Absolute Necromancer Chapter 53

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All Master Necromancer Episode 53

“Can that guy be trusted?”

“It’s not that he’s trustworthy… It’s just that he doesn’t seem much different from that Goldrich guy.”

“okay? “Which part is true?”

After receiving the items from Puppet and finishing the conversation, I arrived in front of the main gate leading to the hunting ground.

Balkan asked if he could trust him, citing the story he had just had with Puppet.

Similar to Gold Rich.

When Balkan came back with that answer, he was not satisfied with it and dug in even more persistently.

“I have a lot of questions. I just felt that way, so I won’t betray you unless it goes against my interests. In fact, you know that kids like that are stronger than saying they are loyal with words, right?”

“Hmm, that’s definitely true.”

This is true of Jinhyuk’s personal position, but Jinhyuk remembers the end of the people who ran in and said they were most loyal.

‘Most of them betrayed me.’

Although they said they were loyal, their reed-like hearts were swayed here and there.

Maybe it was because he had never met a truly upright person, but Jinhyeok believed that there was no such thing as perfect loyalty.

Is that why?

Jinhyuk liked the types of people like Goldrich and Puppet who came to build wealth based on their own power, as long as they were guaranteed to benefit themselves.

‘They are always by my side as long as I benefit, and they never look only at the present. I look at everything, the present and the future, and if necessary, I want to spend all my money to make my future shine brightly. Those guys are a hundred times better.’

Unlike those who only swear loyalty and come to fight with nothing but their bodies and disappear with a change of heart like a reed, people like Goldrich benefit right away.

In the first place, Jinhyeok did not lack combat power, so there was no need for someone to pledge loyalty.

“Anyway, there’s still a lot of time left before he’s big enough to make a deal with me, so let’s just focus on the now.”

“Of course. “Miho is still a child, so she’s probably hungry, so let’s move on quickly.”

After finishing the story about the puppet, the two entered the hunting ground while looking at Miho, who was fussing.

“How far do you plan to go? 1 border?”

“Wouldn’t that be enough? “After all, we are only discussing quantity, regardless of quality.”

“That’s certainly true. “There’s no need to spend too much time here.”

The conversation between the two people on the hunting ground ultimately led to the decision to only go to the first border.

1 border.

The hunting ground on the 10th floor is divided into several sections, and the thin membrane located at the transition to the next section is called the ‘boundary’.

There are several boundaries in the hunting ground on the 10th floor, and the strength of the monsters increases each time the boundaries are crossed.

Going too deep was a shortcut to death, as there was a level that could not be reached by a 10th floor climber.

“A lot of people who were blocked by the wall wandered around the 4th or 5th border.”

“I’ve never been there.”

“I don’t have one either.”

The reason why such a dangerous section existed on the 10th floor was simple.

Beings blocked by walls.

Those who were unable to advance to the next level and had to build strength through other means often crossed boundaries that were beyond the reach of a 10th floor climber.

It is natural for them to experience meaningful growth only if they reach that level of vigilance.

Of course, this did not apply to Jinhyeok or Balkan, who were called geniuses among geniuses and had never been particularly stuck before becoming wizards.

“Actually, it’s my first time coming to a hunting ground, so I don’t know what’s going on.”

“…Talent is really useless when it’s like this.”

The two walked around the hunting ground, casually saying words that would be so absurd that a person without talent would die in a vase if they heard them.


to rheak!

“It seems like it’s been a while since I’ve seen them.”

“I stayed for a few days for the monster wave of goblins and orcs, so it’s been a while since I’ve seen a kobold.”

“Oh, is that so?”

hunting ground.

As the name suggests, there were beings that greeted Jinhyeok and Balkan as soon as they entered the hunting ground.

Of course they were monsters, and by Jinhyuk and Vulcan standards, they were kobolds I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

“you? Or me?”

“After all, didn’t you come here to test how to use spiritual power? You do it. “I’m so tired after yesterday.”

“Yes, yes, I got beaten up by a young dragon, so even the Spirit Master Vulkan of the world should be sick.”


Jinhyuk took a stance while ignoring Balkan’s words, which he could not understand properly.

“Hehe, wouldn’t it be better to use it in combination with a real object?”

Jinhyuk played with the lining of his coat while looking at the kobold crying in the distance.

Then his hand entered the lining and moved into the subspace connected to the coat.

A moment when your hands are swimming in a fairly large sub-space and at the same time, you are thinking about something you want to get out of your head.

Jinhyeok held in his hands what he wanted.

“Is it a bow and arrow?”

“First, use it from a distance.”

“Not bad. “If it’s from a long distance, it will be convenient to use magic and command the soul soldiers, which is my main ability, at the same time.”

bow and arrow.

To be exact, it was a bow and a quiver of arrows.

And it was natural that the quiver was filled with countless arrows.

Quirky –

Jinhyeok fed the arrow to the string of the bow while leaving Vulkan nodding his head while looking at the bow and arrow.

Perhaps the protest was made with the monster’s muscles, but the demonstration took place when Jinhyuk’s fairly high strength felt insufficient.



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Crackle –

the moment when the bow is bent as if it will break, and the mighty power contained within it is transferred to the arrow.


Jinhyuk let go of the protest.

As soon as the arrow was released, the arrow made of flying steel instantly blew off the kobold’s head.

“Bring out the liver.”

-Follow orders.

After giving an order to one of the soul bottles to collect the liver from the corpse of a kobold from afar, Jinhyeok fiddled with the bow in his hand.

“Is this a thing? “You just smash the kobold’s head with your strength, right?”

“Is it an ogre’s tendon? Or troll? I don’t know who made it, but the intensity of the protests is beyond imagination. “The extraordinary destructive power is probably largely due to the protests.”

“The bow pole is surprisingly strong.”

“As expected, the rich are rich. “To bring these items in just one day.”

bow and arrow.

Everything was satisfactory.

In addition, the quiver containing the arrows had a space-expanding magic effect, so the joy was doubled because it could hold more arrows than appeared.

And the spirit soldier who went to collect the liver returned with three livers.


“Do you like it? Eat a lot and get well quickly.”


When he saw the liver in the hand of the spirit bottle, he calmed Miho, who was jumping with joy, and put the chopped liver into Miho’s mouth one by one.

Even though he ate three fairly large pieces of liver, he smiled brightly with blood on the corner of his mouth, and it didn’t seem like he was very full.

“…Is the baby growing up?”

“Things like that happen, too. It must have taken all of its strength to crack the egg and come out. “It looks like he wants to eat a lot and grow a lot.”

“…Tsk, I guess I’ll have to move harder.”

Although he destroyed the head of a kobold with one arrow and killed those behind it, there was still a lot of liver for Miho to eat.

“You said 999, so that means you should probably eat that much, right?”

“It’s for healing wounds, but it’s also for satisfying hunger, so I guess that’s probably true.”

“Whew, how many days will it take?”

999 pieces.

Jinhyeok, who was tired of the overwhelming number, shook his head and took the bow in his hand again.

“I guess I’ll have to completely wipe out those guys on the 1st border.”

“That should be enough to cover one day.”

After finishing speaking, Jinhyeok sighed and fired arrows at the protest again.

Crackle –

The bow is bent as if it will break again, and the demonstration is stretched to its limit.

Even the arrows made of steel were fed there.

All preparations were completed, but Jinhyuk did not shoot it right away this time.

Kiiing – Purple-

black spiritual power slowly came out and eventually seeped into the firmly placed arrow.

“…Charging complete.”

The arrow, which had a blackish color unique to steel, instantly turned dark purple and gave off powerful force.

Jinhyeok was satisfied with the force that made his hand tingle and let go of the arrow.

“The target is a kobold shaman.”

A monster that can be seen as a 1-boundary named monster.

Naturally, the kobold shaman was not alone and there were numerous kobolds around him.

In other words, for Jinhyuk, it was closer to a dinner party.


The arrow left Jinhyeok’s hand and rushed toward them, creating a fierce storm.

-Wow! Cheek! Kekkeekkeek!

The kobold shaman who saw this was frightened, recited a spell, and ordered kobolds to build a human barrier.




Without knowing that they were being driven to death, the kobolds built a human barrier and showed off their strength by intertwining with each other.

Of course, their eyes were stained red.

‘Is it going berserk?’


A type of black magic that amplifies physical abilities at the cost of losing intelligence.

It could be said to be a truly good ability against low-level monsters such as kobolds.

Because to them, Izzy was nothing more than a broken cookie.

In exchange for the intelligence that exists as much as a broken cookie, they have gained power that is close to a ship’s weight, so it is a business that is left to them.

Anyway, Jinhyeok’s arrow reached right in front of the barrier built by kobolds doing their spare business.

Keying –

Just when the barrier made of arrows and kobolds, spinning violently and showing off their power, is about to collide.



A single purple-black arrow was fired.

It was divided along with Jinhyeok’s words, no, orders.

One arrow split into ten arrows, and soon swept away a barrier made up of dozens of kobolds at once.

Quad Deuk –

Those who were alive just a moment ago turn into pieces of meat and are caught in a strong storm and scatter around.

Strangely enough, the part of their body where the liver is located was completely unaffected by the storm.

“Pick it up.”

Dozens of soul soldiers rushed out with orders to pick up the healthy liver before it fell to the floor.

At the same time, the arrow split into ten pieces and flew again towards the kobold shaman who was now alone.


Wow –

but the kobold shaman, true to his name, Named, succeeded in perfecting his spell by sacrificing the kobolds who followed him.

In terms of magic, it is a defensive spell similar to a shield.

A translucent defensive spell covered the entire face of the kobold shaman.

The kobold shaman looked at Jinhyeok with a triumphant look and croaked at the defense spell that seemed extremely strong at first glance.

-Keruk! Hey! Kelkelkel.

“…That b*stard, are you kidding me?”


Although it only lasted a moment, Jinhyuk spread his hands wide in an annoyed gesture at his provocation.


Since it is divided into ten arrows and the destructive power is distributed, even if ten arrows collide, there is no way there would be enough power left to break the defensive spell and even kill the kobold shaman.

However, the moment when the ten divided arrows became one again with Jinhyeok’s command.



The arrow, which broke the defensive spell, cut off the kobold shaman’s throat, and regained its destructive power, pierced the kobold shaman.

The moment when the life drained from the eyes of the kobold shaman who was strangely looking at the purple-black arrow that pierced not only his spell but also himself.

Jinhyuk just spoke calmly.

“Bring it. “Give me food.”

-I follow orders.


Dozens of livers held in the hands of dozens of soul bottles coming towards him.

Looking at it, Miho let out a happy scream.

And while eating, Jinhyeok roughly wiped the area around Miho’s blood-covered mouth and put in his bow and arrow.

Of course, the hunt was not over.


“Let’s just feed about 200 today.”

Now that I had used the bow, it was just time to try the sword.

200 pieces.

Balkan snorted at Jinhyuk’s words that he would kill almost one-fifth of the total in just one day.

“200? I have to feed 300 of them. Do you think a fox cub in its prime would be satisfied with only 200?”

“300? Okay, not bad. Miho, you can eat it all, right?”


Satisfied with the sight of Miho holding her head high and patting her chest with her small, white-fur-covered hands as if asking him to leave it to her, Jinhyeok kicked out of his seat.

“Let’s practice spiritual power management properly today.”

At the same time, Jinhyeok’s sword became purple-black.

1 Border. It was also a moment when a bloody wind was blowing there.

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