Absolute Necromancer Chapter 63

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All Master Necromancer Episode 63:

Trudging –

A back alley.

A few days ago, when I first met Miho.

Hendrick asked as they walked in a similar area to where Jinhyeok dealt with climbers who were no better than street thugs.

“What about weapons?”

“Is there roughly this much?”

Hendrick shook his head towards Jinhyeok, who slightly lifted the inside of his coat and showed him the weapons inside.

“That’s a lot. There are too many. “Can all of them be used in actual battle?”

“There’s nothing you can’t do. And I don’t use it all either. “I just use the weapon I need against the person who needs it.”

Even if you are an All Master, you do not use all weapons and all abilities in all situations.

You just have more options.

‘If you know how to use all weapons but try to use them in all situations, you’re an idiot.’

In the end, All Master is a sub job.

Jinhyeok’s master has always been a spirit master and necromancer.

All Master was merely a spirit master, complementing his shortcomings and making up for his shortcomings as a necromancer.

Well, it was a very useful job to just make up for shortcomings.

“don’t worry. Because I have no intention of losing. I don’t know about your abilities either. But I don’t disparage you just because you’re holding a sword, right?”

“That’s right. Then let’s look forward to it. However, it cannot be helped that the quality of the weapon itself is not that good.”

“…Tsk, I can’t deny that.”

Unlike the issue of the number of weapons and whether one could use them, Jinhyeok also knew that the quality of the weapons was not that good.

The sword hanging on Hendrick’s waist right in front of you looked like it was of high quality.

It is a sword that can be used not only on the 10th floor, but also on the floor on which it was originally active.

A sword that is sufficiently threatening and dangerous on its own.

‘Who on earth made a sword like that? god? devil?’

All he could think of was the reward for the quest offered by God and the Devil, but Jinhyeok shook his head when he thought of that.

‘It’s only the 10th floor. No matter how much of a dragon they are, there is no way they would set up a quest. On the contrary, since they are dragons, they are even less interesting.’

The reason why gods and demons set out quests is to make them apostles, but among the dragons and other Four Emperors, very few people have become apostles.

This is something that cannot be helped since their race itself is a group of people who want to become gods in the first place.

Therefore, a climber who reached the level of an individual in the Four Emperors would receive quests several times, perhaps even dozens of times, but this was not the case for the Four Emperors.

In other words, the source of Hendrick’s sword is neither God nor the devil.

‘Is this really production? What kind of blacksmith would make a sword like that?…’

A sword made with materials and skills that looks amazing at first glance.

It was a slightly lower level than the Dragon Slayer Sword, a treasure of the goblin village that Haryu had.

When Jinhyuk looks at the sword with eyes full of envy at that fact.

Hendrick calmly gave Jinhyeok what he wanted most.

“The place we are going now is where the craftsman who made my sword is. I recommend replacing your weapon there. Of course, it won’t be possible to get a sword of the same level as mine because you don’t have the materials, but even if you just pick it up there, it will be better than what you have. Instead of blaming the weapon for nothing, replace it there. “I’m sure you’re qualified enough, so all you need is the money.”


Where his weapons were made.

Jinhyeok could not hide his surprise at the fact that he was heading there.

“Why are you so surprised? It’s not like you don’t have enough money, right? Hmm, then that’s the problem. “The eccentric old man earns quite a bit of money.”

Jinhyeok waved his hand at Hendrick, who was in deep thought while stroking his chin, denying his thoughts.

“I have enough money. You can give as much as you want. But was it really a weapon made by a craftsman?”

“Then where do you think you can get a weapon like this?”

“…God and the devil?”

“I think you know that what you said is wrong, but I wonder if I should say more.”


Jinhyeok could only nod his head as he heard every word that was correct.

Even Jinhyuk himself thought it couldn’t be so, so it was natural for it to come out.

Jinhyuk eventually admitted his mistake and raised both hands and feet.

“Yes, I was wrong. You probably didn’t get the quest from them. This is a great item made by a great craftsman. Are you done?”


“So how much is left?”

Hendrick smiled slightly as Jinhyuk grumbled and asked how long it was until he reached his father-in-law.

A dragon’s body that is different from its original body.

It boasted a statue-like beauty, and the aura of the smile emanating from such beauty was truly a work of heaven.

“It has arrived.”

“hmm…? No matter how you look at this place, it’s a dead end… Wait, I feel some strange energy?”

“It sure feels good. “This is the hidden street on the 10th floor.”

As soon as he spoke, Jinhyuk passed by Jinhyuk, who looked puzzled, and saw Hendrick sneaking into the wall, and Jinhyuk followed after him with a gloomy look on his face.

“…Huh, something like this.”

Jinhyeok, who followed Hendrick into the wall, could not hide his surprise at the wide street.

The appearance of the street is as good as that of the central street.

That was enough to surprise Jinhyuk.

“It’s no different from some kind of sub-space. An independent space created in a gap in space. Even gods and demons probably won’t be able to see clearly. This is such a strange place. You will feel it more clearly. “If you take a quick look, countless eyes are on you.”

Unlike Jinhyuk, Jinhyuk nodded at Hendrick’s natural explanation, as if he had been there many times.

“…Your gaze has definitely blurred.”

The eyes of various gods and demons who had been glued to the first floor, no, from the tutorial.



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The majority of people stuck around because of Baal, but with the exception of a few gods, demons, and neutral gods, the eyes of those who did not show any continued interest in Jinhyeok.

That’s why I felt it had noticeably faded.

For Jinhyeok, who had developed a sense of energy and could sense the gaze of gods and devils coming down from heaven, the current situation was extremely exhilarating.

“Good. very good.”

Hendrick lowered his head toward Jinhyeok, who was muttering with a grin on his face, saying he knew that would happen.

“I thought so. The gazes of God and the devil are extremely annoying. “It’s not bad at first, but as time goes by, it becomes nothing but a nuisance, so I have no choice but to be glad to go to a place like this.”

“I have no choice but to admit it.”

Jinhyuk, who felt a great sense of kinship with Hendrick, who had the same thoughts as him, also nodded.

“…They said they were meeting each other, so there’s nothing wrong with that.”


“Miho, don’t be like that when you grow up.”

The two people glared at Balkan, who used their appearance as an example and gave them a lesson not to be like that.

Just one look was extremely thrilling, but when it became two, the pressure was no joke.

“Kuh… khuh, go quickly. “It’s soon time to return downstream, so shouldn’t we prepare in advance to welcome it?”


Hendrick tilted his head and asked Jinhyeok, who withdrew his gaze at the word downstream.

“downstream? Who is downstream?”

“This is my colleague who is not here.”

Jinhyeok, who was about to say “younger brother,” suddenly turned his head and scratched his head exaggeratedly as if trying to hide his embarrassment.

The vacancy in Ha-Ryu was too great, and he felt like he was like the younger brother he never had, but Jin-Hyeok wasn’t ready to say it out loud just yet.

“A colleague… a colleague who will achieve your wishes together? Or are you just a passing colleague?”

Hendrick left the embarrassed Jinhyuk behind and focused on the word ‘comrade’.

Is it a friend who will make your wish come true or a friend who passes through it?

Jinhyuk’s answer to Hendrick’s question was predetermined.

“This is a colleague who will be with you until the end. Is this answer enough?”

“It looks like your abilities are certain.”

We go together until the end.

A being who pledges to accompany you until the end of your journey to reverse the world.

Hendrick was interested in that fact.

“If that guy grows up properly, I might not be a match for him one-on-one.”

“…Is it that much?”

“Well, one-on-one isn’t my main focus to begin with.”

One-on-one is not a match.

Hendrick knew very well that it was rare for someone of Jinhyeok’s caliber to overestimate the other person.

Hendrick himself is the type of person who is harsh when praising or evaluating others, and I thought Jinhyuk would be the same way.

This is mainly because people who reach a certain level usually have higher expectations.

However, there were very few cases where he went beyond that and placed himself above himself.

‘Do they admit their own shortcomings, or do they really have such great potential that a being of that caliber thinks of defeat?’

Hendrick’s concerns were valid.

Jinhyuk is strong enough even by his standards.

Furthermore, in addition to not having grown properly yet, he was also surprisingly capable in that he did not possess a powerful tool like the body of a dragon race like himself.

Of course, in addition to Jinhyeok’s versatility, he also obtained the All Master sub-job before reaching the 10th floor, let alone the 100th floor, but it was something he had no way of knowing at this point.

Still, although All Master and Versatility are abilities that increase potential, at this point, there is no problem because they are abilities that are inferior to those of a Balaur body.

“Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. “Are we on the 9th floor now?”

“Yes, I gave you homework to catch the great orc warrior and come up.”

“As an Orc warfighter on the 9th floor… Are you sure you have that level of ability?”

“Enough is enough. I just needed some time to sharpen it. The lower stream will definitely come up after destroying the Orc warriors. “It’s not as good as mine, but it might at least surpass your clear record.”

He flinched –

Hendrick immediately responded to Jinhyuk’s words about surpassing his own record.

The record he set was the first place record set before Jinhyuk took first place, so it can be said to be an all-time record.

In fact, Jinhyuk set a record much earlier than that.

For that reason, Hendrick was paying attention to Jinhyeok’s 10th floor record.

‘But not even myself, but my colleague beat my record… Is that really possible?’

Hendrick’s record is 10 seconds.

Considering that he couldn’t even climb the 10th floor, it was a record that made no sense.

In fact, considering that most climbers from the same Four Hwang tribe also achieve 20 to 30 seconds, this is a ridiculous record.

“I have 1 second. “If it were my colleague, it wouldn’t be about 5 to 8 seconds.”

“…does not make sense. How could a human have that level of skill? If he had that level of talent, he would have been a much higher level talent than me. “You have a great person by your side.”

5 seconds.

Hendrick also tried to shorten the record even a little, and the result was in the low 10 seconds.

But Jinhyuk’s words, saying he would fold it in half, were truly surprising.

However, Jinhyeok sensed something strange in his words and asked Hendrick.

“…Did you just say human?”

“…Is that so?”

Jinhyuk, who realized his mistake in his answer, clicked his tongue and corrected his mistake.

“Tsk, didn’t I tell you? The lower class is not a human, but a goblin. Although he is still young, he is definitely an outsider. Of course, he certainly has outstanding abilities and talents among goblins, but he is not human.”

The downstream is not a human, but a goblin.

Hendrick corrected the fact that he thought of her as a human and was judging her.

“Goblin… Goblin… It’s fascinating. “There are all these coincidences.”

“…What does it mean?”

However, Hendrick’s reaction upon hearing that Ha-Ryu was a goblin was strange.

A reaction that is neither surprised nor interested, but as if seeing something strange.

In response, Jinhyeok tilted his head and asked again, and Hendrick shook his head with an innocent smile.

“If you go and see it, you’ll know what I mean. “We’re almost there, so it might be a good idea to see it for yourself.”

A mysterious answer came back.

You will know when you go and see for yourself.

Jinhyeok tilted his head because what he was saying was that he could feel Hendrick’s reaction after hearing that Ha-ryu was a goblin.


When Jinhyeok muttered that while following Hendrick, who had slightly stepped forward.

Balkan chimed in next to me.

“Isn’t it because it’s your first time seeing a species called goblins?”

I saw it for the first time.

It was certainly a plausible story, but Jinhyuk shook his head.

“Goblins are climbers with outstanding abilities, as befits an alien species. A climber of Hendrick’s caliber must have seen it a few times while climbing the tower. And that reaction wasn’t the reaction to seeing a species for the first time. “It was as if someone else knew someone he knew.”


“I don’t know the details, but there’s one thing that comes to mind right now. But is this really possible?”

Judging from Hendrick’s reaction, Jinhyeok had an idea.

It may be a bit absurd, but considering Hendrick’s reaction, there was nothing more fitting than this, so Jinhyeok was in confusion.

“This is the workshop where I ordered the sword. “Let’s go in.”

After a natural introduction as if he had already arrived at his destination, Jinhyuk and Balkan followed behind him as he passed through the cloth door and disappeared inside.

Balkan was surprised, and Jinhyuk felt that his thoughts were right.

“Tsk, who are you? Didn’t I tell you last time that I don’t pick up a hammer anymore? “You f*cking lizard.”

A man who treats Hendrick, a dragon, without hesitation and swears at him.

Unlike his face that gives off an age-related feel, as if he is quite old, his appearance has been corrected.

Furthermore, the strong body and copper-colored skin that only Lee can see after holding a hammer and standing in front of a fire for a long time.

However, the dark circles under the eyes and the tired look, perhaps due to hardships, made the viewer fearful, so haggard.

But that wasn’t what surprised Balkan and Jinhyuk.

“What are those? From souls to humans to spirits. What kind of combination is this? And is this your first time seeing a goblin? Are you so excited that you want to die after staring at someone else’s face?”


The owner of the workshop Hendrick guided to was a goblin.

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