Absolute Necromancer Chapter 47

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All Master Necromancer Episode 47

‘But he’s an apostle… It’s a strange thing.’


God and devil.

Beings to whom he gives some of his power as those who follow his will.

Naturally, they were powerful, and they were the ones who spread the names and reputations of gods and demons throughout the tower.

‘The reason they are able to spread the names and reputations of the gods and demons they serve throughout the tower is because they have the strength to do so. But at best, I got beaten up by the thugs on the 10th floor and the god that the apostle serves directly asks me for help… That’s strange.’

Therefore, Jinhyeok could not hide his suspicions and caution.

Most apostles with transcendental strength would only appoint climbers above the 300th floor, and in the case of high-ranking gods or demons, only climbers above the 600th floor would be appointed as apostles.

In addition, the ‘nine-tailed fox’ who is currently requesting Jinhyeok is a person of sufficiently high rank that it would not be strange to be labeled as such.

‘Are you doing this? Roll it up?’

No matter how much it was a favor from God, I didn’t know the context well enough to proceed with the work with the feeling that I was simply incurring a debt without any compensation.

In a world where ignorance leads to danger, Jin-hyuk struggles with the fact that a person who appears to be just a gangster in Jin-hyuk’s eyes may actually be an incredibly strong climber.

[The nine-tailed fox says that it is the cub that he left behind in the tower.]

‘…If you say this, it’s different.’

God, the Nine-Tailed Fox personally sent a personal message and asked Jinhyuk for a favor, and only then did Jinhyuk feel that the pieces of the puzzle were coming together.


If it was a cub that was left in the tower before he took his place as a god, it could explain why he appointed that cub as an apostle and why he was beaten by the bullies like that.

‘He was appointed as an apostle because he is his blood relative, and the reason he gets beaten by the gangsters is because he is still a baby and has no strength. In other words, it’s not like the gangsters have any special powers. At this level, there is nothing to be afraid of.’

After thinking about it and flicking the abacus, Jinhyuk looked up at the empty blue sky and asked.

“What are you going to give me?”

[The nine-tailed fox offers to give the cub the mask.]



Even though the mask that the fox cub wore at an angle on its head had no strings or anything, it never fell off even when it was attacked by gangsters.

What it meant was simple.

‘It is an item of a similar level to a goblin mask. There is a high possibility that it is also an attribution type. It is an item that goes without saying if it is an item that God prepared for his apostles, especially for his babies. At best, it would be too good to be obtained by beating up a few gangsters.’

Even if the mask wasn’t very good, Jinhyuk didn’t mind.

From the beginning, I was trying to save a fox cub, and I owed a debt to the nine-tailed fox.

In addition, Jinhyeok has already gained valuable information that his cub is that fox cub.

‘If I take care of that fox cub, there is room to register it as a pet. ‘Having an apostle as a pet… I’m probably the first to do this.’

A climber who has an apostle as his pet.

It must be something unprecedented.

As Jinhyuk relaxed from those thoughts, a message window appeared again in front of him.

This time, unlike before, it was not a message containing the words of the nine-tailed fox.

That’s right….

[Nine-tailed fox’s request]

Neutral god, the nine-tailed fox wants you to save his cub and apostle.

In addition, he is requesting treatment and nutrition after rescuing his injured disciple so that he can move normally.

Reward: Fox Mask, Increased intimacy with the Nine-Tailed Fox.

  • The first reward is paid after rescue, and the second reward is paid after the apostle is completely cured.

‘Quest… I made a plan.’


So far, the only quest Jinhyeok has received is from Baal.

A daunting quest to announce your reputation to the entire tower before reaching the 100th floor.

However, this quest was a very easy quest that the nine-tailed fox gave for his own confidence and the safety of his cubs.

‘Seeing as the reward is specified as a quest, there is no reason to be ripped off, and the intimacy aspect is clear.’

After thoroughly checking to make sure nothing was missed, Jinhyuk looked at Balkan.

“how is it?”

“How about you sleep and have something to do? In your world, this is called a pumpkin that has rolled on a vine, right? It’s no different from that. Hold on, what are you worrying about?”

“…I accept.”

[The nine-tailed fox looks at you with a coy smile.] [The

pinnacle of all evil pulls someone’s tail, telling them not to twitch.] [

The nine-tailed fox disappears, gently wagging its tail.]

There’s a strange message. After confirming that Jinhyeok was there, he shook his head and slowly entered the alley.


dull sound of hitting something echoes in the dark alley.

“Let’s do it in moderation. “It’s time to collect money.”

“Okay, hehe… It’s been a while since I’ve sweated a bit.”

Hearing the voice of another climber next to him, the climber who had been kicking the fox cub until the end nodded, wiping the sweat dripping from his forehead.

A climber who has climbed at least 10 floors sweats beating down an unresisting being?

That was a clear example of how long he had been one-sidedly assaulting his opponent.

If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have been just dripping with sweat without a single wound on my whole body.

Trudging –

At that very moment, the sound of a dull strike disappeared in the alley they were in, and instead the sound of someone’s footsteps filled the empty space.

“…Who are you?”

“The owner of the fox you hit.”

Jinhyeok, who called himself the master of the Nine-Tailed Fox Apostle as if it were natural, was confident and without any shame.

‘I’m going to be the owner in the future, so I’m the owner (prospective).’



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The climbers snorted at the sight of Jinhyeok so proudly claiming ownership of the fox cub in front of him.

“Did you know where this place was? Even if someone dies here, no one will know. “Even if you trample on an ordinary fox just to kill time, no one will know.”

“But that fox has an owner, so shouldn’t he be responsible for it?”

“What are you going to do if you don’t want to lose?”


saw him tapping the belly of the baby fox, who couldn’t even open his eyes even while speaking, with the tip of his shoe, and scolded him with glaring eyes.

“If you touch it further, it will take longer to heal.”


“what? What? hey. Did you just ask? “What if you don’t want to take responsibility?”


“What if you don’t want to lose? I have to make them lose. “Iljiyeongtan (一指靈彈).”

Kiyiing –

Since the kick was added to the already bad condition, treatment would have been delayed even by one minute and one second.

Jinhyeok was truly angry at this, and a purple-black aura formed on his fingers.

Finally, in less than a second after the formation, Jinhyeok’s finger, which had formed a shape, emitted a bullet of spiritual energy from the tip.


As if a bullet had been fired from a gun, a powerful explosion sound came out from the tip, and the bullet of the spirit shot out from the end and pierced the forehead of the climber who was swaggering in front of him.



A fountain of blood soars as high as the second floor of a building.

At the same time, his body collapsed along with the last words of his life that came out of his open mouth.

“…This is crazy! Hit it!”

Other climbers who saw their colleague dying in a single blow quickly drew their weapons and rushed at Jinhyeok.

A smile appears on Jinhyeok’s lips as he watches them pass by the corpse of his former colleague.

“Spirit explosion.”

Spiritual energy seeped through the dead climber’s forehead.

Corpse Explosion, which explodes by controlling it from the outside.

However, only the mana used there was replaced with spiritual energy, but the effect was quite remarkable.


The spirit bomb, which was triggered precisely at the exact moment the other climbers passed the corpse, did its job well.


“Mo… my body is burning….”

“Bone…! “Someone take this bone out!”

It was the amount of spiritual power of one bullet, but the spiritual power that was strengthened in an instant through the spiritual explosion instantly turned the corpse into a ‘bomb’.

Naturally, everything inside it became a weapon to attack the enemy.

Those whose bodies burned were those who came into contact with purple-black blood imbued with spiritual power.

The purple-black blood melted the skin it touched, like hydrochloric acid, and the flesh and muscles beneath it.

On the contrary, those with shiny purple-black bone fragments were harder than steel and felt great pain in the process of spreading spiritual power throughout their bodies through the medium of bone.

The ability of spiritual power can be anything, and in addition to being powerful, it is also powerful because it can interfere with the souls of others.

“Kek? “Keruk?”

“It’s effective.”

Even if they did not suffer fatal damage, they lost their identity due to the spiritual energy seeping into blood or bones.

In particular, Jinhyuk replaced other souls with his spiritual power, and the fact that the souls were kobolds, goblins, orcs, etc. became the decisive reason for their loss of intelligence.

Of course, since it takes a lot of effort and a lot of time for the soul to be completely mixed, it will not be long before they get their soul back.


Jinhyeok was not a great man with a good heart to the point of waiting for that.

Actually, this was correct.

Wait until the enemy who is trying to take your life returns to its original state?

That’s not good, that’s stupid.

Jinhyuk was not a stupid person.

As soon as they said goodbye, Jinhyuk made a hand gesture and dozens of soul soldiers attacked them.


The sight of the soul soldiers devouring them as if they had starved for several days was quite bizarre.

However, amidst the terrible sight of blood splattering and flesh flying, Jinhyeok moved forward without blinking.

Then, strangely enough, the soul soldiers who were only interested in their own food stopped eating and cleared the way.

Spirit Master.

As a man who commands spirits, even though he did not say anything or give any commands, the spirits instinctively moved for Jinhyeok.

Thanks to that, Jinhyeok arrived at the center of the alley, neatly dressed, without a single drop of blood or a single bone fragment, and squatted down on the floor.

“You are the cub of the nine-tailed fox.”

nine tailed fox.

This is Shin’s real name, the Nine-Tailed Fox, and he is the one who went on a quest to Jinhyeok and asked him to save the small creature in front of him.

Jinhyeok gently stroked the head of the fox cub, thinking about how in some ways he was not like a god, but in other ways he was the most godlike.

The red blood on the frizzy fur did not belong to those killed by Jinhyeok, but from the fox cub herself.

Fortunately, because it was the cub of the nine-tailed fox, the cub of the feral creatures, the fox cub’s wounds gradually recovered and there were almost no externally visible wounds.

“What should we do with him now?”

“Shouldn’t we give it a name first? In essence, a name is the biggest presence or absence that determines its existence. It cannot be said to be a living being without it. “Let’s start with a name.”

“I’m sure you can’t call them fox cubs or cubs, so a name is essential.”


The sight of the fox cub looking at Jinhyeok and Balkan with its eyes fluttering open, perhaps because it understood what was being said, made something in both of their hearts tingle.

“…Okay, let’s start with a name.”

“…For some reason, the two of us work well together.”

Jinhyuk, who unconsciously smiled at the warmth felt from the fluffy white fur, immediately started naming names.

Kwajik – Kwadeuk –

“It’s better not to look at things like that because they’re losing.”

Jinhyeok put his chin down and fell into thought, taking great care not to show the corpses of the climbers being secretly disposed of.

“Fox cub. “How about shrimp for short?”

“…Once that kid can talk and move, I think he’ll try to break your head.”

[The nine-tailed fox nods and agrees with that statement.]

“…shrimp is delicious.”

“That’s not the point, you idiot!”

“Tsk, then why don’t you build a Vulcan?”

“I was already waiting. Baby. “Please watch the naming sense of this person who is different from yours in terms of age.”

Jinhyuk felt a little anticipation and anxiety at the sight of Balkan showing off his skills while snorting at the name Saewoo.

‘A good name is essential, but I still can’t see Balkan being better than me.’

I wanted to give the fox cub a good name, but inside I didn’t want it to be pushed aside by Vulcan.

When Jinhyuk sways back and forth in two minds.

“How about a tiger by using the character for fox (狐) and the character for bright (朗) to mean that the child will grow up to be a bright child (fox)?”

Jinhyeok felt relieved after hearing Balkan’s name.


“Why are you smiling? “Child, do you like the name ‘Tiger’ or don’t you

like it?…” Balkan, who pouted his lips at the sight of Jinhyeok not even trying to hold back his bursting laughter, passed the choice to the owner of the name.

-Kheng! Keeng!

“…If you don’t like it, say it in words.”

The answer was fixed.

Jinhyeok, who seemed to instinctively sense something strange and was laughing as he pointed at Vulkan, who was gently stroking his head and keeping his mouth shut, fearing that the fox cub’s strong opposition would worsen his condition, came up with an answer.

“A fox with two tails. Lee Mi-ho (二尾狐). How about taking it off there and calling it Miho? “I think it’s much better than the previous ones.”

“Great, that picky kid is satisfied with such an ordinary name…”

Balkan tried to dismiss the appearance of a plausible name, saying it was ordinary, but unfortunately, the referee did not side with Balkan.

-Kheng! Kyung! Kkeakkeak!

“You like it?”

“…I like it.”

Balkan lowered his head with a sullen face at the sight of the young fox who seemed to jump as soon as he heard his name, or rather, the young fox who was now named Miho.

“From now on, your name is Miho. Do you understand?”


Jinhyuk gently stroked the head of Miho, who nodded despite her pain, as if he liked it, then quickly got up and left.

“Shall I go back?”

In the alley that was full of corpses, not a single piece of bone or a drop of blood remained, and the soul soldiers also returned to their original places, leaving the quiet alley behind, and Jinhyeok walked back to the hotel where he was staying.


He was holding Miho, who had soft fur, in his arms.

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