Absolute Necromancer Chapter 58

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All Master Necromancer Episode 58

‘As expected, you did something tricky.’

Jinhyuk thought as he entered the hotel room.

They say Yuriel was up to something.

Otherwise, what Jinhyuk saw could not be explained.

‘The blank faces of people on the street. Until then, I thought it was a surprise… but the hotel staff looked the same in the lobby.’

Once is a coincidence, but twice is inevitable.

The hotel staff looks exactly like the climbers on the street?

That may not have been the only reason.

“What have you done?”

Jinhyuk entered his hotel room and immediately confessed his thoughts.

“It wasn’t just for me and you, it was for them too.”

And because Yuriel also had no intention of hiding what he had done, the conversation between the two progressed quickly.

Jinhyeok frowned at the sight of Yuriel speaking as if she had no choice, with a soft smile on her face.

“Because the Elyos tracking party may come riding on them. It’s okay to reach out to them, but if they dig in directly, innocent people can get caught up in it. “I just touched your memory for that purpose.”

Elyos’ tracking party.

If it’s as Uriel claimed, it means they could be trying to steal information from climbers on the streets or hotel employees.

‘And if you really try to steal information, the person you target could die.’

If that’s true, what Uriel did was a good thing.

By erasing some of people’s memories, he prevented them from falling into the range of the tracking team and further prevented his own tail from being stepped on.

‘…I guess I passed somehow.’

They use others, but they do so in a way that does not pose a danger or threat to them.

He doesn’t treat himself like a brat, and he doesn’t just do it for himself like a cold-blooded man even if everyone else dies.

It’s not bad.

It was Jinhyuk’s idea.

“Seeing as you said you messed with memories, it looks like you have a lot of expertise in that area, right? “How far did it go?”

“It doesn’t work well for someone with a strong ego like you, but it’s only the 10th floor. It is not a level that those who stay there can endure. It would have been deleted just to the extent of me appearing on the street and having a conversation with you, Mr. Ghost. “You can think of the same as the cute employee down there.”

Calm answer.

Her flowing answers were flawless and flawless, as if she had been waiting for this question.

‘Couldn’t it even touch my memories? It relieves all my worries at once. ‘He definitely has a good sense of humor.’

Perspicaciousness and tact.

Even the thoroughness of immediately understanding what others want and preparing for it.

It was Jinhyuk’s favorite subject.

“I’m not particularly happy about having a conversation with an Elyos right in front of me.”

He did not welcome the idea of talking to an Elyos, one of the Four Emperors.

Even if she is the target of Jinhyuk’s heart, the Heavenly Tribe is a target that Jinhyuk will have to defeat someday.

Of course there was no way we could be together.

“The spirit next to me is still looking at me sharply… I don’t want a fight.”

“…Can you see it too?”

In response to Uriel’s answer referring to the invisible Vulcan, Jinhyeok sighed, thinking that it was as expected.

It was a headache for Jinhyuk that people who could see the Balkans appeared frequently recently.

Well, they were both dragons and elyos, the Four Emperors.

Still, it wasn’t all bad because we could be sure that the invisibility of souls didn’t work for the Four Emperors.

“…that’s not the point. “Why don’t you tell me why you found me and what you said to me on the street?”

The reason I invited someone I might have to fight with into the hotel room someday.

That’s because she knows about herself and has clearly spoken words referring to herself.

‘A person wearing a mask condensing grotesqueness is plotting a reversal. The power of him and those who follow him is weak, but the end will be filled with success… It is clear that he is referring to me.’

The mask, which condenses grotesqueness, represents the face of a ghost, and Yeokcheon represents Jinhyeok’s thoughts of going beyond the Nine Stars and targeting the Four Emperors above them.

The words that follow will refer to the people Jinhyuk will gather in the future.

Jinhyeok thought that Ah-gwi couldn’t have said something so fitting in front of him for no reason.

“It’s a prophecy. “A prophecy passed down to us unprofitable people.”

“…Are you talking about a prophecy from God?”

“It’s similar. “I am only here on behalf of Muik according to that prophecy.”

“What do you want?”

He knew that what Uriel had said to him was part or all of the prophecy, but the important thing was from now on.

What to hope for.

It was important to Jinhyuk to know what Uriel, who appeared in front of him citing a prophecy from God, wanted from him.

However, in response to Jinhyuk’s question, Yuriel responded by turning his back on his seat.

White knit.

The back was open, and the knit was enough to embarrass the viewer, but that wasn’t the important thing.

The fundamental reason why Jinhyuk was surprised.

It is none other than that.

“…Why were the wings torn off?”

This is because where the white wings should have been, the wings were cruelly torn off and only roots or something that could be called debris remained in that place.

Wings that are like a symbol of the Elyos.

The absence of it proved that the Elyos in front of me, Yuriel, was an Elyos, but not an Elyos.

“We, Muik, are an organization created by people who were kicked out of the world of the Elyos a long time ago. They were crazy, and Futui was an organization that those who rebelled against it belonged to. “It goes without saying, but when we were kicked out, we had to go through the humiliation of having our iconic, proud wings torn off.”

“…So what do you want from me?”



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“If the prophecy goes by, you will definitely be plotting a reversal. Let’s allow our Muik to add strength to that.”

Add strength.

No matter how much they were kicked out of the Elyos’ city ‘Utopia’, the Elyos are still Elyos.

Jinhyeok couldn’t help but be taken aback when they came to ask for help.

-What should I do?

-Why? Accept it. When I looked at it, it didn’t even seem like a lie.

In the end, Jinhyeok sent a request for help to Balkan.

Balkan, who had heard everything Uriel said from the side, urged him to accept his request as soon as he heard it.

In fact, for Jinhyeok, who was planning to attack the Four Emperors someday, their help was more than he should have hoped for.

‘It’s just as Balkan said. Yuriel is not lying. Then should I accept their help?’

It was a short moment, but the worries were long.

In the midst of endless worries, Jinhyeok finally made a decision.

“What would be the benefit if I formed an alliance with you?”

Let’s take a listen first.

He thought that it would not be too late to decide after hearing how useful they were to him.

Yuriel also opened her mouth in a calm manner, perhaps because she knew or understood Jinhyeok’s feelings.

“doesn’t exist.”

“…what? “You said we would form an alliance and there would be no benefit… Are you kidding me?”


Jinhyuk felt an emotion that could be called anger boiling over.

Angi, who wondered if the winged Elyos in front of her were playing with her, could not be stopped even though she knew that she was an Elyos and that she was a strong person that she could not do anything about.

However, despite receiving Jinhyeok’s cold and angry gaze, Yuriel remained steadfast.

“A group of worthless Elyos broke away. Obviously, the power itself is quite powerful. However, we are always caught in the surveillance network of the Elyos. If you ask us for help, their eyes will be divided and turned to you. And I don’t want that.”

As she calmly explained that their help would soon be harmful to Jinhyuk, Jinhyuk touched his forehead.

“That’s a joke.”

Gyeruk (鷄肋).

The flesh attached to the ribs of a chicken.

If you eat it, it’s worthless, but if you throw it away, it’s a waste of the flesh attached to it.

It was a situation that fit perfectly with the current situation.

Even if the group called Useless is an organization that is equal to or stronger than the guild run by Nine Stars, if they are always monitored by ‘Utopia’, it is as if they do not exist.

‘Unless you have to deal with Utopia’s gaze.’

Of course, there were definitely good points.

“What if I need your help, even if it means risking their attention? “Are you going to help me then?”

“…I will add it.”

If Jinhyuk is confident enough to handle their gaze, he can borrow a little of the power of futility.

That was a clear advantage.

After listening to that point, Jinhyuk organized his thoughts.

“I want to hear why you want to join hands with me.”

“They are wrong. We believe that God did not make such a prophecy for nothing. If what you are trying to do is to condemn them, then it is only natural for you to add your strength, even if it is insufficient. “That’s it.”

Jinhyeok, who had been calmly looking at Yuriel lowering his head and showing his true feelings, opened his mouth.

“Can you block the eyes of God and the devil?”

“You can cover up as much as you want, if only for a moment.”

“Then cover it. “Because I have something to say.”

“Of course.” As soon as


finished speaking, Uriel pulled out a feather from the root of the remaining wing on his back with a ‘pop’ sound and blew the feather in the air.

Passyek –

The feathers that flew into the air under the breath turned into powder and scattered throughout the room.

Jinhyuk, who noticed that Gold Rich had similar abilities to when he used gold power, nodded.

“Can I talk now?”

“You can do whatever you want. Even if you curse at them, it’s okay, so don’t worry.”

“Baal bstard. stalker. “You voyeuristic bstard.”


“I’m sure, you can tell me.”

They said it was okay to swear, so I gave it a try and was surprised.

Jinhyeok smiled as he saw the marble-like complexion of Uriel turn pale due to the curse directed at Baal, the pinnacle of all evil.

“I will form an alliance with you. As you said, even though it is so insignificant now, I can be confident that the end will be great.”

“I hope so.”

“And I have already died once and come back to life. He said he would help me get revenge on those who killed me, so I have no reason to refuse. “Originally, you would have been on that list too… but since you are judged to be an Elyos but not an Elyos, there is nothing we can do.”

“Cha Jinhyuk. “That is my name.”

The moment Jinhyuk calmly said his name, Yuriel’s complexion turned pale, as if he knew something.

When Jinhyuk tilted his head at the unusual reaction, Yuriel’s mouth opened slightly and she immediately apologized to Jinhyuk.

“sorry. Because I’m not good enough…”

A sudden apology.

She and Jinhyuk met for the first time today.

Of course, there is nothing for her to feel sorry for Jinhyuk.

Nevertheless, Yuriel apologized to Jinhyuk, and the fact that it followed after hearing Jinhyuk’s name only pointed to one thing.

“You knew me.”

Jinhyuk now, before he was reincarnated, not like a ghost or anything.

It ended up being that Uriel knew him as the Spirit Master, Cha Jin-hyuk.

And Yuriel did not deny it.

“I was also present when discussing your death.”


As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Jinhyuk’s spiritual power filled the room.

A terrifying force filled the room, and Jinhyeok, who had made the entire room his domain, asked as if chewing up the sharply forged energy towards Yuriel, as if to prove his current mood.

“Tell me in detail. Before we decide on an alliance or a battle of life or death.”

One’s own death before reincarnation.

The question about that was enough to completely erase from the room the theory of an alliance between Muik and Jinhyeok that had been going on so far.

To Jinhyuk now, her alliance with Muik, to which she belonged, was no longer important.

Rather, the acceptance of the alliance proposal just made could have been returned to nothing.

But he didn’t do it right away.

I just focus on hearing the secret story of my own death before reincarnation.

Even though she knew that her sharply forged spirit could not harm her, Uriel told the stories she knew with a somber expression.

After hearing the entire story without exception, Jinhyeok was overcome with extreme anger.


He was so angry that he tore the hotel room to pieces.

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