Absolute Necromancer Chapter 78

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All Master Necromancer Episode 78

600th floor.

A heavy sound rang out from the place called the middle floor of the tower.

It was a sound coming from a building erected in a place where only those with selected talents could climb.

Nine Stars.

Earth’s heroes who have completely taken control of the 600th floor, known as the Nine Stars, and beyond.

The name of the building they built themselves was ‘Stars’ Banquet Hall.’

Only a member of the Nine Stars Guild.

Among them, in a place where only high-ranking guild members can enter, there is a ‘Bang!’ No one could make the same sound.

“Damn it, these guys are acting so late that it’s not their job!”

“Carmen. Calm down. Since when did those guys take care of each other? “Still, we’ve issued an order for all to come, so they’ll come.”

Unless you are Nine Star himself, who is no different from the owner of the Banquet Hall of the Stars.

“If it had been them, they would have come running right away, but I’m not angry because they’re late! Cain, you are too back. “I have to beat up those b*stards and bring them back.”

“Ha, Carmen… No matter how much we are united under the name Nine Stars, the two of us symbolize one star. “Don’t you know best that there’s nothing good about dealing with guys who represent a single star?”

“Damn, damn it. “They’re fcking bstards.”

Cain Fallon, Carmen Fallon.

They are members of the Nine Stars and at the same time, they are the leaders of the climbers who lead a large guild called ‘Seongguk’.

They were gnashing their teeth in an empty banquet hall.

To be precise, only Carmen Fallon, who is called a ‘saint’, gritted her teeth.

Her twin, Cain Fallon, was busy calming her down.

The good news was that signs of popularity were gradually felt in the banquet hall.

The presence of people in a place where even high-ranking guild members were prohibited from entering for this meeting was like announcing the arrival of the meeting participants.

“You’re here.”

“Tsk, there’s a saying that even a tiger will come if you say so, right? “It’s very similar to that.”

Although it was late, Cain Fallon breathed a sigh of relief when the participant arrived at the right time.

A contestant and member of Nine Stars has arrived, so no matter how fiery Carmen Fallon is, she won’t be angry.

When Cain Fallon sticks out his tongue at Carmen Fallon, who is controlling her temper and fixing her disheveled hair as if asking when she actually got angry.

Participants showed up one after another.

“You’re late.”

“…If you understand, please sit down quickly.”

Cain Fallon laughed bitterly and pointed to a chair at Carmen Fallon’s words, which were respectful but tinged with bluntness.

“Didn’t you say it was an important meeting? It is too late.”

“I’m sorry. I also have a lot of work to do. Why is there a case for calling a meeting right away in the first place? “Everyone has their own lifestyle patterns and schedules.”

The man clicked his tongue, struck the sword hanging from his waist once, and sat down.

Sword Saint Donnas Taylor.

This is the name of the second participant, and he was a climber who was reputed to have reached the peak with just a sword.

Of course, he was already a strong man who had already surpassed the 700th floor, and he was someone that Cain Fallon and Carmen Fallon alone could not handle.

In the first place, the two people were evaluated as one, so they were only Nine Stars.

He was the weakest, unable to beat any of the nine stars in a 1-on-1 match.

However, because they played a decisive role in the death of the Death Star 10 years ago, they were being treated accordingly.

“Taylor, what about the others?”

“They’re already here. “I was watching from outside, so I just came in first.”’


However, even so, it did not change that they were the weakest, and since they were always in a position to fight for power, a fight for momentum was essential.

In particular, although the treatment itself was at the lowest level and the weakest in power, the special characteristics of priests and paladins and the power of their guild ‘Holy Kingdom’ were surprisingly strong, so it was natural to keep them in check.

Even now, even though I called urgently, Carmen Fallon and even Cain Fallon couldn’t help but grit their teeth when they heard that people were watching from outside.

Nevertheless, because of the unfortunate situation and because they were the ones who had summoned them, they just vented their anger.

It was around this time that Donnas Taylor, who was watching the situation right in front of her, was laughing and tapping the sheath of her sword.

Others also appeared one after another.

“Oh my, am I in third place?”

“4th place.”

A man with a mischievous smile as he twirled the spear.

Berdonar Milano, a thief armed with a new spear, Mermesh Callaty and reticence, appeared following the sword saint Donas Taylor.

Carmen Fallon controlled her anger as the Nine stars slowly gathered together, and Caine Fallon was relieved.

Soon, the remaining Nine stars also appeared one after another.

“I’m late, sorry.”

Jerominon, known as the quiet-talking palace or Robin Hood.

“I’m late because I have research to do.”

The Great Wizard Merlin appears at the banquet hall wearing a robe.

“Heh… Hehehe, I couldn’t feel the passage of time as I watched the test subjects melting because of the poison experiment. Sorry.”

Even the ‘mandok’ Tang Jo-un, which can be said to be synonymous with insidiousness.

All Nine stars have gathered except for Choi Kyeong-hoon, who continues to attack even after challenging the 800th floor.

After confirming that all meeting participants had gathered, host Shane Fallon spoke.

“There is no reason to gather busy people and waste their time. Let’s get straight to the point. “Recently, branches of guilds under the Holy Kingdom have been attacked.”

“ha? Is that the only reason we all were brought together? “A saint?”

Shane Fallon frowned at the words of Shinchang and Mermesh Callaty, who immediately showed their irritation by picking their ears.

I didn’t like his attitude of showing his dissatisfaction even though we hadn’t spoken properly yet.

But just like she had been since she was late, the weak ones here were her and her twin, Cain Fallon, so she gritted her teeth.



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“I called it because the subject was a problem. “Everyone has probably heard the name Gwimyeon.”

“Oh, that guy. “I hear there’s a lot of talk these days.”

Starting with Donnas Taylor’s words, everyone else said something about him one by one.

Although they were different words, the meaning was the same.

-I covet it.

A climber so attractive that you want to own it.

There would be no guild master who would not want to have a climber of ‘King’ level, perhaps even higher, who has not appeared recently.

Especially considering that most ‘King’ level climbers are freelance climbers without a guild.

It was a natural desire for a guild master to want to find a large tree or pillar to support the guild that would become his kingdom in the future.

“I heard you climbed to the 50th floor.”

“Hoo, already? “It’s been several months since we left on the 10th floor.”

“It would have taken about 2-3 months. “He’s definitely past rookie level.”

“I want it. “From what I heard, it’s not easy at close range or at long distances.”

“All-powerful… They say there is only one difference between incompetence and all-powerfulness. “If you listen to the rumors, it seems like he’s an almighty.”

Nine stars pay no attention to the host and host, Carmen Fallon, and only focus on the topics she raises.

It was expected that her face would eventually turn at the sight of them.


The sound of something breaking.

It was the sound of the desk in front of Carmen Fallon being smashed by a fist surrounded by divine power.

Even though he is a non-combatant priest, he is still a climber who exceeds the 600th floor.

Not only was his physical ability sufficient to kill an ordinary person by tearing them in half, but he was also clothed in divine power and was like a monk, a combat priest.

As a chill enveloped the banquet hall, Carmen Fallon with a grin on her face opened her mouth.

“Have you all talked about it?”

“…Well, you behaved in a disgraceful manner. “Let’s talk.”

When the thief, Berdonard Milano, realized his mistake, he cleared his throat and handed her an apple.

Among the Nine stars, Carmen Fallon accepted his apology and got to the point, as he was quite serious not only in terms of his age but also in his personality.

“The information is that it was a ghost that attacked the branches of guilds under our Holy Kingdom.”

“…is it true? Oh, no way. Would you attack the guild branch without going crazy? And a guild under the Holy Kingdom?”

This is a matter that even Shinchang and Mermesh Callaty, who had always responded with jokes, hardened.

Nine Star’s authority had to be absolute.

They did not want their authority to be challenged, as it was an authority established over a short period of ten years at most.

Above all, since the incident 10 years ago, they received support from the Four Emperors and grew into an unrivaled force, so they were reluctant to be challenged by the outside.

Therefore, they united under the name of Nine Stars, and although it was possible to keep each other in check, if they attacked or challenged from outside, they were trampled under the name of all Nine Stars.

Mermesh Callaty, who was all a joke, was also reluctant to be challenged, and objected because he liked a climber named Gwimyeon.

The same was true for other Nine stars.

This is because they had a strong desire to recruit a talent who would become a pillar of their guild in the future and who might even bring other Nine Stars and guilds to their knees.

They might not know if the real ghost had decided to challenge them, but otherwise, they were planning to protect it thoroughly.

But Carmen Fallon also knew them well and felt the same way, so she came with perfect information.

To let them know that they are a bud that must be trampled on in the Nine Star dimension so that they can never reach out to the demon face.

Beep –

When I pressed the button on the remote control-like device, a picture appeared on the huge screen in the banquet hall.

Battle scene.

A monster-like masked being appeared there.

I don’t know if it was intentional, but the appearance of the mask that was clearly revealed was very similar to that of the ghost.

Not only that, there were a few people wearing fox masks, but the important thing was the ghost mask.


As soon as they saw it, they noticed its similarity to a ghost face and let out a sigh.

It’s a shame.

Talent like that should be cut in the name of rebellion.

As such, there was no mention of immediate punishment.

“What is the possibility of the mask being stolen?”

“Yeah, the mask itself is easy to make, right? “We can’t jump to conclusions because someone could be using the name of the ghost to attack the guild.”

“There is also a figure wearing a fox mask, so it could be an operation by another force just to confuse us, right?”

“More than anything, the guilds under the Holy Kingdom are a bit weak, so they may have attacked because they were easy.”

Although the last words were very annoying, Shane Fallon suppressed his anger and showed the following photos one after another.

Beep- Beep- Beep-

Photos showing different battle scenes.

It contained images of other intruders who had attacked the branch of the Shakari Guild, a guild under the Holy Kingdom.

“A girl who appears to be a bihorn tribe, a fox cub, and even a person believed to be a dragon tribe. Don’t you think that the colleagues and members who have recently come to your hometown are too similar? “I wonder if anyone wants to say that the intruders attacked while imitating their colleagues.”


Carmen Fallon’s words could be said to be a wedge.

Ghost Myeon stuck his teeth at the Nine Stars, among them Seongguk.

Whether he was intoxicated by his own strength or for whatever reason, Nine Star could never sit idly by.

It was a problem for those teeth to touch them, and they didn’t want to be given the image that their guild subordinates were harmed by climbers on the 50th floor.

“There is no way their next target is your guild, and their attack could make the entire Nine Stars look down on them. Therefore, according to the law we have established, I regard ghost faces as ‘sprouts’. “I want to catch him and kill him.”

Unlike her nickname of a saint, her words are cold.

But no one argued against it.

There was no reason for that and she was right.

However, there was a question.

“Are you going to kill all of Ghost Face’s companions as well?”

It was Merlin’s question.

“Didn’t those who showed their teeth to us say that destroying the Nine tribes would not be enough?”

Carmen Fallon smiled at his question and talked about the past.

Merlin shook his head at her answer.

“I still agree with that. However, there is one among them who is presumed to be a dragon. “You’ll need the approval of the Four Emperors, right?”

As a wizard, it may seem reasonable to just kill the person responsible, but the reality was a little different.

Among the Demon Face’s companions, there is a climber of the Dragon Clan, a member of the Four Hwang Clan.

They were the recipients of their grace, and furthermore, they still claimed to be their swords, so they needed the approval of the Four Emperors.

In particular, it is natural to be cautious about ‘murder’, as even mentioning it could result in condemnation from the Four Emperors.

This was especially true because the Dragon race had the highest racial pride among the Four Emperors.

Carmen Fallon noticed Merlin’s worries and alleviated his worries.

“The recognition of the Four Emperors has already fallen. It is said that the dragon race that is the ghost’s companion is a dragon race, but is not a dragon race. If it is true that the person who attacked the guild branch is indeed a ghost, and that his colleagues participated in it… then it is okay to kill him even if he is a dragon.”

A saint who speaks of death.

It was an extremely creepy sight, but among those gathered here, there was no one who felt it was scary.

Those who walked a path made of blood and reached the 600th floor and beyond.

They had come too far to feel the horror of just living.

In particular, for those who were intoxicated with power, money, and strength, anyone who interfered with their position was someone who had to be killed at all costs, so they nodded as if it was natural.


As long as all Nine Stars gave their consent, all Nine Star forces would investigate the ghosts and find out the truth without revealing their relationship with Nine Stars.

And if the results revealed that Ghost Myeon was indeed the one responsible for attacking the guild branch, it was clear that they would have no hesitation in coming out of the shadows and killing him in the sun.

“Then I will assume everyone has agreed and we will begin gathering information.”

“If the ghost is the culprit, who will use the ‘knife’?”

After the approval, Donas Taylor, the Sword Saint, asked Carmen Fallon, who was finishing up.


A term used to refer to a climber who can reliably deal with a powerful enemy called Ghost Face.

Carmen Fallon, who couldn’t understand him, answered with a grin.

“Two king-level climbers.”

“…It’s just too much of a knife for a 50th floor climber.”

“It’s like using a dragon-slaying knife to kill a cow.”

When everyone expresses concern.

Carmen Fallon calmly explained the reason.

“If Gwimyeon is really the one who attacked the branch, there must be someone behind it. Even if that’s not the case, it’s highly likely that he’s hiding a similar power. When the truth is revealed to us. I will mobilize my entire guild to attack him. Then, the person behind it will also be revealed, and when that happens, there is a high possibility that it will become a whistleblower. “There is a penalty that those on higher floors have to bear.”

If a person of a higher tier moves to a lower tier, he or she will bear the corresponding penalty.

In particular, if you kill someone, not only are there systemic sanctions, but there are even cases where gods and devils place bounties on you.

The biggest penalty among them was that he could not use all his power.

This means that a climber on the 100th or 200th floor cannot use all his strength if he goes to the 50th floor.

At best, you’re only slightly stronger than a 50th floor climber.

Of course, Gwimyeon and his colleagues.

Furthermore, it could be said that it was not enough to attack any unknown forces behind it.

“That’s why I use two king-level climbers as swords.”

“understood. What are their hiring costs?”

“Of course it’s 1 in N, isn’t it?”

“Damn it. “You summoned us for this?”

A royal climber.

They start with the name Super Rookie and are central climbers who will be responsible for the tower in the future.

Nine stars also walked a similar path to reach their current positions, so their talent and power were clear.

The money needed to hire them was enormous.

To the point where even Carmen Fallon, who runs a huge guild called ‘Seongguk’, felt a burden.

Of course, if all Nine Stars share the burden, it is nothing more than an ‘expenditure’ and cannot be called a burden.

Gathering information about the ghost does not require the power of all Nine Stars, and even if the ghost is really the culprit of the branch attack, only the guilds under the Holy Kingdom will step forward.

In other words, there was no need to call all nine stars.

The reason she called them all was to share the cost of hiring two ‘king’ level climbers.

The Nine stars clicked their tongues when they finally figured out her trick, but could only nod.

There was no need to hesitate if ‘money’ was the only thing used to nip a potential existence in the bud.

Since the Seongguk promised to use all responsibility and manpower, they only provided money, and if they failed, there was room for them to attack the Seongguk, so there was no reason for them not to say okay.

The hiring plan for the two king-level climbers was passed unanimously, and Donnas Taylor asked the final question.

“So who will be the two king-level climbers?”

The question of who is the king-level climber to use as a ‘sword’.

This was the moment that caught the attention of Nine stars because it was a question everyone was curious about.

Carmen Fallon spit out two names she thought of.

“The Death King and the Death King. Together, these two and the forces of their guild will be enough to cut off the heads of the attackers who attacked the demon face, no, the guild branch.”

All Nine stars could not help but hold their tongues at her attitude, which showed her determination to never forgive the attacker who touched her property.

I don’t know if the ghost was really the culprit, but it was clear that the attacker touched the crazy b*tch.

Two climbers who boasted the highest level of ability among king-level climbers were hired that day under the name of ‘Nine Star’.

Banquet hall of stars.

It is a building that announces the power of the Nine Stars to climbers passing the 600th floor, and was built to look down on Death Star Cha Jin-hyuk by erecting it on the spot where he died ten years ago.

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