Absolute Necromancer Chapter 65

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All Master Necromancer Episode 65

“I think I’ve chosen all the weapons, so let’s go.”

Their shopping ended only after the shelves inside the blacksmith shop were completely wiped out.

Needless to say, it was even more rewarding because it was an inexpensive shopping experience.

“Sir, we are going.”

“Seeing as there is no answer, it looks like you are resting. “You can leave right away.”

It hadn’t been long since he entered, but Jinhyuk shook his head and walked out of the blacksmith shop when he heard even breathing coming from inside the room.

Only after the others followed Jinhyuk outside did they speak.

“I guess you were very tired.”

“It has to be that way. Even when that old man was making my sword, he was busy looking for something. Yet he was so busy that it was hard to believe that he had created such a high-quality product. “I didn’t know that it was about finding the evil beast that destroyed the village.”

Jinhyeok smiled bitterly at Hendrick’s words as he picked up several throwing and butcher swords from the display stand.

“I guess I wanted to somehow shake off the feeling of being alone in the world. As a result, I wasn’t able to properly chase after them, but I must have felt alive while I was chasing them.”

“…Go take the test.”

Hendrick, not wanting to continue the heavy conversation, immediately brought up the topic of exams.

“Do you know any place?”

“of course. There is also a sparring hall in a hidden street, so you can go there.”

“It’s nice not having to worry about what other people think.”

Since Jinhyeok usually cared about the gaze of gods and demons during battles, Hendrick’s words were nothing short of courageous. As he


along the colorless streets, Jinhyuk looked at Hendrick’s back and asked.

“Is there something you want to say?”

“…You mean my death?”

“Well, since you heard everything I said, I think I know the secret behind your death.”

Hendrick also heard the entire conversation with Genno.

It’s not just about what happened in the goblin village, it’s also about the Four Emperors trampling down the sprouts for them.

Hendrick’s reaction to hearing that the disaster that occurred in the goblin village was an extension of cutting in the bud was quite special, so Jinhyeok was confident.

“Just as I was killed by the climbers who were nothing more than puppets under their control, isn’t it similar to you?”

Hendrick is no different from himself.

And in response to Jinhyuk’s confident question, Hendrick calmly nodded.


The number fifteen suddenly came out as I nodded.

When Jinhyuk tilted his head, unable to understand the meaning, Hendrick elaborated.

“This is the number of Four Emperors who came to kill me. There were dragons that I wanted to tear and kill, there were elyos, and there were also demons and giants. And the result is….”

“As you can see, we lost.”

If he won, there would be no reason for Hendrick to be here right now.

999th floor.

It must have been moving towards the end of the tower and moving forward again.

Hendrick also did not deny his defeat.

Denial was a wrong thought that blocked future progress.

“Still, we killed all the dragons, so it wasn’t a bad result.”

“…A monster is a monster.”

Meanwhile, Jinhyeok was left speechless at the fact that he had managed to kill all the dragons during a joint attack by as many as 15 members of the Four Emperors.

It was a saga that once again made you realize Hendrick’s strength before his death.

‘Roughly, if you divide fifteen by four, you get about four people. In a concerted attack by 15 members of the Four Emperors, he killed nearly 4 dragons… After all, he is a being that must be placed within my enclosure.’


Those words no longer existed within Jinhyuk.

It was a word that might appear again someday, but not as much as now.

However, at least those who come into my circle will be enough to become something similar to the name ‘comrade’ to Jinhyuk.

‘A friend… at least.’

Younger brother, friend, older brother, older sister.

A name like family.

I didn’t think that family would last forever even if there were no colleagues.

It was just an expression of the thought that this time I would not turn my back on someone I did not trust.

‘I will never make the same mistakes as in my last life.’

Someone you can trust.

A capable person.

Only those who combine the above two can become friends or rivals within their own walls.

Thinking like that, Jinhyeok asked Hendrick again.

“That’s why I’m asking. Your revenge certainly started with the Dragon Clan, but in the end it was the entire Four Emperor Clan that stood in its way. It wouldn’t be strange if I participated in the ‘Reverse Heaven’ that I hope for. “Isn’t that right?”

I don’t know what happened to Hendrick, but he made it his main job to kill the Dragon Clan, and eventually, like Jinhyeok, he lost his life to the Four Hwang Clan.

In other words, it would not be strange if his revenge radius expanded from the Dragon Tribe to the entire Four Emperor Tribes.

But Hendrick was calm.

“It’s not strange, it’s okay, and there’s a difference between something that has to be that way. We already talked. They test each other, evaluate each other according to the tests, and decide their own course. That’s it. “Are you afraid that you might not meet my standards?”

“…Are you asking me if I was scared?”

“I never said that, but if you feel that way, then so be it. do not worry. “As long as you can show your level, there is no way you won’t pass the test.”

Calm attitude.

On the contrary, Jinhyeok gritted his teeth at his attitude, which seemed to worry and encourage him.

“I like it. Only then can you come into my fence. Jol? Are you scared? You have to talk bullshit to a certain extent. Even if there is a god or a devil standing in front of me as an enemy, I have nothing to be afraid of. Are you done?”



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My eyes are wide open, and the blood vessels on my forehead are so angry that they pop out.

When anger mixed with murder changes the surrounding environment itself.

Hendrick accepted it all calmly.

“The momentum is good. “Spew it out here with all that momentum, Cha Jin-hyuk.”

With those last words, Hendrick arrives at the sparring hall in the hidden street and slowly walks in the exact opposite direction from Jinhyeok.

Chuck –

Hendrick stops walking when he reaches the end of the sparring hall and looks at Jinhyuk.

Their gazes became intertwined, and Jinhyuk quickly shook off his annoyed expression and took a stance.

“You remember too. “This sparring is not just about me being tested.”

“Unfortunately, I am not confident that I will pass the test.”

“Good. “You better keep that attitude until the end of the sparring.”

“Players give in.”

“Good, good. It’s not polite to not take what’s given. “I will compensate you by destroying it.”

“I look forward to it.”

Wooduk –

Balkan approached Jinhyeok, who was standing in place and stretching his body by bending his neck.

“Are you really okay? “He is strong.”

Looks worried.

Jinhyuk frowned at his appearance, which did not resemble his usual Balkan appearance.

“The loser is out, no, don’t be out, you too. “Leave Miho aside.”

For a moment, he waved his hand and told me to get out.

Realizing that Balkan was also his strength, Jinhyeok canceled his words and called him in.

Excluding Miho, who has not yet recovered.

“later. Let’s take part after you’re fully healed. Until then, focus on your recovery.”


Miho, who had been fiercely resisting Jinhyuk who was trying to leave her out, nodded to Jinhyuk’s gentle persuasion.

While Balkan was taking Miho from the sparring hall to the place prepared for visitors, Jinhyuk, who had relaxed his body, pulled out his staff.

“He may have an eccentric personality, but his skills as a blacksmith are an inspiration that cannot be ignored. “It’s natural.”

As if he didn’t like Hendrick’s acceptance coming from the other side, Jinhyuk hit the floor of the sparring room with a ‘thud’ with the bottom of his staff.

Puhwaaak –

When a strong wind of dust sweeps through the sparring hall and obscures the view.

At that moment, Balkan, who had taken Miho, returned to Jinhyuk’s side.


Tub –

Vulkan catches the staff thrown by Jinhyeok and looks ahead with a nervous face.

Jinhyuk ordered assistance from Balkan, who was nervous as he looked at where he was standing.

“Because I saw it once? know?”

“of course. But I wonder if that will really work.”

“Let’s do it first and then talk about it.”

“I get it.”

The two announced the start of the sparring, each holding a staff that Genno had made himself.

“We are already preparing. ‘Entangle’, ‘Earth Chain’.”


The solid floor of the sparring room, made of compacted earth, collapsed, and a huge plant stem grew from within, wrapping around Hendrick’s whole body.

In addition, solid earthen chains made of earth also bound Hendrick’s limbs with plant stems.

Preparation goes one step further in the battle with the Orc warrior who fought to get to the 10th floor.


Hendrick nodded, feeling with his whole body the hardness and sturdiness of the chains of plant stems and soil that bound his entire body.

“Is this it? “The one-second strike that captured the great orc warrior.”

“Yes, please feel it with your whole body and evaluate it. “The person who would evaluate that has already fallen behind.”

A dozen magics were instantly created on the staff of Jinhyeok, who was talking about being an Orc warrior.

In addition to enchantment magic starting from Magic Arrow, various attribute magic and strengthening magic were completed in just a few seconds.

The strongest combination and combination magic presented by Jinhyuk, completed in a split second.


[The wise man’s disciple’s eyes shine.]

[The Master of Mjolnir calms someone down.] [

The Father of Mischief and Disaster points to someone and cackles.]

[The Serpent Prince stops his father.]

[ The wolf who devours the world is hungry.]

[The Empress of Hell looks at her brothers and lowers her head.]

“The wise man’s disciple. Is it named after Odin’s weapon? You’re definitely strong. Then come.”


The strongest attack magic that killed the Orc warrior was once again unleashed in the sparring hall in a hidden street.

Hendrick remained calm even in the face of the powerful magic that allowed him to achieve the ridiculous record of 1 second.

“Originally, everyone has a plan. “Until you get beaten up.”

Jinhyeok, speaking the famous words from Earth and infinitely increasing the physical strength he had accumulated as an All Master, pulled his arms all the way to the end like a bowstring, and before he knew it, he was holding Gungnir in his hands.



Jinhyuk’s voice resonates quietly.

At the same time, Gungnir, which had a speed close to the speed of light, exploded from the maximum distance that the arm could be pulled and flew towards Hendrik, whose whole body was entangled in chains of plant stems and soil.

“This is where the player ends.”

Hendrick instilled strength into his whole body, announcing that this was the end of Jinhyeok’s career as a player.

Sigh- Passsss….

The plant stems that were entangling his body explode from the powerful force, and the earthen chains turn into dust and fly around.

However, thanks to the help of those two, Gungnir was able to reach Hendrik’s nose.

‘I reached it.’

The moment when even Jinhyeok, who fired Gungnir, was convinced that his strike had reached Hendrick.

“Enchant, dispel magic.”

Hendrick muttered briefly, and a bright halo of light appeared on his sword.

“Paryongcham (破龍斬).”

“…Oh my, Cha Jin-hyuk! Avoid!”

His skills, which he had already demonstrated to Vulcan once, were suddenly gushing out from his drawn sword.

A quick, close attack.

But Jinhyuk couldn’t be surprised by that.

Quad De De De Deuk –

A slash that destroys the dragon flying across the sparring arena.

That’s because it was flying towards him, destroying his ‘Gungnir’ with a single blow.

“…Spirit membrane.”


Jinhyuk’s response was also quick.

Spiritual power.

The power that was his foundation radiated out and formed a single act.

The moment when a curtain similar to a shield blocked his path.

The slash that shattered the dragon landed in front of him.


A loud crackling sound like thunder striking.

A sound that felt like my eardrums were going to explode resounded, and the film that Jinhyeok had created was torn apart.

Jinhyeok, who watched in vain as the movie screen, which would have reliably blocked several attacks from a normal person, was torn apart, immediately threw himself backwards.

“I have no intention of giving and receiving every once in a while.”

“…That’s a very good idea. “I was thinking of doing the same.”


This was because Hendrick’s elegantly extended sword of dark red light was coming towards him before he knew it.

Jinhyeok picked up one of the two masks hanging around his neck while keeping his eyes on Hendrick running towards him, smashing the floor of the sparring hall.


mask was placed over Jinhyuk’s face, who had nullified Hendrick’s attack and gained some time.

“…wake up.”

Jinhyeok’s voice, as if imbued with the chill of a cool dawn, sinks low in the sparring hall.

At the same time, the souls who had received their master’s orders awakened from their sleep. The floor of

the sparring

hall trembled violently, and at the same time, the floor cracked, and spirit soldiers crawled out from between them.



-For my master!

Spirits in the form of various monsters and humans.

Although the number of human souls was small, their momentum was better than that of other monsters.

Together, they gave off a military-like force.

Reverse diffusion of energy.

Power uproots mountains, and energy covers the world.

Even if it is not a power achieved as an individual, but a power achieved as a group, it cannot be disparaged.

Jinhyeok, who saw their appearance in his eyes, commanded as his spiritual power seeped through the mask and his eyes, colored purple and black, flashed.

“Hit it.”

Quad duddud –

At the same time, dozens, no, hundreds of soul soldiers and demon soul soldiers who had received orders were mixed together and ran towards their master’s enemy.

“I should go too.”

Hendrick rushes in without blinking even when hundreds of troops rush at him.

Jinhyuk also knew that he was the only one who could stop him.

“Follow the command properly.”

“…take care of yourself.”

“That’s natural. Goes.”

Kwadeuk –

After handing over command of the Soul Soldiers and Demon Soul Soldiers back to Balkan.

A crater was created on the floor of the sparring hall due to Park Chan-hyuk’s strength, but no one paid attention.

“Come, Cha Jinhyuk! Prove yourself to me!”

“As expected, you are crazy too.”

Jinhyeok said as he looked at Hendrick, who was floating in the sky fighting his army and turning his gaze towards him.

Dark red shiny eyes and dark red long hair that flutters in battle.


It was a look that was not enough to express it that way.

Just looking at it was scary, and it seemed like my body would freeze.

“And I’m crazy too.”

Looking at that scene, Jinhyeok grinned as he put on his mask, the goblin mask Ha-ryu had given him, even harder.

Hendrick also burst into laughter, probably because he felt the laughter behind the mask, and soon Jinhyeok’s sword fell from the sky and fell towards him.


It was the moment when the test the two gave each other began.

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