Absolute Necromancer Chapter 39

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All Master Necromancer Episode 39

“…I still can’t believe it.”

“Yeah, you wouldn’t believe it. Please check that later at the training hall. “There’s probably a training ground down here.”

“Okay, I will personally observe and confirm it.”

Of course, Goldrich didn’t immediately believe what Jinhyuk said.

Rather, he showed caution and was full of thoughts of getting confirmation of the truth about him.

But Jinhyuk was relaxed.

‘I’m really Cha Jin-hyuk, let’s see how long he can deny it.’

Jinhyuk knew better than anyone else that he was Cha Jinhyuk, and he also knew that Gold Rich was indebted to Cha Jinhyuk.

Therefore, he knew very well that in the end, all Goldrich could do was acknowledge.

“Then let’s find out later whether you are Cha Jin-hyuk or not. What other information is there?”

“Well, if the previous information is true, then everything that follows is meaningless… but I’ll tell you.”

Jinhyuk shrugged his shoulders at Goldrich’s request for information and listed the information he knew.

“As I said before, the Nine Stars betrayed me.”

“…I guess it was like that. “You guys are crazy for asking me for cooperation.”

“Did you offer cooperation? “Actually, they are the ones with iron plates on their faces.”

No one knew that Goldrich had a connection with Death Star Cha Jin-hyuk.

At least at that time.

However, Nine Star not only hit Jinhyeok on the back of the head, but also caused him to die and tried to join hands with Goldrich, who had a relationship with Jinhyeok.

Goldrich was shocked by that fact.

‘Damn seeds. ‘Do those who have destroyed the most important trust for merchants dare to join hands with me?’

At the time, Jinhyuk was no different from a loan shark urging Goldrich to repay his debt, but he was also a good business partner.

The reason Nine Star paid attention to Goldrich himself was because his business prospered thanks to a good business partner named Jinhyuk.

Goldrich was disgusted when he remembered the shameless face of Nine Star, who had asked them to invest or sponsor the money from such businesses.


“…Everything about Gold Rich Company is mine.”

“I gave it to you, so you gave it to me.”

“The nonsense and logic still remains.”

“You say you don’t believe it?”

“….” Gold Rich


his mouth at Jinhyuk’s words that left him speechless and emptied the bottled water in one go. Then, he nodded and opened his mouth.

“Is that the end?”

“No way. “I felt it after dying and coming back to life, but no matter how much I thought about it, there was no way they could do this alone.”


“At least I think those above them used their power.”

“The Nine Stars that dominate the 600th floor… there are not many.”

“No, no. It’s not that there are only a few, there are only four. “In the end, it all leads to four ends.”

“…Could it be that what you are trying to say now…?”


The number 4 in the tower means many things, but it was the most representative one.

“The Four Emperors. Looks like they are at the end. “I think they probably had a hand in my death as well.”

“…If that is true, they will not be able to avoid criticism. “If you kill a capable climber because it doesn’t suit your tastes, it’s no different from all climbers being half-listed on their kill list.”

“Thank you for telling me I’m competent, but maybe not all climbers?”

“…Why are you so sure?”

Goldrich could not hide his surprise at Jinhyuk’s attitude of denying one point in his words.

But Jinhyuk’s next words were enough to make him nod his head.

“It seems like they only kill those who might bother them, not because of their own taste. And there can’t be many people in the tall tower who could interfere with them, right?”

“…What is the basis?”

Rather than killing them according to their taste, they only kill those who will be a hindrance or danger to them in the future.

According to Jinhyeok, climbers who exceed 90% do not fall into this category.

Rather than being hostile to the Four Emperors, most climbers choose to eat the beans that fall next to them.

Therefore, Goldrich asked about the basis and evidence.

I didn’t even want confirmation.

Currently, Jinhyuk is at most a 10th floor climber.

As long as there was at least some solid evidence, Goldrich planned to believe it with some filtering, so he wasn’t really interested.

It’s only natural that this was said just to get a rough idea of how far the Four Emperors are reaching.

However, upon hearing the next words, Goldrich’s calm face hardened.

“100th floor.”


“Would you understand if I told you about the goblin village?”

“…Could it be that the power of the Four Emperors is responsible for the destruction of the goblin village?”

A 100-story goblin village.

Because it was such a famous incident, it was impossible for anyone who climbed above the 100th floor to know about it.

An incident in which goblins, residents of the 100th floor, who maintained a fairly large village, were massacred in just one night.

Therefore, people were very curious about who the evil beast might be.

Of course, no pleural effusion was revealed.

However, Goldrich trembled at the fact that the beast was actually the Four Emperors or a being influenced by the Four Emperors.



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‘The power of the goblins on the 100th floor is no different from that of other goblins. And the beast attacked them during a festival when all the goblins gathered. After that, everyone knew the outcome….’

A period of festival where all the goblins gather.

The attack took place during a time when not only the goblins climbing the tower but also those who had set up base on other floors were gathering.

Of course, this means that the power of the goblin village is stronger than ever.

Nevertheless, the beast killed them without leaving any evidence.

‘That’s why people used to joke that the Four Emperors might be behind this, but if that’s true… it’s scary to even imagine.’

The moment the joke turned into reality, Goldrich broke into a cold sweat as he realized that he too could be on the guillotine.

Jinhyeok, who saw Goldrich sweating like rain, patted his shoulder as if to calm him down.

“It’s okay, it’s not confirmed yet. Well, it’s true that it’s most likely them.”

“…Can you guarantee?”

“I can’t guarantee, but I have at least some survivors from the goblin village.”

“…There was a goblin that survived the hands of that evil beast? does not make sense!”

A goblin who may be the last one alive.

Goldrich couldn’t help but be surprised when he heard that he was in Jinhyeok’s hands.

Among the races in the tower called goblins, except for the Four Emperors, those with outstanding, powerful, and special powers were wiped out overnight.

In the meantime, leaving a fugitive behind?

‘It can’t happen. ‘How?’

He couldn’t believe that those who didn’t leave a trace of themselves in the midst of a terrible battle left behind survivors or fugitives.

Perhaps sensing Gold Rich’s doubts, Jinhyeok chose to simply explain what he had inferred.

He decided to get on the same boat with Gold Rich anyway, and he made this choice because he knew what kind of ‘feelings’ Gold Rich had towards the enemies he was going to face.

Therefore, the story about the downstream flowed naturally like water through Jinhyuk’s slightly opened mouth.

“The residents of the goblin village… no, it seems like all the goblins have sacrificed themselves to save one downstream.”

“Downstream… Downstream… It’s a name I’ve never heard of. “It’s surprising that I thought I knew at least all the famous goblins.”

Looking at Gold Rich, who was stroking his smooth chin and pondering the name of the goblin named Haryu, Jinhyeok nodded as if it was obvious.

“of course. “He’s a young goblin.”

“…Young goblin?”

When Goldrich asked again if what he heard was correct, Jinhyeok immediately nodded.

Like, you’re right. As he assured me.

The moment he saw the nod without a single hesitation, Goldrich fell into even greater confusion.

‘Goblins who had traveled hundreds of floors sacrificed their lives for just one young goblin? No matter how much they care about children, this is going too far. ‘Why on earth?’

Jinhyuk burst into laughter as he turned his head here and there, showing his confusion freely, as if he were cursed with confusion.

Gold Rich frowned and scolded Jinhyuk, who was smiling at him, as if he was not pleased.

“What’s so funny? “Do you think the attitude of an investigator pondering an unsolvable mystery is funny to you?”

“It’s funny then. Now, as you think, go through hundreds of floors. At least ranker-level goblins sacrificed themselves to rescue the young goblin. “Isn’t this strange to you?”

“…Yeah, I don’t understand. At best, he is just a young goblin. “It wouldn’t be a reason for a ranker-level climber to sacrifice his life to save it.”

Although it was embarrassing to reveal his ignorance, solving the current curiosity was more important to Goldrich.

Moreover, finding out, mining, and unraveling information is an important task for a merchant.

It was too much of a disappointment to pass up Gold Rich due to pride.

‘If you give an answer that doesn’t make sense, I’ll smack you in the face.’

Goldrich, who knowingly or unknowingly took into consideration what Vulkan would like, vowing to do it even if the penalty from the top hindered him, had to give up his thoughts after hearing Jinhyeok’s next words.

“First, no matter how ranker you were, even if you were prepared to sacrifice your life, there was no way you could escape.”

The first reason was that even if they were adult goblins and ranker goblins, there was no way for them to survive there.

“Second, the downstream area was their target. In other words, they were trying to defeat those who were trying to destroy them by stealing from the downstream.”

The second reason is that the downstream they stole was the target of unidentified monsters (presumed to be members of the Four Emperors) who attacked the goblin village, and they stole the downstream to prevent them from achieving their goal.

“Third and final, there’s only one place where you can completely f*ck them and the ones who destroyed the village can’t come after you right away or send other assassins. “You know that, right?”

“…First floor.”

The moment Goldrich heard the third and final reason, he was giving the answer without even realizing it.

A place where you can subdue a goblin village without leaving a trace, but you can’t chase them right away, and even finding other assassins is difficult.

It was on the first floor.

Little goblin, goal, f*ck, first floor, etc.

At the moment when various pieces of information were playing separately and interconnected to form one piece of information, Goldrich went beyond just putting aside his thoughts and set them on fire.

“…It’s perfect. “This is information that I have no choice but to acknowledge.”

“yes? What they were aiming for was clearly Ha-Ryu, and the adult goblins in the village sacrificed themselves to send Ha-Ryu, who was just old enough to go to the first floor, to the first floor, saving the younger goblins as well and hindering them from achieving their goal. how is it? Was this enough of the information you wanted?”

“…enough is enough. “Even if you really aren’t Cha Jin-hyuk, it was information worth sponsoring.”

“By the way, I heard that it’s Cha Jin-hyuk.”

Jinhyeok straightened his posture and looked at Goldrich, who still didn’t trust him.

“So, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“It’s funny that you just said you would sponsor me and then turned me down. What do you want? money? information? “Just tell me and I’ll get you anything.”

“Well, I was thinking of asking you to save everyone even if you didn’t say that.”

“…You really think of it as your own money. “Anyway, what’s your request?”

“The 100-story goblin village I just mentioned. Get someone there and dig up information. They say the criminal always returns to the scene. “But I can’t go there right now, so please appoint someone you trust to be there.”

“I was planning on hiring someone on my own. “There is even a slight possibility that it is related to the Four Emperors, so it cannot be left out.”

Jinhyeok shook his head as he looked at Goldrich’s evil eyes burning evilly.

Seeing his appearance no different from before or now, Jinhyeok pulled out his original goal, which he had planned to postpone for a while.

A purpose he would never bring up if he had changed.


“What else? From now on, all the money and goods you need for your living will be delivered through the Gold Rich Company, so don’t worry…” “

I plan to go beyond the Nine Stars and kill all of the Four Emperors above them.”


Gold Rich looked around with surprised eyes when he heard that they were going to kill the Four Emperors, the true ruling force that ruled the tower beyond the Nine Stars, the dominant force in the tower.

Jinhyuk couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of him worrying as if someone would hear this story.

Even though he exerts his power to prevent even gods and demons from seeing and hearing, he is afraid that the agents of the lower level Four Emperors will hear him.

However, because Jinhyuk knew his past, he tried to suppress the laughter that was about to burst out.

Because I would never laugh if I knew why he was so afraid of them and why he wanted to get rid of them so much.

“Don’t you want to get rid of the people who killed your family? You don’t know how long it will take to do it on your own. So take my hand. Then you will be able to avenge your family indirectly. No, one day I will allow you to cut off their heads with your own hands.”

Goldrich’s body, full of surprise, trembled as Jinhyuk spoke in a calm, yet powerful voice.

The bait was spread out, and Jinhyuk leisurely waited for the moment for the fish to bite the float.

How long has it been like that?


Goldrich, who had been dropping his body like an aspen, opened his mouth.

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