Absolute Necromancer Chapter 70

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All Master Necromancer Episode 70

“You’ve got some pretty good guys under your command.”

“It’s good, but it’s ordinary.”

“It’s easy for us to make the ordinary into extraordinary and the extraordinary into extraordinary.”

That’s right.

Jinhyeok and Hendrick are people who have reached masters in one field.

Of course, there is no way it would be difficult to attract someone.

However, if you just follow the teachings and be guided by what is being pulled, you will only end up being extraordinary.

“If they want to catch our eye and become one of the guild members who will one day stop the Four Emperors, they will have to work hard enough to die already and live in the next life, rather than preparing to die.”

“Like us?”

“…It’s similar. Is it a little different?”

We are really living the next life, and they are different because they are in the category of effort.

Jinhyeok, who was thinking about this while shaking his head, immediately walked towards the border.


“It looks like the kid is very hungry.”

“It’s already past meal time. “Do you want to go with me?”

“It’s the meal of the Nine-Tailed Fox’s child… Did you say that today is the last day of her quest?”

“Uh, today ends.”

Nine-tailed fox.

The quest given to Jinhyeok by the nine-tailed fox was simple.

999 raw livers.

Feed it to Miho and recover the Jinwonjin Qi that she has had since birth.

‘I ended up having to feed him for a few days, but it’s still not that bad.’

The abilities I developed while rescuing live livers to feed Miho were quite useful in the battle with Hendrick, and it was an opportunity to test out skills I had only imagined in my head.

Divide and merge with Soul Arrow.

Even the abilities of the fox mask.

In the process of feeding Miho, Jinhyeok was able to use it, learn it, and incorporate it into himself, so it was not a waste of his time for a few days.

‘Because it’s also about helping someone who will play a big part in the future.’

It was also because he was accurately aware that Miho’s very existence would be helpful to him later.

“Let’s go quickly. “Shouldn’t you wait for the preparations for tomorrow’s meeting and for the young goblin you called your colleague?”

“I don’t know if it will come up in time for tomorrow’s meeting, but from the rumors I’ve heard, it doesn’t seem like there’s much left, so I won’t wait too long. If you get bored while waiting, go up first. “I will follow you soon.”

“Kuh, are you showing off your pride here too? You are also very consistent. And if I start first, it will take a while for you to catch up with me.”

“…Isn’t that something that can’t be ignored? No matter how fast you start, you are still a racing dog. I’m a cheetah. No matter how hard a racing dog runs, it will eventually catch up with the cheetah and be left behind. know?”

“Hoo, the one who defeated me yesterday was Cheetah… That’s interesting.”

“This b*stard, did you say everything?”

‘s eyes slowly became tinged with madness as he looked at Jinhyeok, who was refuting while gritting his teeth.

The two people’s foreheads clashed and an eerie sound rang out.

“…Ha, you crazy people.”

Although it was only a one-day meeting, Vulcan sighed as he saw that only the appearance was different, but the essence was the same.

“Say it again.”


“…lizard cub.”

“If yesterday’s result is not trustworthy, we can fight again. “Give them food and go to a hidden street.”

“Do you think I’ll be scared? go! “This time, I will crush you.”

Zero distance.

Vulcan stopped the two people, who were snarling with their foreheads against each other without backing down even an inch.

“Do both in moderation! “Aren’t they old enough to be embarrassed on the streets where other people walk?”

“This b*stard is ignoring me!”

“I was just telling the truth.”

“It’s like that again? Are you really going to play here?”

People with similar personalities engage in a war of words without any hesitation.

And, thinking that if he got it wrong, he might actually engage in a battle under the pretense of sparring on a street where everyone could see, Vulkan pulled out his trump card.

“If a child is crying because he or she is hungry, are grown adults going to do that? Please at least feed the child and fight.”

“…Tsk, thank Miho.”

“Maybe it’s because it’s a spirit creature, but it’s smart. How dare you cry when you sense that your master is in danger. “You have a good pet.”

Balkan sighed at the sight of the two people taking a step back but reacting sharply.

‘They only seem to be older.’

In fact, he was a Balkan who did not admit that he was similar to them.

It’s not for nothing that people say they get along well together.


-Kek! Cheek! Kekkeek!

“There are a lot.”

“It’s a border anyway.”

Jinhyeok and Hendrick nodded calmly at the sight of kobolds and goblins welcoming them as soon as they entered the border.

Vulcan looked at the two people who were talking as if the fight in the city was a lie with burning eyes.

“…Okay, let’s start by feeding him food first.”

“do whatever you want. “I came along today just to watch.”

Jinhyeok shook his head at the monster-like appearance of Hendrick sitting in the empty air with his arms crossed.



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‘What a monster. If condensing mana in empty space isn’t enough, you can use it like a chair? This is a method that cannot be used if it is not true dragon power.’

Concentrates mana and uses it as a chair.

It’s easier said than done, but the mental power and mana consumed in the process are enormous.

An art that would have been impossible if not for the enormous mental power created by the combination of the dragon’s body and Hendrick’s soul, and the dragon power that was dozens of times more concentrated than ordinary mana.

It was Jinhyeok who was both wary and awe-inspiring to Hendrick, who perfectly handled the dragon’s body, the tool given to him.

‘Someday I’ll get it too. ‘Dragon’s body.’

Right now, I can’t even ask Hendrick for a body part like Yongrin because I haven’t been able to properly digest a single feather that Uriel left behind, but that won’t be the case in the future.

Jinhyeok stretched out his fingers, looking forward to the day when he could devour not a single feather or dragon, but an entire member of the Four Emperors.

“Ten zodiac bullets.”

As soon as he finished speaking, spiritual energy gathered at the tips of Jinhyuk’s fingers.

Jinhyeok smiled as he watched the black-purple aura burning at the tips of his ten fingers, as he had accumulated quite a lot of it.

“Good. After all, there is so much to see and do.”

When he first realized his spiritual power, his face was filled with emotion as he remembered how he was struggling with a single bullet.

Hendrick, who was sitting in the air, asked a question.

“Is this a technique I haven’t seen before?”

“Because it’s not a good enough skill to use on you. “It still requires a lot of spiritual energy to use the above-mentioned technology.”

“is it?”

“To begin with, I don’t have the power to break through the dragon in your body. “A martial arts style that can cause shock while not interfering with Yonglin as much as possible is most suitable.”

“Are you talking about the Taekwondo thing I wrote about yesterday?”

“that’s right. “The guy who used it is better than you when it comes to martial arts.”

“…That much?”

Hendrick couldn’t help but be surprised when he heard that he was superior to him.

This is because I know that when Jinhyuk talks about himself now, he is not talking about himself now.

My past self and my past life self.

It is said that the level of perfection in martial arts is higher compared to when he was Dragon Slayer Hendrick.

Of course, he couldn’t admit it, so he immediately countered.

“What is his floor number?”

“I think we’re over the 800th floor now. It seems like it’s been a little over a month, so I may have climbed a few more floors by now. “He’s a genius too.”


Hendrick could be said to be the climber closest to God and the Devil, having surpassed the 900th floor, but the number of floors that Jinhyeok’s friend Choi Gyeong-hoon reached was no less.

Furthermore, if Jinhyeok is a genius that he is confident in, he will be able to reach the same level as Hendrick.

“And don’t show your jealousy for no reason. I told you, right? It’s limited to martial arts. If you take care of everything else, you will win. However, if you fight Martial Arts vs. Martial Arts, you will lose. Of course, even if it was martial arts versus something else, you could still lose.”


Hendrick nods his head and agrees with Jinhyeok’s words.

Jinhyeok, who knows well that saying that he is not as strong as someone else’s strength is enough to make the other person excited, said that and fired out the praise gathered at the tip of his finger.

Paba babang!

The moment the tip of the finger spewed fire, ten bullets rushed towards the target. The bullets

that pierced

ten kobolds and goblins in an instant split apart and aimed at other targets.

Ten to twenty feet.

Twenty feet becomes forty feet.

Hendrick clicked his tongue as he watched the exponentially increasing number of bullets sweep through the border monsters.

“You’re better at monster fighting than me.”

“Because it’s that kind of technology in the first place. The destructive power of each shot is a little low, but there is nothing like it to sweep away weak enemies. You can’t use a dragon-slaying knife to kill a cow, right? Efficiency also decreases.”

“I admit it.”

At most, goblins and kobolds.

Is there any need to be so passionate about catching these guys that you are just catching them to clear a quest and not for any reason?

There is no difference whether you catch it from afar by shooting bullets or popping bullets, or by sweating profusely.

‘Then there’s no need to hold on to it too hard.’

After thinking that far, Jinhyeok cut the fine spirit wire connected to the spirit bullet.


The spirit bullets that had multiplied and roamed around the perimeter disappeared with the sound of the wind escaping as soon as their energy supply ran out.

Jinhyeok opened his mouth as he looked at the border that was in shambles here and there.

“Bring the liver. “Feed the baby.”

“Bring it.”

From Jinhyeok to Balkan.

With a fantastic command system leading from the Balkans to the soul soldiers, obedient soul soldiers slowly moved their bodies.

Miho’s cheerful cries, as she realized it was time to eat, filled the border filled with corpses and blood.

As expected –

“It’s delicious to eat. “It’s raw liver…is it delicious?”

“I don’t know because I’ve never tried it.”

“Well, even if you eat a monster’s liver, you eat it grilled. It’s not good to eat it raw.”

Well, that’s definitely true.

No matter how extreme the situation is, a wizard or something else will always have a way to start something as basic as fire.

If not, there are also preserved foods.

‘If I were to run out of all those things, I would definitely want to eat them, but otherwise, there was no need to eat them.’

Jinhyuk gently stroked Miho, thinking that the most famous bear on earth would not chew his own urine and smelly raw meat every morning.

“But what happens when you recover your vitality?”

“…I know? “You don’t know that.”

[It is said that the nine-tailed fox can win his favor.]

“That is a quest reward.”

[Nine-tailed fox avoids gaze.]

Damn fox cub.

As a result, I glanced at the nine-tailed fox’s message window, which didn’t say anything in particular.

Jinhyuk sighed and continued stroking Miho.

“Anything would be fine. Wouldn’t it be better to have a complete epicenter rather than a lack of it?”

“There is nothing bad about having it, but it is natural that there is something bad about not having it.”


“I ate it all.”

Jinhyuk patted Miho’s back as she burped after chewing the last piece of raw liver and gently placed Miho on the floor.

A red energy leaked out from Miho’s body as she stepped on the ground with a full stomach



“I guess it’s the life force and unique energy of that fox cub.”

“You sure look full. “I’m glad that the few days of effort didn’t seem to be in vain.”

The sight overflowing with red energy was so vast that you could never feel that it was lacking.

In other words, Miho recovered all of the vitality she lost when she hatched from the egg.

When Jinhyuk looks at Miho, who has become fine.

A message window appeared.

[The Nine-Tailed Fox tells you to infuse your energy into the child.]

“My energy? “Are you talking about spiritual power?”

[If the nine-tailed fox tells you to do it, do it quickly. He urges you.]

“…You have a short temper. “I got it, I got it.”

Jinhyuk clicked his tongue toward the message window that was searching for him and pulled out spiritual power. Unlike


‘s flowing energy, a purple-black spiritual power gushing out like a fountain hovered around Jinhyuk.

“…is it flowing?”

At the moment when Jinhyuk urgently stretched out his hand to control the flow of spiritual power as he saw that the spiritual power that was supposed to keep circling around Jinhyuk was slowly flowing towards Miho.

[The nine-tailed fox stops you and tells you to watch quietly.]

An unknown energy weighed down Jinhyeok’s body.

It’s not that there was any discomfort, but Jinhyeok gritted his teeth at the sight of him being controlled so that he couldn’t do something.

Just say it, you b*stard.

Unaware of Jinhyuk’s internal grumbling that he would have easily understood it even if it had been said verbally, his spiritual power slowly began to mix with Miho’s red energy.

The red energy did not reject the spiritual power that was mixed with it, but conformed to it.

As the red energy slowly mixed with the spiritual power, losing its red color and turning into the dark purple color of the spiritual power, the spiritual power that Jinhyuk exuded ran out.

And in line with that, the red energy, no, now the purple-black energy was gently absorbed into Miho.

Miho’s appearance gradually changed as she purred softly and let out a pleasant moan, perhaps because the process of absorbing energy felt good.

“You’ve grown a bit bigger.”

“The pattern on the forehead also changed from red to black purple.”

“So, is this really my pet now?”

[The nine-tailed fox says he will take good care of the child in the future.]

“I wonder if I will do well. But is this the end? “The body got a little bigger, and the color of the pattern changed.”

I liked the fact that Miho had become healthy after a few days of hard work, but I couldn’t help but feel that that was all.

Fortunately, the nine-tailed fox told us that that was not the end.

[The nine-tailed fox responds by telling him to focus on change.]

[The pinnacle of all evil tells someone that the child is really pretty.] [

The nine-tailed fox rolls his eyes at someone’s compliment.]

[The pinnacle of all evil clears his throat. He walks away.]

Let’s film a skit together.

Jinhyuk frowned for a moment at the sight of the two people talking through the message window.

Miho’s change has begun once again.

Fuhuaaaak –

Purple-black haze emanating from the body.

When it hides Miho and turns the surroundings into a hazy color.

Jinhyeok and others sensed that a change was taking place in the haze.

In fact, their intuition was correct.


“…Wait a minute, this isn’t it.”

Except that it was a direction that Jinhyuk did not want.

A girl with dark purple hair, presumed to be Miho.

Jinhyuk’s head spins as he wonders why the child calls him dad, and his head tingles from shock.

There was someone who was as shocked as Jinhyuk, who suddenly had a daughter(?).


Of course, if you were making fun of Jinhyeok, it wasn’t Balkan.

“It’s a daughter… Can humans give birth to foxes these days?”

Hendrick seriously doubted the blood relationship between Miho and Jinhyuk.

But instead of teasing and suspicion, one person who had not been here a moment ago was shocked.

Slump –

A sound like someone falling down.

“…Your brother’s…daughter?”

“…Why are you out there?”

Jinhyeok turned his head at the sound, and what caught his eye was Ha-ryu, whom he had seen for a long time, but with a pale face, he was looking blankly at himself and a child, presumed to be Miho, as if he had seen something he could not see.

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