Absolute Necromancer Chapter 62

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All Master Necromancer Episode 62

: City on the 10th Floor.

As it is often called the city of beginnings, it is also a place where new populations and previously unseen faces appear every day.

‘Have you stayed here for quite a while? No, compared to other floors, it’s average.’

Jinhyeok thought as he walked along the now familiar streets.

‘It’s almost time to leave, really.’

My time on the 10th floor is slowly coming to an end.

In fact, after this meeting with Hendrick, if Haru reached the 10th floor, I planned to give her enough time to rest and then start climbing the top right away.

‘Even though it’s a deteriorating version of the Orc warrior, if I can develop the ability to defeat him alone on the 9th floor, at least I won’t be blocked by the limit while climbing the floors.’

All you need to do is correct the shortcomings from the side.

Giving her the homework of being an Orc warrior was no different from blocking the wall that would be built later by creating a wall called Orc warrior in advance.

As Jinhyuk walked down the street thinking that, he heard the voices of people passing by.

-I heard a monster appeared on the 9th floor?

-Oh, I heard that too. I haven’t seen him, but he’s a very ugly looking person?

-person? I don’t know if it’s a human, but I heard it’s pretty except for the blood stains.

-Anyway, a new rookie has appeared again. The climbers on the 9th floor complained a lot because of him. There are no monsters to catch.

‘Is it downstream?’

Jinhyeok unconsciously smiled happily at the story of the climbers, which seemed like a low-class story.

“Why are you happy? “Haryu did well, you didn’t do anything well.”

“…I smiled with pride at the way he did the homework I asked him to do so well. “Isn’t that okay too?”

“Of course not. The truth is that nothing was done. “Aren’t you ashamed of only assigning homework and trying to throw straws at the achievements of a talented child?”

“…Ugh, not to have anything to say. “Be quiet and quickly guide me to where Hendrick is!”

“With a temperament. We’re almost there. “Get ready.”

Balkan clicked his tongue at Jinhyeok, who was getting angry, and then said with a straight face.

Jinhyeok also showed an attitude that matched Balkan’s serious attitude.

“…I’m sure there’s no way I don’t know this. “Why didn’t I know?”

“If you don’t pass by the central street, you won’t know. Even for him, it would be a challenge to make his presence known to everyone on the 10th floor. “It’s natural.”

“Well, that’s not something even a dragon can do.”

The 10th floor city is similar in size to Seoul.

Moreover, since it was created by combining the power of God and the power of the system, it is not easy to send it far away, no matter how strong the energy of another person is.

‘So you concentrated your power within a certain radius? So that you can feel it when you pass by?’

The energy of being compressed and compressed again.

You have to put in that much effort to make your presence felt in this city.

‘Tsk, even I can’t handle this range… After all, he’s a dragon slayer wearing the body of a dragon, isn’t he?’

Although it is limited to a certain scope, it cannot be easy to express oneself in a city where the power of God resides.

Even for Jinhyuk himself, it was impossible, at least for now, to spread his momentum this wide and make himself known.

The result of the combination of the perfect tool, the body of a dragon race, and the perfect owner, the dragon slayer, who resides within it.

It is a shocking state for Jinhyeok, who has not yet been able to bloom and melt everything about himself.

But Jinhyuk didn’t really care.

‘I can do it later anyway. And even if I fight him right now, at least I won’t be pushed back. That’s enough.’

The strength that Hendrick has shown now is because Jinhyuk himself was confident that he could do it if given time.

In fact, Jinhyeok in the past was capable of achieving the level of power that Hendrick shows now.

Furthermore, since the current situation is much better than in the past, that time will come much earlier.

“Then let’s go. “To meet the dragon slayer with the body of a dragon.”

“…Can I pretend it doesn’t exist?”

“Stop talking nonsense and follow me.”

“Damn, if he sees me, he could jump at me right now.”

Jinhyuk walked briskly toward the central street, the center of energy, while holding on to Vulkan, who was trying to leave, perhaps because of the previous fight.

Central Street.

On the central street located on the 10th floor, many people were going their own way.

Those who go to the ‘border’ where the hunting grounds are.

Those heading to the market street.

Those who head to an inn or hotel to rest.

Not only that, but even those who go to the blacksmith shop and Goldrich Trading Company to maintain and purchase equipment.

A variety of people passed through the central street and headed to their destination.


“…are you here?”

However, unlike the people who flowed by like flowing water, the man standing in the center of the main street like a stone or statue stuck in place trembled slightly and opened his eyes.

The sharp energy I couldn’t help but wish for.

This was because he realized that the man with that energy in his body had entered his sensing area.

“I passed by it a few times, but this time it came right?”

Of course, it wasn’t the first time he entered the detection zone.

Because he had the body of a dragon race, his sensing ability was not greatly affected by his previous life.

Therefore, even though he sensed the person who entered his detection area several times, the other person could not sense the weak energy and went his own way.

Although that fact was unfortunate, Hendrick quietly waited for him.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of person this ‘great evil’ is.”

He knew very well that he would notice him and come like he did now.

And a single word from the person who made him wear clothes he didn’t want, which made him what he is today.



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-From the 10th floor, someone will come who will make your wishes come true. So wait for him.

After being told that his wish would come true, Hendrick woke up on the first floor and broke everything in his tracks.

Furthermore, he cleared the Orc Daejeon Temple, the gateway to the 10th floor, with the highest record.

After that, he stopped at the 10th floor.

As if the situation up to now had been a lie, he stood on the central street like a quiet stone statue, waiting for the person who was talking about what Geoak had said.

“Are you coming?”

A man walking slowly from afar.

There were many people walking around him, but Hendrick only saw him.

“…I see a familiar face too.” A soul


next to him.

The sight of the familiar spirit that had caused such a fuss not long ago made his fists curl up, but he did not act rashly.

Because he wasn’t stupid enough to attack the person he met after a long wait and the person he was with.

Even if it was a battle with himself and a promise to see to the end next time, it was no different.

“Hendrick, is that right?”

“Did you hear it from the soul next to you? Yes, a dragon slayer and the very contradiction in the body of a dragon. “It’s Hendrick.”

Hendrick nodded to Jinhyeok, who calmly approached him, stood right in front of Hendrick, and asked him informally without hesitation.

The moment he saw him, he realized that he was the main character of what he had heard.

‘Strong and ferocious. It certainly seems true that he is someone worth noting.’

A climber of only the 10th floor.

Jinhyeok’s appearance, with his perceived power, mana, and many other things mixed together, could not be considered a 10th floor climber.

Nevertheless, he was a 10-story climber.

“First of all, did you pass?”

“…It’s not a big deal to take a test as soon as you see it. But it doesn’t really matter if you pass.”

Hendrick looked at Jinhyuk, who shrugged his shoulders when he heard that he had passed.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

A fundamental question.


Jinhyeok snorted in response to Hendrick’s question as to whether he felt it while looking at him.

“If I was afraid, I wouldn’t have spoken informally to you the first time I saw you.”

“Is this a foolish question? You are definitely right. “Then I will change the question.”

“Try as much as you can.”

Hendrick secretly smiled at the sight of Jinhyuk puffing out his chest and answering confidently as if he would answer any question.

“Are you prepared?”

“Preparation… I know roughly what kind of determination you are talking about, but is it ‘that’ determination that I am thinking of?”

“It will be right. My purpose is to wash the existence called ‘dragon’ from the world. Are you prepared to join in on that work? Can you answer? “Your fate will be determined by these words.”

Jinhyeok asked a question as he looked at Hendrick’s dark red dragon eyes, which had suddenly erased his smile and was looking at him coolly.

“Before answering that, I also want to ask you something.”

“do it.”

“Isn’t the boy’s dream too small?”


It was Balkan, not Hendrick, who was rather surprised by the dagger-like words that suddenly came at him.

-You crazy guy! I thought I would say that even to the point of informality. Because I did too! But isn’t that just too provocative?

-Be quiet and stay still. Because I have an idea too.

Having fought with Hendrick, even the arrogant Balkan had no choice but to admit it.

It’s a skill gap that he would have been able to overcome if he had all his abilities when he was alive, but it’s impossible for him now.

Since Hendrick also lacked all of his abilities in life anyway, Balkan acknowledged his shortcomings.

And Balkan, who watched Jinhyuk from the side, knew better than anyone else that the same was true for Jinhyuk.

‘You are out of standard, but your opponent is also out of standard! How can you say something like that to someone who climbed higher floors than you in the first place!!!’

Although it wasn’t something Balkan, who met Hendrick and excitedly talked about during the battle, would say, the world is full of hypocrisy.

Unlike Balkan, who had calmed down after being treated harshly once, Jinhyeok burned as hot and loud as wildfire.

‘There is no need if you only limit yourself to one dragon race. Because it’s not just them that I want. If you try to test me, I will test you too, Hendrick.’

Feeling Hendrick’s cool and mysterious gaze on him, Jinhyuk also opened his eyes and looked at him.

After some confrontation, it was Hendrick who bowed his head first.

“I apologize.”

“…I just need to know.”

Jinhyeok answered bluntly and nodded, sighing in relief.

“So what is the answer?”

“It seems like you’re after more than me. “Are you trying to attack all of the Four Emperors, not just a small part of them?”

“answer. I’m similar to you. Dead but alive. And in my death there are all of them. “Isn’t the answer simple?”

Dead but alive.

There wouldn’t be many people who could understand those words, and Hendrick was one of those few people.

“nice… Hahahaha!!!”


His maniacal laughter echoes through the central streets.

Many climbers block their eardrums and stagger to their seats, weighed down by the mighty power of that laughter.

Except one person.

“Why are you smiling?”

Jinhyuk Cha.

Only he, the All Master and Spirit Master, withstood the mighty force by standing upright in the same posture as before.

I even went one step further and asked about his laughter.

“Yuriel, you were the main character she was talking about.”

“…She goes around meeting everyone.”


The being that I met not long ago, who helped me gain divine power and who told me about the prophecy.

Furthermore, this person broke away from the Four Hwangs and runs an organization named ‘Muik’.

When Jinhyuk frowns slightly at the fact that she met not only him but also Hendrick.

Hendrick soon cleared his mind and opened his mouth calmly.

“You are trying to turn the tables.”

“What I couldn’t do in my previous life, I have to try it in this life. “Shouldn’t the second round be better than the first?”

“Yeah… hehehe, you’re right. “If a man has been stabbed in the back of the head and beaten, the revenge for him is double, no, ten times as much.”

He burst out laughing, shaking his body, but eventually raised his head and spoke with a solemn face.

“That’s why I need to get to know you. “What’s your name?”

“Cha Jinhyuk.”

“Good, Cha Jinhyuk. “It is time for me, Hendrick, to take the test to put your name on the revenge book.”

“test? It’s good. But know one thing. “I know I’m not the only one taking the test.”

Even though Hendrick didn’t mention that you were also the subject of the test, he understood Jinhyeok’s words.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll have to prove it too. “Test after test… that’s good.”

Jinhyuk scratched his cheek in front of Hendrick’s sculptural smile.

“But you’re not planning on doing it here, are you?”

central street.

Even aside from the fact that it was a busy street with people walking around, it wasn’t a very suitable place for fighting.

Hendrick, who then looked around, also nodded his head in response.

“It would be best to move somewhere first. “I know a good place. Follow me.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Jinhyeok disappeared, following Hendrick, who took a long stride, and only after the two people disappeared did people hold their hearts and breathe heavily.

“…What on earth are those?”

People on the street shook their heads as if they sympathized with the lost question posed by one of the victims(?).

But beyond their thoughts, the people who created this mess had disappeared like the melting snow.

Eventually, one by one, they got up and went their own way, the commotion just now disappeared and the central street returned to its usual appearance.

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