and oil, and if they meet together, they will fight wherever they are.

Even if it is the owner’s body, it is no different.

‘A climber who possesses both magical and divine powers… It’s not unprecedented. The problem is that everyone’s body explodes and they die. But I don’t even have such a sign.’

Stats with powerful energy.

The two remained quiet even as the magical energy and divine power with the grandiose name of special stats settled inside.

Couldn’t the story about the explosion of the body caused by the opposing magical energy and divine power that he had seen be a lie because the two were so quiet, as if an overwhelming being was mediating between the two energies? Because it made me think about it.

But Jinhyuk knew.

That everything he saw was true, that they were normal and he was abnormal.

‘Well, it’s none of my business. I’ll be as abnormal as I want if it benefits me.’

This may be because the amount of demonic energy and sacred power is not yet large, or it could be because the demonic energy is not properly established within the body.

Still, Jinhyuk wasn’t worried.

‘I guess it’s quiet thanks to another trait of mine.’


The characteristics contained in the body worn in this life.

Jinhyeok thought that it would be that characteristic, versatility, that would blend water and oil and mediate a relationship that goes beyond a relationship between a dog and a friend.

‘It’s even more so because there’s a master there too.’

In addition, he even holds an unprecedented high-exposure plastic surgery job called All Master.

Originally, it was a job so close to completion that it would be easy to take over the main job.

I made that a sub-job, and even acquired the rare talent-type trait called versatility.

All Master, a highly mature and complete job.

Versatility, a rare talent-type trait.

Jinhyeok judged that the result of combining these two things was the calming of divine power and demonic energy.

‘You can’t let down your guard. There is no law preventing what I saw in a document from appearing to me. I need to increase my magic energy and sacred power as slowly as possible. In addition, the ratio of the two should be as similar as possible.’

I had no intention of blindly increasing my energy, believing in my All Master and versatility.

If one side’s energy suddenly becomes stronger, no matter how much mediation is done, there is no way it will work.

Although there may be some differences, it was essential to strike a balance between the two.

Jinhyuk did not want to put his body on the test table.

Especially for a life-threatening experiment.

“Are you done with your thoughts?”

“Uh, it’s over. “Then shall we go right away?”

“Of course. “Anyway, everything to do on the 50th floor is done.”

“Then let’s go. There’s no need to fool around when there’s nothing to do. How can I contact Goldrich?”

“It was sorted out by connecting with the Chamber of Commerce. “Halcyon is definitely good at what he does.”

“As expected, my eyesight is good.”

As soon as I received the call, I praised Halcion for contacting Goldrich and praised myself for choosing him. Then, I stood up, avoiding Hendrick’s blank stare at me.

“Downstream, Miho! let’s go. “It’s time to attack the 51st floor.”

“…I’m sleepy.”

Ha-Ryu is neatly dressed and nods her head, and Mi-Ho is squinting and expressing sleepiness.

Both of them looked unsuited to battle, but after climbing the tower together for several months, Jinhyeok knew well that they were better together than anyone else he had worked with, despite only appearances.

“After I finish this strategy, I will buy you a gift. Because you worked hard. “I’ll buy you whatever you want at the auction house, so just be patient.”

Still, since he couldn’t just swing the whip, Jinhyuk pulled out a carrot.


The two people widened their eyes at the words Jinhyuk offered as a carrot.


“me too? Are you buying it for me too, brother?”

It feels strange that he calls me my brother.

Jinhyuk cleared his throat, feeling depressed after seeing not only Miho but also Ha-ryu happy.

‘If I had known you would like it so much, I would have done it sooner.’

One gift.

Since Jinhyuk did not have money, he could do as much as he wanted.

No matter how expensive the items at the auction were, Jinhyeok’s sponsor was Gold Rich, the top boss in the tower.

Jinhyeok took a step forward with a smile on his face as he looked at Ha-ryu and Mi-ho, who were squealing with joy like little girls of their age.

“So, let’s attack hard and come back. Understand?”

“I’ll work hard!”

Miho looks at herself with a burning gaze, her sleepy eyes turning into two eyes full of enthusiasm everywhere.

And Jinhyeok looked happily at Ha-ryu, who answered energetically.

[He smiles, saying that the peak of all evil is a good time.]

[The nine-tailed fox takes a cute picture of his child.]

[King Mifu urges them to start the attack quickly.]

Okay, okay, you guys stay out of it. .

Jinhyuk, who frowned at the noisy message window for a moment, disappeared to the 51st floor.

Soon, others followed Jinhyuk and headed to the 51st floor together.

For others, they had to be fully prepared to cross the target, but for them, it was just a road they had to pass through, so they had no hesitation.

-Chwiik! Tear human flesh and quench your thirst with their blood!

-Chuck! Chwiik! charge!

A harsh snoring sound.

And a cracked voice fills the forest.


It was a snorting sound that was their characteristic, but the owner of the voice was an orc, but not an orc.

“Red okra… suitable.”

Red Oak.

A red-skinned orc who can be said to be the main monster of the 51st floor.

The red skin absorbs heat, making it tougher and providing great resistance to fire properties.

Of course, the resistance can only be said to be powerful based on the 50th floor, but for those currently climbing the 51st floor, the expression ‘powerful’ is not so lacking.

In fact, for wizards who use fire-type abilities or handle magic, the 51st to 59th floors are like hell.

In addition, unlike regular orcs, their strength and size were far superior, and their intelligence was also high, allowing them to communicate and even give orders by dividing ranks, so their risk was not comparable to that of regular orcs.

However, to Jinhyeok and his group looking at the group of red orcs hunting climbers through the forest, there was no difference between red orcs and ordinary orcs.

“Let’s deal with it.”

“I’ll go too.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ha-ryu, who had drawn his dragon slayer sword, flashed red eyes, and Miho also took the lead with her fingernails that had already grown long.

The red orcs, unaware of the storm of energy slowly gathering around the two, crawled towards the tiger’s maw.

-Chwiik! female! Yedeul-yadeul-han-sal!

The red orcs attack, seeing them as nothing more than a piece of meat.

Even if they were fully prepared and on guard, they were no match for them, and such foolish behavior was enough to hasten their orders.

“Miho, I go first.”


The moment Miho nodded at Ha-ryu’s words and took a slight step back, the sword light flashed and slashed forward

And the bodies of the Red Orcs that entered the radius were broken into pieces, and at the same time, a fountain of blood gushed out.

-Chwi… Chwi-ik?

While Red Orc, surprised by the sudden mass of his colleagues, hesitated, Haru took a step back.

“You can do it now.”


A voice filled with the joy of a child.

The voice was similar to when playing with a toy, but the actions and results were different from playing with a toy.

Charring –

You can get an idea just by looking at the long fingernails hitting each other and making a sound similar to the sound of a sword.

Each of Miho’s nails was like a long sword, and Miho’s lunges, freely wielding the ten nails growing on her ten fingers, were like a sharp wind.

The moment Miho entered the center of the Red Orc horde and swung her ten claws indiscriminately, a sharp wind tore them to pieces

In the face of a sharper and more indiscriminate attack than the downstream sword attack just moments ago, the fate of the Red Orcs was no different from what had been decided.

There were dozens of red orcs, but strangely enough, Miho’s clothes, standing at the center, were extremely clean.

In an instant, the two men cleared out dozens of red orcs, but Jinhyuk and Hendrick, who were watching, nodded as if it was natural.

“Is this basic?”

“It was too easy an opponent for both of them, and there were too few of them.”

For Ha-ryu, who had already been able to hone her strength through several months of conquering the tower, and Mi-ho, who had realized her abilities as a fox and reached spiritual status with the help of Jin-hyuk and Hendrick, the Red Oak was a piece of cake.

The two of them know that, so they just nod as if it’s obvious and continue the conversation, saying it’s not enough.

Kugugugu –

A wave of energy that resonates in the forest.

Jinhyuk tilted his head as the forest shook violently and the energy waves pounded his whole body.

“…what? “Is it a boss monster?”

“The 51st floor is the lower floor of the 50th floor. “There’s no way the boss monster has already appeared.”

“It actually worked out well. “Why did we step forward, but it’s different if it’s a boss monster.”

Their questions were valid.

Although the 51st floor is a high floor, it is the lowest floor among the floors from the 51st to the 59th.

Of course, regular red orcs and occasionally red orc warriors were the strongest monsters.

However, since there are no absolutes in the tower, it would not be surprising if a boss monster appeared, so the two immediately took their stances.

“He’s the boss of the 50th floor… he’s worth fighting, right?”

“He’s mine.”

“I think I said something wrong. “It’s mine, not yours.”

“You’ll know that when you watch.”

Ha-ryu was about to say something while shaking his head at the two people who were busy fighting even though someone presumed to be the boss monster appeared.


Ha-Ryu immediately jumped backwards at the words of Jin-Hyeok, who had a serious look on his face as he looked toward the center of the forest.

This was because he knew full well that even though he and Miho were strong, they could get in trouble if they went up against the boss monster.

“Bulkan, protect the lower reaches and Miho.”

As Vulcan was next to the two people to prepare for any possible danger, something came into view jumping out from the center of the forest.


Because it was a being with unusual energy and powerful energy at the same time, Jinhyeok attacked without hesitation.

Ride it!

Five spiritual bullets formed on the tips of the five fingers on his right hand and were directed at the mysterious being.

At the same time, Hendrick also swung his sword at the charging opponent.

“Dragon attack.”

As the name suggests, striking with the dragon’s molars, a sword strike that seemed to shatter like an object caught between the molars rushed in with a roar.

However, the being that came out of the forest knocked them all away with a long stick.


The other person’s foot, which had thrown it away, went into the ground with a heavy impact sound.

And then the other person, who was pushed back and created a furrow, shouted.

“Brother! “What are you doing? You almost got into big trouble!”

“…What is that again?”

“…I’m sure it’s something out of the ordinary.”

His own attack and Hendrick’s attack.

Even though it wasn’t at full power, it didn’t just look like it was hit by two attacks at the same time and bounced off smoothly, it was still fine.

In addition, his friendliness, calling them “hyung” when he saw them, was unrivaled.

Instead of being angry after being attacked further, he seemed to be warning me that I would have been hurt in a friendly way.

The two people were dumbfounded by the absurdity of the incident and stared blankly at the man in the blue uniform who ran out from the center of the forest.

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