Absolute Necromancer Chapter 71

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All Master Necromancer Episode 71

Haryu couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

‘kid. I see that he looks a little younger than me, about 10 years old…? ‘How?’

A child of about 10 years old belonging to Jinhyeok, whom he considers his benefactor and older brother.

Purple hair mixed with black.

Coincidentally, it was similar to Jinhyuk’s hair color.

‘I knew there were more secrets about my brother that I didn’t know yet… but was it this kind of secret?’

Ha-ryu trained himself by swinging his sword without a single day of rest in order to help Jinhyeok for nearly a week.

If Jinhyeok has a child, it’s just that he has a child… It was even more strange that Ha-ryu couldn’t help but be so surprised by the fact, but Ha-ryu couldn’t figure out why.


‘…Twinhorns? No, not that type of race. A higher-dimensional power than that. That power… is clearly of the Four Emperors.’

The stream is so powerful that the soft dirt floor that I was kneeling on is broken.

The reason was because of the presence standing next to Jinhyeok dressed in a mixture of dark red robes and armor.

It was too powerful to be considered an ordinary human race, and its inherent ferocity could not be considered ordinary.

That’s why I saw Haryu for the first time and thought of a race I had never met before.

The Four Emperors.

‘…The person who destroyed the village dares to stay by your brother’s side!’

In addition to the child who calls Jinhyuk his father, Jinhyuk is next to the enemy of the village and one of the Four Emperors, who is almost certain to be the evil beast that destroyed the village.

Obviously, the Four Emperors should have felt something strange about the presence of the Four Emperors next to Jinhyeok, who was as angry as Ha-Ryu, but Ha-Ryu, who had already been mentally shaken by the word ‘dad’, did not have time to think about it.


Sereung –

Lower class that draws its sword.

But it wasn’t just the sword she was pulling out now.

-Hahaha! okay! dragon! It’s a dragon! There’s an offering that’s perfect for me right there! Cut him down, you young goblin! I will give you strength!


The ego embedded in the dragon slayer sword was also taken out.

The Dragon Slayer’s Ego had a strong desire to kill the ‘dragon’, as befits the ego that had the Dragon Slayer Sword as its home, and it also had the ability to make that possible.

-…Tsk, you’re weak after all. Become stronger, that’s all for now.

The current Ha-ryu was so weak that even the dragon slayer’s ego clicked his tongue, so he had the disadvantage of not being able to embody all of his abilities, but that was not important to the current Ha-ryu.

The one who annihilated his own village.

Even though he couldn’t see the beast properly, Ha-Ryu realized that some of the beasts he could vaguely see looked very similar to Hendrick in front of him.

The moment when Hendrick was presented with the image of the evil beast that he had erased from his memory in the panoramic view of the burning village that he had tried so hard to erase.

Rumbling –

The iron wave that started from the dragon slayer sword soon covered the downstream.

Red suit.

In an instant, Ha-ryu’s new brother, dressed in it, rushed towards Hendrick.

Kwaduk- Bang!

Ha-Ryu, who kicked the ground with enough force to shatter the ground he stepped on, flew into the sky and rushed towards Hendrick.

Looking at that scene, Jinhyuk took a step back.

“It’s your job, so do it yourself.”

“…Isn’t he your colleague? “And I think you’re so shocked by what the fox kid next to you said that you can’t even understand the situation.”

“In the end, the target is you. Aren’t you scared of losing to him? If that’s the case, help me. “Our lower class is so kind that they listen to what I say.”

Hendrick took a step back with Miho clinging to his side and glared at Jinhyeok, who was frowning, then took out his sword with a sigh.

“You might get hurt.”

“It’s okay, this one is also flexible and great enough to be used as fertilizer.”

“If that’s the case…”

Since Jinhyeok’s words of evaluating Ha-Ryu were natural, Hendrick’s justification for avoiding Ha-Ryu’s attack disappeared.

‘Well, isn’t that bad because we had to check the level of the child we will be moving with in the future?’

Furthermore, Hendrick belongs to a guild called ‘Yeokcheon’ and recognizes Jinhyeok as the guild leader, but the people under him are different.

Also, the evaluation given to Halcion and Ken that we met earlier cannot be the same as the evaluation given to Haryu.

If they are regular guild members, they are talented people who are responsible for the lower-level guild and must support the middle of the guild.

Of course, it was natural that the evaluation methods were different.

‘I look forward to seeing you either in a state of calm or in a state of madness, young goblin.’

Hendrick knew his condition well.

It is strange that he is unaware of his state, which is usually in a calm ‘calm’ state, but enters a ‘madness’ state when he enters battle.

Even the memories are clear, especially so.

However, most enemies could not bring Hendrick from his peaceful state to the next level.

For Hendrick, there was no one who showed what could be considered a ‘battle’, at least at the current level.

‘Except for the battle with that guy, it was almost my first time wearing this body.’

It was safe to say that Hendrick had never shown his sincerity, except for yesterday’s battle under the pretext of sparring and testing.

Of course, he showed some level of madness in the battle with Balkan, but it was ambiguous at the time, and Balkan was a soul and soul disease no different from Jinhyeok.

That’s why Hendrick was treated as one.

“Your momentum isn’t bad.”

As befits his red uniform, his movements were very quick.

Even at first glance, it doesn’t look like it belongs to a climber who just climbed to the 10th floor.

“That’s it.”

It’s just that it wasn’t that cold in Hendrick’s eyes.

Already on the 100th floor alone.



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Hendrick could probably win 1-on-1 against an average climber of the 200th floor.

Of course, he could achieve that level of speed and momentum.

No, faster speed and stronger momentum were also possible.

“The speed and momentum are extraordinary. “Then what comes next? Strength and technology?”


Haryu’s sword rushed in with a voice like a sharp scream and turned red.

Kaga River!

A flowing red energy condensed on the sword.

Hendrick, who swung his sword to block it, let out a voice filled with surprise.

“…Sword energy? “I don’t know if it’s because he’s a goblin or because he has great abilities, but this is acceptable.”

Black energy.

It’s a level that anyone who wields a sword can’t help but wish for, and at the same time, he can climb at least the 100th floor.

Among them, it is an ability that can be used by those who have chosen a warrior-type profession.

‘Is this the point where mana is stored in the sword? It’s definitely amazing.’

Beyond strengthening the sword by putting mana into it, it is a sword that can cut through most things and even cut the opponent’s weapon in two.

Hendrick was surprised that a goblin who had just climbed to the 10th floor and was so young was using it.



“Don’t think that my sword is an ordinary sword like everyone else’s. In terms of quality alone, it is stronger than the sword you are holding.”

Hendrick was also not ordinary, and for a man who had already known how to handle sword skills, sword skills were nothing but a surprise.

Hendrick calmly explained his sword to Ha-ryu, who could not hide his surprise as he looked at himself unharmed after clashing with him again.

Dragon slayer sword.

A treasure and treasure of the goblin village.

When he responded that it was a better sword than that, Ha-ryu spoke harshly.

“…shut up!”

I couldn’t tell if it was her heart or the dragon slayer’s heart through her mouth.

One thing is certain.



The point was that the downstream was showing the power to overcome its limits.

Those who wield swords also have stages, just like wizards.

A person who can’t even store mana in his sword.

A person who puts mana into a sword.

A person who created a sword by refining and tempering the mana contained in the sword.

The one who emits that sword energy.

And the next step was to unravel and manipulate the sword like a thread.

‘From here on, that child’s strength is no longer there. Is it the power of the sword?’

Skipping the stage of shooting out sword energy, we entered the stage of releasing sword energy like a thread.

It was impossible.

Achieving something impossible without outside help means that you are receiving outside help.

In other words, the swordsman that Ha-ryu is currently seeing is clearly a force that has surpassed her limits, and the swordsman like the red thread is close to an art that the Dragon Slayer Sword performs using Ha-ryu’s body.

“It would be better to stop. It is definitely a good sword or a bad sword. “The power you see now is nothing more than the power shown by the parasite that is eating away at your power.”

“Shut up… Shut up…”

Everyone in the room realized that Ha-Ryu was not in a good condition as he answered with gritted teeth, but no one broke the game.

Because everyone knows that now is the time to wait.

Hendrick felt sorry.

“You are clearly at the level where you can fire a sword, and you are not far from the level of shooting, which is the stage before the level of a swordsman that you are now using the power of the sword to unleash. It won’t be long before I will be able to unleash the power I see now. So stop. “It is for you.”

Now that Jinhyeok had acknowledged his confidence, he realized that Ha-ryu was exploiting his talent to expand his power.

A lesson given as a senior who first walked the path of the sword.

I hope this teaching reaches her.

However, Ha-ryu, whose eyes had already turned red, had no options.

She charged forward, led by dozens of red threads that bloomed through the medium of the sword.

“I’m dying!!!”

As long as the village was lost.

Anger and sadness at losing the villagers who were like family.

They were contained in a thread of blood-red sword energy and spewed towards Hendrick.

Even though he didn’t say a word, Hendrick straightened his posture in the face of a blow that clearly felt such desperation and sadness.

“If I can’t do it with words, I have no choice but to stop it with my body. As a senior, I have no intention of neglecting my junior to go down the wrong path.”

“Then die! “I will stop when I die!”

Hendrick took a stance, looking pitifully at the streamer who was screaming with a face distorted like a demon, as if overcome by evil, and extended his sword in a straight line toward the approaching streamer.

“It will hurt, but you won’t die. Chungnyongseom (衝龍閃).”

“Hey, crazy! That…!”

Jinhyuk, who was watching from the side, shouted in surprise at the technique.

It was the technique that made Jinhyuk reveal everything yesterday, and it was the technique that left him unable to do anything against the technique called Fire Dragon that unfolded later.

This technology is too much for a young Haryu to use.

A flash of light unfolded again today, following yesterday.

“Holy shit, Vulcan! We have to protect the downstream….”

“Wait a minute, let’s just watch.”

Jinhyuk stopped watching and tried to run away, but Balkan caught him.

“what? If you had eyes, you saw it yesterday too. That can’t be avoided with the current downstream…” “

I said we’d watch, you impatient brat. And who do you think is the original owner of the technology you used yesterday?”

Jinhyuk became angry at Balkan at the thought that Haru could not only get hurt but could even die.

Despite his fiery temper, Balkan calmly grabbed Jinhyeok’s wrist and explained.

The original owner of the technology I wrote about yesterday.

When Jinhyuk heard those words, he finally came to his senses.

“Okay, if you understand, just watch. Ha-Ryu, it’s time for that kid to let go of his anger. Even though it has nothing to do with it, it is rare to find someone who can accept my anger without getting hurt.”

“…Okay, let’s watch. “Your eyes are alive.”

The fraudulent nature of the technology he used and its original owner, downstream.

Furthermore, madness and sadness were expressed towards Hendrick, and the fact that the two eyes, which were half-eaten by the ego of the Dragon Slayer sword that had been told not to be pulled out, were still intact, held Jinhyeok in his seat.

Although it seemed crazy at first glance, Jinhyeok felt that Ha-ryu was fine and was trying to relieve his inextricable anger, so he just looked at the two people with cold eyes.

Even when Vulcan blocked Jinhyeok’s intrusion, the downstream rush and Hendrick’s Chungryong Island did not stop.

Right then.


“I can’t believe it. Just like yesterday and you too, what about Chungryong Island…”

Hendrick’s dark red eyes watched Ha-Ryu, engulfed in red madness and wrapped in a red swordsman, slowly but surely avoid Chungryong Island by stepping on his feet. came in

As if time only flows differently in the downstream, the downstream gently avoids a flash-like sting.

At the same time as Chungryong Island was completely avoided, the body downstream moved like lightning.

This was possible because the speed of the charge was not reduced even while dodging.

The sight of the downstream being swept away in an instant was like a red tempest.

Kwakagagagak –

Red thread.

Threads made of sword energy flutter violently and shatter the surroundings like a storm.

Naturally, Hendrick was at the center of it all.


Hendrick’s armor and greaves, which had been reduced to tatters after yesterday’s battle with Jinhyuk, were torn and cracked again.

“Tsk, again?”

Hendrick clicked his tongue as he looked at his clothes and greaves being ruined again in less than a day.

Before he knew it, Ha-ryu had snuggled into his arms and prepared to strike.


“…It’s really precious. “How much of this child’s potential and talent was sucked out of him?”

Dozens of red threads.

They tangled and became one.

It shook violently, indicating instability, but the ferocious strength inherent in it was clear.


It is a level up from sword energy and has a ferocious ability to cut and destroy everything that stands in its way.

Naturally, it was not an ability that could be used by a lower-class person who could not ride properly or be a swordsman.

To be precise, it was the result of the help of the ego contained in it.

For example, there was a red river that was shaking violently.

“I’m dying!”

Hendrick digs into his arms, makes a sword, and doesn’t even prepare for it.

Thinking that he might achieve the impossible because he had all three elements, Ha-ryu, with a smile tinged with madness, swung his sword.

A blow that could kill even Hendrick if he were allowed to hit it right.

Even Yongrin, the scale of the dragon, cannot completely block the Sword Gang.

In other words, it is a spear that can pierce the current shield called Hendrick, which Jinhyuk was unable to do.

And then a blow from downstream struck Hendrick, who was unprepared.

Jinhyeok jumped out of his seat with a startled look on his face as he heard a sound that was hard to believe was the result of a sword and a person colliding.

“Hendrick! Are you okay?”

As a wizard, necromancer, and spirit master, he knew it well.

How powerful is Kang Ki?

Furthermore, he also realized that the strength he lacked was sufficient.

I also knew that if the attack had just hit Hendrick, he would certainly have suffered damage that could not be ignored.

Isn’t that why you left your seat with a surprised face?

But Jinhyuk’s worries were unfounded.

“I’m fine. “But I think it would be good to get some rest. This child seems very tired.”

The dust cloud cleared, and Hendrick, who emerged from it, was covered with a blue, glowing shield of energy on his chest.

In addition, after blocking the unstable river energy of the river with a membrane of river energy, the river that had returned to its original form was held on his chest with both eyes closed.

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