Absolute Necromancer Chapter 42

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All Master Necromancer Episode 42

After the meeting with Gold Rich, when two people appeared on the street.

Vulcan opened his mouth in surprise.

“I thought we were having a round. “What’s going on?”

“Do you think I’m crazy about fighting? And even before I came out to the training ground, I had a fight with the puppet, and then I had a fight with the guards, including Goldrich. But are you fighting again? Are you kidding me?”

“You can do that. An endless wave of monsters. Anyone who has learned this even once will never go near a monster wave again, but you didn’t just not go near it, you caused the monster wave yourself? “And twice!”

“…If you say that, I don’t have anything to say.”

The Balkan words struck Jinhyeok like a dagger, to the extent that it would be correct to say that every single word was correct.

The conversation between the two ended with Jinhyuk grumbling as he was at a loss for words.

Of course, the conversation did not end there.

In any case, the only thing that ended was at the training ground.

“I wonder if he is a man you can trust. Well, I gave it to him because I needed it….”

Doubts about Gold Rich.

That was the main topic of conversation.

“Do you trust him?”

Eyes full of suspicion.

In addition, Jinhyeok, who read the deep concern about himself in Balkan’s voice, burst into laughter.

Naturally, Balkan blushed and raised his voice at Jinhyuk’s laughter.

“Even when I worry about him, he acts like he’s giggling! Damn it, I’m worried about you because I’m crazy…”

Jinhyeok personally comforted Balkan, who grunted with a face full of embarrassment at his own laughter.

To be precise, he cited the reason why he had no choice but to laugh.

“You heard it earlier too, right? Goldrich’s ultimate goal is to kill those guys. Well, there is a race in particular that I want to kill, but I’ll leave that aside. Now that you’ve heard the reason, you probably know it well. “Goldrich won’t betray me.”

“…Revenge, you said, and it was also family revenge.”

Revenge can also become a driving force in someone’s life.

Assuming you don’t get caught up in it.

In fact, there was revenge behind Jinhyeok’s tenacious moves and efforts such as confronting Goldrich.

If Jinhyuk had not used the driving force of revenge, he would not have had a meeting with Gold Rich as urgently as he did now.

‘Slowly, I would have planned the perfect plan to reduce the variables as much as possible and prevent the relationship with Gold Rich from being completely cut off and not be hostile even when the job fails… but there is nothing I can do about it. The enemies are too high up, and my strength is weak, so I have no choice but to throw the odds.’

As a result, Jinhyeok’s game was successful and he succeeded in attracting Goldrich to his side.

And Jinhyuk himself knew that the key to Jinhyuk’s success was his good use of the word ‘revenge’ and making people feel identified with it.

“I am revenge for myself, he is revenge for surviving alone among the corpses of my family. In some ways, our revenge is different but similar. That resemblance was a major part of what made him join hands with me.”

“Yes, you ended up forming an alliance with the Top’s greatest reject. But where does the confidence that that alliance will last come from? “Of course you formed an alliance with him on equal terms, but you know very well that in reality, that is not the case, right?”

Balkan’s concerns were valid.

Partners in an equal relationship.

That was the contract Jinhyuk and Goldrich made.

Gold Rich does not spare support to Jinhyuk, and based on that support, Jinhyeok will one day cut off the head of the Four Emperors and offer it to Gold Rich.

Simple, simple contract.

However, if one looked behind the scenes, anyone would be able to see that the relationship between Jinhyeok and Goldrich was not equal and that it was a contract that one party could unilaterally cancel.

“If that Goldrich guy changes his mind, you’re the one who gets screwed, idiot. “But aren’t you worried about you?”

Although he had a tendency to speak a little harshly, everything Balkan said was true.

If Gold Rich changes his mind and unilaterally terminates the contract with Jinhyeok and sells information about him to the Four Emperors in return for payment, Gold Rich will be even more rejected.

“I stick a dagger to their necks based on the wealth I have built with their help. Isn’t that a very nice sounding tone? “For those who are blinded by revenge like you, there can be no greater revenge than this, right?”

In addition, Balkan’s words that followed were enough to make Jinhyuk nod his head.

Using the power accumulated from the power of the object of revenge, she plunges the knife into his neck.

Isn’t it fascinating just to listen to it?

It was clear that the drug was so powerful that just looking at the facial expressions they would make in this absurd situation where the power they had helped hit their own neck was enough to bring them to climax.

But Jinhyuk remained calm.

“You don’t know how much he hates the Four Emperors.”

“…What does that have to do with this?”

“You know he’s the owner of the auction house, right?”

“Of course. “Because I heard it.”

“Do you know how much the auction house fee is?”

Balkan tilted his head at the sight of Jinhyeok suddenly mentioning the auction house fee, but obediently answered based on what he had heard.

“I think it’s 5%.”

“Yes, we take 5% of the total sales price as a commission. But… do you know that the fee is set differently for the Four Emperors?”

“…That’s possible?”

When something he hadn’t heard suddenly popped up, Balkan couldn’t help but tilt his head.

The fees of the auction house used by all climbers are applied differently only to certain races.

Isn’t it ‘discrimination’, no more, no less?

“It’s discrimination. And the Four Emperors pay a 10% commission when selling goods, but on the other hand, when buying goods, they also have to pay an additional 10% on the original price.”

“…Crazy, there’s no way they wouldn’t object.”

The Four Emperors have their own trading routes, and most of them obtain goods through them.

But not all items can be obtained that way.

Some items only end up on the auction house, and to buy those items, they have to use the auction house.

Thanks to the anonymous system of the auction house, where it is impossible to know who posted the item, it is not possible to meet the person who uploaded the item and conduct a transaction.

However, if they were the only ones to suffer losses in sales or purchases unlike others, would the Four Emperors, who are full of pride, really stay still?

Of course, it wasn’t like the Balkans were worried about.

“There was immediate opposition. “If you lose 10% each, you are trading with a total loss of 20%.”



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“…But you’re still fine? “There’s no way they can stay still.”

Jinhyuk explained with a grin when he saw Balkan expressing doubt that the fee was still being maintained despite the backlash.

“First, they don’t know who owns the auction house. “Thanks to you, there is no need to worry about dying even if you commit such an act of violence, so I wonder if Gold Rich will get off.”


The proposition of death is the same and looms large for everyone.

No matter how much money you give, there is no one who would trade your life for it.

However, on the other hand, if you can make a lot of money without putting your life in danger and, like in the case of Gold Rich, if you can make a fool of your enemies, wouldn’t you really commit violent acts?

“Thanks to Goldrich’s excellent secrecy, they are able to make such outrageous acts and still collect huge amounts of fees.”

Naturally, Goldrich was not a saint, and had no intention of siding with his enemies, the Four Emperors.

It was even joked that today’s Gold Rich is thanks to the money stolen from the Four Emperors over a period of ten years.

Of course, that didn’t mean the auction house could maintain its current status.

“Of course, the Four Emperors are not idiots and it was natural for them to rebel against the loss that only they see. So Goldrich used a trick.”

“What trick?”

Balkan showed great interest in the quite interesting old story(?), and Jinhyeok obediently told him old stories as he walked along the path to the Wizard’s Tower.

Like a grandfather telling a story about old times to his young grandchild.

Well, it’s the opposite when it comes to age, but the two didn’t really care.

“Honestly, I guess this is the biggest reason? “I hurt their most important thing, their reputation.”


“Yes, they made a fuss by saying that the reason they were paying more fees was for noblesse oblige. Of course, the Four Emperors have no choice but to be dumbfounded. “If you deny this, you will become a person who only gives a fancy name for being part of the ruling class.”

“So what happened?”

“What’s going on? I made a direct call straight to God. Well, the answer was decided.”

“…The gods wouldn’t have been very friendly towards the auction house either, so why?”

“Why, why? “Which of the gods do you think created the system called the auction house?”

“Of course, a merchant… Ah! You idiots. Even if I ask him, he…”

Balkan, who had been building up his thoughts according to Jinhyuk’s words, eventually arrived at the correct answer.

“That’s right, what the stupid Four Emperors asked was Hermes, the god of merchants and thieves, and Hermes sided with the merchant Gold Rich rather than the Four Emperors. Well, I guess there were a lot of things I received along the way.”

[The playful messenger whistles and avoids gaze.]

At that time, so much was donated that only dust came out of Goldrich’s wallet.

Leaving behind the message window containing Hermes’ embarrassment, Jinhyeok ran toward the end of the story.

“The Four Emperors had no choice when God said it was ‘true,’ and they ended up having to pay the outrageous fee. It’s a heartwarming ending. how is it? Was it fun?”

“…Even the most arrogant guys get screwed that way. “It was the funniest traditional fairy tale I’ve heard in quite a while.”

“It was at most ten years ago. “I don’t know if you can call this a traditional fairy tale.”

Balkan, who was looking at Jinhyuk giggling and mumbling, suddenly remembered what he had said and asked about him.

“In the end, isn’t it the same if that b*stard named Gold Rich abandons you? To him, who has a huge system called an auction house, you are just a piece of chess to be thrown away.”

The conversation continued again about whether Gold Rich would support Jinhyuk or not, but Jinhyuk’s answer to it was refreshing.

“I can’t throw it away. “Unless you both plan to die together.”


“There is an answer to the story I just told you, right?”


“The reason why the auction house is able to survive even after such rampage. Anonymity. Until now, only God and the devil knew who owned the auction house. But not anymore. But what about someone who knows that information? “What is the difference between saying we will die together?”

“Oh, he is like that too.”

“Of course, if he doesn’t abandon me and instead points out the contract to show that I’m useless, then I have nothing to say…” “

…That will never happen. “If the contract is being terminated due to your lack of ability, I recommend that you bite your tongue and commit suicide before you are terminated.”

“I still think so.”

Jinhyeok, who shrugged his shoulders with an unconcerned expression even though he was told to commit suicide, stood in front of the wizard’s tower where he had already arrived and uttered his last words.

“A merchant always considers the value of a product and chooses whether to sell it or throw it away. Then there is only one way to avoid being thrown away, right? I elevate my value and express my importance based on that value. “It’s something that can’t be helped since I’m still a 10th floor climber.”

Gold Rich is the object and rejection of the entire tower.

If you want to maintain a smooth relationship with him, you shouldn’t rely on past relationships.

Credit is life to a merchant, but if he says he is second-class, the only person I can trust is my current self. Because Jinhyuk knew this very well.

so that.


‘s steps as he entered the wizard’s tower, which was unusually quiet compared to other towers, seemed very confident.

“Okay then, let’s get ready to surprise our sponsor.”

“The sea I was hoping for, baby. I’m really looking forward to seeing what color your spiritual power will be.”

The door of the Wizard’s Tower, which had been wide open with the sounds of one person, no, a total of two people including Vulcan, making noise, closed with a thud.

Spiritual power.

It was the moment when the closing training to obtain what could be said to be the main energy of spirit master Jinhyeok began.

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