Absolute Necromancer Chapter 40

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All Master Necromancer Episode 40

“I… can’t trust you yet.”

“Well, I guess so.”

Goldrich’s answer was, in a way, an obvious one.

can not believe it.

Because it was a reasonable answer, Jinhyuk also shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

Jinhyeok was not yet able to convince Goldrich that he wanted to eradicate the Four Emperors.

“Then what if I can convince you of that?”

“…I will give you a clear answer then. “I think it’s too early to show you the answer I have.”

“A very cautious b*stard.”

“I hope you say it is thorough. “That’s the way merchants are.”

“That’s why I hate merchants. “My mouth hurts when I talk.”

Goldrich, who had been looking at Jinhyuk in bewilderment as he cursed at a merchant in front of a merchant, especially the best merchant, straightened his posture and opened his mouth.

“Okay, so is there anything you want? “I had already decided to become someone’s sponsor, but I have never sponsored anyone before.”

“Um… get me a lot of usable weapons.”

“weapon? What weapon are you talking about? From what I saw earlier, martial arts weren’t that bad, so would gauntlets or knuckles be enough?”

Goldrich, who was choosing a suitable weapon for Jinhyeok while recalling the battle that had just taken place, had to harden his face at the answer that followed.

“Bring everything. As much as possible. Good quality is good, poor quality is also good. “Anyway, the weapons I can use at my current level won’t be considered that good.”

“…Is there any reason why it needs to be like that? “There must be a limit to the number of weapons you can handle anyway, right?”

Jinhyuk’s request to bring as many weapons as possible was a request he could not understand.

‘Why? He’s good at martial arts, and if what this guy says is true, a staff and a large amount of magic stones would be enough, right?’

Jinhyeok’s fighting sense, which gave him a complete advantage over guards 10 to 20 floors higher than him, was felt to be quite remarkable even by Gold Rich, who was not very close to battle.

No matter how much Goldrich had a penalty and tried to subdue him without killing him due to the handicap of a small room, nothing would change.

However, he was embarrassed when they asked him to bring all weapons, not just staffs, light weapons for self-defense, or gauntlets and daggers for martial arts.

But whether Goldrich was embarrassed or not, Jinhyeok’s answer did not change.


“…I’ll try to collect as much as I can. Is there anything else you need?”

“You will need the magic stones needed to use magic, and you will also need subspace items to contain them.”

“I think you’re planning on stealing a lot. “Do you know how much the things I just said are worth?”

“There’s more.”

“…Whew, okay, just keep saying it. “I wonder how far they are going to rob me.”

Jinhyuk’s mouth continued to move without stopping even as Gold Rich violently shook his head in frustration.

“A poisonous plant that gets stronger step by step. A hot stone containing heat. A stone with a chill in it. Is this roughly enough?”

“…Is there a place in the tower where a war is taking place without my knowledge? “And on the 10th floor?”

“no. At least not as far as I know.”

“But why do we need poisonous plants, ten stones, and one stone? “Anyway, your military power will be enough to deal with any enemy, right?”

“Well, it’s all useful.”

Goldrich, who was looking at Jinhyuk with a blank expression, who just shrugged his shoulders without giving a proper response, got up from his seat.

“I will prepare it soon. “It won’t take that long.”

“You can give it slowly, so give it all at once. “Don’t make me carry heavy luggage for no reason.”

“…Sure. “Then can I get to know you from now on?”

“…The way you talk is a little creepy, but that’s okay. “It was something that had to be done anyway, and it would be necessary to discuss future matters, so there was nothing I could do about it.”

Jinhyuk knew very well that in order to get an answer to what he said earlier, the priority was to prove to him that he was Cha Jinhyuk, so he gladly left the room and got up.

Anyway, contrary to his worries, Jinhyuk was confident that he could prove that he was the Death Star Cha Jinhyuk that he knew.

“Then shall we go right away?”

Because Jinhyeok had such feelings, he stood up vigorously and asked to head to the training hall, and Goldrich was not the type to avoid it.

“Not bad.”

So the two headed to the training hall, leaving behind the completely ruined Puppet’s room.

“…my room.”

Of course, it was not a very pleasant situation for the owner of the room, Puppet, but it was not that important to the two people who were focused on proving themselves or seeing it happen.

The training hall located behind the Gold Rich Company.

The place was clean and there was no one there.

In normal times, this is a place used by Gold Rich Company employees or climbers to check their weapons or items brought in as collateral.

But now it was completely empty, just for Gold Rich and Jinhyuk.

Not only the staff, but also the guards who would guard the place and even the branch manager, Puppet, were prohibited from entering.

Nevertheless, it was not as if there were no eyes watching the training ground.

[The pinnacle of all evil asks what time they spent together.]

[The pinnacle of all evil asks if they found another man.]

[King Mifu holds his stomach and bursts into laughter.]

[The God of Lightning is curious about the conversation between the two. .]

[A god is listening to your conversation…]

[A devil is talking about your conversation…]

“…Tsk, wouldn’t it be impossible to stop it this far?”

“It’s impossible. Since they don’t know our conversation anyway, it would be difficult to get a proper understanding. The point is that you can’t use your money for everything, not just once or twice. “Keep this in mind.”

“Tsk, you b*stard.”


Jinhyeok tried to ignore Goldrich, who was raising his double wick, and focused on the open training ground.

“You asked me earlier why so many weapons were needed?”



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“It did.”

“From now on, you will know why.”


You learn why all the weapons were needed.

Goldrich, who understood those words, wondered if what he understood was correct.

According to what Jinhyuk just said…

‘…isn’t it different from declaring that he can handle all those weapons? At most, a 10th floor climber can do that?’

There are many, many climbers who wield multiple weapons.

However, there are only a few people who handle it perfectly at the highest level.

But it handles all weapons, not just one or two?

‘You are arrogant. ‘He’s so arrogant that I believe he’s the real Cha Jin-hyuk.’

His attitude was so arrogant that it made you think that Cha Jin-hyuk was extremely arrogant even before he died.

There are over 100 floors, and even those who have obtained a sub-job can only handle two to three weapons appropriate for their sub-job.

Naturally, trust in Jinhyeok, who promised to handle all weapons, plummeted.

‘…I can’t even destroy the spawn, but should I change my mind?’

Since he had already spoken about spawn once, the merchant had no reason to change his words, but when he decided to cancel what he thought would be able to bring the Four Emperors to their knees, just as he said.

Jinhyuk’s voice hit Goldrich’s eardrums like a thunderbolt.

“For your information, I already have a main job and a sub job. “Starting from the first floor.”


“What doesn’t make sense? Oh, and for your information, I got the sub job from the tutorial, and I got the main job when I changed jobs to Spirit Master on the first floor. Before that, I even changed my job to a necromancer.”

“…You crazy b*stard.”

What Jinhyuk said was so unrealistic that Goldrich, who didn’t usually swear, started swearing without even realizing it and was shocked.

‘…If you just look at what happened from the 1st floor to the 10th floor, it’s full of nonsense, but that wasn’t all? No, I can understand it until you change your job. But it’s a sub job. The 10th floor, not the 100th floor. Is it possible for there to be a climber who has had a sub-job since the tutorial?’

Keying –

Gold Rich tried to figure out the truth by using his golden eyes in an unbelievable reality, but all he got was one thing.

‘There is no shaking.’

The only thing that was revealed was that Jinhyuk’s eyes were calm and unwavering.

This means that you are showing confidence in what you say.

Above all, a message window appeared in front of Gold Rich.

The message window that I saw for the first time in quite a while confirmed that Jinhyuk.

[The playful messenger nods, saying that what he said is all true.]

‘…Hermes even sent a message just to confirm whether it was true? Is that guy really Cha Jin-hyuk? No, then that means he has become even more of a monster than in his previous life? All I can say is that he’s really crazy.’

Hermes, the playful messenger.

Known as the god of merchants and thieves, Goldrich was also one of the few gods who made large donations.

Thanks to this, God has received several messages revealing his name.

However, the god who only appeared when making an offering or achieving great success as a merchant even sent a message to add credibility to the words of the 10th floor climber.

That’s what made Goldrich amazing.

“…Just take a look and judge.”

“It’s better to look and judge. And you will be surprised even more than you have ever been surprised before.”

“Look forward to it.”

Still, Goldrich snorted.

His attitude, which went beyond being overconfident and bordering on pride and arrogance, seemed just plain boring to Goldrich, who had risen from a seasoned merchant to a merchant.

But the more he looked at the scene that followed, the more the smile on his face disappeared and astonishment appeared on his face.

Pabababak –

It started with a dagger.

All weapons were provided in the training hall, and among them, Jinhyeok, who had drawn a dagger, accurately threw the dagger at the target, which was dozens of meters away.

And not just one, but all dozen daggers.

It was a jaw-dropping sight, but as if to prove that it was not just that, all of the dozen or so daggers pierced through the exact center and showed signs of shattering them.

And that was just the beginning.

Ping – Pipipiping –

Jinhyeok’s hand, which threw the dagger and immediately holstered the bow, moved at an invisible speed, fed an arrow to the bow and immediately shot it.

The sight of it going beyond rapid fire and firing as if it was exploding was worthy of being on the level of a shrine.

Goldrich, who was watching, unconsciously thought of Shingung, one of the Nine Stars, and the elves who were masters of archery, so didn’t he say it all?

Even after that, Jinhyeok did not stop showing off his weapon skills.

Sword, spear, sword, baton, etc.

Jinhyeok’s skill in handling all the weapons provided in the training hall was expert.

In other words, even if Jinhyuk is given any of the weapons in the training hall, there is no picture of him being defeated.

‘…I couldn’t believe it, but the fact that he actually pulled it off is actually better than Cha Jinhyuk’s previous life.’

It was a perfect skill that made Goldrich, who had been skeptical until he picked up the bow after the dagger, nod his head.

Looking at Gold Rich, who was about to applaud, Jinhyuk picked up the last remaining weapon.

“…staff? “Do you really know how to use magic?”

“Why are you surprised? I asked you for the staff and magic stone earlier. I do not remember?”

“…I thought you would only give it to the undead or spirit soldiers you control.”

“Then take a good look. “This is the technique I used to pass the 10th floor and shatter the Four Emperors’ records.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a message window appeared in front of Jinhyuk’s eyes.

In particular, there was someone who showed the most passionate reaction.

[The wise man’s disciple shakes his body violently on his throne.] [The

wise man’s disciple strokes his weapon and smiles.]

‘Don’t worry, I’ll show you even if you don’t fuss.’

It was Odin.


Thinking that he could once again see Jinhyeok’s special move, which he had already seen once on the 10th floor, Odin sent dozens of messages as if he was letting out what he had been holding back.

So much so that even Baal, the pinnacle of all evil, would tremble.

Naturally, it was an act that got on Jinhyeok’s nerves, but the Gungnir he created by enduring it with superhuman patience was revealed.

Pajijik –

Jinhyeok took one look at Goldrich, who was staring blankly at the sparks rising around Gungnir, which was in the shape of a huge spear, and pulled his arm like a bow to the point where his shoulder fell off.


Paang –

Gungnir, which left Jinhyeok’s hand, tore through the air barrier and reached the target.


Goldrich’s mouth widened at the power of Gungnir, which erupted in an explosion and spewed out dazzling light, destroying not only the target board but also the wall of the training hall behind it.

Jinhyuk showed so much that it was enough, but he was relaxed.

As if this was the beginning, he swung his arms around to relieve his stiff shoulders and then looked at Gold Rich and said.

“Let’s taste it now. I have to show that I am ‘him’. is not it? That’s what you wanted. “What I’ve shown you now is so that you won’t have any doubts about holding hands after you trust me.”

“…I’m not surprised anymore. Then prove it. “The fact that you are the ‘him’ I knew.”

Knowing that other gods and demons were clearly listening, the two looked at each other, referring to Jinhyuk’s name as ‘he’.

Eventually, Jinhyeok smiled and muttered as he looked at the messed up training ground.

“I was already thinking of doing that. Wake up.”

Jinhyuk’s voice is low, but resonates throughout the training hall.

At the same time, Jinhyeok’s army awakened.


The soul soldiers and demon soul soldiers are no different from the undead troops led by the magic bone soldiers.


“I am the first Spirit Master Balkan!!!”

Even the Vulcan sound that resonates loudly throughout the training hall.

Jinhyeok, standing in front of Gold Rich against the background of the almost complete army of death, spread his arms outward.

The corners of Jinhyuk’s mouth turned up and he asked Gold Rich, looking like a comical clown.

“Am I still not ‘he’?”

Extremely proud.

His appearance, as if he was insisting that he was in the right place, was quite remarkable and it goes without saying that he was relaxed.

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