Absolute Necromancer Chapter 48

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All Master Necromancer Episode 48

– Keeng….

“As expected, it lacks vitality.”

Jinhyuk, who brought Miho back to the hotel, immediately examined Miho’s condition.

As he was a necromancer who handled corpses, he had better knowledge of anthropology than most doctors.

Even though Jinhyuk had such knowledge, Miho’s life as seen in his eyes was sorely lacking.

‘It’s natural for a newborn cub to be full of vitality, but why is it so lacking in vitality when it’s a cub?’

Originally, a newly born creature is full of vitality, and as it grows, it loses its vitality little by little.

Of course, there are many ways to replenish the lost vitality, but still, it is impossible to have the clean and abundant vitality that was original when you were born.

However, Miho was unusually lacking in vitality.

[The Nine-Tailed Fox avoids gaze.]

[The Nine-Tailed Fox defends itself by saying that it was left alone as an egg for too long.]

“…Aha, was that something like that?”


The egg, which was originally supposed to ‘hatch’ under the mother’s protection and nutrients, did not receive the mother’s protection and nutrients, so it seems to have hatched based on the life force inside, that is, Miho.

Jinhyuk, who quickly resolved his doubts, muttered while stroking Miho’s cleanly washed soft fur.

“How should I replenish my vitality? Should I at least use Life Drain?”

“…How can a young cub use high-level magic like Life Drain? No matter how spiritual it is, that doesn’t make sense. “If you make a mistake, that child’s vitality could be sucked out.”

“I just tried it once.”

Life drain.

A magic or ability that sucks the life force of the living and replaces it with one’s own life force.

However, it was too difficult and dangerous for Miho, who is still a young cub, to handle, so I passed.

Fortunately, Jinhyuk had someone who knew the answer.

[Vital Replenishment]

Miho, a young chick, was born with most of its vitality consumed when it hatched from the egg.

Accordingly, the ‘Nine-Tailed Fox’ informs you that if you feed 999 raw livers to the fox cub, Miho, it will regain its original vitality.

The second reward is given after feeding 999 raw livers.

“…This is crazy.”

However, the problem was that the answer was too laborious.

999 raw livers.

Since the expression “raw liver” implies “freshly caught,” the option of buying it from an auction house or other place to feed it was not an option.

in other words.

“…Catch 999 monsters and feed them raw liver? “It’s annoying.”

This means that Jinhyeok has to personally go to the hunting ground, go out of his way to catch the monster, remove its liver, and feed it to Miho.

But the answer was already decided.

Touching –

‘…I also got the fox mask, so I guess I’ll take a look at that.’

Fox mask.

This is because the power of the fox mask, which was the first reward Jinhyuk received after rescuing Miho, really appealed to Jinhyuk.

[Fox Mask]

A fox mask that only foxes, especially foxes in the ranks of spirit creatures, can make.

When wearing a fox mask, you can use various fox abilities.

When the original owner of the mask becomes stronger, the mask’s abilities also increase and become stronger.

‘It’s the ability of a fox… If it were the ability of an ordinary fox, it would be nothing special, but the ability of a fox as a spirit creature, not an ordinary fox as mentioned here. ‘That goes without saying.’

The fox mask’s abilities were simple.

An ability that is no different from borrowing the abilities of a fox.

However, that simple ability was something that Jinhyuk desperately needed.

‘The ability of a fox that has reached the level of a spirit creature does not only refer to special abilities, but also includes all physical abilities and reflexes. In other words, it will give me the physical abilities and reflexes that I lack as a wizard. ‘It’s not bad, it’s incredibly good.’

Physical ability and reflexes.

No matter how much you raise your stats, you cannot overturn the established level itself.

With the power of the All Master and the power of predation, it is possible to feast on various bodies and reorganize the body based on that, but this is impossible right now.

However, although the fox mask did not redefine the body, it gave Jinhyeok equivalent physical abilities.

Because it was an ability that Jinhyuk did not want, Jinhyuk swallowed dry saliva and eventually had no choice but to get up.

“I can’t help it. “I guess I’ll have to go hunting tomorrow.”

Following spiritual power training, there was one more thing to do, but Jinhyeok didn’t care much.

There was still quite a bit of time left until the river came up anyway, and it was okay to raise a pet during that time.

Considering that it would be of great help to me later, my current job was no different from an investment.

After thinking like that, Jinhyuk threw himself onto the soft bed while holding Miho in his arms.

“Please take care of me in the future, Miho.”


When Miho heard Jinhyuk gently stroking her head, Miho seemed to understand what he was saying and responded with a ‘kk’ and rubbed her small head against Jinhyuk.

“You guys are playing well. “Rest, I’ll go outside and look around.”

“Do whatever you feel like.”

Vulcan, a soul that did not need to sleep, took in the sight, shook his head once, and then gently passed through the wall of the room and headed toward the city.

It was to capture the appearance of the 10th floor that would have changed while he was away.

In the quiet room where Balkan disappeared, Jinhyuk closed his eyes, concentrating on the softness and warmth he felt on his cheek.

“A lot has changed.”

Balkan left the hotel, leaving Jinhyuk and Miho alone, and expressed admiration at the changed scenery around him.



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Although he and Jinhyuk moved around and went back and forth a few times, they were talking each time, so for Vulkan, who had never really seen his surroundings, the current scenery was no different from seeing it for the first time.

10th floor.

As it was a city, there were many magic barriers and talismans to protect against various ghosts and ghosts, but they could not stop Balkan.

It would be even more strange for a barrier or amulet installed in a 10-story city to block Vulkan, the first Spirit Master.

Thanks to this, Balkan was able to pass through the city without any obstacles and was busy watching the sights.

“It seems like the level has increased considerably. No, is it universal?”

Various climbers roaming the streets.


The city was literally filled with a variety of climbers, men and women, old people and children.

And, feeling the vitality emanating from them, Balkan felt that the level of climbers on the 10th floor had definitely improved significantly compared to the past.

‘When I think about it, the 10th floor is showing the same level as the 20th floor. The biggest reason is definitely the supply of equipment.’

Even hundreds of years ago, it was very difficult to supply unified equipment.

Thanks to this, the artifacts that came from killing monsters were sometimes sold at enormous prices, and Vulkan smiled softly as he recalled that most people would peel the skin of the monsters they caught and make them into leather armor to wear.

‘It was like a dog at the time, but now that I look back, it’s just a memory.’

He fell into memories of the past because he was one of those who skinned the skin to make robes and wore them.

Balkan, who had been wandering around the city for a while, felt something and his face hardened.

“…powerful energy. There is a being with this kind of energy on the 10th floor? “In terms of energy alone, he’s higher than Cha Jin-hyuk, right?”

A peaceful 10-story city.

A powerful energy that is not suitable for a peaceful(?) city where nearby gangsters persecute small business owners and climbers who appear to be members of a guild intimidate a small number of climbers.

No, rather than being powerful…

“…is ferocious.”

Balkan, who sensed an energy that could rightly be described as ferocious, could not contain his curiosity and moved towards the place where the energy was felt.

Well, in reality, it just floated up in the air and flew away, but for Vulkan, there was no difference, so it was no different.

This was all the more so because what was on Vulkan’s mind right now was not whether he should walk or fly.

A being who is both a Spirit Master and an All Master.

At best, he is a 10th floor climber, but if he uses up all his strength, he can overwhelm a 100th floor climber one-on-one. He is a being with a more powerful aura than Jinhyeok.

Balkan, who had thought about it that far, could not hide his thoughts.

“…Oh, no way. “Probably not.”

Balkan walked briskly as he tried to keep the name ‘Four Emperors’ growing rapidly in his head.

Regardless of ignoring the name of the Four Emperors, his body was already half convinced of it.

And Vulcan’s confidence became more and more credible as we headed towards the center of the city on the 10th floor, where the energy was felt.

Finally, the moment when Balkan completely entered the center.

‘…Damn it, they really are the Four Emperors.’

In the center of the city, I could see a man who was admired and feared by climbers walking the streets at night.

If the sculpture were alive and moving, wouldn’t it be similar to the Four Emperors in front of you? A man with an attractive appearance.

The two thick, dark red horns that sprouted from the top of the head were firmly placed on top of the head, giving it a sleek yet strong appearance.

Those two horns alone would have been enough to make a man who looked like a simple craftsman feel intimidated.

In fact, Balkan felt an inexplicable sense of intimidation from the moment he saw the man from afar.

‘It’s not good for the soul to be like this.’

Unlike the living, the soul does not have many restrictions.

It can go through walls and ignore most physical attacks.

However, in other respects, there was something more vulnerable than the living, which was the same species itself.

To be precise, it is an intangible energy secretly exuded by the strong.

It was particularly vulnerable to something called killing energy.

The reason is that the soul is a living being composed of the purest and most essential parts, so the fear of beings who can tear the soul to pieces with just energy was maximized.

of course.

“Phew… I’m feeling better now.”

Not all souls are frightened by such living or intangible forces and remain silent.

Those who are at the Vulcan level may feel heavy, but they feel a pressure that is not much different from the living, and in some ways they can withstand more than the living.

Therefore, after shaking off the heaviness for some time, Vulcan scanned the man in front of him.

‘Judging by the horns on top of their heads, they are not Elyos (Gods) or Giants.’

The Elyos have something like an angel ring floating above their heads rather than a horn, while the Giants have nothing.

The only characteristics of the giants are their tall stature and well-built muscles.

From that perspective, the man in front of me was at least not a natural enemy or a giant.

‘The remaining ones are demons and dragons… but they’re not even demons.’

The two remaining races of the Four Emperors.

Balkan, who had been discriminating between the demons and dragons, soon eliminated the demons from his options.

‘It has no wings.’

Elyos have wings on their backs, which are called angel wings or dove wings in derogatory terms.

It’s not easy to see because it’s zoomed out in everyday life, but you can’t miss it if you look at the back.

Just like the Elyos, the Demons had wings, but those wings did not exist for the man in front of them.

in other words.

“Are you a dragon?”

The identity of the man in front of me was that he was a dragon.

Balkan could not hide his confusion at that fact.

“After all, you are a dragon. “If I do this, I might run into that guy Cha Jin-hyuk.”

The Elyos are merciful, the Demons are bold, the Giants are stupid, and the Dragons are arrogant.

These are words referring to the Four Emperors.

Of course, there are some things that are slightly glorified in front of the people involved, but most people understand the Four Emperors in this way.

In that respect, for ordinary climbers, the Four Emperors that they most dislike to meet are the Dragons.

‘Things that are cheap. Those who think that everyone but them are bad. Those who think that everyone should disappear except themselves, but have the power to actually do it.’

The reason was simple.

This is because the nature of the dragon race is so extreme that it cannot even be compared to the other three races.

A race that is worthy of being called a tyrant, and if you come into contact with it once, you must be prepared to suffer great damage or even die.

The Elyos actually show favor to other climbers.

It’s a favor that comes from the thought of serving those who are less fortunate than me, but at least it doesn’t cause harm to others.

Demons only respond to the strong.

And if they meet their standards, they approach them in a friendly way and treat them as if they are just below them.

Well, at least it’s right above the livestock.

For the last of the giants, all you have to do is say good things.

Because they are dull and strong, they are weak to praise.

‘But not the dragon race.’

It is not uncommon for the Dragon Clan to beat up passing climbers for not worshiping them, and in the case of strong people, they trample on them so that they cannot even make eye contact with them. They are a race of people who rip out the tongues of those who speak kind words to them and use their tongue three inches.

Therefore, Balkan was worried that other climbers gathered in the center of the city would be caught up in the young dragon’s tyrannical side.

The mouth of the handsome young dragon man opened.

“Ah, I want to kill all the dragons.”


Balkan couldn’t help but believe his ears.

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