Absolute Necromancer Chapter 41

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All Master Necromancer Episode 41:

Trembling –

Goldrich looked down at his own body with an incredulous expression on his face as he shivered without realizing it.

‘I’m afraid? A climber of the 10th floor at most? Nonsense. That can’t be possible.’

Only after calming down his trembling body by holding it tightly was he able to raise his head and look at Jinhyuk.

“…I guess ‘he’ is right. Now that I think about it, it seems like I definitely didn’t get that Vulcan soul, but did I get it this time?”

“It was difficult. Still, I succeeded. And I think I’ve also proven to you that I am ‘the one’. Now the answer to the question I asked earlier. “Can you hear me?”

When Jinhyuk asked with a slight smile, Goldrich shook his head with a sigh, and soon his head, which had been thrown horizontally, was nodded vertically.

“Can I risk my life for you? “Can I risk my life and everything?”

“The dividends will be generous.”

“…Damn it, how did I end up in this gambling world?”

Goldrich could not hide his confusion as he had to put everything he had worked on for more than a decade up for stakes.

But still, he looked at Jinhyuk with a refreshed face and asked.

“What should I call you from now on?”

“Call me whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“Then we can just call it ghost face.”

“as you please.”

Since they couldn’t reveal their real names, the two decided to use the nickname ‘Gwimyeon’ that Jinhyuk had used so far.

“Well, there will come a day when we will call each other by our first names. is not it? Gold Rich?”

“…of course, ghost face.”

Well, Goldrich didn’t reveal his real name either, so he didn’t really mind.

This is because he also abandoned his real name and lived as Goldrich for a long time.

‘After I finish avenging everyone. That’s when I get my name back. Until then… until then, I’ll have to live as a Gold Richie.’

It wasn’t a grand reason that his identity should not be discovered like Jinhyeok’s.

Anyway, to the Four Emperors, Gold Rich’s real name was no different from a passing Ant 1.

Nonetheless, Goldrich abandoned his real name.

It was a matter of mindset, and he had no intention of reclaiming his name until all revenge was completed.

Because the precious name given by the family who died under the feet of the Four Emperors without even being able to utter a single word was enough to be restored in front of their severed heads.

“From now on, I will no longer talk only as a sponsor. “Let us speak under the banner of the Four Emperors.”

“Is this a direct promotion from sponsor to partner? “Not bad.”

Gold Rich also burst into laughter at Jinhyuk’s joke, which was promoted to a partner on an equal footing with the sponsor not long after becoming a sponsor.

“Such unconventional conditions are being criticized by merchants… but there is nothing we can do about it. Because now is not the time to weigh whether it is a gain or a loss. I’m sure there are things you didn’t mention earlier. Talk about them. “I will too.”

Jinhyuk also nodded as he continued speaking calmly.

If, just in case, he failed to establish a partnership with Goldrich, there were definitely things he could not say in the future because they could come back as a dagger to him.

And now that they have become partners, Jinhyuk has no hesitation in saying things he had never said before.

“We need things from the Four Emperors.”

“…It was no joke from the beginning. “What do you mean when you say it belongs to the Four Emperors?”

“Anything is fine. Whether it is the blood or by-products of the dragon race, or the feathers of the elyos race. “As long as it comes from their bodies, it’s probably okay.”

“Something like defecation?”

“…Do you want to die?”

“It’s a joke. But unless it’s something like a bowel movement, it’s going to be hard to find.”

An item from the Four Emperors.

In response to Jinhyuk’s request for a part of his body, Goldrich touched his chin with a slightly stiff face.

Of course, there are not many cases where the Four Emperors are injured or shed scales or feathers.

This is because they also know how precious their bodies are.

As such, Goldrich did not know that obtaining it required enormous effort and resources.


“I’ll save you.”

He calmly replied that he would save her.

Huge effort? Gold Rich, who manipulates people with money, did not lack effort.

Vast wealth? For Goldrich, there was nothing left except money.

“If we have enough time, we can save at least that much. “I don’t have enough money or power to get what’s on their necks, but it’s possible.”

“It’s nice to have a trustworthy partner.”

This time, Goldrich asked a question, looking at Jinhyeok, who smiled and nodded.

“I wanted to ask you a while ago… Where did you get the demon energy?”

The path to saving Magi.

That was the Gold Rich that I had been curious about earlier.

However, it wasn’t the time to ask, nor was it the location, so I just held back.

Jinhyeok raised his hand in response to his question, which he could now ask without hesitation because the situation and location were all set.


“Can you see this ring?”

“It looks good. Is it black jade? “Is this a ring that has the charm to captivate people? It must be expensive.”

“I was worried that someone might not be a merchant, so I calculated the value right away… and I was wrong.”

“What do you mean? No, but I asked about the source of the demonic energy, and suddenly he mentioned a ring… No way?”

“Yes, that is correct. This ring is the source and source of the demonic energy I deal with. “Someday, I will produce demon energy myself… but for now, this is all I have.”


who was playing with the magic energy extending from the ring in the air, clenched his outstretched hands tightly.




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The gathered demonic energy exploded and the army of death stood behind him.

Among them, after being absorbed into Vulcan, he tapped his hand and opened his mouth.

“Have your questions been resolved?”

“You got some good stuff. How did you get it? It’s not like there are any other sponsors other than me. No, I can’t even get those items in the first place…?”

“You caught a devil, caught a bully, and robbed him?”

“…Ha, you really haven’t changed.”

[The devil who deals with death blushes.]

Putting away Bune’s message in response to the word ‘hogu’, Jinhyeok began to tell the story of what he had done.

1st to 10th floors.

Due to Bune’s plan, he met the Kobold Lord from the 1st floor, experienced a monster wave, and artificially created a monster wave on the 5th and 9th floors.

It goes without saying, but upon hearing that, Goldrich looked at Jinhyeok like a monster.

“Crazy guy.”

“The orcs’ monster wave is definitely strong.”

“You are truly crazy. know?”

“The world is originally run by crazy people.”

Jinhyeok, who was immune to being called crazy, scoffed at his words and responded by shaking his head and waving his hands as he stood up.

Pusssseu –

The undead collapsing and the soul soldiers and demon soul soldiers returning to Jinhyeok’s stomach again.

And when everything was sorted out, Jinhyuk looked at Gold Rich and said.

“Please take care of yourselves in the future, partner.”

Gold Rich also smiled and nodded at the sight of Jinhyuk taking off the mask he was wearing and greeting him, revealing his bare face for the first time


“That’s what I’m going to say, partner.”

Tub –

Goldrich asked about the future schedule while shaking hands and holding them tightly.

“What are we going to do now? Are you going to climb the tower?”

“No, at least not now. “Now is the time to lay the foundation.”

“Building a foundation… it’s not a bad choice. Are you trying to wait for that goblin girl?”

“There’s that, and we need to destroy the guilds under Nine Star in the future, but right now it’s not enough.”

“…That’s definitely true. 10th floor at most. “It’s not possible to handle the entire guild with your own strength.”

No matter how unremarkable the guild was, its power could not be considered ordinary if it was a guild under Nine Star.

In addition, if a large number of guild members who are over the 100th floor rush in, it is bound to be dangerous, no matter how Jinhyeok he is.

After thinking about that, Goldrich opened his mouth and asked about his future destination.

“So what do you plan on doing?”

“Going to the Wizard’s Tower.”

“Wizard’s Tower? Why are you going there? “You already have a job anyway.”

Jinhyuk answered his question with the answer, “The Wizard’s Tower.”

But that answer did not convince Goldrich.

Wizard’s Tower.

This was because there was a strong perception that it was a place only climbers who had not yet changed jobs went to.

In fact, most people thought that other professions’ towers, including the wizard’s tower, were just places to change jobs, so they weren’t wrong.

However, for Jinhyuk, it was not an ordinary place to just change jobs, and he also had a plan.

“There is a way to make me one level stronger than I am now.”

“Can I ask what it is?”

“There’s nothing that can’t be done. “I will awaken my spiritual power at the Wizard’s Tower.”

“ah! Come to think of it, when I asked why I couldn’t see the purple energy, it turned out that I hadn’t awakened my spiritual power yet. “It was no different from your trademark, so I wondered why I couldn’t see it.”

“…Isn’t it even more strange that I realized my spiritual power not long after I ascended to the 10th floor?”

Gold Rich snorted at Jinhyuk’s words, which he responded to with a slightly stiff face.

“Isn’t that what someone who couldn’t get it even on the 100th floor, got numerous sub-jobs from the tutorial, and then switched to a hidden job on the 1st floor, say?”

“Is that also true? Anyway, once I awaken my spiritual power, I will finally become complete. It’s not perfect, but if you want to run toward perfection, becoming perfect comes first. That’s why I’m going to the Wizard’s Tower.”

“How long do you plan on staying?”

“Hmm, I can’t give you a definite answer. Because spiritual power is not something I can awaken at will. It won’t take long though. “I have already awakened it once, and spiritual power is closely related to the soul.”

Jinhyeok was confident because he had already figured out that the level of his soul itself was high through the previous battle in the world of images.

Spiritual power.

This power, which could literally be called the power of the soul, was a power that only the Spirit Master could handle.

A power that makes up for the Spirit Master’s lack of strength or agility, while also strengthening spirit soldiers and greatly assisting them in exercising control.

Therefore, it was a power that had to be obtained.

‘In my previous life, I got it on the 200th floor. Well, it was around that time that I transitioned to Spirit Master, so it’s similar.’

About ten years ago.

Jinhyeok, who was lost in thought thinking about the first time he realized his spiritual power, eventually shook his head, shook off his thoughts, and released his grip.

“If you ask for what I said, send someone to the Wizard’s Tower.”

“I’m already busy, so I was thinking of doing that. “You sure didn’t think I would go there myself, did you?”

“no way. I didn’t even want that much. “Aren’t we equal partners, not one side having the upper hand?”

Goldrich, who was looking at the way he slyly shook his shoulders and responded as if it were absurd, nodded as if what you said was right.

“Send the puppet.”

“It’s not a bad appointment.”

When told that he would use a puppet with whom he had met face-to-face once as an errand boy, Jinhyeok readily accepted.

The reason was that it was better to meet someone I had met rather than someone I knew nothing about.

Gold Rich also knew this, so he put a puppet who had met Jinhyuk once before.

Because they both think alike, the selection of the errand boy was easy.

Trudging –

After finishing the conversation and leaving the place, Jinhyuk gave Goldrich a last favor. The request


made as he tapped the goblin mask he was holding in his hand was simple.

“Get someone to spread the word.”

“What rumor are you talking about?”

“Rumors about ghosts.”

“What kind of rumor do you want? “Just say it.”

“So that there is no one in the tower who does not know the ghost’s face. “I want my name to be heard all over the tower.” Warmly,

“Is it a desire for fame? “I remember there wasn’t anything like that originally.”

“That’s not the reason. “I made a deal.”

“okay? If so, I understand. “If you benefit from making your reputation known, I have no reason to refuse. What is the deadline?”

“Until I reach the 100th floor.”

It was about a quest with Baal.

Jinhyuk, or the name or nickname referring to Jinhyuk, resonates loudly within the tower.

Anyway, Baal knew that Jinhyeok was a ghost, so there was no problem even if his name spread as a ghost.

Jinhyuk, who had told him the deadline, slowly disappeared outside the training ground, and Goldrich smiled as he looked at his back.

“I will make even the dogs passing by urinate when they hear your name.”

…Cha Jin-hyuk.

Goldrich left with his last words, or more precisely Jinhyuk’s name, buried in his heart.

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