Absolute Necromancer Chapter 56

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All Master Necromancer Episode 56

“You’re here as expected.”

“Well, it’s natural. “The road to learning is still long.”

“also! “You are amazing!”

As soon as he entered the wizard’s tower, Jinhyuk faced Ken and shrugged his shoulders and said something that didn’t make sense.

In reality, it was torture, no, I just came to a quiet place to practice.

“What about organizing the necromancer’s room?”

“It’s all done.”

“Didn’t you restore the things I put away back to their original state?”

If that were the case, Jinhyeok was nervous because he was afraid that Balkan would use his spirit soldiers and remove the furniture again like yesterday.

Ken shook his head with an apologetic expression.

“sorry. “I don’t have enough strength to clean it all up by myself.”

“No, I’m actually glad. “Because there was no mishap that had to be cleaned up again.”

“Oh, is that so? Then, let’s tell the manager in advance. “Every few days, the janitors go through the rooms, clean empty rooms, and return furniture to its original position.”

The poor physical strength of a wizard became a blessing in disguise.

Ken’s poor physical strength was not good enough to restore all the furniture to its original condition by himself, and Jinhyuk was satisfied with the answer that the furniture was in the same condition as it had been removed.

“Then please do so.”

“Yes, I will pass it on.”

“But… it would be better to solve the physical problem.”

“Glass cannons don’t survive for long. Physical training will be enough to help you overcome the wall that blocks you.”

It may be hard to call it a repayment, but Jinhyuk gave Ken the answer to the problem he is currently experiencing.


Climbers encounter walls over and over again.

It could be a wall that is close to your limit, or it could just be a wall you encounter along the way.

‘And Ken, for that guy, this wall is just a wall along the way. ‘With just a little bit of advice, I’m sure I’ll find a way to get over the wall in my own way and get over it.’

Ken was the latter.

In fact, most of the walls encountered in places less than 100 floors were the latter.

Anyway, Jinhyuk hoped that Ken would overcome the wall blocking his path, and he hoped that he would overcome it quickly.

‘The more useful people there are, the better. ‘I also owe you yesterday.’

If you give him a favor, he won’t forget it.

Ken was like that, and Jinhyuk did not forget the kindness that helped him yesterday.

“Do you need anything now?”

Even though it was just advice, Jinhyuk had no intention of repaying the favor with just a few words.

“yes? No, right now…”

Ken didn’t know the meaning of the question, “Do you need anything?”, so he immediately waved his hand.

Asking that question was no different from Jinhyuk saying that he would give him what he needed.

But Jinhyuk shook his head.

It wasn’t just an attempt to repay his favor by giving him something new, it was said for his benefit.

Jinhyuk shook his head as if to prove it, and advice for him poured out from his mouth.

“In order to overcome a wall, it is important to overcome it only with one’s own ability, but it would be good to attach great significance to crossing it itself. There is something to be gained just by crossing the wall. And the best thing to fill in any missing abilities is, of course, artifacts or items. “Is it really not there?”

It is not recommended to use items or artifacts to overcome or destroy walls that have reached their limit.

But on the contrary, Jinhyuk thought that it would be better to use items and artifacts to break through than to be stuck for a long time by a wall that was just blocking the passage.

‘There are so many walls you have to face in the future, so there’s no need to struggle to get over the small walls.’

Like the 100th and 200th floors, the trials of each 100th floor are difficult, but Jinhyeok knows well that the real challenge lies in the 300th and 600th floors.

That’s why he didn’t want Ken to do it on his own, floundering down dozens of floors at most.

Of course, it would be great if he could succeed with his own strength alone, but the time it took to do it was such a waste.

From Jinhyuk’s perspective, who saves every minute, there was no such waste.

“…Then I think an orb or a staff would be appropriate. “If you use magic during battle, your mana arrangement will be disrupted.”

“Obviously, it’s a problem that will only be resolved with time, so it may be difficult to solve it with your own abilities right now.”

After listening to Jinhyuk’s advice, Ken gave up his pride and chose the two items he needed most.

Staff and Orb.

Artifacts and items that can compensate for Ken’s weakness, which is that his mana arrangement is easily disturbed.

‘Definitely having an orb is very effective in keeping the mana arrangement consistent. The staff is worse than the orb in stabilizing the mana array, but the strengthening of the power of the magic itself is enough to be useful.’

It is clear that both will be helpful to Ken today.

‘There will be prerequisites for having good staff and a good job, but that’s none of my business.’

Ken would definitely have at least one of the staff and orbs.

What he wanted was not an ordinary staff and orb, but a fairly usable staff and orb.

Wizards are a profession called money-eating hippopotamuses.

It costs money to research magic and to use magic.

Naturally, the price of high-quality staffs and orbs used in direct combat was beyond imagination, but it was not that important to Jinhyeok.



Ken looked at Jinhyuk, who wrote something on a note he took out of his pocket and handed it to him.

Jinhyeok kindly explained what this meant.

“Take that and go to the Gold Rich Company on the 10th floor, visit Branch Manager Halcyon, and tell him what you want. Additionally, if you tell me I sent it, they will take care of it.”

“Would it be okay for me to meet the branch manager of Gold Rich Company without permission?”

“Well, I guess you two might get along really well.”

The meeting of two people who follow each other quite well, even if they are not at the level of deification.



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Jinhyuk patted Ken on the shoulder, thinking it would be quite fun, gave him one last piece of advice, and walked toward the necromancer’s room.

“Mind what I said. Glass cannons don’t survive for long. Exercise hard. “I also climb hard as a gift to repay my debt.”

After finishing speaking, Ken, who was staring blankly at Jinhyuk’s fluttering coat as he walked away, went straight to Gold Rich Store and met Halcyon.

And Ken, who was guided by guards to the branch manager’s office of Gold Rich Company, was able to see Halcyon looking at him with a look of surprise.

-Did it really come from you?

-yes. Yesterday I helped you, but today he came and said he would give me advice and a gift, and told me to come here.

At first, Halcyon went through the verification process to see if Jinhyuk had sent it, and then realized that Jinhyuk had indeed sent it.

Furthermore, he showed great interest in the help he gave to Jinhyeok.

-I helped him… That sounds a bit tempting. If you don’t mind, let’s have a cup of tea with me and talk about him.


Naturally, Ken, who had a great liking for Jinhyuk, to the extent that he could be called the Pope of Jinhyeokism, or Ghost Religion, responded.

Just as Jinhyuk thought, the two people surprisingly got along well.

So much so that we put off our work for a long time and talked.

While they were having a pleasant conversation, torture was taking place in the necromancer’s room where Jinhyeok entered.

No, to be precise.


“Oh, your face has turned purple. “That’s a pretty funny face.”

It could be said to be a scene of self-harm.

As Balkan said, Jinhyeok’s face was beyond comical.

It must have felt that way even more because Jinhyeok’s face, which had taken off the uncomfortable mask and appeared as it was, was stained purple.

The sight of him holding his neck and making noises as if he were underwater is enough to make anyone who doesn’t know him think he’s a clown.

“It’s old, antidote.”

But if you knew it was the effect of the poison, you wouldn’t be able to giggle at him.

Of course, it was just a fun tidbit for Balkan.

He quickly decided that Jinhyuk was at his limit and threw the antidote he had into his mouth.

The antidote, which gently dissolved as soon as it entered his mouth, spread through Jinhyeok’s esophagus and throughout his body, returning his complexion to its original color.


Balkan clicked his tongue as he looked at Jinhyeok, who was breathing heavily, like a diver who had taken a breath of fresh air after diving in deep water.

“Tsk, that’s a good thing. “What is the benefit of doing that? Instead, use your time to practice spiritual power, you guy.”

“Among the Nine Stars, there is one who deals with poison. “It may be impossible to completely detoxify it, but you should be able to resist and move while poisoned.”

Even though his work was disparaged as being useless, Jinhyeok did not give up on his thoughts.

Nine Stars.

Among them, there was also a climber who was skilled in poison, and because of that, Jinhyeok was unable to fight properly during the battle.

‘Feeling that helpless once is enough.’

Undead and soul sickness were blocked by siblings Cain Fallon and Shane Fallon, members of the Nine Stars and guild masters of the current guild ‘Seongguk’, and Jinhyuk himself was poisoned by poison and could not even move his body properly.

He didn’t stop because one time was enough for him to experience being poisoned, his body not listening, and his mana fluctuating.

Poisonous plant –

A poisonous plant that is at the next level after the first poisonous plant eaten.

As Jinhyeok threw it into his mouth and chewed it, a cool murderous look flowed from his eyes and moistened the room.

‘…You crazy guy, you’re so right.’

Since I am Vulcan, who is on the receiving end of Jinhyeok’s murder, I felt with my whole body that his murder was sincere.

Jinhyuk, who was walking between life and death by chewing and holding on to countless poisonous plants step by step, was able to see a message window at some point.

[Skill: Poison resistance has been acquired.]

“…Is it finally a step forward?”

Poison resistance.

The reason and crystallization of why he kept chewing poisonous plants and taking antidote like a crazy person.

After getting it, Jinhyeok finally let go of the poisonous plant.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of everything.

Tuk –

A red stone taken out of subspace and thrown on the floor.

Heat stone.

Balkan stopped Jinhyeok from taking out the second of the three items he received from Puppet.

“You crazy idiot, are you planning to beat yourself up with that? uh? Are you not even thinking about that child who is watching this scene right now? “Are you human?”


“Look, isn’t Miho worried about you too!”

Even without looking at the situation just before, I could already tell what Jinhyeok would do with Yeolseok.

Therefore, not only Vulkan, but even Miho, who was watching the scene just now, made a sad noise and looked at him pitifully.

It seems he didn’t want to see the person who fed him so well suffer.

Despite the pleas of the two people(?), Jinhyuk did not stop.

“If you’re going to give up, you haven’t even started. You have to get all the resistance you can get. is not it?”

Chiik –

As soon as he finished speaking, no, while speaking, Jinhyuk placed a hot stone on his skin.

Along with the sound of meat being grilled, the smell of grilling flesh, and even the smell of burning flesh, began to permeate the room.

-Kheng… Keeng!

Unlike Vulcans, who cannot smell because they are spirits, foxes are sensitive to smells.

It was like torture to Miho, a fox at the level of a spirit creature.

However, in order not to disturb Jinhyeok, her owner and good feeder, Miho held her nose and mouth and groaned, enduring the pain.


Jinhyuk was also the one who suffered the most.

As a result, Jinhyeok’s efforts could be said to have been successful.

The cost was that his whole body was covered in red and even third-degree burns that went beyond the first and second degrees, but Jinhyuk was happy.

[Skill: Burn resistance acquired.]

“It’s finally the end.”

When Balkan sighed, looking at Jinhyeok, who stopped rubbing the stone as soon as he got the skill.

Jinhyuk shook his head.

“Do you think this is the end?”

As the saying goes, when you think it’s the end, it’s the beginning, Jinhyuk also made that saying a reality.

I immediately poured the used stone into my mouth.

It took no time for feeling to return to my mouth, which had become quite numb due to the poisonous weed.

Jinhyuk swallowed it gently, feeling the burning heat in his mouth beyond the return of his senses.


“…what a crazy guy.”

Although hot stone is like ice and melts the more you use it, a fairly large chunk remained.

However, Jinhyuk swallowed such a large lump in one go.

From there, it was clear that Yeol-seok would go down Jin-hyeok’s esophagus and cook his internal organs.

In fact, Jinhyuk’s hands moved randomly and scratched various parts of his body, as if showing the path of the stone that had passed through Jinhyuk’s esophagus.

As if to bring out something that cannot be taken out.

About ten minutes.

“…Whew, I’ll live.”

The heat completely melted inside, and only then did Jinhyuk come to his senses and sigh with a red face.

As a reward for swallowing the hot stone, the burn resistance skill you just gained has increased so much that even if you touch another hot stone to your skin, it will not feel as hot as the first time.

‘In return, the inside became a mess, so should this be considered a benefit?’

Balkan looked at Jinhyeok’s ridiculous behavior, trying to figure out whether what he did was a gain or a loss, using a calculator, and finally couldn’t stand it anymore and opened his mouth.

“Just practice spiritual power, you crazy person!”


Following the poisonous weeds, there was even burn torture caused by hot stones.

He couldn’t smell or taste, but his eyes were still intact, so seeing it was more than enjoyable, it was painful.

How much more amazing is Miho, who has everything that Balkan doesn’t have?

Following the two people’s passionate opposition, others who are not here but present also sent their thoughts.

[The nine-tailed fox complains, asking the child not to see his terrible image.]

There were also people who were worried about their child.

[King Mifu is happy, hitting the floor with his tail.]

Some people just find the current situation funny.

[The pinnacle of all evil is concerned about your physical condition.]

There was also a stalker who was worried about Jinhyuk.

[Some gods who are interested in you want you to walk on the right path.]

[Some demons who are interested in you support the path you walk.]

And there are a huge number of gods and demons beyond those three. He threw a message bomb containing his thoughts.

Jinhyeok did what he had to do in the midst of bomb-like messages pouring at him.

“There is still one step left.”

Jejeojeok –

Along with the words, Jinhyeok took a cold stone, one of the three items and the last item, and placed it on his burnt body.

Poisonous species.

That seemed like a perfect fit.

But what Jinhyeok wanted was closer to something more than poison.

A being who can sacrifice his or her own body without hesitation in order to achieve something.

‘I will become a demon. And as a demon, I will chew up all of you and eat them all.’

Jinhyeok made that promise as he looked at Nine Star, who was happily sleeping on the 600th floor, beyond the ceiling of the room and beyond the ceiling, without even looking at the slowly freezing body.

I will become a demon who will punish traitors.

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