Absolute Necromancer Chapter 74

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All Master Necromancer Episode 74

How much time has passed?

They sat on a pile of stones a short distance away from the blacksmith shop and waited for the two people to finish their conversation. At one point, they looked at the blacksmith shop as if they were weaving.

“Is it over?”

“I guess it’s over.”

“Tsk, the young one was caught carrying a burden on his mind and only thinking about revenge, but I hope this incident will help him get some relief.”

“hmm…? Was it like that when you saw me?”

When Jinhyuk asked Balkan, who clicked his tongue, Balkan frowned.

“Are you and Ha-ryu the same as me, you cheap b*stard? And in the first place, aren’t you and Ha-ryu in fact different from each other?”

“Or it’s not, Yeongmantaeng’s temperament is that way.”

When Jinhyeok frowns after picking his ears and ignoring Balkan’s words.

The person who turned their attention to the blacksmith shop appeared.

“Brother, you waited a long time because of me, right? “I’m sorry to both Grandpa Balkan and Mr. Hendrick.”

It was downstream.

The moisture in her voice, as if she had been crying inside, could be said to be a rough example of how she is currently feeling.

But Jinhyuk couldn’t hold back the laughter that burst out at her apology.

“…big. Ha, downstream… I’m fine… Sigh!”

“This b*stard is laughing at this kid! Ha-Ryu, did you have a good conversation…? Have you relaxed a bit?”

“…I didn’t see anything. She may be young, but she’s a girl. “Because you want to show only the prettiest.”

Not only that, but Balkan couldn’t stop his words from becoming blurred towards the end, and Hendrick turned his head away.

It could be said that both of them expressed their feelings because they did not want to hurt Ha-ryu.

Only Jinhyuk giggled and held on to his stomach.


“So, are you feeling a little relieved?”

Jinhyeok immediately erased his laughter at Ha-ryu’s voice, which was filled with coldness.

Jinhyuk, who usually spoke with an expressionless and stern face, seemed like a skilled actor.

No, Balkan and Hendrick stuck out their tongues at the quick change of expression that even experienced actors couldn’t do.

‘That guy should have been an actor, not a spirit master.’

‘…What a surprising change in expression. Is it one step above Poker Face? ‘If I wasn’t a climber, it’s no wonder I became a professional gambler.’

When he inwardly sticks out his tongue and points his finger at Jinhyeok, who is giving off the appearance of a solemn older brother, as if the smile he had just smiled was a lie.

Ha-Ryu’s slightly swollen eyes were bent like a crescent moon.

“I’m so glad I met you, brother.”

With her eyes smiling and a smile on her lips, she showed a different beauty than usual.

Jinhyeok, who saw her with a sad and sorrowful look in his eyes, cleared his throat and approached her.

“That’s natural, what about Old Man Genno?”

“Grandpa… I think he’s a little exhausted. I cried a lot, but my grandfather cried even more. “Please drink some water now.”

“okay? Then rest. “I’m going to meet old Genno for a while.”

“Yes, brother. Grandfather will listen to any request you may have. And even more so if it’s our goal.”


Jinhyeok smiled slightly at Ha-ryu, who saw through his intentions and gave him advice, and walked into the blacksmith shop.

Miho rushed towards Jinhyuk, who was heading to the blacksmith shop alone.

It was an expression of his unwillingness to be separated from Jinhyeok, whom he regarded as his master and father.

But her movements did not last long.


“I think our youngest needs to talk to her sister?”


This is because Ha-Ryu, who had grasped Miho’s movements as she was running towards Jinhyeok with battle foresight, analyzed the route, and moved to where Miho was going in advance, grabbed Miho’s back.

Miho was startled and struggled as she saw Haru catching her quick movements.


The slightly swollen eyes from crying were certainly comical, but the cool glow shining between them was too much for young Miho to handle.

Miho’s struggles for the first time subsided and she was gently hugged to Ha-ryu’s chest.

Haryu spoke to Vulkan while stroking Miho’s body, which was shaking slightly with fear.

“Is it okay to talk only about women…?”

“…and come. Anyway, it will be a while before Cha Jin-hyuk comes out.”

“Then excuse me.”

“If you want, I can at least cast a soundproofing spell on you.”

“Oh, if you do that, I would be grateful.”

Ha-Ryu was pleased with Hendrick’s calm help.

She was no longer just stiff and stiff.

It was because of her meeting with Genno and the tears she shed during that process that she let go of her hardness and revenge.

‘There’s no need to be hard and angry at everyone. ‘My anger is finite, and it is more like a weapon that I only draw out when I need it.’

However, that did not mean that he let go of all his anger and desire for revenge.

As before, I will not be filled with expressionless expressions and internally ruminating about anger, revenge, sadness, and fear.

However, the enemies that Ha-ryu had to deal with were too powerful to throw away all the good ‘stimulants’ of anger and revenge.

Ha-Ryu decided to use his anger where it was appropriate to take him a step, maybe even a couple of steps further.

It had only been a short time since we had met, and although he was a tool, it was also part of the decision to treat Hendrick kindly, who had the body of a dragon race and was the target of revenge.

“Then let’s go together too. “There’s no need to be alone here anyway.”

“It’ll be okay, Grandpa. Instead, you are not allowed to listen to conversations inside.”



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“…Okay, okay. Didn’t you yourself say it was a conversation between women? He’s already dead, but I’m a serious man so I’ll never listen to him. And that guy doesn’t have the power to penetrate the soundproofing spell.”

When Balkan said that while pointing at Hendrick, Ha-ryu looked at Balkan and smiled.

“It’s nice to see.”

“It’s all thanks to my grandfather and brother.”

“I don’t know what I did to get such a high rating. Cha Jin-hyuk, that guy did it all.”

Haryu shook his head in denial towards Vulkan, who was blaming himself for doing something so absurd, thinking that he had not been able to do anything for Haryu, whom he loved like a granddaughter.

“I was able to gain the strength to overcome because my grandfather truly cared for me like a granddaughter. “It was Grandpa Balkan who held me back when I could have collapsed before I met Grandpa Genno.”

“…If you don’t want to make your soul cry, stop there. “Because I don’t want to shed tears when I get older, especially when I’m dead.”

The fact that the grumbling Vulcan’s eyes turned slightly red was clearly not just Ha-ryu’s delusion.

However, no one caught him, and soon they glanced at the spot where Jinhyeok had disappeared, and finally at the blacksmith shop, before moving to a place with few people and good soundproofing even within the hidden street.

“Young Master, this looks very funny.”

“…Damn you. Why are you laughing so funny when you see an old man crying? Even if it’s a benefactor.”

“Well, I burst out laughing when I saw the stream outside, so what’s different about you, old man?”

These were Jinhyeok’s words as he entered the blacksmith shop.

Genno Island was no different from the river outside.

Both eyes were red and bloodshot, and the slightly swollen eyes, probably due to tears, were enough to make Jinhyeok laugh.

Genno, who was spitting bitter words at Jinhyuk, who was giggling at him, just like when they first met, eventually knelt in front of Jinhyuk.

“Thank you.”

“…Why are you being so embarrassed? “I didn’t ask you to please me.”

“Of course, that kid’s talent is outstanding. There is no need to say that he was unrivaled in the village and was evaluated as a person capable of leading the village. It is certain that he is worthy of being your benefactor, or rather, the backbone of your plans. However, as the last remaining adult of the goblin village, please allow me to express my gratitude to you for protecting and caring for the village children.”

It was an unfamiliar statement, but Jinhyeok did not refute it.

Even if you feel uncomfortable, expressing that gratitude to Genno and the lower class will give you peace of mind.

“Damn it, I can’t believe you’re a benefactor who doesn’t even have a name. “My face is so hot it’s killing me.”

Jinhyuk roughly lifted Genno up, scratching his head and cheek.

“Young Master, I have received your thanks. And please don’t kneel anywhere, especially in front of me. “One Vulcan is more than enough to treat an old man rudely.”

“I don’t know who Balkan is, but I guess you are.”

Jinhyeok looked at Genno, who was shaking his head and shaking the dust off his pants, and asked.

“So what do you do now?”

“I guess I have to keep doing my job. If I know the background to the destruction of the village and have met that child, I can go back to being the village leader. “I am content to spend the rest of my life helping that child move forward and making him weapons and armor.”

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue at the docile yet neat answer that was completely different from the impatient and irritated look he had shown when they first met and when he came earlier.

“Is that really true?”

“It’s my wish. But I know your wishes will be different. I heard the story the kid told me, and I also heard the advice he gave me before I left. “I’ve already heard it all, but I want to hear it from your own lips.”

Jinhyeok sighed as he looked at Genno, who was resolute.

“Ha, good. Old man, no, old man. I will climb to the top of the tower. It was my goal in my past life, and that goal has not changed. But in the process, I also plan to get my revenge. If you heard it, you would know. I hit the climbers named Nine Stars, and I hit the Four Emperors behind them. “That’s my goal.”

“…I already heard it, but it’s still crazy.”

Jinhyeok, who was showing some manners, took off his mask as he began to speak.

Jinhyeok, who threw off the mask of courtesy, revealed his true self and told Genno about his aspirations and goals.


This was the conclusion Genno came to after listening to Jinhyuk.

“I like it. Anyway, I was planning on finding the village’s evil beasts and crushing them with my egg-like body. “But I think you could break the rock with an egg named Genno.”

Genno liked that Gwangoh.

Anyway, Genno also had a crazy goal.

After finding the evil beasts, his goal is to relieve his resentment by hitting his ugly body against them.

It was an unachievable goal, and because he was like Gwang-oh in a different sense, Genno understood Jinhyeok and valued him highly.

‘It’s different from me. He really has the ability to achieve it, and Ha-ryu also believes in him and follows him, so there is no other way.’

Genno realized this while talking to Ha-ryu.

The fact that he, who thought he was more eccentric and had a worse personality than anyone else, was a weak-hearted goblin who was swayed by the words of the little goblin in front of him.

And Genno, who heard that the goblin was his benefactor in front of him and was hoping to help the crazy climber who was plotting a comeback, opened his mouth.

“It’s going to be an attempt to break a rock with an egg.”

“There is an egg stronger than a rock, so what are you worried about? And the eggs will get stronger and more numerous. “I have no intention of foolishly attacking you alone.”

It was a worrying advice, but Jinhyuk responded calmly.

Genno burst out laughing as he looked at Cha Jin-hyuk, who said that the egg was harder than a rock.

“Hahaha! Yeah, good. Benefactor! No, Cha Jin-hyuk! I acknowledge you. The lower stream also wants that, so no one like an old man can go against the great precepts. “Did you say you were setting up a guild?”

“Yeokcheon. “It’s a reverse.”

“I’ll join that guild. “I have an old and sick body and a rotten mind, but I still think I have some useful skills in hitting a hammer. Can a country like this accept me?”

Looking at Genno who asked with a grin, Jinhyeok grinned and held out his hand as if he had been waiting for those words.

“Any blacksmith who rebels against the Four Emperors and wishes for their extinction is welcome, regardless of whether he is an old man in a closet or an alcoholic.”

“instead! “Just promise me one thing.”

“anything. “As a guild leader, there is no reason why I can’t listen to even one request from the head of the guild, who will be in charge of the weapons and armor of ‘Yeokcheon’ from now on.”

Genno extends his index finger and asks for a promise.

When Jinhyeok nodded that he would give it to him, Genno said with a slight smile.

“Once everything is over, please revive the goblin village again.”

“If it’s something like that, I’ll do whatever I can.”

Goblin village.

In a way, it was a natural request to rebuild the place that had been destroyed by the hands of the Four Emperors.

Therefore, Jinhyeok immediately answered that he would, and the smile on Genno’s face grew even deeper after hearing his answer.

The revival he hoped for certainly included the creation of a goblin village, but ultimately, it was about Jinhyeok continuing the legacy of the goblin race, which had become discontinued.

‘Ha-ryu also hinted as if he wanted that… I never thought the child could change so much in just a few months. It’s so bittersweet.’


The promise that Genno made was a request made by Ha-ryu to him.

Reconstruction of the collapsed goblin village.

What was essential for that was new goblins to fill the village.

It will take a long time, but that is a matter that only time will solve.

Ha-Ryu and Jin-Hyeok.

As Genno envisioned a future in which the two would create the first generation of new goblins, he experienced a novelty that was both bittersweet and joyful.

It might be quite a distant future, but it made Genno depressed that Haryu, who was still young, was already thinking like that.

‘I wonder if this is what it would feel like to get my daughter married.’

Genno just smiled bitterly because he never thought he would feel this way as a single person.

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