Absolute Necromancer Chapter 51

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All Master Necromancer Episode 51


Bright sunlight swept over Jinhyeok beyond the window.

Jinhyuk finally opened his eyes to the sunlight shining down on his eyes and the sounds of chirping birds.

“…Ugh, damn it. “My body feels sore.”

Jinhyuk got up from the bed, rubbing his eyes, and carefully moved Miho, who was still asleep in his arms, from his arms to the bed so as not to wake her up.

After seeing Miho rustling on the bed, Jinhyuk gritted his teeth as he stood up completely, stretching and loosening his stiff body.

‘The recoil that awakens the spiritual power is strong. As soon as I opened it, I immediately wiped out a group of ghosts with my spiritual power, so isn’t it natural for my body to receive a huge rebound?’

Numbness as if my whole body had been hit with a hammer.

That tormented Jinhyeok so much when he woke up.

Fortunately for Jinhyeok, the more he did stretching, or more precisely mana stretching, which circulates mana throughout his body, the less pain he felt.

“…Whew, I guess I can live now.”

When Jinhyeok let out a sigh of relief and joy as the pain subsided as the spiritual power spread throughout his body and the mana load and blood vessels stabilized.

Jinhyuk, who had just taken a breather, saw something that caught his eye.

“…why are you like this?”

“…I can see it so quickly, I can see it so quickly.”

Jinhyuk caught the eye after stretching and his body was back to its original state to some extent.

It was none other than the Balkans.

“I know you look different, but… who did you fight with?”

To Jinhyuk, the sight of Balkan in such disarray that it was truly appropriate to say that his entire body was in shambles was quite shocking.

‘Who on earth do I have to fight with to end up like that?’

Balkan is a state called the soul, or soul body.

Of course, you won’t get hurt if you fight with an ordinary person.

What was more surprising was that even the clothes he was wearing were rags.

‘The clothes of the soul can be changed as much as the soul wants, but I wouldn’t have made the clothes that were so damaged and tattered as I thought, so it means that someone hurt me and it ended up in that state… That kind of wound from a soul that is only about the size of a vulcan on the 10th floor. ‘There is a being that can wear it?’

The clothes Vulcan wears are also part of his ‘soul’.

In other words, it means that Balkan suffered a crushing defeat by ‘someone’ to the extent that even a single piece of clothing like that could not be restored.

Jinhyuk couldn’t believe that fact.

How could he have just been surprised even though he was looking like he would have made fun of her normally?

“…who is this?”

A bit of a surprise.

Jinhyeok, who quickly regained his cool-headedness like a wizard, raised his cool gaze.

Cringing –

After going through all the hardships and hardships, this morning, despite being still young, a dragon race that is one of the Four Emperors clan, and inside of which a soul that may be stronger than the other dragon clans, is fighting with a spirit that is strong enough to make the entire Vulcan flinch.

‘…a scary guy. I can’t believe my prayers and atmosphere changed so much just because I awakened my spiritual power. Surely that guy is the same guy as me.’

Vulcan was secretly amazed at the fact that the force was that strong even though it was not directed at him, and only after he had gathered that fact within himself did he open his mouth.

“Don’t even think about doing anything like revenge.”

“I didn’t mean to do it.”

“…That’s blunt.”


It is not the ‘revenge’ that is everything to Jinhyuk and how long it will take, but a new revenge that Jinhyuk may take due to his damage this time.

Balkan said it, but Jinhyuk immediately replied that it couldn’t be possible.

But I knew that Balkan would not be like that.

‘It can’t be because of me. No, should I say it’s because of me?’

Jinhyeok would not move because the Balkan itself was damaged.

There is only one reason why he moves.

This is probably because his ‘possession’, the Vulcan, was damaged.

When Vulcan thinks that if he moves it’s because of it, and if he doesn’t move he’s just suppressing it.

Sure enough, Jinhyuk reacted first.

“…So who did it?”

He could have just asked out of curiosity who made him like this, but Balkan realized that he wasn’t just curious.

Rather than knowing it through facial expressions or attitude, I just felt like the words ‘I will take revenge’ were imprinted in my mind as soon as I heard his simple and primal voice.

Balkan, who had thought about it that far, realized that he could no longer put off answering and answered the question.

“I went out for an outing and felt a strong energy outside.”


“It was a powerful energy that is not commonly seen. No, it was an energy better suited to the word ferocity rather than strength.”

“…try more.”

Powerful and ferocious.

Jinhyuk, who seemed to have inferred an answer from those two words, nodded and waited for the next words.

You already know it, but to add confidence in your thoughts and make them 100%.

Realizing this, Vulcan sighed and cleared away the nonsense and got to the point.

In fact, the ones I didn’t mean to mention about this part are dragons, dragon slayers, and dragon slayers.

There was also a part of me that avoided answering because I was worried about how the meeting between Hendrick and Jinhyeok, who have contradictory things, would work out and how it would end.

‘…is this correct to say? I don’t know, let’s spit it out and see.’

In the end, with the mindset of ‘Let’s go!’, Balkan’s mouth spat out one of the words that Jinhyuk probably dislikes, one that could easily be described as ‘the best in the world’.

“There was a tribe among the Four Emperors, especially a dragon tribe.”


The expected word, name, and race.



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Things I thought would come out of Balkan’s mouth, but Jinhyeok’s condition was unusual.

“…Jinhyuk, Cha Jinhyuk!”

“Are you saying that this little lizard, which I wouldn’t mind chewing on, was passing by me, giving off a fishy smell?”

Quad Deuk –

As soon as he finished speaking, the purple-black spiritual power that emanated from Jinhyuk pressed down on the surroundings, creating an eerie sound.

Furthermore, the dark force ring on his finger also reacted to it, creating a black magic energy that covered Jinhyeok from his toes.

At that sight, Vulcan screamed as ‘what if’ became ‘as expected’.

“Cha Jinhyuk! Come to your senses! “You are not alone here!”

The hotel they were in right now wasn’t just the two of them, and even if you didn’t look at the hotel as a whole, there was still a young life in this room.

It’s also very weak.

In the end, the original mother of the young life intervened.

[The nine-tailed fox agrees.]

[The nine-tailed fox tells you to calm down and teaches you the Lamaze breathing technique.]

Oh, f*ck. Why are you giving it to me?

Of course, Jinhyuk tilted his head and felt uncomfortable at her intervention, but the Lamaze breathing method that was imprinted in his mind naturally led Jinhyuk to peace.

Ugh, it

was annoying, but he didn’t try to deny that the pregnant woman’s breathing technique had helped him and that he had regained his composure.

In other words, he regained his composure.

A clear head and a cold brain were enough to calm the situation. The


spiritual power was stored away and seeped into Jinhyeok’s soul again, and the magic returned to its home, the Dark Force Ring.

Vulcan was relieved to see that the room was now intact except for a few objects falling in an instant.

No, it would be correct to say that the two beings were relieved.


[The nine-tailed fox looks at the bed.]

[The nine-tailed fox sighs in relief.]

Jinhyuk pouted his lips at the sight of the two people being so polarized that Jinhyuk didn’t have to personally check to see if Miho was okay. .

“I know you have kids too. So, I tried to control my anger as much as possible.”

A child who is sleeping soundly in bed even as he loses his senses and vents his anger towards the Four Emperors and the Dragon Tribe.

Because he was considerate and aware of the child, Jinhyuk’s anger did not reach the bed.

“…But Vulcan, you weren’t crazy and fought the dragon tribe? why? Or rather, why are you alive?”

“I said it before, but you’re asking so quickly.”

When anger passes by like a strong wave, and only calmness remains.

Jinhyuk felt strange and asked a question.

It is certainly true that the Balkans were dealt a harsh blow.

The visible fraying of his clothes and the wounds on his body proved it, so there is no need to say more.

From there, questions arose.

Dragons, battles, defeats, etc.

The moment when several words floated separately in the air, they were skewered together in my head.

‘Why is it alive?’

Jinhyuk didn’t think like this because he wanted Balkan to die.

The dragon people treat their own kind with a terrible attitude, and they interfere with other climbers in every detail, even in the slightest way.

Assuming it has something to do with my race.

That means that if there was a battle with the dragon tribe, it was correct for other dragon tribes to intervene before that to stop Balkan and then destroy it.

‘But that guy is alive.’

Balkan was a very useful soul and being to Jinhyuk.

Why would Jinhyuk even think of creating a new body for him?

However, for Jinhyeok, who knew quite a bit about the dragon race, his survival soon became a question.

Only then did Balkan shake his head and explain step by step what he had experienced.


Of course, it goes without saying that the explanation went on for quite some time.

“…the contents are different?”

It was Jinhyeok’s question who heard everything from what he heard to the end of what happened that night.


To be exact, the soul that entered the body of the young dragon race was different.

I would say to others, ‘Does that make sense?’…

‘…but it’s ridiculous to deny it when you can see a living specimen just by looking in the mirror. Above all, Hendrick is a name I know.’

In the first place, Jinhyuk himself was only a shell of someone else’s and the contents were his own, so he couldn’t openly deny that.

Vulcan also knew that, so he wasn’t that surprised.

In addition, the point was that Jinhyeok was familiar with the name and nickname of the young dragon, Hendrick.

“Dragon Slayer Hendrick, he’s famous. No, I’m famous now… should I say that? “It seems like the person I knew is already gone.”

Dragon Slayer Hendrick.

He was present even when Jinhyuk was climbing the top, and he made a name for himself as a super rookie from the time Jinhyuk set foot on the top.

Everyone in the tower knew him, and the power and honor of his name grew with each passing day.

And at one point, all ties between him and the climbers inside the tower were cut off.

“It was my first dragon hunt.”

When they first heard the news, people didn’t believe it.


One of the Four Emperors died.

In the hands of a single climber.

No matter how weak it is compared to other dragons, the dragon is dead.

Many dragons were enraged by that fact and looked for the perpetrator, and it was obvious that it was Hendrick.

However, even after that, Hendrick did not get caught by the dragon tribe, but instead grew stronger and extended his hunting hand.

“Then I heard that they conquered the 700th or 800th floor, but did they die in the end? “It’s similar to mine, but definitely different.”

Jinhyeok burst out in laughter, thinking that it was Han who had not seen with his own eyes the bizarre sight of the person who had captured and killed the dragon race wearing the body of the dragon race.

“What’s so fun?”

“I just think there’s no difference between me and that guy.”

Because Jinhyeok completely agreed with what Hendrick said, his anger towards him no longer soared.

In the first place, he was clearly a ‘human’ when he was betrayed, and now he treats the body of a ‘dragon’ as a tool.

‘Tools are innocent. There’s something wrong with the owner who handled the tool.’

Those who use the tools of the dragon race’s body to form alliances with others and issue orders to kill themselves.

Jinhyeok had no intention of forgiving them.

“I’ll have to meet you later when I get a chance.”

However, he did not give up on embracing someone who wields a very reliable and good tool and weapon called the dragon body.

“Is that a bit…?”

When Jinhyeok said that he might have to meet again the person who risked his life just yesterday, Balkan looked shocked, but the answer was already decided.

He is a soul, and Jinhyuk is a spirit master.

The soul follows the Spirit Master.

It was like an eternal truth, so Balkan had no choice but to follow it.

“…do whatever you want.”

In the end, Jinhyeok was satisfied with the sight of Balkan saying words of consent and turned his head to look at the bed.


“Sleep well. If I stay like this, I’ll sleep all day. “You must be tired.”

Where Jinhyuk’s eyes landed, there was Miho, a fox cub.

Jinhyeok, who gently held him as he fell asleep while snoring his nose, left the hotel.

“Let’s quickly feed the kid and then let’s go eat together.”

“…I don’t eat?”

“Even if you don’t eat, I have to eat, right?”

Well, Balkan shook his head in bewilderment as he looked at Jinhyeok, who answered as if he was asking something obvious.

“do whatever you want.”

It was an answer closer to a sigh, something we have become accustomed to.

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