Absolute Necromancer Chapter 61

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All Master Necromancer Episode 61

Several days have passed.

Kwajik –

Jinhyeok kicked the charging orc, putting him in a state of incapacity, and pulled out his liver from his chest.


“Is it delicious?”


“Okay, I’ve almost finished eating now.”

A few days of time.

Jinhyuk, who had not stopped his own training as well as completing the quest for Miho, was already seeing the end of the quest.

[Vital Replenishment]

Miho, which is still a baby, was born with most of its vitality consumed when it hatched from the egg.

Accordingly, the ‘Nine-Tailed Fox’ informs you that if you feed 999 raw livers to the fox cub, Miho, it will regain its original vitality.

The second reward is given after feeding 999 raw livers.

Currently absorbed raw liver: 892/999

‘Is there about a hundred left? ‘It will be over by tomorrow.’

A quest given by the ‘Nine-Tailed Fox’.

It was a quest that I thought would take quite a long time, but Jinhyuk’s ability and Miho’s gluttony combined to make it possible to complete the quest in less than a week.

“Status window.”

[Status Window]

Name: Jinhyuk

Cha Occupation: Spirit Master

Sub-Job: All Master

Body: Mana Retardation

(Ability Value)

Strength: 35 (+33)

Stamina: 37 (+33)

Dexterity: 34 (+33)

Intelligence: 51 (+33) )

Mana: 66 (+48) Magic Energy

: 0 (+10)

Holy Power: 3


  1. Predation
  2. Versatility


Comprehensive Resistance, Tenacity

Meanwhile, there have been changes in Jinhyuk as well.

The first change was that Jinhyeok’s new seed of divine power grew slightly over the next few days, increasing by an additional 2.

‘I’m not at a level I like yet, and it won’t be of much help, but I guess I can use this at least once in an emergency.’

For Jinhyuk, who already had an average stat of close to 40, a stat of 3 was nothing special, but Jinhyuk was satisfied.

It’s still been less than a week since I gained divine power.

It would be even weirder if those stats were similar to the stats I had developed from the beginning.

‘The resistances were combined and changed into comprehensive resistance.’

All kinds of things that Jinhyeok has collected while living and dying.

Not long ago, it gained resistance to poison, burns, and frostbite, and was combined into the grandiose name of comprehensive resistance.

It was a change that Jinhyuk really liked, as he confirmed that the effect of his resistance had become a little stronger than his original resistance.

But Jinhyeok could confidently say that any change would pale in comparison to this.

“Vulcan, how are the new recruits?”

“It is definitely more unstable than Mahon disease. I guess divine power and soul are polar opposites. “At least, since they are not ghosts or demons, it is less so… but I see a few who are trying to achieve Buddhahood.”

“But take good care of it. Holy power and soul disease. “Wouldn’t it be difficult if the Holy Soul Soldiers, who would become our new military force, attain Buddhahood?”

“That’s right.”

A new type of soul illness following demon soul illness, a new type of soul illness created as a result of the combination of demonic energy and soul illness.

Holy Soul Soldier.

It goes without saying that the soul bottle, which was created through the combination of divine power and soul bottle, was very unstable.

Nevertheless, Jinhyeok and Balkan put a lot of effort into treating s.e.xually transmitted diseases.

There was one reason.

“Still, it’s clear that it’s a useful force. “I feel similar to a priest.”

“It’s perfect. Ordinary priests cannot heal soul diseases that are close to undead, but holy soul diseases are different, right?”

“I never imagined that a being who heals the damage inflicted by undead and souls would appear in the world…” “In a

situation where there are climbers with divine power generating organs in their bodies, it would not be surprising if there were one or two such beings. is not it?”

S.e.xually transmitted disease.

A soul called divine power, a being that possesses in its body an energy that is the opposite of that of the undead and uses that as its source.

They were beings who could heal souls and undead.

Originally, in the case of the undead, they launched an offensive based on overwhelming quantities, but were helpless against destruction or damage.

In terms of the game, it was safe to say that it was balanced.

‘If a being that neither dies nor feels pain continues to recover… it destroys the balance. And now I have the power to destroy that balance.’

Undead, soul-only healer.

It is more than enough to destroy the balance established in the world of the tower, to the point where it overflows.

“It was a satisfying time.”



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“Same. It was quite fun, dealing with the new soul disease. Especially when he became Buddha as soon as he was injected with divine power, I couldn’t help but laugh.”

Jinhyeok cleared his throat and shook off his embarrassment at the words of Balkan, who said he was happy but had a bone in his mouth.

‘I certainly left all the difficult work to Balkan.’

With the rank of commander, Balkan was in charge of not only the management of new soul soldiers, but also the management of newly born demon soul soldiers and holy soul soldiers.

In particular, unlike demonic energy, sacred power is an energy that is close to the opposite of that of undead or souls.

Of course, it was not that easy to control the souls and undead that had been injected with it.

Jinhyeok kept his mouth shut as Balkan felt the most fatigue and exhaustion, although he felt happy doing the work alone over the past few days.

“So what are we going to do now?”

Feeding Miho, which was no different from the morning routine, was over.

The remaining food will be fed the next day, so all that is left now is Jinhyuk’s own training.

However, Balkan had a feeling that Jinhyeok would not go to training today.

This would not have been possible under normal circumstances where Ilshin never stops making efforts for his own growth, but today was different.

“Hendrick, you should meet that guy.”


This person has grandiose titles such as dragon slayer and dragon slayer.

I don’t know why, but it was Jinhyeok who was planning to meet him wearing the shell of a dragon.

Originally, Jinhyeok had planned to meet him once, but after meeting Yuriel, his thoughts became more determined, and he moved towards the city without hesitation.

‘I was puzzled as to why he stayed on the 10th floor and didn’t climb the tower, but it makes sense if he, like Uriel, heard a prophecy or the voice of God.’

last few days.

When Jinhyeok is not climbing for complex reasons such as feeding Miho, training, and waiting downstream.

Hendrick also stood in the middle of nowhere in the village square, looking like he was waiting for something.

‘It’s as if he’s asking us to recognize that he’s here.’

I thought that there must be some reason for Hendrick to be standing around in a place that boasts the largest floating population, even if it is not just for the dragon race, unless he is a government official.

Jinhyuk thought that the reason was that he wanted someone to recognize him and come visit him.

In particular, the fact that we were standing in a village square where rumors were easy to spread gave strength to Jinhyeok’s hypothesis.

“But how can you be sure he’s waiting for you?”

Balkan’s question also made sense.

Uriel of the Elyos clan, one of the Four Emperors clan, heard the prophecy about Jinhyeok and came out of her village beyond the 100th floor and came down to the 10th floor, a distant lower floor, for him.

However, it would be an optimistic idea to say that Hendrick, who is now wearing the flesh of the dragon race, is also hoping and waiting for Jinhyeok to approach.


“…You’re acting so carelessly, too.”

Balkan’s face hardened and he clicked his tongue at Jinhyeok’s attitude of saying that it didn’t matter if he wasn’t waiting for him.

Jinhyeok remained confident despite Balkan’s interrogation.

“Isn’t it true that you were planning on meeting whoever that guy was waiting for? “It’s fine if he’s waiting for me, or we can just talk.”

“What if you start a fight like me?”

“We still talk back then.”

“…Body conversation?”


good job. Balkan sent a disgusted look at Jinhyuk, who nodded with a face like that, but Jinhyuk did not stop walking.

“But once this incident is over and we come up downstream, I’ll have to get ready to climb the tower.”

“I’m worried that he might fall behind. “If you look at the speed of your growth now, it’s incredible.”

“It’s okay, he’s not an easy kid, right?”

“…That’s definitely true.”

Balkan, who recalled the moment he first met Ha-ryu until just before they parted ways, shook his head and agreed.

Jinhyeok’s growth rate was monstrous, but it was because he saw with his own eyes how Ha-ryu, who was almost captured and sacrificed by kobolds and the like, grew into a rakshasa that could cut down dozens of orcs.

‘Once the two monsters establish a foundation and begin to take flight, I’m afraid of how many achievements they will accumulate until they reach the next foundation.’

Just as Jinhyuk established his foundation on the 10th floor, Ha-Ryu will also be establishing his foundation on the 9th floor.

Realizing that Ha-ryu’s worries that he might fall behind because he could not keep up with Jin-hyeok were unfounded, he followed Jin-hyeok toward the city.

‘Downstream, come up quickly. ‘Because I want to see you two conquering the tower as soon as possible.’

Just imagining it makes my heart pound as I look forward to the climb of these two people.

“Yes, yes, Miho, you were there too. If your condition improves tomorrow, you will be able to do your part. “Don’t look forward to it.”


In addition, even Miho, who was held in Balkan’s arms, expressed her presence to Balkan by rubbing her face as if telling him not to forget her.

It is now almost an ordinary fox cub as it did not recover all of the vitality used when it came out of the egg, but in essence, it is a spirit creature and the cub of a nine-tailed fox who has reached godhood.

Balkan thought that if Miho regained all her strength and started to use her abilities properly, Jinhyeok and Ha-ryu would also have to be nervous in one-on-one matches.

A triangular formation of Haryu and Miho led by Jinhyeok.


These were the words that appeared at the end of Balkan’s thoughts as he imagined the three of them moving together.

“Look forward to it.”

“I don’t know what it is, but nothing is as certain as the expectations placed on me, so there’s nothing to worry about, right?”

Even though he couldn’t really hear what was being said, Jinhyuk expressed confidence in Balkan’s expectations.

Balkan shook his head at the confident and confident appearance that was no different from his usual Jinhyeok.

“Then it’s time to go see Hendrick.”

“Yes, even if it attacks you, I will stop it for you, so don’t worry.”

“…You think I’m a very old backroom guy.”

“Would you mind adding the word ‘loser’ in front of it?”

“…He seems like the perfect guy, except for his personality and cheesiness.”

Balkan applauded Jinhyeok’s personality and rudeness that made him shake his head.

In this way, a group of one man, one spirit, one beast escaped from the border and returned to the city.

Dragon Slayer Hendrick.

For meeting him.

-Krrr… human… woman… kill!

Orc Champion.

If we look at the race itself, the orcs are a class and entity that is comparable to the great orc warrior.

The explosive power felt from the rugged muscles would have resembled that of an active volcano.

Naturally, he had enough strength to easily kill the small-bodied girl standing in front of him.

However, there was something wrong with what he said.

“I am not human. “You monster, even your brain is full of muscle.”

She wasn’t human.

She let out a short curse at the Orc Champion’s ignorance.

A swear word that even feels a bit rude.

Even the orc champion’s stupid brain was confused by the unbelievable rashness coming from the young woman in front of him.


An Orc champion looking at himself with a blank face.

Feeling his stupid gaze, the girl who declared herself not human drew her sword.

-Use me!

“…Be quiet, I won’t break the promise I made to you.”

-Don’t be swayed by that guy! You are a goblin! Among them, a special goblin! I am ready for you. So, isn’t it right to use whatever you want? If you hold me, you are the strongest!

A voice close to tinnitus came into my head the moment I took out my sword.

However, the difference from tinnitus was that the voice was a real voice.

The girl with the sword drawn, Ha-ryu, frowned and refused to listen to him, but he did not give up.

He continued to deny Jinhyeok’s request not to use him, and persuaded and tempted Ha-ryu to use him.

Ha-Ryu slightly paused in the temptation of sweet fruit or honey.

-…I do not know. Kill women and eat them!!!

It was the Orc Champion who reacted to the pause downstream.

A monster close to an irregularity that would never appear on the 9th floor, where Haru stays.

Except for the fact that it is less intelligent and slightly less powerful, it is a being that can easily rival the Great Warrior.

For such a being, a momentary pause would soon lead to a gap, and the Orc Champion perfectly exploited that gap.

Ha-ryu’s hand moved, frowning as he saw the Orc champion’s club approaching towards him, about to strike him in the back of the head. As soon as

the light of the sword

flashed, the blade of the dragon slayer sword, worthy of being called a treasured sword, mercilessly cut into the orc champion.

Ha-Ryu muttered quietly as he looked down at the fragments of the Orc champion rolling around on the floor with a pattering sound.

“I am strong even without you. And even if I become stronger, I am not weak enough to break my promise to my brother.”

Even though he had destroyed a monster right before his eyes, Ha-ryu muttered in a calm voice. With a light wave of his hand, he brushed off the blood on the dragon slayer sword and stabbed it.

Clang –

In the dark forest, only the sound of a lead sword echoed in the emptiness.


rotten dirt and leaves, we headed downstream towards the village on the 9th floor.

“Tomorrow. I can see you again tomorrow, brother.”

The frowning and expressionless figure from before had disappeared everywhere, and with a face like bright sunlight, he was muttering to himself in the deserted forest.

Ha-Ryu returned to his original expressionless face for a moment and accelerated his steps toward the village.

Almost a week’s worth of time.

It was to prepare to replace everything that had been prepared so far.

She curled up the corner of her mouth at the thought of crushing the great orc warrior she had mastered over several days of challenges and going to the 10th floor where Jinhyeok was waiting.

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