Absolute Necromancer Chapter 64

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All Master Necromancer Episode 64

: Goblin.

It is not a common race, but it is not a rare race either.

No, not exactly.

‘It wasn’t.’

It wasn’t.


Meaning that’s not the case anymore.

After being attacked by a mysterious being on the 100th floor, it was safe to say that the goblin race became extinct.

In fact, there was only one goblin that survived and it was an unknown lower class.

‘But just now another goblin has appeared in front of me.’

Of course, this alone will not change the destruction of the goblin race.

The age difference between downstream and the blacksmith in front of me was extreme.

However, Jinhyeok had no intention of hiding his surprise.

“…How are you alive?”

“Are you saying you wish I was dead? For a guy I met for the first time, he’s really nice. “I may be old, but I’m still good enough to beat up your ass, you brat!”

It seems like I misinterpreted the meaning of the words.

Jinhyuk explained while waving his hand at the goblin craftsman who was spewing out anger.

“It’s not about age, it’s about how you survived that disaster.”

A polite appearance that is not like Jinhyuk.

The surprisingly polite attitude of not only Balkan but also Hendrick, who had only recently met, made even the goblin artisan who had seen him for the first time startle.

But even for a moment.

“Disaster? “How do you know that!”

The goblin artisan immediately vented his anger.

A disaster that occurred in one’s village.

A climber who talks about the disaster that only he escaped.

Of course not, but couldn’t he be the one who led the village disaster? That was my thought.

“You made the village… the village…!!!”

“That can’t be possible. “Just calm down.”

Although polite, Jinhyeok also responded bluntly to his words, which saw him as the culprit who burned down the village.

In some ways, he is treated politely because he is the grandfather of the lower class or the only goblin that survived the village disaster, but his original personality does not go anywhere.

‘Damn you old man. Why don’t you tell me about the downstream?’

Talk about downstream.

Jinhyeok’s thoughts were quite natural because he heard these words at the moment when he was about to tell him what he wanted to hear, even if he cared for the village and his people.

But unfortunately, Balkan, who was standing next to him, calmly brought up a story about the downstream.

“Yakong (冶工). Do you know the young goblin called Ha-Ryu?”

“…How on earth did you guys name that child…? “As expected, you guys are the monsters!”

“Tsk, he’s alive and moving with us, so it’s no wonder he knows.”

Miho looked up at Vulcan in amazement at her calm tone, which was different from when she was talking to Jinhyuk.

Not paying much attention to the state of his soul, Vulcan, he sighed and put down the hammer he was holding.



“It’s my name. Genno. As you can see, he’s also a goblin doing some goddamn mischief.”

Jinhyuk nodded at the sight of his father-in-law, Genno, introducing himself as if he had decided to trust Jinhyuk and his group to some extent.

“This is Cha Jin-hyuk.”


“This is Miho. “It’s still a baby.”

Hendrick scratched his cheek during the introduction that flowed smoothly.

“Should I introduce this again? “It’s Hendrick.”

After a brief introduction.

Genno looked straight at Jinhyeok and asked.

“Tell me what you know. After the village suffered a disaster, they risked their lives and all their money just to find information about the survivors and the deadly beast. “I… I need the information you have.”

Jinhyeok tapped his shoulder, taking in his sorrowful appearance, which was different from his sharp and violent appearance just now.

“I can tell you as much as I want as long as you pay for the information.”

“…You can pick up the weapons you need from over there. anything. No, you can take it all, so please tell me information about the child and the village.”

Various weapons prepared on one side of the blacksmith shop.

Jinhyuk glanced at the shelves filled with not only the weapons he often used but also various throwing weapons, and then opened his mouth with a smile on his face.

“What I know isn’t perfect, but… there shouldn’t be any difficulty in designating a pleural beast.”

The price was sufficient.

At least to get Jinhyuk to open his mouth.


“They seem like people who wouldn’t mind being chewed on like this. “For just that reason, the village where children run around and adults protect is turned into a sea of fire!”


This was Genno’s reaction after hearing the whole story.

Of course, anger wasn’t everything.

“I’m sorry for getting angry earlier. ”

Thank you. thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, downstream, what would have happened to that child…”

“He would have become a sacrifice.”



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“Yes, you are right. If it weren’t for you, our goblin would really have ended. “I want to say thank you again.”

As he held Jinhyeok’s white hand tightly and apologized for his annoyance and harsh words just now, he had become the complete opposite of before.

It was a change in attitude that reminded me of a certain champion from a certain game, but Jinhyeok was actually pleased with his reaction.

‘It’s not easy to find a good blacksmith. It’s not a bad idea to take this opportunity to strengthen your friendship. On the contrary, if only we could use this incident as an opportunity to add him to our team… I feel good just imagining it.’

A craftsman who can make weapons as good as Hendrick’s sword if he has enough materials, time, and effort.

Of course, there may be twists and turns, and there may be many failures, but that was enough.

Even people like that are rare in the tower.

If such a person had been common in the first place, everyone in the world would have had a sword like Hendrick, and they would not have been surprised to see Hendrick’s sword.

‘The group that performs Yeokcheon is not a minority. There must be a majority. However, if the weapons and armor are of very high quality… it may be a slight but definite help in the war.’

Uriel and the group she belongs to are useless.

Not only the Four Emperors like her, but also alien races like goblins.

An outstanding craftsman like Genno was indispensable to Jinhyeok, who was planning to have them all participate in ‘Yukcheon’.

“But did you say that that kid in the lower stream has the village’s treasure, or rather, valuables? How did you not stop it? It’s not called a precious item for nothing… If something happens to that child…”

When my head was full of thoughts about Genno’s recruitment.

Genno expressed his concern about the dragon slayer sword and downstream.

To him, Ha-ryu is a precious child of the village, and at the same time, excluding himself, he is the last remaining survivor.

Of course, he couldn’t help but be worried, but the fact that he not only fell alone but was holding a treasure and precious dragon slayer sword in his hand only aggravated his worries.

But Jinhyuk erased his worries.

“That kid is an outstanding kid that I can acknowledge. Oppressing that child just because he or she is the last survivor is no different from putting a wild horse in a cage. “If a wild horse cannot run outside and is locked in a cage, it is no different from drying up and dying, so don’t worry.”

Genno sighed after reading the sincerity in his eyes as he compared the downstream to a wild horse.

“Ha… The owner of the dragon slayer sword is definitely that boy. Otherwise, there is no way you could even pull it out. But it’s too early. As he gets a little older, he gradually assimilates with the sword and begins to overwhelm him… but I am worried that he might lose his body to the sword.”

“When Genno meets downstream, let’s take a look at the dragon slayer sword and discuss it. It’s true that I’m also worried that that sword will harm the downstream. “Let’s do our best together without tying that child up.”

Genno, who saw Jinhyeok holding out his hand with a grin on his face, raised his head and looked at his outstretched hand, grabbed his hand with a hand covered in thick, hard calluses.

“Can I trust you?”

“That child, Haryu, will become an important axis in the future. It means it’s important to me too. I wouldn’t do anything that would harm such a child. Above all… I consider him like my younger brother, so you don’t have to worry.”

Only after hearing what sounded like a heartfelt declaration did Genno feel relieved.

His relieved gaze caught his eye on the goblin mask that Ha-ryu had given him.

“…is that mask a low-class mask?”

Jinhyeok nodded, fiddling with the mask that contributed greatly to his being called a ghost.

“yes. When I saved him from the sacrifice, he gave it to me as repayment. The child’s abilities are so great that I can’t handle it properly yet, but it is a great help now and will be a great help in the future. “This alone is certainly a reason why I should not neglect the downstream.”

The low-level abilities contained in the goblin mask.

Battle foreknowledge.

Even though he couldn’t handle him perfectly, Ha-Ryu was very precious to Jin-Hyeok, who clearly felt the powerful power he possessed.

The stream itself is important, but if she dies, the mask will also disappear.

Maybe Ha-ryu was aiming for that and gave Jin-hyuk a mask.

To prevent you from abandoning yourself, to prevent you from losing yourself.

“…That kid made a big choice.”

“I heard that a goblin can only give you a mask once in your life.”

“Okay, I have a little more to add to what you know, but that’s roughly it.”

Genno, who was shaking his head and giving weight to Jinhyeok’s words, tapped him on the shoulder a couple of times and stood up.

“Let’s go now. You can take all the weapons as mentioned. If you need more, I can make it for you. “As long as you have the ingredients.”

“That alone is a few steps better than what I originally had. “Let’s postpone production until later.”

“Do as you wish. I need to… rest a bit. I haven’t had a proper rest since the village was destroyed. “Thanks to you, I can rest comfortably today.”

“Take a good rest.”

After finishing his last words, leaving Genno behind as he headed to his room inside the blacksmith shop, Jinhyeok went straight to the display stand and changed his expression.

“Huh… how much is this? No, there are so many things you can’t get even if you pay money…”

“Staff! Just one staff member! “Do you know how difficult it was for me because I didn’t have any staff when I fought that guy last time?”

“…Well, a dragon slayer is not limited by weapons. “I’m familiar with the sword, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need other weapons.”

Weapons filled the shelves.

The three people looked at the weapons filled with things they couldn’t easily see and threw themselves into the shelves in search of items they liked.

Wizard, Spirit Master, Swordsman, Dragon Slayer.

There were countless names and nicknames to describe each other, but in front of quality weapons, they were just one climber.


In the midst of the frenzy of weapon selection, the young fox cub also quietly stretched out its paw in search of a weapon that suited it.

“Should I call it luck or misfortune that that little boy survived?…”

Genno sat down on the floor of his room as he felt a commotion coming from outside.

The legs that had been holding on while listening to Jinhyuk’s story eventually gave out.

While sitting on the floor, Genno thought about the past.

-Why does grandpa look so scary?

This is what the children always say when they see themselves when visiting the village.

The eyebrows raised from hammering and looking at molten iron and other minerals every day did not make a good impression on young children.

Furthermore, since they always stand in front of a fire and hit a hammer, their tanned skin is especially rare in goblin society, where skin is generally white.

But one child was different.

-Thank you for always making weapons for the uncles and ladies.

A child who bowed his head every time he saw himself, thanking him for making weapons for those protecting the village.

“From then on, I felt something was out of the ordinary.”

The child was special.

Not just your personality, but even your abilities and talents.

“Not only is it not enough that he possesses a type of foresight that is rare among goblins, but it also applies in battle…” Although he was

a child who was no match for the village adults because he had no fighting ability, at least the sight of him not being defeated was noticeable. It shimmered.

And the fact that the child was almost killed by a kobold or something stimulated his pent-up anger.

“Whew… As I get older, my temper becomes more fiery. I shouldn’t have been like this even after meeting that child…”

I must have felt like I had lost the world.

Genno could not handle the magnitude of emotions felt by a child who saw the tragedy before his eyes.

Even he was devastated when he visited the village belatedly and saw it in ruins.

“But that child gave his mask to someone else… Hehehe, I’m sure he didn’t give it with that in mind, but it’s still an honorable thing.”

Take a moment to worry about your child.

Genno had a humorous smile on his face as he recalled the lower-class goblin mask hanging around Jinhyeok’s neck.

“Marriage… Yes, if that guy can really avenge the village and further exterminate those damn b*stards, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Both of them will become the backbone that can rebuild the collapsed world of goblins. .”


Giving each other’s masks to goblins is like proposing to the other person.

A companion that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

By sharing it, we acknowledge and accept each other.

Therefore, not only are masks rarely given to outsiders, but even in the long history of goblins, there are only a handful.

However, in the goblin world as well as in the human world, Ha-ryu, who was younger, handed his mask to Jin-hyuk.

Something that can never be broken and cannot be broken.

“You’re already all grown up, Haryu.”

For the first time in a long time, Genno was able to stop having nightmares as he remembered the face of a child looking at him and boldly expressing gratitude.

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