Absolute Necromancer Chapter 52

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All Master Necromancer Episode 52

‘It’s Hendrick… I guess I should meet him.’

Jinhyeok could not erase the thoughts about Hendrick, the dragon slayer, that he had heard about from Balkan in his mind.

Rather, I just thought that I should meet him at least once.

‘It doesn’t seem like they have murderous intentions toward the entire Four Emperor Clan like I do, but the Dragon Clan is also a member of the Four Emperor Clan anyway. There will definitely be matching parts. What if Hendrick takes my side…? ‘It gives me chills just thinking about it.’

Unlike before his reincarnation, Jinhyeok was already planning to gather his colleagues to deal with the huge enemy called the Four Emperors.

They are powerful people who will not betray themselves and will not be influenced by the Four Emperors.

Naturally, Hendrick is a being who fully meets the conditions.

It could be said that it is natural for Jinhyuk to consider recruiting him.

That’s why the reputation of Dragon Slayer Hendrick was so great.

‘Once Miho’s condition improves, I’ll try to arrange a meeting then. He probably won’t climb the tower right away either. ‘He’s a fruit similar to me.’

Similar to yourself.

A being that doesn’t care about time when it comes to revenge.

Through conversations with Balkan, I realized that his current condition was incomplete or unstable.

In other words, it is almost certain that Hendrick is spending the same amount of time as Jinhyuk awakening and training his spiritual powers.

Therefore, the moment Miho stepped out of the hotel, confident that Hendrick would stay on the 10th floor for a few days while she recovered.

Jinhyuk was able to see the person who was waiting for him.

“Long time no see. “Gwimyeon.”

A climber with purple hair and a purple suit.

Puppet, the branch manager of the Gold Rich Company located on the 10th floor, was the one waiting for Jinhyuk.

“…It’s not like it’s been a long time. “Didn’t we meet just yesterday?”

“Well, since I live each day like it lasts 48 hours, it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, so I apologized. “I apologize.”

When I scolded him, saying that it was no longer time to call it a long time since we only met yesterday, the puppet immediately lowered his head and apologized.

Jinhyuk waved his hand, knowing that the important thing was not when they met anyway.

“Just the main point.”

Jinhyeok’s daily schedule is quite tight as he has to quickly go to the hunting ground to collect liver for Miho and then go to the Wizard’s Tower to practice spiritual power again.

Therefore, I had no choice but to say somewhat bluntly, just state the matter briefly.

However, the moment Jinhyuk heard the main argument, his attitude changed.

“I came to get the items you mentioned and deliver them to you.”

“Oh my~ You didn’t wait long, did you?”

“…Yeah, whatever. “I just arrived.”

Seeing Jinhyuk changing his attitude in an instant, no, changing his attitude as if he were flipping his palm, the puppet slightly stiffened his grinning face and nodded.

Jinhyeok, who knew that he was ashamed of his actions, cleared his throat and held out his hand.

“Great, just give it to me first.”

“Yes, the subspace items you mentioned were prepared in the form of a coat. “You can change the color to the user’s preference or make minor changes, and it also has built-in temperature control magic to maintain the most suitable temperature for the user.”

“…I brought you something pretty good, right?”

All items with built-in subspace are expensive.

It is natural that the only way to save subspace is to request it from a professional subspace item manufacturer or obtain it from monsters.

However, what attracted the most attention was not accessories such as rings or necklaces, but rather the type of coat that Jinhyuk was holding in his hand.

‘You can wear it even while wearing armor or something like that, and especially when it comes to accessories, there are many rings, necklaces, or earrings that have good abilities, so it’s inconvenient to have subspace accessories take up space for no reason.’

Of course, since this is a case-by-case situation, there were certainly many people who preferred subspace as an accessory such as a ring.

It’s just that Jinhyuk’s tastes were in the same coats and robes as they are now.


immediately put on the coat in his hand and let out an exclamation.

“…Ho-oh, it’s definitely good?”

Not only did a warm yet cool sensation come from the coat, but the coat itself was so light that it didn’t even feel like I was wearing it.

That means there won’t be any hindrance in battle.

In addition, pockets on the coat or lining inside the coat, etc.

Everything within the user’s reach could be connected to subspace, so there was no need to rummage through one’s pockets during battle.

‘This could be useful.’

If someone with bare hands suddenly rummages through their pockets and pulls out a long spear or a memorized tool, most people will be embarrassed.

Alternatively, there was also the option of fiddling with the lining of the coat, which could not contain anything, and then suddenly pulling out a weapon.

As a result, the sub-space of the court could also be used as part of the battle, which meant that Jinhyuk had one more fighting method.

“Do you like it. I brought you something good. thanks.”

“You don’t have to thank me. “This is an item that Goldrich personally obtained.”

“Oh, it’s definitely not something you can get.”

Subspace, Jinhyuk’s favorite subspace in the form of a coat, as well as the performance built into it, are not at a level that a puppet who climbs the 100th floor can obtain.

Knowing that, the doubts that arose disappeared before the name ‘Gold Rich’.

In fact, it is safe to say that there is nothing that cannot be obtained with Gold Rich money.

‘For some reason, it was the Gold Rich guy that suited my taste perfectly.’

A bundle is placed in front of Jinhyeok, who was amazed at Goldrich’s ability to know even the tastes of investors. When

I tilted

my head as if to ask what was the bundle that was raising a cloud of dust while making a thud sound as if to indicate its heaviness, the puppet responded lightly by kicking the bundle.

“These are items from the Goldrich Workshop. It takes a long time to make weapons of the level of famous swords or treasured swords, and since most of them are already owned, it will take some time to obtain them. Still, I brought things that could be used for a long time. Not to mention the quality.”

“hmm? okay?”


the puppet’s words, Jinhyuk roughly unpacked the bag and spread out the weapons inside on the floor and began inspecting them one by one.




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“So soft. “It’s light.”

“We mixed wrought iron. “It would be good to use as a throwing dagger.”

The first was a dagger.

A high-quality dagger that is light and flexible for a dagger.

Jinhyeok’s inspection continued even after the dagger had performance that Puppet was confident of, and when all inspections were completed.

Jinhyuk had a satisfied smile on his face.

“Good. “This will be useful until I get a weapon of the level you mentioned.”

“That’s too much praise.”

Seeing Jinhyuk looking satisfied, the puppet also smiled, feeling rewarded for having wandered around for less than a day.

“Is this the end?”

“Yes, this is the end. “We are currently seeking information about the ghost village on the 100th floor, and we are also working on spreading the reputation of the ghost you mentioned throughout the tower.”

“If there is anything unusual, please report it.”

“All right.”

Information about the ruined goblin village and reputation manipulation to clear the quest with Baal.

Jinhyeok didn’t care too much because these two things weren’t something that could be done in a day or so.

“There is no need to rush as information about the goblin village and my name can only be done before the 100th floor. “I’m saying don’t get caught up in rushing.”

“Keep that in mind.”

“That’s it then.”

Jinhyeok knew better than anyone else the size and strength of the enemies he had to deal with, so he placed more emphasis on stealth than speed.

‘Rather than letting them know about me, it would be better to go at a leisurely pace but be sure.’

Nine Stars and the Four Emperors.

When Jinhyeok was about to leave for the hunting ground, thinking that there would be nothing more troublesome than information being passed on to them.

Puppet spoke the last words.

“And as of today, I will be stepping down from my position as branch leader for a while.”

“…okay? “Why?”

Jinhyuk asked back, looking at the puppet’s eyes shining purple.

“Because I felt the need to become stronger.”

“That’s a correct answer to a question. Yes, there is no reason for me to step down from my position as branch leader unless that is the reason. I asked the wrong question. Then ask again. “Why do you want to become stronger?”

Puppet expressed his thoughts while looking straight at Jinhyuk, who acknowledged his mistake and asked the question again.

“I definitely wanted to reach the pinnacle as a merchant.”

“I guess so.”

“But after meeting Ghost, seeing you sign a contract with Goldrich before my eyes, and moving to help with that contract, I knew that something big would come to the tower. No, it would be more correct to say that I realized it.”


Merchants are a group of people who are sensitive to change.

Just as when a war occurs, the value of currency falls and the value of gold or silver rises.

The tower is also not much different from the changes.

That’s why they put a lot of effort into information and try to learn about guild-to-guild wars before anyone else.

But Puppet wasn’t just discussing wars between guilds.

“I see a future where the entire tower is engulfed in a huge fire called war. At the center of it all, there must be a ghost. Of course, there will be Goldrich as an invisible helper… but it will definitely be Ghostmyeon who gives.”

A war that engulfs the entire tower.

The puppet was discussing it.

And Jinhyeok silently listened to what he said, and Puppet continued talking in silence.

“But it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to move as a merchant during that war with the strength of a 100-story climber.”

Jinhyuk did not say anything to the puppet, who spoke with a bitter smile on his face.

No, I couldn’t.

‘He is right. And it would be meaningful for him to grow if he did it himself, rather than me helping him grow. Now all I have to do is quietly push him.’

A person or colossus who may become the equal of Gold Rich in the future.

Jinhyuk grinned, thinking that the birth might be happening right here and now.

“You can do it. The important thing is whether we can do it before the war comes. Time cannot be bought with money. The key is to make good use of the time given to you. “If you can do just that, you will become a great merchant who can make good use of war… and you will also be a good partner to me.”

“…you’re right. To that end, I plan to step down from my position as branch leader for a while and begin climbing the tower again in earnest. Of course, I have a friend who will represent me at the business meeting on the 10th floor, so I will send Goldrich’s message and what I have found out through that friend.”

“Okay, that’s enough.”

One merchant smiled brightly at Jinhyeok as he welcomed the moment when he returned to being a climber again.

“If you become a good partner who can stand next to me, you will be able to hear the stories that Goldrich and I shared.”

“That was exactly the story I wanted to hear.”

“This is a story that could put your life in danger. “Even though I won’t be able to give it up after hearing that?”

In the face of words discussing life or death, the puppet responded with twinkling purple eyes as if it was actually good.

“For a merchant, death means money. Money has always been next to many deaths. “If I can achieve great success as a merchant by adding one more life to it, I will put it on the scale.”

“I hope the time comes soon for a three-way meeting. “I support you.”

“I also hope that your wishes come true.”

After saying good-bye to each other, the two moved to their respective places.

Jinhyuk goes to the hunting ground on the 10th floor, and Puppet goes to the 100th floor, where he belongs.

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