Absolute Necromancer Chapter 60

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All Master Necromancer Episode 60


Although he fainted, Jinhyuk did not faint.

Although my body lost my mind, my fundamental soul was more vivid than usual, so the expression “fainting” would not be correct.

Jinhyuk’s body simply made a choice.

I just decided that I had to gather all the mental power used to move my body, think, etc. into one place in order to calm the white waterfall that was now born inside my body.

In fact, Jinhyeok was having a hard time even with all his spirit gathered together.

‘…Be calm. You must do it calmly. ‘Because it doesn’t die.’

Jinhyeok calmly organized his thoughts while contemplating the white waterfall that roared as if it would crush his entire body.

Unlike when practicing spiritual power, the fact that he felt that this white waterfall could not kill him played a big role.

‘It just hurts like death, and the aftereffects are just great. are you okay.’

However, the pain of feeling like my whole body was being shattered and the fact that my whole body would actually be shattered in return was a problem, but it was nothing compared to death.

Especially since the damage was not irreparable.

Jinhyeok found peace of mind and calmly looked at the White Falls, contemplating the entire White Falls.

What shape is it, is the color completely white, what size is it, etc.

The result of gathering various information as if absorbed in the mental body.

‘It is true that the size is so vast that it almost covers my untrained mental world, and the shape is like a waterfall falling from top to bottom. Lastly, to be exact, it’s closer to milky white than completely white. Like… like divine power.’

Jinhyuk has completed collecting information about White Falls to some extent.

The current location of White Falls and Jinhyuk’s mental body was Jinhyuk’s mental world, which had not yet fully bloomed, let alone grown.

During the battle with the puppet, he was able to wage war in a large world by borrowing half of the puppet’s mental world, but Jinhyeok’s current mental world is not up to that level.

Well, Jinhyuk didn’t really care about that.

‘Anyway, not only is the density of the mental world itself inaccessible to him, but the puppet’s mental world is more detailed and solid than that of an ordinary 100-story climber. There’s no need to match him. What’s important is how to accept that guy…’

Jinhyeok was deep in thought as he stroked the mental body’s chin, putting aside the unimportant matters of the puppet’s mental world.

Although it is small, it is the mental world of a climber like Jinhyuk.

Of course, it wasn’t just a small box.

‘It’s like Niagara Falls. Except for the waterfalls pouring down from all directions.’

I have never seen it in person, but I once saw it in a photo or video of a waterfall in Nigeria.

A huge waterfall of similar size poured down from front, back, left and right.

This is because once you are swept away, it is clear that no matter how mental you are, you will not be able to avoid great damage.

‘Looking at it, it’s really huge. If you happen to get a corpse from the Four Emperors, you should never even think about eating it whole.’

Jinhyeok began preparations while being overwhelmed by the enormity of the White Waterfall and with the lesson(?) in his heart that he should not ‘gorge’ on the corpses of the Four Emperors.

‘But this is enough to eat. Well then… I’ll eat well.’

It is true that he felt overwhelmed by the White Waterfall, but Jinhyeok never thought that he would not be able to eat it.

After gently putting both hands together and saying hello, as if giving thanks before the meal.

Puhwaaak –

Spiritual power was constantly gushing out from the mental body.


“Looks like he’s up to something.”

Balkan, who had turned off his attention to Jinhyuk, opened his mouth when he saw Jinhyuk’s body, which had completely stopped moving, flinch slightly.

It was a clear sign of improvement that he was moving, albeit slightly, from a state where he had stopped moving as if he were dead.

However, it was not very nice to see Jinhyuk looking pale and tired of Miho, who was still young.

Balkan spoke while stroking the soft back of Miho, who was scolding her in a rough voice.

“Yeah, yeah, your complexion isn’t that good, is it? But this will be a big help to him.”


When she saw that everyone was dying and said that it would be a great help, young Miho could do nothing but tilt her head.

“Haha, yes. This must be difficult for you, who are still young, to understand. Still, I guess I’ll just keep watching. “Even though he is a rude person, his character is not properly developed, and he does not know how to respect his elders, he has at least one ability that is worthy of recognition.”


She made a rough voice as if she didn’t like being treated like a child, but young Miho’s antics seemed like a grandchild’s pranks to Balkan, who was over hundreds of years old.

Vulcan’s eyes twinkled like the stars in the sky as he calmed Miho, who was struggling, and stroked her with delicate hands so as not to hurt her soft, thin body.

‘How are you planning to surprise me this time, Cha Jin-hyuk!’

His ability alone is outstanding.

Balkan did not like empty words.

Therefore, Balkan was expected.

The overwhelming yet violent talent he displayed while accompanying himself.

About what form it will surprise you this time.


“…isn’t it?”

Watching Jinhyeok tremble like an electric fish, I wondered if this was the surprising moment, but Balkan persevered.

That’s just a process.

With that in mind, Balkan chose to wait calmly.

Miho was also imbued with the static attitude of the grandfather-like Balkan, and fixed her gaze on Jinhyeok with a faint, mocking cry.


It was ‘Keng-’ with a firm belief that his master would definitely overcome adversity and hardship.

A being who receives the faith of two people in one body.

In front of the huge white waterfall, Jinhyeok was in trouble, with his now familiar black and purple spirit draped all over his body.

“What should I do with this?”

How to Absorb White Falls.

The method was focused on ‘ingestion’, but there were various types of ingestion methods.



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‘It’s not for nothing that there are various ways to eat, such as gourmet, eccentric, omnivore, evil eater, glutton, etc.’

But my worries about him did not last long.

“Okay, what are you worrying about for so long? Let’s be ourselves. “Being myself.”

A method that has been with you for years and is still with you at this very moment.

“There is no need for gourmet food or weird food, I am a ‘predator.’”

Tasting food or finding strange tastes were luxury items for Jinhyuk.

Eat to live.

That was the ‘ingestion’ method that suited Jinhyuk the best.


As soon as he finished thinking, Jinhyuk’s spiritual power, which could become anything, began to fluctuate violently.

What was only covering the entire body slowly began to take shape, and soon took on a complete form.


“Good. “It’s the perfect mouth for devouring.”

The monster’s mouth.

It was a word that expressed what Jinhyuk created with his spiritual power.

Jinhyuk smiled while looking at his work and started eating.


big monster’s mouth opened and bit into the white waterfall.

No matter how large it is, if we were to consider the entire white waterfall, which is so large that it is called a waterfall because it resembles the mouth of a living thing, what was bitten would not be 1/10th, no, not even 1/100th.

However, Jinhyeok smiled even brighter as he looked at the endless white waterfall and the empty space created by the bite.

“It’s better for me if I have a lot to eat.” Jinhyeok felt

an unprecedented

sense of satiety as he looked at the monster’s mouth, which began to move its mouth in small but rapid motions, unlike before when he had taken a single large bite.


The satiety of the soul that goes beyond that.

The feeling of my soul filling up was extremely enjoyable.

‘Is the level rising? After all, the Four Emperors. Even though it’s just a feather, it’s not enough to elevate me to where I am now.’

The feeling of your soul growing and growing.

Jinhyeok felt it authentically and was happy.


It is the absolute reason why Jinhyuk climbs the tower and at the same time becomes the driving force.

It was not limited to physical growth.

Growth of the mind, growth of the soul.

Furthermore, the growth of my own ‘class’ that encompasses all of that.

There is nothing to throw away, but Jinhyuk felt as if the growth he was feeling right now was as thrilling and ecstatic as filling him with energy to go forward again for revenge and to climb the tower.

At least it felt that way to Jinhyuk.

“…more! Eat more!”


The white waterfall itself was like an illusion created by Jinhyuk being weighed down by the enormous energy contained in Yuriel’s feather.

This means that it is no different from the image he has of the situation in which he is currently feeling enormous energy.

In other words, the current White Falls was like a trauma or something that had to be overcome.

Naturally, the trauma that exists in everyone cannot be easily erased or shaken off.

Taking a step forward and devouring it and making it your own will be several times more difficult than the previous method.


But Jinhyuk chose a more difficult path.

A characteristic is essentially an ability that is given by summarizing the personality, abilities, etc. of the person who possesses that characteristic.

And for Jinhyeok, who has predatory characteristics, chewing on things that stand in his way and becoming stronger was not an option but a necessity.


A bigger bite than the first bite, and at the same time, pieces of the white waterfall that fills the inside of oneself.

Jinhyeok’s eyes turned to the intense pleasure that went beyond fulfillment, no, it satisfied the soul itself.

[He claps his hands, saying that the pinnacle of all evil is what he had hoped for.]

[He cheers that the pinnacle of all evil is the birth of the devil of devouring.]

Is that why?

He couldn’t read Baal’s message, which he would have normally noticed right away, and he couldn’t see his nickname, the Demon Lord of Predation.

Of course, so far it has only been Baal talking alone, but the units and weight are different depending on the speaker.

It is safe to say that he had reached the pinnacle among demons. The nickname or nickname that came out of his mouth quickly spread to other gods and demons.

“more! Eat more!”

Without even noticing the birth of his new nickname, Jinhyuk exposed his teeth towards the white waterfall that was slowly revealing its bottom.


A monster that eats everything in sight and sends nutrients to its owner, Jinhyeok.

Jinmyeong of the ‘Greedy Dragon’, who is neutral but a little closer to the evil side and who often shows interest in Jinhyeok.

“Tam, eat it all.”



Tam, a dragon-headed monster corrupted by greed, opened his mouth to its limit and bit down on the white waterfall.

Kwachak –

At the same time, the sound of glass breaking hit Jinhyuk’s eardrums, and Jinhyuk opened his eyes.

“Are you conscious?”


In front of Jinhyuk who opened his eyes, there were Balkan and Miho looking at him with worried eyes.

While stroking Miho, who was looking at him with bright eyes, Jinhyuk felt a tingling pain in his hand.

“blood? “Actually, you guys put a lot of strength into your body from the middle part.”

As Balkan shook his head as if he understood, Jinhyeok looked at the wound.

Balkan asked Jinhyuk, who was just looking at the wound without saying anything.

“So what did you get? Seeing as it happened well, I think it was a success. “I tried to pick on you if you failed, but it’s a shame.”

Jinhyeok, who pretended to be disappointed and smiled at the curious Balkan, squeezed so hard that he spread his torn hand beyond the fingernail marks.

“What did you get? Open your eyes and look carefully. “Because this is the trophy I got by eating the feather.”

Faaaaat –

As soon as he finished speaking, Jinhyuk’s hands, which were riddled with deep wounds, were covered with a white light.

“This… this?”

Cozy yet warm white light.

Vulcan, who saw the almost milky light, immediately recognized the identity of the light.

No, it would be strange not to know.

Because it was the same light that appeared when treating Jinhyeok, who was injured during the meeting with Yuriel.

And the name of that light is none other than…

“Divine Power.” At most, it is only a single seed, but it has created a divine power generating organ in its body. how is it? Are you satisfied with this, Balkan?”

It was divine power.

It was Jinhyeok who not only gained divine power, but also created an organ that could permanently generate divine power.

Not a member of the Four Emperors, but a mere mortal, a climber in human flesh, possesses the same divine power generation organ as the Elyos.

“…I wouldn’t be surprised if the Elyos issued an order to kill you.”

“That’s natural. It wouldn’t be surprising if those who live in their own self-esteem find out that bug-like humans other than them have the same thing inside their bodies, and the entire race rushes in, asking what the extermination order is. “Even if it’s just the size of a bean and not something as close to the heart as they do, it won’t change.”

Order to kill.

He was a Balkan who casually said that he would find and kill the target regardless of whether it was in hell or heaven, but Jinhyeok did not deny that either.

The pride of the Four Emperors was great, and Jinhyeok knew very well that if they found out that another race had a specific ‘organ’ that the race itself possessed, they would not only be indignant but would, as Balkan said, order them to be exterminated.

Therefore, Jinhyeok focused on something else rather than the word ‘order to kill’ that he uttered.

“But I wasn’t asking about the expulsion order or anything, I was asking what was going on. “This achievement that I have achieved.”

The look of the shoulders reaching into the sky and the bridge of the nose smashing the ceiling.

Miho frowned at that, but Jinhyuk didn’t care, and Balkan couldn’t say anything bitter about him either.

“amazing. Yes, you are a great guy. Cha Jin-hyuk, the first climber in history to possess a divine power generating organ that only the Four Emperors, and among them the Elyos, possessed! You are the best!”

Jinhyuk’s accomplishments were truly remarkable enough to be able to show such a thing.

Unlike usual, Jinhyuk seemed to be excited by the sight of Balkan not stopping praising him.

Jinhyeok, who was immersed in praise, did not feel the ring he was wearing vibrating slightly.

I also didn’t know that the vibration was similar to the vibration or tremor seen by a prey standing in front of a predator.

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