Absolute Necromancer Chapter 44

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All Master Necromancer Episode 44

“…There are so many.”

“The magic path is infinite. “It’s only natural that we try to include all of those paths in the Wizard’s Tower.”

Climber on the 35th floor.

Jinhyeok did not find it difficult to use Ken as his guide, who had high-level power by the standards of the 10th floor and at the same time had the rare profession of wizard.

‘The 35th floor is suitable as a guide.’

In fact, I think this is just the right amount to use as a guide.

Behind this, there was a memory of the time when he was Cha Jin-hyuk, the ‘Death Star’ who once challenged the 600th floor and surpassed the 600th floor in terms of force.

Well, for Ken, who revered Jinhyeok like a magic god, that kind of comfort gave him a sense of stability.

‘You don’t look like you have any difficulty with a climber higher than you taking the lead and taking on the role of guide. After all, he has the qualities of a king.’

There is nothing more embarrassing to a believer than seeing the god they serve have difficulties with them.

Is that why?

Ken, who took the lead in assisting Jinhyuk, had a bright smile on his face.

For him, it is an honor for his family to show his god the place where he worked and where his god will also work in the future.

“The fire room, the water room, the ice room… rooms with various properties are located inside the tower.”

“…It’s definitely amazing.”

“There will be quite a few things. “Didn’t I tell you all that there is even black magic?”

“Is there even black magic?”

“Yes, maybe it’s not on the 100th floor of the Wizard’s Tower, but it is on the 10th floor. After all, you have to do something to survive. Thanks to this, people who live on the 100th floor or higher often come down to our tower.”

Black magic.

There was no such thing as a forbidden ability within the tower, but black magic was an object of disdain.

Maybe it was an object of disgust.

The reason was simple.

“It is not unusual to replace several unfamiliar climbers in order to survive.”

The source of black magic is life force.

It goes without saying, but would those who want to live use their abilities by mortgaging their own vitality?

Of course the answer was ‘NO’.

They left their own life force as a last resort and used magic based on the life force of others.

“…I’ve seen it a few times too. Non-warlocks abandoning their companions, or warlocks surviving by sacrificing others. “It wasn’t a very nice sight.”

“I don’t particularly hate warlocks either. It’s something I try to live with anyway, and things worse than that happen on a regular basis. Just… as long as the target isn’t me.”

“That’s the top.”

“That’s right, that’s the top.”

Of course, the two people did not strongly reject black magic.

First of all, being a wizard played a part, and the fact that the original tower was like this also played a big part.

A world where my life is more precious than someone else’s life, and any action can be taken if I have the strength.

Because that place was the ‘top’.

As a result, people also deal with black magic to some extent in their lives.

The process wasn’t very good, but the result was great.

“It’s a double aspect.”

“Yes, of course. “There are people who swear like that on the outside and carry around several scrolls of Berserk.”

“Definitely Berserker is very useful in the early stages. Because they are of great help in climbing the tower. But if you do that, you will only die later.”

“I agree. “We are not dealing with black magic in earnest, and it is clear that we will never be able to survive if we only rely on the by-products of black magic.”

However, if they depended on the by-products and neglected to hone their original abilities, they would simply be postponing their current mortality to the future.

If your goal is not to die but to climb the tower, you should not be lacking in honing your natural abilities even if you use grabs.

That was the absolute proposition that everyone in the tower had engraved in their heads.

Even if you handle countless techniques, you should not neglect honing your natural abilities, whether it is a sword, a spear, a bow, or even something like shooting a poisonous needle.

‘Well, my original ability is to catch, and my original ability is no different from catching, so it doesn’t apply to me.’

All Masters.

A job that means he has mastered everything and that Jinhyuk can do it now.

Thanks to his occupation being ranked at the top among hidden occupations, Jinhyeok was the only climber who could handle all the trappings in the world as if it were his natural ability.

However, because of that, he could have become a miscellaneous character with no natural abilities… but this was not the case for Jinhyuk.

‘Necromancy. Furthermore, as long as there is a center called Spirit Master, I will not be shaken.’

Due to the nature of the job of being an All Master, there may be cases where one cannot find one’s center and only digs at several wells, but Jinhyuk had a strong center as a Spirit Master.

It is a center that has been honed since its previous life, and is now regaining the strength of its previous life even more quickly by taking full advantage of its versatility.

‘Rather, we have to worry about not being able to properly utilize the All Master’s job characteristics.’

Instead of finding the center of gravity that would have been buried in others by the job characteristics of being an All Master, Jinhyeok was a unique case where the job characteristics of being an All Master faded away.

That’s because Jinhyuk only played in the melee class up to the 100th floor and wasn’t that special.

From then on, he rode the wizard tech tree leading to Wizard – Necromancer – Spirit Master and became a completely standard wizard.

Is that why?

Jinhyuk had been training since the tutorial, and Jinhyeok often engaged in close combat due to his desire for revenge against Nine Star, so even that reached its limit.

‘It mainly deals with magic, focusing on the Spirit Master’s power, and close combat is only fought with weapons that can be easily grasped, so I feel like I’m losing all sense of it. ‘You need a proper teacher.’

Jinhyuk’s stats are high.

The stats are enough to overwhelm climbers who are 10 to 20 floors higher, rather than being pushed back.

Naturally, it is a structure in which most climbers on the same floor have no choice but to fall even if Jinhyuk is hit by a roughly wielded staff.

Although it was comfortable for climbing, Jinhyeok did not like the fact that he was making fun of the top sub-job and hidden job he had worked so hard to obtain.

‘Tsk, but there’s no benefit to learning from ordinary people and it hurts your pride.’

Even on the 10th floor, there are no military officers (except for the top class), but their level is quite understandable.

There is no way Jinhyeok, who has only seen people around him who say he is bad, will not be satisfied with this.



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‘I’ll have to look into this properly after realizing my spiritual power. If Kyung-hoon is at that level, it would be just right.’

Martial God Choi Gyeong-hoon.

Jinhyuk, who was thinking about being the first Earthling-level weapon master to break through the 800th floor of the tower, had something wrong in his mind, but Jinhyuk himself could not find anything particularly wrong.

For Jinhyuk, who has met only the best climbers, including Choi Kyung-hoon, for several years, it was natural that he would not be satisfied if it wasn’t to that level.

Well, if you really can’t find a climber of that level, you will be lowered in your eyes, but that was just a distant story that hasn’t happened yet.

At least for Jinhyuk now, he was filled with the thought that the only person who could teach him was a climber who had at least reached the level of Choi Kyung-hoon, so it was natural.

“Im here. “If you need anything, please call me anytime.”

While Jinhyuk and Ken were thinking about their future schedule, they had already arrived at their original destination.

Necromancer’s room.

A place where there is a way to awaken the spiritual power, which can be said to be the true power of the Spirit Master.

Jinhyuk, who entered the room after seeing Ken retreat after speaking politely, could not stop the exclamation that came out of his mouth.

“…Huh, it’s no joke.”

“I have no choice but to admit it. “I don’t think it can even be compared to when I visited the tower before.”

“Isn’t it because you are so ancient?”

“…Let’s move on quietly, right?”

Balkan mountaineers existed hundreds of years ago.

Of course, it is not surprising that the latest technology at that time is now inferior to ordinary technology.

They say that even rivers and mountains change in 10 years, so it wouldn’t be strange if the world itself changed in hundreds of years.

Balkan, who knew this well, cleared his throat and rolled his eyes at Jinhyuk’s scolding.

Jinhyuk began looking around the room, trying to avoid Vulcan’s almost laser-like gaze.

“It’s full of various books and reagents, and even a corpse? “It’s completely like a necromancer’s dream.”

“But why were there so few people in the lobby? “If the room of a non-mainstream necromancer is like this, other rooms must be similar, right?”

Various books and reagents fill the spacious room.

Furthermore, there are even corpses of various monsters prepared for you to dissect and raise.

Vulcan did not hide his doubts about the fact that there were so few people in such a nice laboratory with so many rooms.

“The reason is obvious.”


“Because the facilities here are worse than those on the 100th floor.”


It was Balkan who let out a shallow exclamation at Jinhyuk’s answer that penetrated the topic.

In fact, the 10th floor wizard’s tower could not be considered to be of a very high standard by the standards of the overall tower.

The only advantage is that there are no books or schools of thought that are specifically banned, so there is a little more diversity.

‘You can’t keep up with climbers who climb over 100 floors with just that.’

Even those who came with an interest in magic books that were not found in the upper world, such as black magic, could gain the necessary knowledge in just a few days, and there was no truly high-level black magic here.

If you are truly capable, talented, and interested in black magic, it would be quicker to open the auction house window rather than coming to the Wizard’s Tower on the 10th floor.

This is assuming that you have the talent to handle high-level black magic.

“Put that aside for now. “What we’re going to do now is not a policy to resolve the population shortage in the Wizard’s Tower, right?”

“That’s a correct answer to a random question. You are right. Are you going to start right away?”

“There’s no need to delay, right? Awakening my spiritual power quickly increases my value and eliminates the reason for Gold Rich to abandon me. Traders are not good at calculating their profits. “If I don’t live up to his expectations, he will mercilessly abandon me.”

“At one point, you spoke as if you were more trustworthy than anyone else in the world.”

“That’s what happens when I show as much or more than he thinks. Instead, if I achieve that standard, he will push me harder than anyone else in the world.”

Hearing Jinhyeok’s confident words, Balkan sighed and began to organize the room.

The wooden desks and books that had filled the center were suddenly pushed to the corner.

Of course, Balkan didn’t do it himself.


“Get rid of these quickly, quickly. “Your master is so smart!”

“…I’ve never been rude, so don’t give the kids any weird feelings. Because it will become uncomfortable later.”

“That’s what I’m saying. “You don’t even know how I feel?”

“…Okay, thank you very much.”

The more you treat your soul carelessly, the more brutal it becomes.

The aftermath was a very bothersome thing that Jinhyuk had to deal with.

Therefore, Jinhyeok was trying to be very good to the soul, as long as it was not a soul that would be used once or twice and thrown away.

‘But this damn b*stard destroys it in one fell swoop.’

Jinhyeok, who was contemplating whether to deprive him of the right to be a commander, shook his head at the sight of Vulcan, who was not an ordinary spirit soldier but a demonic soul soldier, giggling as he was using them to clean up the room.

‘If I do it out of anger, I’ll end up feeling tired later. That b*stard knows all that and just leaves. As expected, there’s nothing I can do about a guy who has mastered the Spirit Master like that.’

Once the presence of the commander imprinted on the soul bottles and demon soul soldiers is destroyed, it takes time to imprint it again, and confusion comes to the soul bottles and demon soul soldiers.

This was even more so in the case of a soul as deeply involved as Balkan.

It would be better if he never appoints him as a commander again. His ability is so great that that option is gone. If he is kicked out as a commander, Jinhyeok will ultimately lose out.

‘It would be better to deal with the anger that comes out when soul diseases accumulate as much stress as possible. ‘He’s such a fcking bstard.’

It is more comfortable to release the stress and anger derived from dealing with a soul illness.


“…Okay, thank you.”

“I just need to know.”

“…I should just f*cking clean it up myself.”

Jinhyeok’s voice, muttering in a resigned voice as if he had given up, filled the cool necromancer’s room with emptiness.

“Are you not going to do it?”

“I have to do it. Even if it’s annoying, I have to awaken my spiritual power.”

Take a peek at what’s in Balkan’s crackling voice. There was only one thing Jinhyuk could do after feeling this way.

Spiritual power.

Preparing to awaken that which is no different from the purpose for which you came here.

Tsutsutsutsu –

As soon as Jinhyuk made up his mind, the magic circle that Vulcan had drawn in advance in the center where Jinhyuk stood began to shine, and at the same time, the morale that had spread in the room rushed to the center.


“I will see you alive.”

Of course, Jinhyuk was at the end.

Jinhyeok let out a short, death-like voice as he felt a huge amount of pain penetrate his whole body. Jinhyuk’s wide-open eyes were stained black with death energy, and Jinhyeok’s mind was swallowed up by darkness.

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