Absolute Necromancer Chapter 80

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All Master Necromancer Episode 80

‘What on earth is this guy? I guess he’s not an ordinary guy.’

A man in a blue uniform standing in front of him and snooping around.

Jinhyeok was lost in thought as he watched him shake off the dust after not only blocking his own attack, but also blocking Hendrick’s attack.

‘It’s a little less than the energy I felt just now, but it’s enough to be called a strong person. It’s an energy that even gives a pleasant feeling. Where have I ever felt this before?…’

An enormous energy that can be felt from the person in front of you.

Just looking at that proved that the person in front of him was no ordinary person.

It was surprising that an ordinary climber had energy reminiscent of the boss monster in charge of one floor.

Furthermore, the clear and pleasant feeling of his energy was somewhat familiar.

“Brother, be careful. If it had been someone else instead of me, the injury would have been serious. Hahaha!”

“…That was our mistake, but let’s solve this, shall we?”

Jinhyeok frowned at the reluctance of the person approaching him in a friendly manner, putting his arm around his neck, and tapped his hand.

“We competed for hands once, so we can say we are close friends, right? “This is okay, bro!”

“Stop calling him that b*stard.”

When did you say you saw him? Mr. Quack.

I glared at the person who was shaking his body and laughing wildly, but he didn’t even move.

In the end, Jinhyuk gave up.

‘It’s like extreme my pace. Ha, it’s my fault, so I can’t even hit him.’

I thought it was a boss monster and attacked it.

But instead of discussing responsibility, didn’t the other person advise that it would have been dangerous if it had been someone else?

Here, A and B were no different from what had already been decided.

Even if he attacked, there were instances where Jinhyeok would hit the person who approached him in a friendly manner, calling him his friend or brother, even though he had nothing to say.

“Brother, do you know someone?”

“No, that can’t be.”

“oh! “You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful girl with you, bro.”

“You are a person who has eyes to see.”

Ha-ryu, even you…

Ha-ryu, who was taken aback by the words “beautiful young lady,” smiled and praised the man in the blue uniform.

Although she was a heroine who crossed the battlefield, Ha-Ryu was still young.

It’s enough to feel grateful to a man who compliments your appearance.

Not only that, but it’s even more so because he’s a friendly person with his arms around my neck.

“…Who are you?”

“There was a cute little girl, too. “Yes, do you know that it is a little girl’s confectionery?”


“You can think of it as a sweet cookie. “It was fate that we met like this, so wouldn’t you like to have a bite with us?”

The sight of him taking out a sugarcane from his arms and handing it to Miho with a cheerful smile was so natural.

When Jinhyuk was holding his tongue at the unprecedented friendliness.

Miho looked at Jinhyuk.

“…Can I eat it?”

“Eat, eat. “If you ride something strange, it’s good to catch the number of cases.”

“…Brother, the nuance is that it would be nice to have something strange, but am I mistaken?”

A man in blue uniform retreats with a shocked look on his face.

I watched him slowly retreat and nodded as if it was obvious.

“I just hate people like you. “They seem friendly when they first meet.”

“That’s too much! “Isn’t it fate that we met like this in such a difficult environment?”

“The relationship is a mess. If you’re done with your business, just go. Can you at least apologize? Now that I think about it, it seems like I’m being chased by something. Is it okay for me to be like this?”

Confrontations and fights within the tower were common occurrences, so when Jinhyeok tried to roughly sum up the situation, the man’s face hardened as if he had finally realized something.

“Wow… I was happy to meet someone after a long time, so I stopped making mistakes like this… What should I do… That guy should have already chased me all the way…”

Chatting, praising Ha-ryu, and getting caught by Mi-ho. It doesn’t seem like the time spent giving out rewards was just because it was leisurely.

…what? Is he just a hater?

Jinhyeok looked at the man like he was crazy because he had forgotten that he was being chased by something and was leisurely talking and playing around.

Just then, the man jerked his head.

“Brother! “It’s definitely his fault since he attacked me, who was innocent, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. “That’s why I said I was sorry…”

Just as Jinhyuk felt something strange about the rapid-fire words of the man, whose eyes flashed as if he had finally found a way, he was about to take a step back.

The man shook his head and clasped his hands.

“Please. “Can you help me?”

“help? suddenly? No, what on earth?”

Jinhyeok was dumbfounded when the person who had been laughing and talking just a moment ago asked him a request with a serious face, as if he was moving according to the stream of consciousness.

“Why on earth would I do such a bothersome thing….”

“Let’s just listen. “There was definitely a mistake on our part, and that’s why we’re stuck.”

“…Damn, it’s too soft.”

“You have to make sure you make mistakes. “I don’t think it’s an enemy, so it’s okay to just listen.”

Just looking at it, it seemed like he would get caught up in something troublesome, so Jinhyuk, who wanted to attack the top quickly, frowned and tried to refuse, but Hendrick stopped him.

This was because they were curious about their mistakes and the man who blocked their attack.

Jinhyeok, who immediately saw through Hendrick’s heart, eventually nodded.

‘…Damn, it’s true that I’m also curious about what that guy is doing, so I can’t help it.’

I didn’t know what he was asking for help with, but it was true that I was curious about the man wearing the blue uniform.



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That’s why Jinhyuk looked at the man and waved his hand as if asking him to say something.

“As expected, my way of looking at people is not wrong. “He had an unusual appearance, was shiny, and was a noble person!”

“…What do you mean by asking me not to tell you something I already know?”

There is a saying that praise can make even a whale dance.

Jinhyuk also did not deviate much from that.

It’s not that I just hate it when someone praises me for being good.

“Tsk tsk, it’s good.”

“There are times when your brother looks like that too.”

“Umm… delicious, sweets.”

Balkan clicked his tongue while looking at Jinhyeok, and Haryu covered his mouth and smiled.

As if she wasn’t interested in the conversation between the two, Miho was just muttering at the sweets the man had given her.

The man who heard the conversation(?) of the three people turned his gaze towards the three people and couldn’t help but be surprised.

“It’s a pure soul… It’s amazing. It’s a rare thing even in Yuldo Kingdom… so that’s good. Old man. Can you help me too? “And the ladies around us.”

“Me too? I didn’t do anything wrong. “Just taking those two guys over there will be enough, so don’t worry about us.”

The man who was stroking his chin and muttering something unintelligible showed interest in the three people.

Balkan frowned at the man who asked for help from not only Balkan but also Ha-ryu and Miho.

It was okay to get involved in something strange for no reason, but I really wanted to watch Jinhyuk suffer from a distance.

“Grandpa, let me help you. “I don’t think he’s a bad person, and I think the request is related to the huge energy I felt in the forest earlier, so I don’t think it’s a bad thing.”

“A person who gives something delicious is a good person.”

“…Tsk, even you guys say that, so I can’t help it. Yes, we will help too. “Why don’t you just say something?”

“Haha, thank you, old man!”

Balkan, who had risen from old man to old man, took Ha-ryu and Mi-ho with him and joined Jin-hyeok and Hendrick.

“It looks good.”

“…Isn’t it all because of you? “If you hadn’t attacked the author, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“The energy I felt was similar and the size was similar, so I attacked right away. “You know that it’s important to take advantage when you have the upper hand, Vulcan.”

“It’s okay, it’s ridiculous to argue about things that have already happened. “Now, tell me quickly what your request is.”

Balkan, who was arguing with Jinhyeok, turned his head and looked at the man.

The man, who saw several eyes directed at him, smiled awkwardly and scratched his head.

“Wow, there are a lot of eyes. “I’m embarrassed.”

“…It’s really absurd. “It’s so embarrassing that we were stuck together like that just a moment ago…”



Jinhyeok, who was spitting out bitter words with an absurd expression on his face, clicked his tongue and turned his head at Ha-ryu’s scolding.

On behalf of Jinhyuk, Ha-ryu greeted him with a soft smile.

“I’m late to say hello. I’m downstream. You can call this child Miho and this one….”

“It’s Balkan. “You can call me whatever you want, old man or old man.”

“Oh, I guess we can just call them Haryu Sojeo and Miho Sojeo.”

After introducing himself, Miho, and Balkan, Haryu gave Jinhyuk and Hendrick a look.

“…Call me Ghost Face.”

“You can call me Hendrick.”

Unlike Jinhyuk, who responded coldly, Hendrick calmly told me his name.

Unlike Jinhyuk, who had to hide his name because it could be a source of information, Hendrick was confident.

Still, the man nodded as if that was enough of an explanation.

“Then I guess I can call you Mr. Noble and Mr. Hendrick as Mr. Hyung. “Isn’t it nice to call you ‘hyung’ because it’s friendly?”

“…You’re a piece of shit! “Just call me Gonggong.”

“I understand, bro.”

“Wow, my blood pressure is…”

Jinhyuk shouted, holding the back of his neck at the man who was making fun of him with a sly smile.

“If a person reveals their name, you should also reveal their name. “Did you eat it with etiquette?”

“Oh, I forgot. “My name is Hong… Wait.”

“…This b*stard? “If you don’t want to say it, say no…”

Jinhyeok was about to run away when he saw the man suddenly stop talking and put his hand to his mouth while he was introducing him.

“…What is this again?”

“The source of my request is approaching. Brother, I want you to help me stop this author.”

Jinhyuk frowned at the unexpectedly powerful energy he suddenly felt.

The man asked Jinhyuk with a serious face.

‘author? So does that mean the guy with this energy isn’t a monster? Who on earth is this much energy on the 51st floor?’


When Jinhyeok can’t hide his surprise at the fact that a single climber’s energy is so big and powerful.

The man urged Jinhyuk.

“Can you help me? “If you help me, I swear that I will never forget this favor, let alone what happened before, so please!”

Jinhyeok nodded his head absent-mindedly at the sight of him looking urgent, the exact opposite of the jokes and jokes he had been making just a moment ago.

“…It’s okay if you help me. If you help me. “So there’s no debt with this?”

“of course! The debt is no different from the fact that I owe it to myself. “I will never forget this favor.”

“Okay, I understand, so tell me what kind of guy is coming. “That way we can prepare.”

Who is this person who has such a powerful energy that they are slowly getting closer to each other? When Jinhyuk asked, the man sighed and said.

“Yoseon. A being has come across the forest to catch me. “Originally, I was the one chasing him… but now, to my shame, I am the one being chased.”

“Yoseon? “What is that again?”

Although Jinhyuk had reached the 600th floor, this was the first time I had heard of him.

“Yoseon? “Then you must also have a lot to do with it.”

“You seem to know us quite well. This guy is. This is indeed the intelligence of a warrior. That’s right, Yoseon is the one who escaped from our country to the tower. I came out to catch him… but it wasn’t enough for me. If we miss him like this, he will run further and further down, causing great damage to others in the process. That’s something that should never happen. So we all have to work together.”

“So, there was this incredibly strong guy coming this way, and it was a problem you had to deal with? “You’re so strong that you can’t do it alone?”

“That’s accurate, you’re no mean feat. Judging from the fact that their hands are still tingling from the force of the noble and dragon clashes, they must also be very talented. Furthermore, I think it will be possible if the elder and the two Sojeos join forces.”

Jinhyuk nodded at the words of a man who naturally had an energy that overwhelmed those around him.

The energy that was slowly growing stronger was certainly powerful, but it was not enough to handle all of those gathered here.

Not only that, Jinhyeok has troops that he hasn’t taken out yet, so it would be worth a try.

And Jinhyeok was not one to give up on something he had already decided to do just because it was difficult and dangerous.

“Okay, why not give it a try? “Don’t forget grace.”

“I will never forget. “I swear on my name as the current master of Yuldo Kingdom.”

“…Yuldo country? Which country is that again? Anyway, good. There is no way the master of a country would break his oath. “Tell me about that guy named Yoseon.”

“Yuldoguk… he was a great person.”

Aside from Jinhyeok clicking his tongue at the vague name he heard from somewhere, Hendrick shakes his head as if he knows something.

However, due to the urgency of the situation, Jinhyeok could not pay attention to it, and Hendrick also focused on the man’s words.

“Yoseon is a term used to describe a hermit who has been infected by a demon and has become a monster. He is a monster, but he is also a immortal. You can think of it as a being who engages in fighting based on various Taoist arts and techniques. If you are at the level of your older brothers, there will be no shortage of clashes. I, who know Yoseon well, will tie him up from the front, so you guys can finish it off.”

“It’s not bad. “Are you willing to bear as much risk as possible?”

“You can’t ask someone who came to help you to risk their life. “I will bear all the risks, so you can only handle the attacks that are lacking.”

Jinhyeok, who was staring at the man with a playful look on his face and an expression of readiness to die, scratched his head and stood up.

“Damn it, I have to go to the next floor, what kind of mess is this?”

“I won’t forget to help…”

“Be quiet and get ready. “We’re almost there.”

Jinhyuk radiated spiritual power, indicating that the energy felt in the forest was just around the corner.

Puhwaaak – Purple

-black spiritual power wrapped around Jinhyuk, and at the same time, Jinhyuk pulled out his great bow from subspace. At the same time


an iron arrow caught in the bow, and Jinhyeok, who hit the arrow with spiritual energy, shot the arrow into the dark forest.

“Soul Arrow.”

As it contained enormous spiritual power, its destructive power was truly incredible.

Soul Arrow, which instantly shattered the ground and entered the forest, was trapped by a being presumed to be Yoseon running from the forest.


A human-like voice of pain.

The magic contained in it disturbed the ears of the party.

“…Is this the point? “I feel dirty.”

“I’ll handle that.”

As Jinhyuk spit out the words as if they were making his ears dizzy and his head hurt, the man radiated his energy.

Ssaaaa –

green energy.

The moment an energy like nature itself swept over the surroundings, the yogi contained in the painful screams melted away like waste being washed away by a waterfall.

Jinhyuk, who felt refreshed in an instant, looked down at his body with a surprised face.

The others seemed to be no different, looking down at their bodies and shivering with exhilaration.

Even Hendrick gave a rare smile and clenched his fists in satisfaction with the man’s energy.

“Everyone, get ready!”

The entire forest exploded with the voice of a man whose energy had melted the ghosts attached to the group.


-Hong Gil Dong! Did you think you would dare stop me?

“A person who has lost his qualifications as a hermit carries the name of the owner of Yuldoguk! The founder will punish you, Yoseon!”

Yo-seon scolds harshly while fluttering the hem of his dark-colored coat, and the man who responds to him, Hong Gil-dong.

The moment when the two people’s fight ends, as if it were a gunshot announcing the beginning of their fight.

“Now! “I’ll get his attention, so everyone attack!”

As his voice rang out, suggesting that he would take on the role of bait, Jinhyuk also finished preparing and opened his mouth.

As soon as a calm yet eerie voice was heard in the audience, the forces and spirits of death opened their eyes.


As the army of death and spirit soldiers awakened, Hong Gil-dong looked at Jin-hyuk in surprise.

“…Brother, were you a necromancer?”

“It’s similar.”

“I don’t feel any misunderstanding. I believe it, sir. “It’s truly an ability worthy of the name nobleman!”

Hong Gil-dong, who was surprised for a moment and burst into laughter, saying that he had chosen the name well, soon rushed toward Yoseon, swinging his long baton roughly.

“…I don’t like it either. But he doesn’t seem like a bad guy.”

Jinhyeok, who felt something different and somewhat joyful at the sight of Hong Gil-dong, who did not show the discomfort that people who saw his abilities for the first time showed, stretched out his hand and said.

“The hunt for this ship has begun.”


-For the owner of the soul!

Under the orders of the necromancer and spirit master, the army of death and the army of spirits approached Yoseon, ready to obliterate the forest.

[The first owner of Yuldo Province looks at you and smiles.]

[The pinnacle of all evil looks at you and someone else in turn and worries.]

It was also the moment when one more voyeur was added by Jinhyuk’s standards.

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