Absolute Necromancer Chapter 43

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All Master Necromancer Episode 43

“As expected, it’s quiet here.”

“Isn’t it the 10th floor? Even for those who are talented in magic, it is too early for their talents to fully blossom.”

“That is true. It was much later that I learned magic in earnest. “It was the same with the Necromancer, and it was the same with the Spirit Master.”

Wizard’s Tower.

Jinhyeok’s review after entering it was ordinary.


Of course, it is not a good thing for the tower where job changes are made to be quiet.

“Still, I can’t help but feel disappointed, perhaps because I’m a wizard.”

“That goes for me too.”

Warrior, Archer, Rogue.

Even for occupations related to adventurers, there was a line lined up outside the job change tower to change jobs.

Their choice was probably natural as it taught them skills not only for changing jobs but also for climbing the top in the future, and could be developed into skills, but it was only bittersweet for Jinhyeok and Balkan, who were magicians.

Rather than waiting in line, they entered the tower without any restraint, and the inside of the tower, which should have been the most crowded, was quiet.

“A regret is a regret and we just do our own thing.”

“…Yeah, I guess I should. Only then will I be able to shake off this feeling at least a little.”

Of course, the two people’s thoughts were not buried in emotions.

The purpose of the two people visiting the Wizard’s Tower now is that there are no talented people visiting the Wizard’s Tower. It was natural because it was to awaken spiritual power.

“oh my! You are a climber! “Do you want to be a wizard?”

And then a man in a robe hurriedly ran towards Jinhyuk.

Just as the old players in a game are happy when a newbie appears, it was similar.

‘How old are you as a newbie? ‘I can’t miss this opportunity!’

He was a climber who sought knowledge and did his own research at the Wizard Tower.

“My name is Ken. Our Wizard’s Tower always welcomes new wizards. Then, can we do a magic test first? “I’m sorry to the climber, but being a wizard is not a job you can pursue.”

His name is Ken.

He was in charge of registering climbers who came to the Wizard’s Tower in return for remaining in the tower for his own exploration and research.

Naturally, the Wizard’s Tower was experiencing a severe population shortage, so Ken received additional support fees every time a new climber was admitted to the Wizard’s Tower.

It’s good for the Wizard’s Tower to get new personnel, and it’s good for Ken to get support money, so to speak, mutual aid.

However, in order to become a magician, you need certain qualities, so Ken took Jinhyuk to the crystal ball.

“You know how to register at the tower, right?”

“Don’t you have to be excellent at handling mana?”

“you’re right. However, it is difficult to show this with the power of ordinary climbers. It would be great if I could show it like this, but…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ken created a sphere made of mana in his hand and smiled.

It was a fist-sized sphere, but he gently stroked the sphere made of mana as if he was truly proud of it.

Then, he held Jinhyeok’s hand and placed it on the crystal ball and explained kindly.

“It’s difficult for climbers who haven’t yet gotten into magic. At first, I couldn’t put as much mana into the crystal ball as the size of an ant’s eye, but isn’t it like this now? I’m sure you, the climber, will be able to become a full-fledged wizard. “You can think of it as transferring the mana in your body into a crystal ball.”

Since Ken sincerely hopes that Jinhyeok will become the new wizard, his soft voice is perhaps natural.

Jinhyuk opened his mouth to Ken’s kind explanation and asked his questions.

“There were various rooms within the Wizard’s Tower. “I want to use that place, do you mind?”

A place to awaken spiritual power.

Among them, the necromancer’s room was Jinhyuk’s target, but Ken nodded as if it was obvious.

“Yes, there will be no problem if you officially enroll in the tower. “Everything in the tower exists for the wizard of the tower.”

“Are you free to leave?”

“Sure. Because the tower doesn’t block both incoming and departing wizards. If you want, you can just register, learn magic, and then leave the tower. “The Wizard’s Tower is willing to let you go simply because a new wizard named you has been born.”

Ken, who said that with a kind face, was sincere.

He was also one of those who originally left the tower once but returned to the tower after being blocked by a wall, and everyone was bound to leave the tower and return repeatedly.

Since this had happened countless times over the long years of the tower, Ken answered that he could leave at any time without any hesitation.

After hearing that, Jinhyuk looked at the mana sphere and the crystal sphere in his hand in turn and asked.

“Can you break a crystal ball with that much mana ball?”

“Haha! Climber, you are in good spirits. What floor do you think I will be on?”


“It’s the 35th floor! 35th floor! I can handle this much mana ball. You need to infuse at least twice as much mana to break the crystal ball. There are many challengers who thought they were different and exhausted their mana as they could. “This is quite expensive.”


nodded in response to Ken’s response as he tapped the smooth surface of the crystal ball while speaking.

“Please take note.”

“Seeing how confident you are, it seems like success is certain. Judging from the scent of mana in your body, I think you would be a great wizard if you became one.”

Jinhyuk tried to suppress the twitching corner of his mouth when Ken praised him sincerely, not flattery or flattery.

Of course, Balkan clicked his tongue when he saw Jinhyuk like that.

‘I’m holding onto my wrinkles in front of the kid on the 35th floor. Tsk, are you a three year old kid? ‘Is it a kid?’

‘…Shut up, I have to focus from now on.’

Jinhyuk gritted his teeth and tried to ignore it.

Then he opened his mouth, feeling the cold touch of the crystal ball in his hand.

“Can I do it right away?”

“of course. The time limit is 1 minute. In the meantime, as long as you add mana, it is a success, and from then on, you will be evaluated according to the amount of mana contained. Well, it’s easier to think of it as a task of selecting outstanding talent rather than differentiating grades.”

1 min.

It may seem like a very short time to an ordinary person, but not to Jinhyuk.

‘One second is enough. No, I think it’s faster than that.’

At best, Jinhyeok was already able to store mana in a crystal ball from the first floor, so joining the Wizard’s Tower was a piece of cake.



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Therefore, Jinhyuk decided to go a little further.

“10 seconds. “10 seconds is enough.”

“…10 seconds. I think it might be too short. The climber must have just reached the 10th floor. Moreover, if you are from Earth, even those who cannot feel mana are at a disadvantage. Of course, climbers won’t do that… but do you really want to set it to 10 seconds?”

Ken’s concerns were natural.

Earth, which was not another dimension, was a dimension full of people who could not feel mana.

Of course, talented people immediately learn mana as they climb the tower and treat it like their own limbs, but that only applies at higher levels.

‘Among the people of Earth, there is no one who handles mana as if it were their own limbs, at least on the 10th floor. At least it will be enough to store mana in a crystal ball… but will it only take 10 seconds?’

Ken did not want the new enrollee to fail the exam due to pride.

Although the Wizard’s Tower test was not a test that could not be taken again if one failed, Ken thought that it was not a good thing to discourage a talented and promising new recruit for no reason.

However, the moment Ken saw Jinhyuk’s eyes, he closed his mouth to tell him to consider it again.

‘…those are not the eyes of the person who will listen. And the confidence contained within can only be possessed by those who are absolutely certain that they can do it. Maybe… the 10 seconds he’s talking about might be 10 seconds aimed at something more than just putting mana in the crystal ball.’

As Ken thought about that, he remembered the question Jinhyuk had asked him earlier.

-Can you break the crystal ball with that much mana ball?

‘…Oh, no way. There is no way that a climber who has just reached the 10th floor can do something that even I can’t do.’

The fist-sized mana ball he showed.

He was so happy to see Jinhyeok asking if he could break the test crystal ball in front of him, so he shook his head without realizing it.

The one-dimensional thought that others would not be able to do what he could not do also played a role, but the decisive factor was that the area of breaking a crystal ball by infusing mana could only be reached by reaching the 50th floor.

‘Even if I bring in any passing wizard, even if the tower owner comes, it’s obvious that he’ll tell me it’s impossible.’

The owner of the Wizard’s Tower located on the 10th floor.

Even he would laugh and shake his head at the hypothesis that a climber on the 10th floor would break the test crystal ball.


‘…But why do I feel more and more like that climber will be able to do it?’

For some reason, Ken began to think that the little climber in front of him was going to make the lie that everyone was denying true.

The thick scent of mana slowly seeping out along with his eyes and preparations.

The way you could never believe that he was a 10th floor climber made you believe that he was actually not a 10th floor climber, but a skilled wizard who had reached a much higher floor than himself.

‘It would be impossible for a 10th floor climber, but the climber in front of me seems to be able to do the impossible. Then should this person be called a 10th floor climber?’

The wizarding world is made up of formulas, and the results of those formulas never change.

Because that is magic, and that is their worldview.

Therefore, Ken was confident that his belief that ‘a 10th floor climber cannot break the test crystal ball’ had not been broken.

‘The author is not a 10th floor climber. At least he’s not an ‘ordinary’ 10th floor climber.’

When Ken’s face relaxed as he felt the world he believed in stop collapsing even though he added just one word.

As he thought, the 10th floor climber, who was not only ordinary but even extraordinary, began the test.

Keying –

Jinhyeok’s robe fluttered violently as mana flowed out towards the crystal ball in his hand.

Ken couldn’t even open his eyes properly due to the robe fluttering like a traveler’s robe in a storm and the waves of mana gushing out around him.

Ken did not take his eyes off the storm of mana that was blowing so hard that it was difficult to see even an inch ahead.

‘…1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds.’

I slowly reached the 10 seconds that Jinhyuk had mentioned, but I did not take my eyes off Jinhyuk as I checked the exact time.


‘You can never miss it. In the future, that climber will definitely make a mark in the tower’s history! ‘You can’t miss even a little bit of this moment that may become history, and possibly even a myth!’

It was correct to say that I couldn’t take it off.

A part of the history that Jinhyuk would change as he ascended the tower was unfolding before his eyes, so it was impossible for Ken, a wizard also known as the clan of explorers, to take his eyes off.

The moment when Ken counted ‘9’ accurately in a storm of mana where he couldn’t even open his eyes properly.

He was certain that his slightly changed thoughts were correct.

Damn it –

‘As expected, he wasn’t an ordinary 10th floor climber!’

The test crystal ball, worth hundreds or even thousands of gold, was slowly cracking.

It was an appearance that gave strength to the idea that Jinhyuk was not an ordinary 10th floor climber, and it also showed that the tower would face upheaval in the future.


Finally, at the moment of counting beyond 9 to 10, Ken unconsciously added an exclamation point and shouted the number 10. His eyes caught the sight of a test


ball that was beyond breaking and turning into dust.

Ken swallowed dryly at the sight of Jinhyuk walking into the tower without even paying attention to the shattered crystal ball, giving the illusion of beautiful jewel dust fluttering, and the voice that accompanied him.

Before that, it was advice given to juniors by a senior who had entered the supreme study of magic.

“Mana balls are no different from a wizard’s measure of his power. In other words, a mana ball the size of a fist is worse than not being shown. So, if you go somewhere and show me a mana ball like that because you’re a wizard, you’ll get stabbed.”

Kiiiiing –

A more powerful mana energy than when he broke the crystal ball just moments ago was gushing out from above Jinhyuk’s head.

Feeling his entire body tingle with enormous mana, Ken raised his head and his eyes were filled with the sight of a huge mana ball like the sun brightly illuminating the lobby of the Wizard’s Tower.

“Ah… ahhh!”

Jinhyuk’s voice flew into Ken’s ears like a revelation amidst his exclamations that rang out softly like a believer who has welcomed God.

“Necromancer’s room. “Do you know where it is?”

“…I understand. I will guide you personally.”

Just like that, the two disappeared into the depths of the wizard’s tower, leaving behind the 35th floor climber bowing down and serving the 10th floor climber like a master.

In the place where the two people disappeared, the fragments, or rather the powder, of the crystal ball were shattered and scattered throughout the lobby, sparkling and making the lobby shine.

The sparkling crystal ball powder caught the blue light emitted by the sun-like mana ball and showed off its beauty brilliantly until the moment the mana ball lost its power and disappeared.

As if to show off Jinhyuk’s brilliant talent.

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