Absolute Necromancer Chapter 46

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All Master Necromancer Episode 46

“…What the heck is this?”

Ken, who was forced to participate in the battle by Vulcan, was excited when he saw the view inside the necromancer’s room.

The interior of the room was completely destroyed, but not only those classified as miscellaneous ghosts, but even the famous ghosts disappeared without a trace.

‘They didn’t run away. It disappeared as soon as it was hit by the attack he fired. ‘Is this really possible?’

Aside from his magical talent, it was a very shocking thing for Ken, who thought that if he fought Jinhyuk, he would either win or be evenly matched.

No matter how much it was done to protect Jinhyeok, the number and quality of the ghosts that filled the room were by no means easy.

However, the sight of Jinhyeok, who was assumed to be similar in terms of combat ability, excluding talent, annihilating them in an instant was a shock in itself.

‘Is that power just now the new power that caused the ghosts to flock? Even so, what kind of power is that….’

Ten bullets shot out from the tips of my fingers.

Ken’s shock was even greater because it was his first time seeing them multiply into forty bullets in an instant and simultaneously destroy the ghosts.

“…who the hell are you?”

Is that why?

Without realizing it, Ken asked about Jinhyuk’s identity.

Jinhyuk responded obediently.

“Jin… It’s Jin.”

Ken, who had been muttering the name ‘Jin’ while looking at Jinhyuk, who had been given the name Jin, which was a contraction of his own name, Jinhyuk, finished thinking and opened his mouth.

“…jin. All right. Jin. Please leave it to me to clean up after you and then head out of the tower. “If you come back tomorrow, it will be neat and tidy.”

“If you do that, I would be grateful.”

The room was ruined by the attack of ghosts and the Ten Zodiac Bullets written by Jinhyeok in the process of dealing with them.

Jinhyuk was not one to refuse his words that he would clean it up himself.

‘I was still tired, but it worked out well. As if protecting me while I awakened my spiritual power wasn’t enough, he even cleaned up after me… It’s quite useful, isn’t it?’

The repulsion felt in the process of dealing with ghosts.

Jinhyuk felt interest and gratitude towards Ken because it was nothing more than evidence proving that the ghosts targeting his body were not ordinary.

‘No matter how much Balkan had tied up most of the ghosts, the amount was too much for even him to handle. If I had woken up a little later, I probably would have had a long-distance fight with the ghost that had taken over my body. ‘I am grateful to be grateful, so I need to prepare something in return.’

Grace and revenge are thoroughly repaid. For Jinhyeok, whose motto is, this help was not small at all.

of course.

‘I guess I can just tell Goldrich.’

I had no intention of doing that with my own money.

No, since he thought of Gold Rich’s money as his own, Jinhyuk would have thought that he was repaying Ken’s favor with his own money.

Goldrich was shocked to hear that, but it was none of Jinhyeok’s business.


“Then please take care of me.”

“see you tommorow.”

The appearance of two people who seem to clearly distinguish between subordinates and superiors.

Jinhyuk taps Ken on the shoulder, and Ken blushes as if he is touched by Jinhyuk’s encouragement.

Ken went further and bowed his head, showing that he was the number one subordinate.

The sight of a climber on the 35th floor bowing his head to a climber on the 10th floor and being moved by his encouragement may have seemed strange to other climbers, but to Ken, the number of floors no longer meant anything.

‘In the magic path, layers have no meaning. In particular, wizards show strength that is independent of floor level. For us, the floor is just a place to test our achievements. In that respect, Jin is a being who can come and go and climb the tower as if it were his own home. Rather, this is natural.’

Even though he knew that the name Jin wasn’t his real name, he didn’t ask any more questions, and since he truly admired Jinhyeok, he shook his head and was lost in thought.

‘I also grow up next to him. ‘Even if I chase a stork and get my crotch torn, I won’t end my life as a sparrow.’

Although he may not be able to stand as Jinhyuk’s equal, he thought of himself being by his side and holding the broom and dustpan in his hands.

“This too is for Him.”

With a bright smile on his lips, Ken’s hands began to move like lightning, as if making a hand sign.

And Jinhyuk disappeared inside the necromancer’s room, leaving behind the necromancer’s room that was gradually being cleaned up as if by magic.

“Hmm, it’s still not enough. “After just one shot, it’s over…”

“It’s premature ej*cu!ation.”

“…That’s a bit harsh.”

“Isn’t it true? If you fire one shot at that and run out of spiritual power, it’s premature ej*cu!ation, and if you’re not a rabbit, then what the hell…” “

Well, just because you don’t think of a frog tadpole as an enemy, Vulkan, you wouldn’t have created a dragon with spiritual power from the beginning. “Are you going to start a fight again just because I caught one pod?”


After cleaning up with Ken, Jinhyeok left the necromancer’s room and the wizard’s tower and had to meet Vulcan, who was making fun of him.

Ten Zodiac Signs.

It was Jinhyuk’s favorite technique to create a bullet using spiritual power and fire it from the tips of each of his ten fingers.

Of course, when Jinhyuk was using it, he showed off his outrageousness by shooting with one finger and instantly increasing the number of shots to hundreds of shots, but as of now, it is out of the question.

Nonetheless, Jinhyuk was satisfied.

“I awakened my spiritual power only on the first day. “There is nothing better than this.”

“Yes, because the fact that you have awakened your spiritual power is important. I won’t stop training, but at least there won’t be anything like today. not bad.”

I awakened my spiritual power.

With that alone, the intended purpose of visiting the Wizard’s Tower was achieved.

Furthermore, it was very good for Jinhyuk and Vulkan that since they had awakened their spiritual power, they no longer had to worry about their empty bodies being taken over by ghosts or ghosts.

For Jinhyuk, it was nice not to have to worry about his body being taken away by a mere ghost, and on the other hand, it was nice for Balkan not to have to grapple with ghosts, so it was a win-win.

“Still, I don’t want to see you making a fuss after shooting that thing once, so build up enough spiritual power to shoot that thing multiple times.”

“…I was planning on doing that, so don’t worry.”

However, the problem was that he could not show his inaction in his previous life with only a small amount of spiritual power.

‘The 10 zodiac bullets are given once. If you divide it into five-pointed spirit bullets and one-pointed spirit bullets, you can use it many more times, but it is still lacking in the same way. After all, we need more spiritual power.’

Spiritual power.

This power, called the power of the soul, can be everything.



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As it is derived from the soul, its potential is endless and anything can be created as long as the size of the vessel that holds it and the ability to shape it are sufficient.

‘It’s possible to create a dragon with spiritual power, so I’ve said everything.’

A dragon tribe, one of the four emperor tribes.

They normally take on the form of humans with a gorgeous appearance, but their original form is that of an enormous dragon.

Naturally, the strength of a dragon is not even comparable to that of a human, and various resistances also increase exponentially.

If you create such a dragon with spiritual power, an enormous monster will be born, no matter how much weaker it is than the original.

‘Spiritual power has its own advantages, so there are some aspects where it is better than an actual dragon. Well, there are more disadvantages than advantages.’

Because the power of spiritual power was so infinite, Jinhyuk clenched his fists and steeled himself.

‘I should aim to be able to use the Zodiac Bullets at least five times.’

The twelve zodiac bullets five times.

For Jinhyuk of the past, this level of spiritual power would have been undetectable, but not for Jinhyuk now.

Rather, if you can accumulate that much spiritual power, it would be like picking a star in the sky to find someone who can beat Jinhyeok one-on-one until you reach the 100th floor at least.

‘It’s quite possible as long as it’s not a rookie level thing. Not to mention using the legion.’

Jinhyeok’s army consisting of demon soldiers, spirit soldiers, and demon soul soldiers.

Although it is at a weak level to be called an army, it is enough to be called an army if it is below the 100th floor.

The 1-on-1 standard set by Jinhyeok does not deal with legions, but is based on martial arts combat using the power of All Masters and combat using magic.

‘If I use an army, I will win everything.’

Therefore, when Jinhyuk is confident that there is at least no being below the 100th floor that he cannot defeat if he uses the army, he steps into the hotel.

“Find that guy named Jin Khan!”

“You damn b*stard, how dare you set fire to the branch?”

“You there! Stop, are you wearing your robe that deep? “Does it look suspicious?”

I could see familiar faces of climbers climbing all over the streets.

-White Swallow?

-Why are they like that?

-I guess you got really angry when you saw him break the unspoken rules and do that?

-I guess that’s right, wouldn’t it be weirder that their house was completely burned down and still intact?

-That’s right.

Those who turn the streets upside down.

They were White Swallow’s guild members.

Of course, not everyone was a White Swallow guild member.

‘Hmm, it looks like there’s an errand boy in the mix too.’

Not only was there no guild mark, but there were quite a few faces he didn’t see when he visited the branch, so Jinhyeok was convinced that they were errand boys.


People who make money by doing other people’s favors without a specific guild or organization.

These were people who had become stuck on the 10th floor, to the point where they often used the expression “losers” who gave up on climbing the tower.

‘Pathetic guys. When it’s time to show someone else’s face, go outside and kill kobolds or catch orcs. ‘Tsk.’

Those who can’t pass even if they try the next floor, are tired of catching monsters outside, or are traumatized by getting injured somewhere.

It was not good to see such people walking around like White Swallow, pulling back other people’s robes with such force.

of course.

‘Even if you do, you won’t be able to find me.’

Even so, there was no way Jinhyeok would be caught by them.


It was a term referring to the work that White Swallow and other messengers were doing.

That’s right….

‘At that time, he used hallucination magic and illusion magic, and finally, he even transformed my face. How do you know that?’

White Swallow’s guild members may not have known, but Jinhyuk literally used magic to visit them.

If he had gone with a bare face in the first place, his true identity would have been revealed to the top of the hierarchy and even to Nine Star. It’s not like Jinhyuk doesn’t have any ideas, so how could he do that?

Even if there was a skilled magician, no one could properly see Jinhyeok’s face, which was so elaborate that even several layers of walls could not be recognized.


“Damn it, why are all the face montages different!”

The fact that the faces of Jinhyeok that the guild members remembered were all different caused confusion in the investigation.

Jinhyeok, who was shaking his head as he watched them enjoying the power of the hallucination and illusion magic double combo, headed towards the hotel without stopping.

Jinhyuk’s appearance, proudly wearing a robe, was outside the scope of the White Swallow and the messengers’ investigation, so Jinhyuk was not stopped in any way.

Jinhyuk was just a few blocks away from the hotel.

-Kheng! Keeng….

“Kihihi- that’s fun.”

“Hey, cry. “Cry more.”

Puk puk puk-

“…what is that again?”

Just hearing the sound of leather drums beating coming from inside a dark alley makes me feel like a gangster… Jinhyuk suddenly stuck his head out and looked into the alley at the sound of the voice.

‘A two-tailed fox and an ordinary(?) gangster.’

There were several gangster climbers there, kicking and giggling at a two-tailed fox cub.

The fox cub’s condition was not very good, perhaps because it had suffered for a long time.

His whole body was covered in blood and he couldn’t even open his eyes properly.

‘…You idiots. Don’t you know that it is a spirit-level animal in that it has two tails? It kicks a pumpkin that has grown on a vine, which would be more helpful if you keep it close to you and raise it.’

Animals that deviate from conventional concepts are treated as spirits or ghosts, and if you keep them as pets, they will be of great help in climbing the tower in the future.

Naturally, it is difficult to see proper spirit creatures or phantom beasts, but it is also difficult to keep them as pets, and even Jinhyeok did not get a single pet while climbing nearly 600 floors.

Wow –

that’s why I thought it was a good opportunity and even did some stretching.

Just as I was fully prepared and was about to approach them.

[The nine-tailed fox asks you to do a favor.]

[The nine-tailed fox asks you to save his apostle.]

‘…What is this?’

Jinhyeok’s eyes were filled with a message from a neutral god asking him to do what he wanted to do with compensation.

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