Absolute Necromancer Chapter 45

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All Master Necromancer Episode 45

: Spiritual Power.

There were not many beings in the tower who could properly handle this power, which can be literally translated as the power of the soul.

No, to be precise, there were so few that you could count them on one hand.

Going beyond that, it was safe to say that there was no one at all who could use spiritual power properly, and since Jinhyeok died, there was not a single one.

In other words, there is only one person in the tower who can fully manipulate spiritual power.

Jinhyuk was the only one, and unless a new Spirit Master appeared, that record would not be broken.

So, one problem remains here.

Why on earth is it that the only beings who can properly manipulate spiritual power are Spirit Masters? That’s the problem.

‘That’s because I don’t know anything about the soul.’

However, it was a simple problem for Jinhyeok, the spirit master.

No one, not even the Four Emperors, also known as the ruling class that ruled the entire tower, knew anything about the ‘soul’.

That was the reason why he could not properly handle the power of spiritual power.

‘The reason they can use even a little bit of spiritual power is because of their damn perfect body and the outstanding soul that resides in it. If it weren’t for that, they wouldn’t have been able to even handle spiritual power.’

Even now, when Jinhyeok can’t think straight due to the overwhelming waves of fraud, he doesn’t like the idea of others handling spiritual power to the point that he thinks this way.

In particular, the sight of the Four Emperors using spiritual power without any effort is even unpleasant to Jinhyeok.

Of course, the spiritual power they used was something that could hardly be called spiritual power, but Jinhyuk still didn’t like it.

‘I don’t even want to call spiritual power spiritual power, which is nothing more than a residue derived from a powerful soul, but spiritual power is spiritual power….’ In essence, all living things have a soul, and as the

soul becomes stronger, the body also grows together. .

Nevertheless, there are often cases where the body cannot keep up with the size of the soul, and as a result, the power of the soul naturally flows out of the body.

That was the way the Four Emperors used spiritual power.

‘The spiritual power flowing out from a body that cannot contain a soul that is too much for them. As expected, neither body nor soul suit them.’

As always, the biggest reason why Jinhyeok coveted the souls and bodies of the Four Emperors was also closely related to spiritual power.

A strong soul and body are no different from a medium that allows one to handle stronger spiritual power.

Of course, now it has no particular meaning.

‘I can just feast on their bodies and souls, so there’s no reason to covet what they have.’

All Masters and the trait, Predation.

These two cards made the greed that Jinhyuk had while climbing the tower disappear like snow.

Well, that greed degenerated into another greed, and as a result, he continued to covet the bodies and souls of the Four Emperors, but it was not important to Jinhyeok.

‘…let’s stop with the distracting thoughts and move on to awakening spiritual power.’

Just a moment of idle thoughts filled with greed for the Four Emperors.

Jinhyeok, who recalled his original purpose, began to come to his senses in a world filled with darkness.

‘If you lose your mind, you will die.’

The word ‘death’ is not spoken empty-handed, but spoken sincerely.

To that extent, awakening Jinhyuk’s spiritual power, which he is currently doing, required risking his life.

‘High risk, high return. I like that saying, but it still bothers me that the return is death.’

High risk, high return.

With great risks comes great costs.

Of course, the price here was spiritual power, and the risk was death.

However, the fact that spiritual power is a price worth paying for death pushed Jinhyuk into a pit full of danger.

‘It’s not that there is no easy way to get there, but… time is too tight to turn around.’

Just as there are multiple paths to a certain destination, spiritual power was also similar.

There are many paths, and at the end of all of them, there is spiritual power.

Nevertheless, Jinhyeok chose the roughest and most difficult path.


Of course, it was natural that at any moment one’s enemies, especially powerful enemies, might attempt to take one’s life.

Time was not on Jinhyuk’s side; rather, it was a weapon that strangled Jinhyuk’s neck.

Of course, there is no option to go leisurely and slowly.

That’s why Jinhyuk headed to the Wizard’s Tower without hesitation and threw himself into the waves of fraud.

‘…The fastest way to awaken spiritual power is to become closest to the soul.’

The best and fastest way to awaken spiritual power is to get as close to the spirit as possible.

The further away you are from your soul, the slower your awakening will become, and the safer you will become.

After all, the easiest way to get closer to the soul is…

‘…to die.’

Because I was going to die.

In fact, there was no way to get closer to the soul than to die.

Well, that doesn’t mean that everyone awakens their spiritual power when they die, but it is true that death is a great help in awakening their spiritual power.

However, if you really die, it is very difficult to come back to life, and there are not many ways.

‘Requesting resurrection from God and the devil is too costly and there is a high possibility that they will not grant it.’

The first and most popular(?) method is resurrection through the power of God and the devil.

It was not very efficient compared to the investment(?).

The worst was mortgaging the rest of his life, and the worst was having to be a puppet in their hands even after death.

That was a choice Jinhyuk could not have chosen.

He would have rather died, but being exploited for the rest of his life or even after death was not something he wanted.

Of course, I had erased from my mind the thought of capturing Balkan, who was thinking the same thing, and using him as a commander to command the soul soldiers.

‘After that, if it’s not an ability like a skill or physical ability, it’s like a reward for a quest given by gods and devils… There’s no particular way to do this either.’

Unless you have resurrection-level skills or abilities, obtaining a body is almost like picking a star in the sky.

The level of soul transmission that allowed Jinhyeok to be in this position is the only skill that a climber can acquire.



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‘It’s good to be alive, but you lose all your abilities, and you can’t decide when to be reborn, so should I say this is good or bad?’

In the end, it is an ability that was beneficial to Jinhyuk, but I am not sure that it will apply to everyone else.

No, in most cases, close to 90% of climbers would be at a loss.

‘Maybe 10 years is too little, decades… if I was reincarnated hundreds of years later… it’s terrible to even imagine.’

Jinhyeok gathered his thoughts, thinking that he might actually be lucky.

‘It’s not that there are no bodies related to resurrection at all, but… it boasts an outrageous collection difficulty that is no different from the skills or abilities mentioned above, so we’ll have to postpone that.’

In the end, the most important point was not to die.

If you don’t die in the first place, you won’t need all the things mentioned above.

In that respect, it goes without saying that the method chosen by Jinhyeok was a finite method.

‘Through fraud, the body is put into a half-dead state of suspended animation, allowing the soul to escape from the body. A state of half-life reflex, not dead but not alive either. And then, with the state of the soul that escaped from there, we practice to awaken our spiritual power.’

The so-called out-of-body training method.

Naturally, it was not a training method that anyone could do.

First, we needed a way to consolidate the massive amount of fraud in one place and be able to maintain it.

This was possible because Balkan provided the personnel needed for cohesion and maintenance.


-Can you hear me?

‘Yes, I hear you well. There’s no problem outside, right?’

-There’s nothing much except for the ghosts creeping up.

‘Hold it tight. ‘Because it would be a bother if my body was stolen by a ghost for no reason.’

-It’s because you’re weak. Tsk tsk, you can’t help but lose your body to a ghost. Get rid of the spirit master label.

‘…Stop talking nonsense and be aware of your surroundings. ‘Because an empty body is vulnerable to even a single ghost.’

-I know better than anyone else, don’t worry. Just focus on your training. If I don’t get results worth the effort, I’d better be prepared.


There was a ghost.

The soul escaped from the body of the living.

So should we say that he is dead? Should I say I lived?

The correct answer could be said to be half and half.

Neither dead nor alive.

A state of half-life and half-death where, if another person’s soul takes over the body, the body can be used as a new body and live a new life.

in other words.

‘I need to finish my training quickly and return to my body so as not to lose my body to those damn demons.’

Jinhyeok gritted his teeth slightly because it would be a pain to deal with it if a ghost came into contact with his body and messed up his insides, although his body would not be taken over by a ghost.

‘Valkan, I believe it… but I can’t help but be worried.’

The Balkans can be said to be the best defense.

In fact, if Balkan wanted to, he could eat Jinhyuk’s empty body, but Jinhyuk knew very well that he would not do that.

‘The soul bottle serves its purpose as a soul bottle and does not target the Spirit Master. ‘He wouldn’t try to break what he pursued during his lifetime.’

The appearance of a stern wizard.

However, it was also true that he was trustworthy as a colleague.

In addition, Jinhyeok had no intention of treating him as a soul soldier forever.

‘Alchemy, if we just find him, we can create a homunculus. The homunculus he created could easily be used as a vessel to contain the souls of the dead. At that time, the first Spirit Master Balkan will be revived again.’

When a smile appears on Jinhyuk’s mental body’s lips as he remembers that thrilling moment just thinking about it.

Jinhyeok shook off all his distracting thoughts at once and, with his lips tightly closed without even the slightest movement, began to feel and assimilate with the soul itself.

‘Everything is enough even after awakening spiritual power. For now… I’ll just have to focus on what’s in front of me.’

With the last thought, Jinhyuk’s mental body (soul body) fell into meditation, trapped in the darkness amidst the waves of fraud.

-Body! Give yourself up!

-Fresh flesh! A living body! I can live again~~~

-Get out of the way, old man! That body is mine! Don’t be greedy and achieve Buddhahood!

“…Damn, all kinds of people are sticking to me.”

Necromancer’s room.

Originally, the place where not even ghosts, let alone miscellaneous spirits, could enter, was now overrun with miscellaneous spirits.

Because it is full of various defense and exorcism magics, you have to be prepared to disappear once you enter, so ghosts and miscellaneous spirits never even come near the wizard’s tower.

But right now.

Various ghosts as well as miscellaneous ghosts instinctively felt that Jinhyeok’s soul had escaped from his body.


“…is it named? That guy sure looks like he has a good body. “It’s amazing to see even named ghosts that should be asleep appear.”

Even the famous ghosts that had been living on the 10th floor of the tower for a long time began to appear one by one, so wasn’t all that said?

The surroundings became noisy and the Wizard’s Tower also fell into turmoil due to the appearance of ghosts and ghosts that were not normally seen.

Ken, who brought Jinhyeok to the necromancer’s room, sensed that the center of all the commotion was the necromancer’s room and opened the door.

“What on earth is happening now… Wow!”

“…Be quiet and help yourself too. Still, you can probably catch at least some ghosts on the 35th floor.”

“Da… who the hell are you? No, in the first place, if you are not the chosen one, you cannot come in…”

“I am your senior by a long way, so shut up and catch me!”

“yep! Seniors!”

Ken’s words, which were surprised to see Balkan visualized for full-scale barricade work, did not reach Balkan.

Rather, it was quite natural for Vulkan to use Ken, who had come to calm the commotion, to deal with the miscellaneous ghosts, while he himself was to block the named ghosts.

They came to look for Jinhyuk, but Jinhyuk was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the room with his eyes closed, and Ken was confused by this situation as he said that the person he saw for the first time was his senior and was destroying the ghosts.

However, he also noticed that there was something about the ghosts rushing madly towards the god he believed in, so he worked hard to stop them in his own way.

However, just as they could not stop ten people with one hand, a gap appeared in their seemingly perfect defense.

-Hahaha! That damn body is mine!

“…Oh shit! Stop it!”

“It’s too far! Ugh… And if we break the front line here and now, the other guys…

will listen loudly.”

One of the ghosts with the strongest energy was hiding among the other ghosts, and without missing the opportunity, rushed towards Jinhyeok.

The sight of him crawling on the floor in a ravenous posture, with his eyes closed and intent on devouring Jinhyeok, who was in a state of immobility, was bizarre, but very fast.

Since other ghosts and miscellaneous ghosts were a problem to chase after him now, the two people eventually gave up on him and repaired the gap that had formed, shouting at Jinhyeok.

“Wake up, you idiot! A guy like that could really lose control of his body!”

“wake up! “Meditation is good, but the current situation is not so good!”

It got to the point where the two worse-offs yelled at Jinhyuk directly.

-late! late! I will take good care of your body!

The moment when his translucent arm touches Jinhyeok’s motionless body at the same time as the voice of a giggling ghost or evil spirit.

“Whose body are you putting your hands on, you b*stard?”



At the same time that Jinhyeok’s voice was heard clearly in the demon’s ears, a bullet was lodged in his head.

“…Gumbora? Well, it doesn’t matter.”

Jinhyeok tilted his head as he saw the purple-black energy fluttering and spreading around him as the bullet erupted, but it didn’t last long.


got up from his seat, shaking off the dust that had gotten on his clothes due to the rampage of miscellaneous ghosts and ghosts, and finished stretching by bending his neck this way and that. He spread out his hands and shouted softly.

“Bow. “I am not responsible even if I get hit.”

“You… crazy guy! Bow down!”

“Ugh… Ugh! yes!”

The two people couldn’t even respond to the inconsiderate voice and threw themselves towards the dust-filled ground.

After confirming that their bodies had moved to a position where they could not be hit by his attack, a purple-black energy formed on Jinhyeok’s ten fingers.


“It will be difficult to sweep them away because they still lack spiritual power, but this will be enough. The Ten Zodiac Spirit Bullets.”

Keying- Tatang!!!

Ten bullets extending from ten fingers.

The ten bullets made with spiritual power instantly split in half, split in half again, and split into a total of forty bullets, attacking the group of ghosts.


Of course, it goes without saying that its power was perfect.

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