Absolute Necromancer Chapter 59

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All Master Necromancer Episode 59

“Whoa… Whoa…”

“Tsk, have you calmed down now?”

Jinhyuk felt slightly awakened by the voice of Balkan in his ear.

A familiar voice.

Because I felt the emotion of worry contained in it.

“Miho is worried too.”

The sound of Miho being held in Vulkan’s arms, who had completed visualization and further materialization for the exercise of physical force, was enough to completely awaken her slightly awakened mind.

“…Huh, I’m completely screwed. “How much is this?”

“It’s not like you’re going to use your money anyway.”

“That’s right.”

Is it because he smashes everything he sees around him?

Jinhyuk felt his heart sink.

A secret story related to death.

This was so absurd to Jinhyuk, the person involved, that he thought he would go crazy if he didn’t do something crazy like just now.

“Are you just stepping on the buds for the sake of their god’s place or their devil’s place? And am I caught in it? under! Well, this kind of bullshit….”

A fight of infighting between the Four Emperors.

A fight to become a god or a devil.

The story is that they targeted themselves because they did not want to lose the position they were supposed to take in the future to a mortal, not a member of the Four Emperors.

That was enough to give Jinhyuk a big shock.

“I understand too. So let go of your anger.”



I kick the corner of the bed that was still intact.

In the hotel room, the corner of the last intact bed shatters and falls into the room.

Vulcan sighed as he looked at the last remaining intact object.

‘It’s no wonder he does that.’

If you climb all the way up the tower, you will become a god or a devil.

If not, you could be something in between.

It is no different whether it is the Four Emperors, a mortal human, or an alien race.

It’s not like Vulcan didn’t think about conquering the tower and becoming a god.

That’s why he was able to understand Jinhyuk even more.

‘I took pleasure in the act of climbing the tower itself and tried to completely climb the tower, and as a reward, I wanted to become a being equivalent to a god or a devil. But in reality, all of that was just a game played by the Four Emperors, so it’s natural for them to be so angry.’

Climb the tower.

Climbing a tower is a noble act for all climbers.

The reason they use their energy to climb the tower and please the Four Emperors is to reach the destination.

But in reality, it was revealed that everything was just a game between the Four Emperors, and that all the climbers were just extras who brightened their lives, so the shock would be truly enormous.

‘If even I, who had no chance of reaching the end of the tower, would be like this, I wonder how angry the guy who had enough talent would be… I don’t even dare to measure it.’

Balkan failed to conquer the tower.

The reason was not because of lack of time.

It’s just that Balkan’s abilities only went so far.

In reality, Balkan did not die from being stabbed in the back by someone or from an attack by the Four Emperors.

After experiencing his own limitations, for the sake of future generations, he came down to the first floor and put his body directly into the coffin to face death.

But it wasn’t Jinhyuk.

‘The level above me was lower, but his talent was much higher than mine. So it must have caught the eye of the Four Emperors. No, it’s not just that guy, but how many people have reached the top of the tower without their eyes during the long years of the tower? No, how many people met a miserable end at their gambling table?’

It was sad.

The reality is that talented people lose their lives by getting caught up in the games of those who are too busy showing off their innate abilities.

The fact is that their efforts are in fact nothing more than useless tinder.

It made Balkan sad and Jinhyuk angry.

“Are you calm?”

Uriel, who was the decisive factor in instilling such feelings in the two people, regained her original calmness.

The pale complexion regained its original color, and even the decisiveness was felt in the mouth closed with the letter 一.

“Shameless. “Very shameless.”

That sight was so disgusting to Jinhyuk.

I knew that Uriel had no power to achieve anything during their meeting over his death, but it was almost impossible to control his heart, which was rising like an active volcano.

Without avoiding the eyes of Jinhyeok, who was sending a burning gaze towards her, Yuriel calmly opened her mouth and looked at them.

“That’s why I became a member of Muik.”

I had nothing to say.

That expression would be correct.

[Became a member of Muik.]

There were no words that could tell as clearly as those words what kind of thoughts Uriel had, what kind of fall she suffered, and what kind of pain she suffered.

“…You behaved indecently. “I apologize.”

Jinhyuk blurted out a mixture of frustration and embarrassment and scratched his head to reveal his embarrassment.

“I apologize too.”

“No, that’s enough. “I don’t plan on accepting the apology twice, since I already received it once.”

When Uriel bowed her head again and apologized to him, he waved his hands and rejected her apology.

Because the apology I received earlier was enough.

“I don’t need your apology. “What I really want is not the people who fell away, but the main body.”



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“…In addition to Muik, who broke away from the Elyos, there are probably similar people among the other Four Emperors. “I don’t know where they are, but… I still recommend taking them in.”

“Yeah, not everyone is crazy like them.”

There are many different types of people.

Crazy guys, good guys, bad guys, etc.

Jinhyeok thought that there were many people with immeasurably diverse personalities and thoughts, and that this applied to the Four Emperors no differently.

‘Yuriel is trustworthy.’

He admitted his mistake and told Jinhyuk the truth, even though he was fully aware that he might be hated.

In addition to receiving enough extra points in the previous conversation, it seems like he earned additional points.

‘If this was what you wanted to say, I have nothing to say, but the conversation could have ended when I revealed my name in the first place. But Uriel didn’t do that.’

Jinhyuk believed his thoughts.

And I decided to trust Uriel.

Although I vented my anger because of her, it was true that I was able to relieve my troubled feelings thanks to her.

Rather, thanks to her, he learned that the sword of revenge he was sharpening was heading to the right place.

There were additional gains as well.

‘It’s another Four Emperors clan… It’s definitely possible. If they are not much different from humans, there will be some among them who have negative thoughts about the existing system and gambling tables. It will be important to find a group made up of them.’

Jinhyuk also knew.

No matter what happens until the Nine Stars, the fundamental problem above that, the Four Emperors, will not be resolved.

But not anymore.

“I hope we can maintain a good relationship.”

“Muik also hopes for that, so we can keep running toward the same goal.”

Starting with Muik, we meet people from other Four Hwang tribes who hold the banner of rebelliousness and do not reject other races.

And all we had to do was form an alliance with Muik and condemn those who were wrong and misguided.

“I will not betray your expectations.”

“I will expect.”

In order to form an alliance with them, you would have to clearly show them what level of ability and conditions you have to destroy the Four Emperors.

“Then I’ll go too.”

“Okay, the next time we meet, let’s meet at a higher place. “Don’t look at it from such a low point.”


Jinhyeok was satisfied with Yuriel’s answer as she nodded with a slight smile.

“Where do you live?”

“Dream City located on the 190th floor. That is the abode of our unprofitability.”

“190th floor? “That’s pretty low.”

Elyos who were kicked out of Utopia.

Even though they are an Elyos who lost the symbol of wings, an Elyos is an Elyos.

Naturally, Jinhyeok, who thought the base would have been set up quite high, was taken aback by the fact that the floor level was much lower than expected.

“As you know, everything between the 200th and 300th floors is owned by ‘him’, and if you go beyond that, it is safe to say that it is the territory of the Four Emperors from then on.”

“Oh, I see.”

A strategic being with all floors between the 200th and 300th floors at its feet.

‘Emperor Tess. It would definitely be inconvenient to set up a base on a floor he owns.’

Emperor of the Mu Empire, Emperor Mu Tes.

Jinhyeok was convinced because if he set up a base within his territory, it was not the Four Emperors that were the problem, but the possibility of being destroyed at the hands of Tess was high.

“I guess I’ll see it much sooner?”

“I can take you on a tour of the village. It’s never been revealed to outsiders… but I think it’ll be okay if it’s the ghost, no, Cha Jin-hyuk. “Other compatriots will also welcome you.”

“Yes… Until then, I have to keep my mind together.”

“Yes, we are the same as them, but we are different. So please don’t take out your anger towards them on us.”

Jinhyeok shook his head, saying he knew, towards Yuriel, who was lowering her head with an elegant look that was both polite and brilliant. Then, Jinhyeok suddenly raised his head when he remembered something.

“But if I give something material, does it leave a trace?”

“No, nothing like that. However, if I carry it out of the village, it will leave traces, so all I have is this body. “Are you sure you want my body?”

Jinhyeok struggled with his whole body when he saw Yuriel looking at him with a slight glance, showing that that was not the case.

“That’s not it. I wanted to take some of the feathers left on the wing, so I asked if it was okay.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, it’s okay. “It will grow back anyway.”

“…okay? “I said this very carefully because I thought it wouldn’t grow.”

Seeing as the torn wings did not grow back to normal, I thought the same would happen with the feathers, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

It was fortunately good news for Jinhyuk himself, so Jinhyuk held out his hand as if he had no more hesitation.

“Then give me a little.”

“Hmm, maybe they sell it somewhere…”

“I signed a sponsorship contract with Gold Rich, but do you think I’ll be short of money?”

“…Did you also sign a sponsorship contract with Goldrich? That’s kind of surprising. Even when the Four Emperors requested a deal, he ignored it.”

“That’s how amazing I am.”

“…I have no choice but to admit it.”

Uriel could not hide his surprise when he heard the word Gold Rich.

Jinhyuk, who finished praising himself to Yuriel, who was amazed at his greatness, waved his hand and asked for a feather.


emphasized once again, tearing a handful of feathers from the root of the wing and placing them on Jinhyeok’s hand.

“It should never be leaked to the outside world. The Elyos Feather contains a way to find out who owns the feather. “If you make a mistake, there is a high possibility that you will be traced back to the village.”

“…I’ll be careful. “It’s okay because I’m going to eat it anyway.”

“…I’m not the type you think, so don’t worry.”

Jinhyeok frowned at the gaze of Uriel, who looked at him as if he thought he was a pervert or a glutton who enjoyed the feathers of the Elyos.

This was especially true because such beings were widespread in the tower.

In other words, it was an answer that I had no choice but to think that way, and it was something I had to accept because it was used.

“Then I will believe it and go. May God’s protection be with you on the path ahead.”

“I’ll see you later.”

As he left the messed up hotel room, Yuriel stopped and looked at Jinhyuk as if he remembered something.

“And I don’t think we’re on good terms with Baal, so don’t distance yourself too much. “He’s not that bad either.”

“I know it’s not bad. “He’s just a pervert, a stalker, and even a voyeur.”

“…Are you aware that the barrier has now been lifted?”

Uriel’s barrier that hid the eyes of gods and devils.

Jinhyeok nodded at Yuriel’s words indicating that the effect had expired.

“know. “I’m telling you to listen.”

[The pinnacle of all evil sheds tears, asking if he thought of himself like that.]

“Look at me. “How would I feel if I thought of a man with hairy legs like that?”

[The pinnacle of all evil looks down at his legs and shakes his head.] Fed up

with Baal’s message that rang out for a long time, Jinhyeok sent Yuriel off.

“I said something pointless and it got loud. “Just go faster!”

When he shouted and ordered the guests to be congratulated, Yuriel burst into laughter and left the hotel room.

Jinhyuk, who was alone again, looked at the messed up room and sighed.

“…Let’s just clean up and sit down.”

Seeing that the room was in such a mess that it needed to be moved, Jinhyuk roughly pushed the broken items to one side and sat cross-legged.

“Are you planning on eating right away?”

“I’m looking forward to it. Will I be able to survive if I eat this? Also, if you succeed in eating, what abilities will you gain? “When I think about that, I can’t even wait to get to the Wizard’s Tower.”

“…do whatever you want. “Because I already gave up on you from the beginning.”

Balkan, sighing while holding Miho in his arms, floated into the air.

As if to express that he had nothing to do with what would happen from now on.

Jinhyeok, who was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the messy room, took out just one of Yuriel’s handful of feathers.

Jinhyeok, who was looking at her soft and pure white feathers, immediately threw it into his mouth without hesitation.


Jinhyeok, who used the trait ‘predation’ while satisfying the action condition of ‘eating’ something, felt a change occur within him.

A waterfall of incredible energy that is hard to believe is contained in just a single feather.

Jinhyuk, who hit it from the front, felt pain as if his whole body was being shattered.

“Bwak… Bwak….”

“You’re good, you’re good. I don’t know.”

Balkan was just playing with Miho in the air, leaving the struggling Jinhyuk behind.

Jinhyeok lost control in the face of the shock that felt like his entire body was being hit with a huge hammer.

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