Absolute Necromancer Chapter 73

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All Master Necromancer Episode 73

“…This is amazing. “I didn’t think there would be anything more surprising than this when the village burned down.”

This was Ha-ryu’s reaction after hearing everything Jinhyeok and Hendrick had to say.

Of course, we haven’t talked about Genno in the hidden street yet.

‘You’ll probably be just as surprised, sad, and happy as you are right now.’

Jinhyeok opened his mouth, anticipating the reaction of the child who thought he was the only survivor when he told him that there were others of his kind left.

“I was reincarnated after 10 years, and Hendrick…”

“He was reincarnated relatively recently. “I only spent a few months on the 10th floor.”

Perhaps the 10-year cycle was intended to roughly align the timeline with Hendrick’s reincarnation? Thinking this, Jinhyuk looked downstream.

“Is that all you feel about hearing all the secrets?”

“…There is a reason why my brother has unrivaled strength and knows abilities and titles that others do not know.”

“The memories of my past life were of great help. “This body has some merit.”

Jinhyuk speaks while patting his body.

To be precise, it was referring to the characteristic of ‘versatility’ contained in the reincarnated body, but even Ha-ryu did not know about it.

This is personal, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t talk about it.

Hendrick was similar, and people like Goldrich would also be like that at the meeting tomorrow, so Jinhyeok didn’t talk too much.

“And I also understand why my brother shows anger toward the Four Emperors like me.”

“Wasn’t it ridiculous when you saw it from the side? “I wonder what happened to a climber on the first floor to get revenge on the Four Emperors.”

“…Honestly, a little?”

In response to Jinhyuk’s question, Ha-Ryu held up his thumb and index finger slightly apart.

As he said, it was true that Jinhyeok, who was burning revenge on the Nine Stars and the Four Emperors, felt like a strange person to Ha-ryu, who knew nothing.

“But now that I know everything, my brother has a reason to not fall behind me at all. Cutting it all off…”

But that too ended today.

Ha-ryu, who heard the whole story, was able to empathize with Jin-hyeok’s feelings.

He died after being stabbed in the back by Nine Star, and behind that Nine Star were the Four Emperors.

It was natural for Jinhyuk to have a burning desire for revenge and plan to kill them.

Ha-ryu himself was the same way, so I sympathized with him even more.

“And Hendrick is similar. “It was too big to be called a sprout.”

“You could say it’s about a tree.”

900th floor.

At that level, it was too big to be called a sprout anymore.

Ha-Ryu sighed as he looked at the two people who were blaming and giggling over that and were overflowing with pride.

“…men. “It’s amazing that someone can laugh or be filled with pride over the memory of being stabbed to death like that.”

“One day, when we defeat all the Four Emperors, that too will be a memory. “Anyway, you’re alive now.”

“That is correct. From their perspective, the sprout has grown to the point where it can no longer be left unattended. So, it also means that I, who have become a tree, am a threat to them. “Isn’t it natural to be proud?”

“…You’ve made a good friend, brother. “The two of you work very well together.”

Jinhyeok scratched his head in embarrassment as Ha-ryu looked at him with his eyes open.

“…And maybe the destruction of the goblin village will also be nipped in the bud.”

“…yes? “What is that?”

The two people who had been talking about cutting off the Four Emperors that had been associated with them until now suddenly turned their heads towards the goblin village, and Ha-ryu couldn’t help but be confused.

Jinhyuk calmed Ha-ryu down by fixating her gaze on the embarrassed Ha-ryu.

“I don’t know if you can handle this, but… Hendrick and I had a conversation after watching your battle.”

“After our conversation, we agreed that you were a climber worthy of being called ‘Bud’.”

“That… that’s ridiculous. “How can I be the same ‘sprout’ as you two!”

Voices get louder.

Balkan, who was looking at her, also looked at her with a deep expression on his face.

‘Ryu. I also had no choice but to admit it.’

He also heard the conversation between the two people and was one of the people who contributed to the conversation.

That’s why I knew the Balkans well.

The downstream is clearly a ‘sprout’.

However, it was a different matter for the person involved, Ha-ryu, to admit it.

“You are not like us.”

“I said it as a joke, but I was a ‘sprout’ that had grown well enough to be considered a tree.”

“I’m not at the level of a tree, but I’m above the level of a sapling, so there’s no comparison.”

“That can’t be possible…”

Ha-ryu, who was listening to the two people talking, gradually turned pale.

If you are a ‘sprout’ as the two people say now, then the goblin village was destroyed…

“…The village is because of me?”

“It’s unfortunate, but I think that’s right. “But it’s not your fault.”

“Yes, just because the killer kills everyone in the target’s area to kill the target, that doesn’t mean the target is to blame. Same as now. “The Four Emperors attacked the village to kill you, and in the process, the goblin village was destroyed, but it is not your fault.”

“That’s right, the sin lies with the Four Emperors. So downstream, you don’t have to blame yourself. “You are a victim, not a perpetrator.”

Even though the two people comforted him by gently telling him that it was not his fault, Ha-Ryu’s big eyes were already filled with tears.

Was it too much?

Ha-ryu, who was still young, could not help but blame himself even after accepting the truth.

It would be even more strange for a child who had been holding on and running in the name of revenge not to shed tears now that he had come to think that he should also be the target of that revenge.

‘You have to hold it well from the side. And is now the right time?’

Jinhyeok, who was measuring the timing by exchanging glances with Hendrick, sensed that now was the moment to bring up the last story he had not said.

Hendrick, who was exchanging glances with Jinhyeok, nodded his head, even Balkan nodded, and even Miho, who knew nothing, nodded(?).



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“There is one goblin alive.”

“…yes? No, that can’t be possible… Everyone in the village was definitely dead…”

“On the day of the disaster, there was one goblin who didn’t come to the village. There was only one person. He’s in a similar situation to you. And waiting for you “If I blame myself like that when I meet the last remaining goblin, will he really like it?”

“…No, I have to laugh. “That will put his mind at ease.”

“It’s the right choice. “Can you get up?”

“yes. No, if I can’t get up, I’ll just have my brother carry me. “It’s not rude, is it…?”

Facing Ha-ryu’s shaking gaze, who was looking at him with a slightly trembling voice, Jinhyeok gently shook his head and showed his back.

“Do you want to climb up?”

“…Actually, it was a bit difficult. “It might be heavy.”

“I can only see bones, but it’s heavy. Let’s carry it on our backs.”

“…I’ll take care of you for a little bit. Brother.”

Ha-ryu was blushing as if he was embarrassed, but he didn’t mind putting Jinhyuk on his back.

Sreuk –

Ha-ryu’s white, thin arms gently wrapped around Jin-hyeok’s neck.

A posture that holds the neck firmly but is not uncomfortable.

Jinhyeok burst out laughing at Ha-ryu, who clearly cared about him.

“You can hold on tight.”


Only after permission was given, Jinhyeok stood up, feeling the arm he was gently holding gain more strength.

And he said something to be considerate of the lower class, who looked quite different compared to others.

“Would you like me to use some magic to change my appearance?”

“Please do me a favor.”

Appearance change magic.

Jinhyuk says he just needs to take off his mask, but he is not Ha-Ryu.

Aside from Genno, who is hiding in a hidden street, he is the only goblin, and it has already been confirmed that rumors of the 9th floor have spread in the streets.

Naturally, I had no choice but to hide the appearance of the lower stream.



of course, that was the same for Hendrick.

In fact, since Hendrick was more famous than Ha-Ryu, it was only natural to hide his appearance.

Jinhyeok, who was looking at him using magic to change his appearance to something very ordinary in an instant, waved his hand and used magic.

Likewise, Jinhyeok smiled with satisfaction as he took a look at Ha-Ryu, whose distinctive horn had disappeared and his appearance had changed slightly.

“Good. “At this level, no matter who comes, they won’t know it’s you.”

“…thank you.”

“Well, there are things I like about it. “Shall we go then?”

“Yes, please.”

Feeling the warmth of Haru’s arms wrapped around his neck, Jinhyeok left the hotel with Vulcan, who held Miho, who had returned to his fox form, in his arms, and Hendrick, who had erased his horns and spirit.

Hidden streets.

At best, the feeling of revisiting a place I had visited yesterday was quite new.

The feeling of being erased from the gaze of God and the devil was like a drug to Jinhyuk, who has sensitive senses.


said as he walked along a quiet street with no people around.

“Are you nervous?”

It was a question that was conscious of the fact that the heart palpitations felt in Ha-ryu’s body, which was closely attached to him, were getting faster and faster.

Ha-Ryu burst into laughter at Jin-Hyeok’s question.

“I never thought I would feel this way again.”

“It’s not strange. “You seemed to have lost some of your emotions after what happened to the village.”

“…It was a bit like that, wasn’t it?”

Compared to an ordinary child, he almost had no emotions, so not really.

Jinhyeok, who was worried that he would be hurt if he spoke verbally, answered with a faint smile, but then stopped walking.

“We’re all here.”

“…Already? “I’m not even mentally prepared yet.”

“Well, how about it? “It would be nice to meet you soon.”

“…What if you blame me? “If he blames me after finding out everything…”

Haryu’s body trembles slightly.

Jinhyuk, who could feel it more clearly because he was carrying her, gritted his teeth slightly.

What on earth did the lower class do wrong to not be able to trust people and to be scared of something that didn’t even happen?

Anger at him enveloped my entire body.

But rather than spitting it out, Jinhyuk chose to reassure Ha-Ryu.

If you do that, I’ll beat you up. “He may be an excellent blacksmith, but we don’t need someone like that.”

“…Thank you at least for words. And even if he really blames me, please don’t.”


haryu gently stroked his clenched fist and stepped down from his back onto the ground.

Ha-ryu stepped onto the solid ground and slowly walked towards the blacksmith shop.

Ha-ryu, standing in front of the tented door, turned his head to look at Jin-hyeok and asked.

“That kid isn’t really your kid, is he?”

“…I said no!”

“Cook… I understand. “Even if you consider it before reincarnation, it doesn’t make sense for your brother to have a child.”

“what? What does that mean….”

“I’ll go in and come back.”

Ha-Ryu, who made a joke while pointing at Miho in Vulkan’s arms, walked up the tent and went inside.

Jinhyeok, who was scratching his head while looking at the stream that had disappeared inside the tent, spoke at the top of his voice.

“Young Master! “We’re here, so come out!”

Jinhyeok was worried that Ha-ryu, who was inside, would not be able to speak properly, so he called Genno directly.

“Tsundere guy.”

“…don’t use words like that. “I’m afraid that my child will listen and learn.”


“Miho, close your ears. “You don’t have to listen to things like that.”

“You two really fit together well.”

When Jinhyuk raised his hand to stop Miho’s pricked ears, Hendrick, who was watching from the side, blurted out a word.

It was only a word, but the two people involved fiercely refuted it.

“no it’s not?”

“Absolutely not.”

When Hendrick bursts out laughing as he watches the two of them rebuttal, even raising blood in their necks.

“Tsk, if you’re here, just open the door and come in. What are you talking about? And if you really take it all and take it all, then what am I going to eat for a living?…”

, Balkan, and Hendrick closed their mouths at the sound of Genno’s voice coming from the blacksmith shop.

Genno’s voice cut off as he spoke, and the sound of someone falling down hit my ears.

However, the sound was not one.

Not one, but two.

They smiled bitterly when they realized that both of them had collapsed facing each other.

“Ha… downstream….”

“Grandpa… buji…?”

Two trembling voices came from inside.

Genno and the lower reaches.

Jinhyeok, who confirmed the relationship between the two, opened his mouth as the representative.

“Should I step aside for a moment and not break the good mood?”

“Not bad.”

Naturally, no one refuted him.

Even Miho voted in favor with a cheerful voice saying, ‘Keu!’

In this way, the four people (one man, one dragon, one spirit, one tiger) began to slowly move away from the blacksmith shop.

Although it has only been a few months since the breakup, I hope that the heartache they must have had in the meantime will be healed through this breakup.

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