Absolute Necromancer Chapter 57

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All Master Necromancer Episode 57

“Is today’s work over?”

“That’s not called work, it’s called torture, idiot.”

Balkan sang the first song while looking at Jinhyeok who was muttering while wiping the sweat from his forehead, and Miho sang the chorus.

Despite the two people’s fierce opposition, Jinhyuk did not stop saying ‘work’.

“It was definitely tough, but shouldn’t we be able to catch up with the starters at this level?”

“Are you really planning to replace your body?”

“If only I could replace one of my bodies and kill them all.”

Balkan, who was looking at Jinhyeok who was talking about Nine Stars and the Four Emperors with a cold gaze, shook his head with a sigh.

“Do whatever you want. “I’m just following the path you take anyway.”

The two people burst into laughter at the sight of Miho sticking out her front paw from Jinhyuk’s arms and kissing Jinhyuk’s cheek, saying she was confident.

“Yes, you too. “Thank you, Miho.”

“Maybe because she’s a child, she’s cute.”

[The nine-tailed fox is shrugging.]

[The nine-tailed fox praises him for being really cute, even though he doesn’t know who it is.]

That’s it.

Jinhyeok stuck out his tongue at the message of the nine-tailed fox, who packaged and decorated his cub as if it were someone else’s.

“But I admit it’s cute.”

Jinhyuk walked down the street, mesmerized by the softness he felt from Miho, who was rubbing her face while saying thank you.

‘This training will definitely be a little painful.’

Although torture is often disguised as training, Jinhyeok also knows that what he is doing is very wrong.

‘Really grinding your body for profit is not good in the long run.’

Immediately, Jinhyeok’s body was in disarray due to the impact of Yeolseok and Hanseok.

The body that transcended humans healed itself by burning fuel called mana and spiritual power, but in the end, this was more of a temporary solution.

‘Only when treatment based on potions and divine power are used together can I regain my perfect physical condition as soon as possible.’

Potions and divine power.

Among potions, a fairly high-quality product was needed, and the divine power also required treatment with the divine power of a fairly high-ranking being.

‘Well, it’s not like I would receive an elixir or something from a Pope-level priest.’

Of course, the standards for luxury and high location were not at the highest level.

Just a moderately advanced, moderately high-level cleric will be enough to inflict damage.

But that level was never going to be enough.

“Will you develop immunity?”

“Potions and divine power are similar to medicine, so it makes sense. The divine power will be slightly less, but the potion will become less effective if you drink too much.”


Holy power, a type of energy, is less so, but potions, which are a type of medicine in the first place, are different.

As a result, if you train in Jinhyeok’s way, there is a high possibility that your body will be damaged.

“So what I’m saying is do it in moderation. I heard you got the skill you wanted? Be satisfied there. “It wouldn’t be a problem to do it once or twice more, but if it goes beyond 10 or 20 times, then you’ll have to bring in the Pope.”

Jinhyeok did not deny Balkan’s advice, which seemed to be shouting.

‘They said dying by fire is the most painful, but in my opinion, freezing to death is not that different.’

The pain of being burned to death and the pain of freezing to death.

Jinhyuk knew that both pains were terrible because he had experienced both in almost the same way.

Even though I have experienced death, I feel it is more painful than dying.

In addition, Jinhyeok thought that it was more than twice as painful as the first time he tried to resist poison, and moved forward.

“You’re probably completely festering inside right now. “I recommend that you get treatment quickly.”

“I know. But where do you get treatment? Should we go to a temple?”

“…There is no answer. “There is no answer.”

However, there was a problem.

An ordinary priest was not enough to heal the already festering insides.

Although I treated it a bit with the potion I had prepared in advance, my internal organs, which had been completely cooked and frozen, were still unable to escape the aftereffects.

“To put it bluntly, if it were the divine magic or healing magic used by the Elyos among the Four Emperors, it would be instantly better…” “

Keum- you know how ridiculous and absurd it is, right?”


Or, they are also called gods.

A race of people who literally walk around with an angel ring floating above their heads, angel wings on their backs, and dove wings as a derogatory term.

They are a race that cannot be compared to others, with each of them possessing the divine power of a pope, and the most outstanding among them truly possessing divine power sufficient to accept God.

Of course, they rarely heal anyone.

‘No, I’m not saying it’s not much, but if you look at the entire history of the tower, you can count it on your fingers.’

The history of the tower, which is said to have existed almost from the beginning.

Among them, the number of times the Elyos healed other races was literally counted on one hand.

That’s not to say it’s not that good, but when Jinhyuk chuckles, he says we should just assume it didn’t happen.


“Miho, I told you to be quiet outside…”

“…Did you feel it too?”

“…If I can’t feel this, I’ll go out and die. “Get ready.”

Did you say that even tigers will come if you tell them to?

The murmur felt in the streets and the warmth that flows naturally even without that murmur.

Jinhyeok and Balkan felt this and gritted their teeth and glared ahead.




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“Following the dragon race, is it the Elyos clan this time? Demons and giants will appear soon.”

“It is not for nothing that they say that words become seeds. “Watch your mouth.”

“I made a mistake. “I apologize.”

For a moment, I criticized the Balkans by bringing up one of the Earth’s proverbs, ‘Words become seeds.’

Jinhyeok and Balkan’s gaze turned to the same place, and at the same time, the crowd separated and a familiar angel ring came into view.

‘As expected, he was an Elyos.’

Only the Elyos have the Angel Ring and no one can take it.

Even if the Elyos carrying the angel ring died, it was safe to assume that the angel ring belonged only to the Elyos, as it did not fall off the corpse.

Such an angel ring was an item that proved one’s status as an Elyos.

Like the horns and wings of dragons or demons, or the unrealistic bodies and muscles of giants.

‘…But where are the pigeon’s wings?’

Derogatory term.

I can’t just say it out loud.

To be precise, Jinhyeok, who was looking at the Elyos in front of him while thinking to himself about the derogatory name that could not be used in front of Elyos, realized something was strange.

The derogatory name he had just thought of.

This is because the wings of a dove or an angel were not visible.

‘Did you zoom out? No, it’s still not very visible….’

The wings can be reduced.

There are not many people who keep their wings, which are so large and cumbersome, at their original size even in everyday life.

Above all, it is difficult to manage when it is large.

They could accidentally bump into other climbers, and they didn’t like the idea of killing all the climbers they bumped into.

Therefore, Vulcan, who was thinking the same thing, shook his head to Jinhyeok, who was thinking about the hypothesis, ‘Did the wings get reduced?’

“It has no wings.”

“…Does that make sense?”

[The dragon race has lost its arrogance.]

[The demon race is polite.]

[The giant race is smart.]

Words similar to the three above.

[Elyos have no wings.]

Jinhyeok could not believe that this situation was happening right before his eyes.

But reality is reality.

Slowly, Jinhyuk also saw something different and felt it with his whole body.

‘The Elyos walking now obviously don’t have wings. I’m sure other people are seeing it too.’

Jinhyeok heard people who found out that she was an Elyos and muttering the words ‘She doesn’t have wings’ while looking at her.

Her hearing was superhuman, but the important thing was that she was not the only one who knew that she had no wings, which meant that it was true that she was a wingless Elyos.

And the most important thing is.


“No matter how you look at it, it’s on our side, right?”


The point was that she was slowly approaching them.

The distance between them, who were in a perfect straight line, was slowly decreasing, until it was just a matter of nose touching if they fell face down.

The two people and one fox cub showed a strong wariness towards her.

Jinhyeok, who is gently stroking the head of Miho, who is biting at her, and slowly drawing out his spiritual power, and Vulkan, who has already created a soul staff, look at the approaching Elyos with tense faces.

“nice to meet you.”


They were stunned by the greeting given by the Elyos who stopped at a distance just enough to recognize their faces.

The Four Emperors.

It was surprising that they, a generally uncivilized race, greeted her, but Jinhyeok, who sensed the goodwill on her face, greatly strengthened his guard.

Although he felt favored, the reason why he instead raised his guard is simple.

‘Favor is not an emotion applied to an unknown object. That favor means that the Elyos know me.’

This is because we know that favor does not originally apply to strangers.

Someone who knows rather than someone who doesn’t know.

An emotion that appears more often with someone you are familiar with than with someone you know.

If the Elyos in front of her feels favored toward her, she clearly knows herself and proves that she feels familiar enough to feel favored.

The important thing is.

‘I don’t know that guy.’

The point was that Jinhyeok did not know that the Elyos was approaching me with a bright smile on their face.

I don’t know the other person, but the other person knows me so deeply that they feel like me, beyond just knowing me.

It was a situation where there was no choice but to be on guard, and Jinhyeok completed the guard brilliantly.

“You’re wary of me.”

Jinhyeok couldn’t get angry even at the sight of the Elyos calmly saying obvious things.

‘I’m wearing a mask, but it’s something that will become my symbol in the future, but it can’t necessarily be used as an indicator to be tracked by the Elyos.’

It is said that the Elyos are the nicest among the other Four Emperors, but that is only a relative evaluation.

This is because he knows very well that the nature of the Elyos is quite trash.

But even for a moment.

Sarak –

As she moved, the clothes brushed against each other, making a ‘Sarak’ sound, and before she knew it, she was standing in front of Jinhyeok.


When not only Jinhyuk but even Balkan are shocked by the fast and secretive movements that make them unable to even react.

The Elyos spoke with a worried face as he gently stroked the area where Jinhyeok’s internal organs were located.

“The inside is very damaged.”

“That’s none of your business…”

“I’m not the type to just watch things like this.”



A bright cluster of light reminiscent of this burst out from the hands of the Elyos.

‘…Crazy, this is divine power?’

He knew and Vulkan knew that a bright cluster of light usually explodes when using holy power or holy magic.

But the halo visible now goes beyond that.

‘This is the Four Emperors. Is this an Elyos?’

Gulp –

When Jinhyuk swallows his dry saliva, having indirectly experienced the strength of the being he will have to deal with in the future.

The Elyos took his hand away from Jinhyeok’s stomach and smiled gently.

“Are you okay now?”

“…It’s okay, but who are you?”

Vulcan was shocked by the quite polite words compared to the informal language he had used up to now, but he soon accepted it obediently.

Jinhyuk knows that the presence in front of him is too great for him to just casually blurt out words.

In response to Jinhyeok’s question, the Elyos clan slapped its palm down loudly as if realizing its mistake and then opened its mouth.

“My name is Yuriel, a wingless angel belonging to the Unprofitable.”


Jinhyuk tilted his head at the group name, which meant no wings.

Because it was the first time I had heard of the group name.

But Jinhyuk’s face hardened at her words that followed.

“A person wearing a mask condensing grotesqueness is plotting a reversal. “He and those who follow him may have little power, but the end will be filled with success.”


“I do not belong to the Four Emperors clan you think of. “How about talking to me for a moment?”

“…I know a quiet place. Follow me.”

“Of course.”

As soon as he realized that the opponent was from the Four Emperors, but not from the Four Emperors, Balkan clicked his tongue at Jinhyeok, who returned to his original informal speech.

‘…Now that I think about it, I think I was like that too.’

Balkan, who remembered what happened when he met the dragon slayer Hendrick, who was a dragon but not a dragon, cleared his throat in embarrassment and chased after Jinhyuk and Yuriel, who were moving towards the hotel.

After the two people disappeared completely, the climbers who were watching them spent about ten seconds with blank faces before their eyes returned to life.

“…hmm? “Why were you standing here?”

“I think I was surprised when I saw something…what was it?”

And they didn’t remember what they saw.

Eventually, the images of Uriel and Jinhyuk disappeared from the minds of the climbers as they hurried their steps and disappeared from the streets.

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