Absolute Necromancer Chapter 69

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All Master Necromancer Episode 69

The next morning.

As soon as the sun came up, Jinhyeok went straight to Goldrich Shopping Mall.

“Ah, Ghost Face! “Are you here?”

Jinhyuk, who was sitting roughly in front of Halcion, who was smiling brightly and welcoming him, opened his mouth.

“I have a favor to ask you.”

“Do whatever you want. “It’s okay, since Goldrich and Puppet have already ordered us to do our best to help you, both materially and spiritually.”

Without losing his smile even at the request, Jinhyeok calmly made his request as Halcion seemed to wash away his sorry feelings by telling stories about Gold Rich and Puppet.

“I’m trying to create a guild.”

“Guild! As expected, I knew you would do that someday. I’m sure other climbers will be rushing to join your guild.”

Jinhyeok, who liked Halcyon’s attitude of being happy and congratulating him on the creation of the guild as if it were his own, and speaking kindly, kept a smile on his face.

-Tsk, it’s ridiculous to see you liking it.


Balkan, who noticed this, criticized him, but became quiet due to Jinhyeok’s continued words.

His mind became quiet, and Jinhyuk asked back.

“Is it possible?”

“Yes, originally a guild is a system where all you need is money. “It is about gaining real authority by connecting to a system created by God and the devil.”

“That means it will work.”

“That’s enough. By the way, are there any guild members in mind?”

“Of course, come in.”


Jinhyuk snapped his fingers in response to Halcyon’s question full of curiosity. A


man opens the door with a squeak, as if it were a signal, and enters.

Halcyon, seeing him, jumped up from her seat.

“The dragon of Central Street! Are you sure you recruited that person as a guild member?”

“That’s it. Is this enough? “There is a kid who will be added soon, and there is also this guy.”


“Hmm… It’s a fox… It’s definitely good for a guild to have a mascot. “I don’t think it would be bad.”

It’s not a mascot, but a combat resource.

Halcyon’s eyesight was not good enough to recognize at once that Miho was a spirit creature.

It was natural, since the eye for recognizing objects and living things was a completely different sport.

However, Jinhyeok, who did not bother to announce it, took the seat next to him and said.

“But why is that guy here?”

“…Haha, it’s been a while. “Gwimyeon.”

“Ken, why are you here when you should be in the Wizard’s Tower?”


This person helped Jinhyuk every time he practiced spiritual power at the Wizard’s Tower.

A wizard who helped in the attack of ghosts that came when he first practiced spiritual power, so he asked Gold Rich Company to sell his name to repay the favor.

Jinhyuk was surprised that he was in the branch manager’s office of Gold Rich Company from early in the morning.

“Well, ever since I visited the branch manager’s office to repay you for a favor I had refused to do, we got along so well that we decided to become close friends. “I just came here today to have a cup of tea and chat.”

“okay? Well, it’s good for both of you.”

Building friendships plays an important role among climbers.

This is because that friendship may save your life and be of great help in climbing the tower.

‘Even though Halcyon remains in his position as branch leader, his abilities are fine. The same goes for Ken. It would be nice to see each other grow through mutual help.’

Stones that are not yet finished.

Their friendship was not something that should be separated, but something that should be supported.

“I was worried because you didn’t come to the tower yesterday.”

“Do I look like someone who will go somewhere and get beaten up?”

“…Nothing like that, I was just a little worried. But it’s a guild… and the guild members are the dragons from Central Street… and it’s you, Ghost Face!”

Since he had been to the Wizard’s Tower every single day for nearly a week, missing one day was enough to worry Ken.

Jinhyeok, who acknowledged this, turned his gaze away from Ken, who was casting a bright gaze towards him, and looked at Hendrick and chuckled.

“Our guild member is famous. There is no one who doesn’t know. Very celebrity, celebrity.”

“…Think of the time I spent on Main Street waiting to meet you. And I don’t know what celebrities are, but they don’t look that good.”

I’m quick to notice.

People who dance and sing in front of people.

To a heavenly warrior like Hendrick, being like them was no different from courtesans selling eye smiles.

‘If he found out, wouldn’t he pull out his sword right away?’

When Jinhyuk thinks about useless things and avoids Hendrick’s harsh gaze.

Ken and Halcyon looked at the two with envious eyes.

“IM jealous.”

“It would be great if we could join that guild and help.”

“Hmm… Just imagining it makes me feel like I’m flying.”

You two get along well.

Jinhyeok blurted out something as he watched them chatting with a lot of regret about the guild they couldn’t enter.

“Then either come in or both.”


“…is what I just heard really true?”



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The two people who were talking about various things to each other, leaving Hendrick and me behind, were surprised by what he said.


At best, it was just a newly established guild.

This is a guild that I came to ask for because I couldn’t create a systematic guild on my own.

But they both know.

‘Yeokcheon becomes a guild that spans at least hundreds of floors.’

‘If I can participate there even as a guild member… that alone is a huge blessing.’

Even though the beginning of the reverse heaven may be weak, the end will be great.

Therefore, the two people could not believe Jinhyeok’s words, which lightly encouraged them to join.

Of course, Jinhyeok did not recommend them to join the guild without any thought.

“It’s actually true, but if you’re going to come in, you’d better come prepared. When I join the guild, I plan to share all my secrets. Well, except for the personal stuff?”

“Well, I don’t really have any secrets.”

“me too. The whole secret is that he was just an employee until recently. “It’s a secret that many people know.”

Sharing of secrets.

It’s not that big of a deal to these two people.

If that’s all there is to it, there’s no reason to delay joining a guild that will lead to a new era called Reverse Heaven.

“Who says your secrets are important?”

“yes? then?”

“I’m telling you our secret. Me, this guy, or the guy up there selling things hard. “He asked if he could handle it after hearing our secret.”


“He who knows a lot has a short life. understand.”

Neither of them were stupid.

One side is a merchant, the other side is a wizard.

Jinhyeok was shocked as he looked at the two people who understood it right away, as neither profession was something that anyone could do if they were not smart enough.

“Let me put it to the extreme. If you leave or tell a secret, you will definitely die. It doesn’t matter whether they believe the secrets you told them or not. Because it can interfere with our goals and alert the enemy. I’ll tell you the details once the rest of the guild members gather together. “You have to make a choice before you can get into that position.”

After speaking, Jinhyuk spreads his hands loosely.

The two people fell into deep concern at his gesture of waiting for an answer.

‘What should I choose?’

‘If knowing their secrets is enough to warrant discussing death and life, then the path they will take in the future will always be one where life and death are discussed. ‘Can I fit in there?’

Halcyon and Ken’s concerns were natural.

Every person’s life is precious.

Joining a guild is something so dangerous that you have to sacrifice your life.

Of course, what you have to experience while living in a guild is a battlefield where life and death always come to mind.

“To ease your worries, nothing will change even if you don’t join. You will always be my liaison and merchant to get me the items I need, and Ken, you will be there from time to time to teach me what I need. like now.”

Knowing their concerns, Jinhyeok did not just watch in silence.

Hearing that they would maintain their current friendship even if they did not join the guild, the two wanted to erase what they had heard and go back a few minutes ago.

And the end of that worry.

“I will do it.”

“I want to join too.”

It was a subscription.

life and death.

Jinhyeok and even Hendrick smiled at the reaction of the two people who seemed to be okay with such things, even though guild life awaits them.

“Are you fine?”

“The guild leader can do whatever he wants. Well, it doesn’t look bad.”

The sharing of secrets and the talk about death and life related to them before joining the guild can be said to be a so-called filter.

‘The people we have to deal with in the future are at least at the guild level, so we can do anything as long as we risk our lives lightly.’

There is no need for those who try to save their lives in a place where there are many battlefields where lives are at stake.

Knowing that, I tried to filter them out in advance using a strainer.

of course.

‘I was hoping you would come in.’

Jinhyuk wanted the two to join the guild.

Although they did not have the tyrannical inaction like Hendrick or the enormous financial power of Goldrich, the two men were useful in their own way.

‘Halcyon became the new branch leader, succeeding Puppet. He is quick-witted and has a deep sense of trust. A guy like that is less likely to betray.’

Jinhyuk’s assessment of Halcyon was accurate.

He is deeply faithful and does not betray those he has followed.

He met the conditions that Jinhyeok most desired and was like a natural monument that was hard to find even if he wanted to.

In the world of towers where people deceive, deceive, kill and plunder, people like Halcyon were rare.

If it were a climber with a stoic inaction, it would have been widespread.

‘Ken is similar. The current number of floors is less than 100, but he has the fortitude of a wizard to use magic to overcome the wall even when he is blocked. A guy like that will later become a wizard.’

Ken was also similar.

He is moderately faithful and does not hold back on respect and admiration for Jinhyuk himself.

There is no way Ken would betray Jinhyeok, whom he trusts and treats like a god.

Well, the world is wide and there may be people who betray the God they believe in, but after watching for a few days, Jinhyuk was convinced that Ken was not that type.

Furthermore, what Jinhyuk liked the most was his tenacity as a wizard.

Upright perseverance leads you down a slow but sure path.

“There is no softness.”

“Is that possible?”

“If you try to rob me, hit my head.”

“…Well, that’s as far as I’ll go.”

Jinhyeok didn’t have the heart to stop her if she told him about it now, even if she didn’t know it after telling him the secret.

However, the two people’s firm answers appealed to him.

“Okay then, let’s break up with this. “Now I have to go feed this guy.”

Jinhyuk stood up while gently stroking Miho’s head.

As Hendrick stood up following him, Ken and Halcyon had no choice but to stand up as well.

“Halcyon, you must contact Goldrich and Puppet as soon as I return. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, I understand. But I wonder if the person who finished construction will be able to come tomorrow…”

“Didn’t you see me then? If it’s my job, I’m the type of person who will leave everything behind. Just sell my name and contact them and they will come on their own. Not to mention puppets.”

“If you say so, I will contact you immediately.”

Halcyon’s faith is now approaching fanaticism.

Jinhyeok looked at him with satisfaction as he came to the point where he believed that he was making meju using clay instead of red beans.

That too for a while.

After finishing his errand with Halcion, Jinhyeok’s eyes landed on Ken.

“I plan to hold a guild meeting tomorrow when Goldrich and Puppet come down. And after the guild meeting is over, if the guy who is still on the 9th floor comes up, we will continue climbing the tower that we postponed.”

“We started first, but the difference between you and us is big. Even if I catch you, I won’t say anything. However, we will solidify our foundation and reach the 100th floor in a short time. “That is the order I give you as the guild leader.”

“…yes! “I will definitely achieve it, Ghost Face, no, Guild Leader.”

“Call it whatever you prefer. Because the title is not important. And at tomorrow’s meeting, they’ll tell me my name and that guy’s name, so you can call me by my first name.”

“Oh, no, you can’t do that. How dare you honor the name of the heavenly guild leader….”

“You take care of it. Ghost Face, Guild Leader, my name. Pick anything and call it. Halcyon, you too.”

“yes! It is an honour! “Guild leader!”

One answer is refreshing and good.

Jinhyeok, who was looking with satisfaction at Halcion, who answered with a stern look on his face, turned and left the branch manager’s office.

“Okay, okay, I understand. Are you hungry? It’s your last day too, so let’s go quickly.

It was to fill the hungry stomach of a hungry fox cub.

The door to the branch manager’s office closed, leaving behind an image of a great deacon(?).

Boom –

Halcyon and Ken.

With only two new guild members left.

“…I’m still dazed.”

“I know.”

Now that they are like friends, they feel comfortable talking to each other. They looked dumbfounded as they pondered Jinhyeok’s words that had just passed by like a storm.

Of course, it didn’t take long for my face to change into one filled with emotion after realizing that it was reality.

“Do you regret it?”

“No way. “Aren’t you like that too?”

“I’m still dazed. Just a few days ago, I was just a counter employee, and now that I have become a branch manager, I am now joining a guild that includes the demon I admire and the dragon clan of Central Street….” “Don’t even talk about it

. Because I’m really in a daze. I was the 1st wizard in the wizard tower, blocked by the entrance and the wall that guarded it. But after meeting him, I was on the verge of tearing down the wall. How happy must I have been? But now it’s a guild he created himself! “Even if I die, I have no time left!”

Halcyon looked at Ken, who was shaking with emotion as if he was truly happy, and shook his head as if he understood.

“But you can’t die. Aren’t we also worthy guild members? Our lives must be of more use. “Save it for then.”

“Yes, at least for that time, I have to set foot on a higher level. “The orb and staff you saved will make that possible.”

“That is also thanks to the ghost.”

“Ah…thank you, Ghost Face!”

“thank you!”

Now, the two of them put their hands together and prayed not toward the sky but toward the seat where Jinhyeok was sitting.

And they probably didn’t know until then.

“I can’t believe it!”

“I can’t believe it!!!”

The overwhelming faith and devotion towards one climber would later come together to create a religion with the grand name of Gwimyeongyo.

Of course, there was no need to say anything since the two people praying in the branch president’s office were the ones preaching the greatness of Jinhyeok to everyone at the highest position in the religion.

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