Absolute Necromancer Chapter 72

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All Master Necromancer Episode 72

“Get out of the way, there’s no problem, right?”

Jinhyeok nervously asked back after taking over Ha-ryu, who was in Hendrick’s arms with her eyes closed.

Even though it happened through his own neglect, it was a sophisticated way of passing responsibility to Hendrick.

Hendrick shook his head with a embarrassed expression.

“Didn’t you say you were fine? He just seemed a little tired. My complexion is pale and my nutritional status is not very good. “It seems like it has been in this state for a few days and all of its remaining strength has been sucked away by that sword.”

“…Tsk, I guess I should break that sword or something.”


At Jinhyeok’s irritated words, the Dragon Slayer Sword protested by ringing its sword as if responding to him.

He expresses that he is not at fault and furthermore expresses his murderous intent towards Hendrick.

But there was no way Jinhyeok knew about him.

“Why are you humming? “I think I’ll throw it into the furnace.”

The dragon slayer’s ego was pounding as he was thrown to the floor, but as expected, Jinhyuk had no way of knowing.

What would happen if Jinhyuk grabbed the handle of the sword and went into the ego’s world of imagination? As of now, Jinhyuk could not know the mind of the dragon slayer sword.

In the end, the dragon slayer became quiet as he was pessimistic about his situation and desperately hoped that the downstream would wake up quickly.

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue and quickly checked the condition of the downstream, looking at the dragon slayer sword that had become quiet after rolling on the floor once.

“…I’m fine. “I wonder if this can be called okay.”

“As long as you rest well and eat well, you will wake up right away.”

“…Yes, I guess so.”

He must have been unable to move for several days without eating properly, and his skin and bones look different from the last time.

Jinhyeok, who sensed that it was because of the homework he had assigned, ran his fingers over Ha-ryu’s dull skin with a confused look on his face.

“Dad, who are you?”

“…If you say daddy again, I might actually die this time.”

“die? who?”

“Who is it, the sister who fainted right in front of you?”

Miho, who insisted on using the title “Dad” even though she was told not to call him “Dad” earlier, expressed her curiosity as she looked at Haru.

Jinhyeok said while gently stroking the head of Miho, who was tilting her head as if she didn’t understand the word ‘unni’.

“Just call me oppa.”


“Dad is no good to you, me, or him.”

[The nine-tailed fox nods.]

[The pinnacle of all evil breaks into a cold sweat at the mention of dad.] [

The nine-tailed fox glares at someone.]

[The pinnacle of all evil whistles, avoiding someone’s gaze. blows.]

…Look at these guys? no way?

Jinhyeok glared at the messages from the two gods and the devil that made him think, but no answer came out.

That’s because I couldn’t think of any other messages after that message.

Since there was no answer, I put Haryu on my back, stroking Haryu’s light purple hair.

“Are you planning on taking me there yourself?”

“It’s obvious that this happened because of the homework I gave, but I can’t ignore it. “I’m done feeding Miho anyway, and things have changed, so my work at the border is over.”

Jinhyeok glanced at Miho, who had transformed into a child, then clapped his hand and took a step outside the border.

“I have sins too, so go with me.”

“Well, he really hates the Four Emperors, so he might throw a fit if he wakes up.”

“I’ll have to endure that too. “The fault of the tool is the fault of the owner.”

Dragon’s body.

Jinhyeok could no longer argue with Hendrick’s attitude of calling the body of one of the Four Emperors a tool and accepting the mistake as the owner named ‘Hendrick’ who handles the tool.

‘Ji will take care of it. Even if I get hit, it’s not my fault.’

Since they had no intention of doing so anyway, the conversation between the two ended quickly.

“Vulkan, you go first and tell Halcion. “Please prepare food and water for washing at the hotel.”

“I get it. “Then, Ha-Ryu and Mi-Ho, please do us a favor.”

“I’ll take care of it, so just go quickly.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jinhyeok walked away as he caught sight of Balkan’s whitish spirit disappearing into the city.


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Although Jinhyeok could be said to be a person with deep hearts, there was still a soft part in Jinhyeok’s heart to see Ha-ryu, whom he now clearly placed within his enclosure, suffering.

Jinhyeok, who felt the prickling of that delicate part, let go of his frustration and disappeared from the border along the way.

“Well, it’s not dangerous, right?”

“Yes… I think exhaustion came from extreme malnutrition and exerting so much strength in such a short period of time. You will come to your senses by the time you finish receiving Alchemy’s special high-concentration nutritional fluid. Instead, if you use the same power again, you must be prepared to risk your life.”

“We’ll take care of that, so don’t worry. You know that the billing is from Gold Rich Trading, right? Do it there.”

“…Okay, then let’s go. “Gwimyeon.”

“Oh, and if I go somewhere and talk about what happened today, you know?”

As Jinhyeok smiled darkly and pretended to slit his throat with his hand, the doctor who came to check Ha-ryu’s condition and treat him turned pale.

Hendrick clicked his tongue as he watched the congressman nodding his head like a windmill hurriedly leaving the room.

“You’re being too strong for the general public.”

“Ordinary people are shit. There are no ordinary people in the tower. There are only those who settle and those who move forward. “Have you never thought that he could sell our information to the guild?”

“You can’t deny it, right? The information guild doesn’t exist for nothing. There’s no need to give any clues. “In return, the author will receive treatment fees equal to the value of our information, so it’s a one-win.”

“Ha, yes. “The guild leader says so, but each guild member just has to follow.”



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When Hendrick nodded his head with a sigh, Jinhyuk smiled brightly and nodded as if he should.

“And why are you just a guild member?”

“When I’m away, you should lead the guild in my place. “A so-called deputy guild leader?”

“…It only sounds like you’re just trying to pamper me, but is that an illusion?”

“It’s an illusion. “I’m just preparing for when I’m not around.”

A game of gamtu.

Hendrick didn’t really like it, and his intentions were obvious, so he felt like rejecting it, but in the end, he had no choice but to use courage.

“If you don’t like the guild leader, know how to use your courage to rebel.”

“I don’t know how many people will be on your side, but if you can, do it.”

Hendrick looked at Jinhyuk with a puzzled expression as he smiled and responded.

This is why I could not understand his behavior, which encouraged people to do something if they could, even while discussing rebellion.

But when he thought of the guild members, he understood.

‘It’s mostly full of people that Cha Jin-hyuk brought in. Tsk, maybe I should have accumulated some of the relationships from my past life.’

Unlike Hendrick, who seemed like a perfect maverick, Jinhyeok had quite a few past relationships.

Jinhyuk and Hendrick had many similarities, but their relationship was greatly different.

As a result, most of the guild members that make up the guild are connected to Jinhyeok.

Hendrick, on the other hand, didn’t even know who was who.

The only ones that were in front of me were Haru and Miho, and even Halcion and Ken that I saw at Gold Rich Company.

‘…Keuung, are they all pro-Cha Jin-hyuk?’

He knew better because he saw it before his eyes.

A goblin girl who faints and a young fox girl who takes care of her.

The interest and affection the two show toward Cha Jin-hyuk is almost like family.

Additionally, Halcyon and Ken were no different.

He wasn’t so immature that he couldn’t notice the difference between looking at himself and looking at Jinhyeok.

“You deserve it.”

“Do you understand now? Even if you tried to rebel, few people would listen to you. “If you have any useful outsiders, bring them in.”

“…The past should be left in the past.”

“Are you a friendless idiot?”

“…Shut up.”

Jinhyeok, who opened his dark red eyes and made a gesture of surrender toward Hendrick, who was harshly scolding him, turned his head and gently stroked Ha-ryu’s forehead.

“I’ll wake up soon. Be quiet and stay slightly out of the way. If I see your face first, I might go crazy. “Maybe I’m scared.”

“…Okay. “I will stay in the next room.”

“Do whatever you feel like. “Eat as much sweets as you want.”

“Tsk, it’s done. “You should eat a lot.”

“Then bring it to me.”

“…Damn you.”

Hendrick grumbles and disappears into the next room of the hotel.

At the same time, Jinhyuk grinned as he looked at the bundle of snacks flying from inside the room.

“I’ll eat well!”

“Don’t just eat it yourself, give it to the child when he wakes up. “Because nutritional sap and actual food are different.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll eat well.”

“…Ha, you damn b*stard.”

Balkan kept nodding his head as if he understood what Hendrick was hearing from inside.

It was like a kind of camaraderie.

Sharing the emotions I feel as someone who knows Jinhyeok.

Leaving behind Balkan, where he felt the love of camaraderie that blossomed as a result, Jinhyeok looked at the sap flowing ‘drip-drip-‘ from high to low.

‘When will it all run out?’

A reunion with Ha-Ryu, whom I had not seen for about a week.

I didn’t know that I would encounter this as a patient and caregiver, but I still wanted to talk to her as soon as possible.

‘We have a lot to talk about, downstream. Let’s get up quickly, eat some snacks, and share what happened during the week.’

With a rare smile on his face, Jinhyeok changed the wet towel that had become lukewarm and looked after Ha-ryu, whose eyes were tightly closed.


Soft blanket.

Soft bed sheets.

Haryu moaned as he felt a softness he hadn’t felt in several days of camping.

The person next to her also opened his eyes at the sound of a small moan that occurred while she was lifting her frozen body.

“Woke up?”

“…Brother, I’m sorry.”

Ha-Ryu lowered his head as if he was embarrassed when he heard Jin-Hyeok’s voice looking at him with a soft smile.

‘Why did I do that?’

I was distracted by my father’s voice, and because I was mentally exhausted, I fought under the impulse of the sword without even being able to understand the true situation.

Jinhyuk’s hand was placed on Ha-ryu’s shoulder, who was blaming himself for being blind to the fact that he was a dragon even though Jinhyuk was right next to him.


“It’s okay. As long as you’re fine, that’s fine. And since I was so tired, it was natural for my judgment to be clouded. Hendrick said it was okay too. Oh, Hendrick is the dragon you attacked. “It’s not a substance, though.”

“…If the person your brother has by your side is definitely not an ordinary Four Emperors.”

“That’s right, he’s similar to me. “You are definitely yourself on the inside, but you are not on the outside.”

“What is that…?”

When Ha-ryu tilted his head, unable to understand what Jin-hyuk said, Jin-hyuk put his hand on top of Ha-ryu’s hand and calmly explained.

“I think you know. “It’s a secret I didn’t reveal.”

“…I have expectations. “My brother is definitely not an ordinary person.”

From the time we first met on the 1st floor until we parted ways on the 9th floor.

Ha-Ryu stayed by Jin-Hyeok’s side and watched closely what he was doing and what he was accomplishing.

As a result, downstream was confident. Jinhyuk is definitely different from others.

“But I didn’t want to pry. Because my brother didn’t tell me.”

“That’s one of the reasons I like you. “Not trying to pry.”

Why are you blushing? Did you like the compliment?

Jinhyeok, who was tilting his head as he felt the heat from Ha-ryu’s hand, who blushed at his words and lowered his head, erased his thoughts and opened his mouth.

What was important now was not that Ha-ryu liked praise.

“And I think you need to know my secret now.”


“Yes, I was planning on telling all the important people tomorrow anyway, so you can think of it as telling me in advance.”

“Am I… an important person?”

Ha-Ryu responds with a surprised face when he tells her he will tell him a secret.

Furthermore, Jinhyeok nodded at her, who was so happy that she asked back when she was told that she was an important person.

“It’s important. In the future, I will be in charge of the central role in the guild I will create. Oh, if you’re reluctant to join a guild, try being active in the guild as a freelancer…” “

I’ll join. I will definitely do it. “Onii-sama will reject me and I will officially apply to join the guild, so please make sure to join me.”

“…Uh, okay. “If you are, there is no need to say anything.”

Jinhyeok called Hendrick, who was in the next room, while looking at Ha-ryu with a puzzled face, who immediately interrupted him as soon as he mentioned joining the guild.

“Hendrick! downstream woke up You can come out. Oh, are you okay? “You’re not just turning into a berserker like before, are you?”

“…Please forget about that. “It’s a shameful memory for me too.”

“No, it was great. The problem is that it’s not your strength. But one day you will definitely gain and handle that power.”

“Yes, thank you for your words, Brother.”

Jinhyeok had nothing more to say to Ha-ryu, who responded with a grin.

It is a dream state that anyone who truly wields a sword can hope for, and the state of ‘strength’ where Hendrick stayed in his previous life.

I thought that the lower stream could rise, but the reason was that the listeners did not believe it, so there was no way they would listen even if I said more.

‘Only the person speaking hurts their mouth.’

Anyway, I’m going to ride it someday.

Next, on to the inspection.

Finally, when Jinhyuk thinks that there is no need to say more since he will realize that what he just said is true when he reaches Ganggi.

“You’re not going to attack me like before, are you? “I’m not even armed right now.”

“…sorry. I wasn’t in my right mind back then…” “If

you bow your head like that because you said it as a joke, it’s embarrassing for the person who said it. It’s just something I said. You don’t have to worry about it. It was me who fought back, and I was the one who hurt and knocked him out. Rather, it’s me who feels sorry. “He showed that he was lacking as an adult.”

The door to the next room opened, and Hendrick, without any weapons and wearing full uniform, walked out.

Ha-ryu became thoughtful at his joke and lowered his head, but Hendrick instead waved his hand, bowed his head slightly, and apologized.

In the end, there was a funny scene where they apologized to each other, but Jinhyuk frowned.

It was because of Hendrick, who was always gorgeous and statuesque.

But conversation was more important than his appearance and attire.


“Sit down.”

Jinhyuk said as he pulled out the chair next to him.

“You can’t refuse a favor.”

Hendrick flopped down and expressed his gratitude, then looked alternately at Ha-Ryu and Jin-Hyeok, who were only upright on the bed, and then opened his mouth.

“Let’s start talking. It will take a long time to include the story of you and me, as well as the ‘him’ of the hidden street. I have a meeting tomorrow, so it’s not a good idea to sleep in too late. Also, it may be too much for a child who has just woken up.”

“I’m fine….”

“No, Hendrick is right. “It might be a bit of a shock to you when you hear it, but it’s still a good idea to keep your head straight and listen.”

“…Yes, I understand. Brother.”

Ha-Ryu was waving his hands saying it was okay if it took a long time, but he immediately lost his momentum when he heard Jinhyuk’s firm voice.

That’s how the story of Ha-Ryu, who leaned his upper body on the bed, and Jin-Hyeok and Hendrick, who sat on the two chairs in front of him, began.

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