Absolute Necromancer Chapter 4

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Episode 4

A month has passed.

Meanwhile, Jinhyeok ran and ran through the dark passage.

It would be right to say that I ran like crazy.

To be honest, even Jinhyuk couldn’t tell later whether he was running or stopping.

[The pinnacle of all evil sighs.]

[King Mifu is having fun while forgetting the banana.]

[The God of Lightning looks sideways, fiddling with his lightning.]

And even during the one month period, the interest of the gods and devils did not cease.

No, it would be even weirder if it was cut off.

That’s right too.

Ting! Tup! Wedge! Ting!

Jinhyeok was changing every time he crossed the passage.

It took Jinhyuk a week to pass through one passage.

In addition, there were numerous wounds all over the body.

But not now, a month has passed.

I deflected the flying arrow with a suitable dagger I bought from the outside world.

Sometimes, he even caught a flying arrow.

As he progressed from there, he even showed the art of throwing a caught arrow and hitting an incoming arrow.

Even after seeing that, no one will take their eyes off Jinhyuk.

If it increased, it would increase, but it would never decrease.

And there was only one reason why this was possible.


[Mana increases additionally.]

[The increase can be confirmed after the tutorial is over.]

“Whew, did it come up again?”

[The pinnacle of all evil is astonished by your achievements.]

[The Snake Grand Duke looks at you and sticks out his forked tongue.]

[The greedy dragon is looking at you and appetizing.]


In fact, this increase in mana itself is not something that deserves the attention of

gods and demons.

They are truly people who manipulate mana, divine power, or magical energy like

the Great Sea.

Of course, this means that it is not surprising to see Jinhyuk’s mana at level 1 or 2.

But the reason they were surprised was simple.

“I’ll eat at least 10 before I go in.”

[The demon who deals with death shakes his head, saying there is a bug in the tutorial.]

[The goddess of battle wants you.]

[The god of lightning points his finger at someone, saying that even cold water has

up and down sides.]

This is none other than a tutorial.

Various people live in the tower.

This means that not only people on Earth climb the tower.

In addition, there are also gods and demons who are said to have inherited the blood of gods and demons.

Beings from other dimensions, gods and demons.

They deal with mana, divine power, or magic energy from the tutorial stage.

But not Earthlings.

People who don’t know anything about mana start dealing with mana at least on the 5th to 10th floors.

Of course, from then on, he goes on to conquer the tower while bursting with potential, but at least not from below.

Just one person.

Only one person had ever dealt with mana from the first floor.

‘That’s me.’

That one person was Jinhyuk.

Moreover, after 10 years, Jinhyuk, who once again entered the tutorial stage, was one step further than in his last life.

The reason was simple.

‘As expected, does the mana body burn the soul? Or maybe this guy’s body was mana retarded.’

Mana retardation.

The body that made Jinhyuk in his previous life into a Nine Star and more.

His body absorbed mana like a sponge.

Whether it’s waiting or mana flowing from an opponent’s attack.

In addition, when it evolves, it can even absorb the sacred power of gods or the magical energy of demons.

I could have dealt with that.

Of course, it was impossible to keep it inside the body.

To put it simply, he was a body full of talent.

That talented body was the same this time too.

Thanks to this, Jinhyuk was able to use mana from the tutorial stage.

Since his physical development began after he entered the tower, it was not strange that Jinhyeok did not know about his physical body outside the tower.



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Anyway, catching the flying arrow and throwing the arrow and making it bounce were all thanks to mana.

Because mana was a mysterious force that made the impossible possible.

“It’s the end.”


Jinhyuk felt quite new as he stood again at the arrival line, which he had been to

more than 10 times.

It took a week to first upload it here.

But now it doesn’t even take a few hours.

Of course, there was a reason for it.

In addition to Mana, his body has also changed considerably over the past month

while he has been running down the aisle, dodging, parrying, and throwing arrows.

[Strength, stamina, agility, intelligence, and mana increase significantly!]

‘All major stats have increased.’

The most important stats in the status window that are essential when climbing the tower.

There are many additional stats besides those, but the most important ones were those 5.

The strength that allows a human to lift a rock with one hand.

The stamina that allows you to run a marathon without being out of breath.

Agility that allows you to dodge even when you see a flying bullet.

The computing power and intelligence that increases brain turnover are enough to

slap someone like Mensa.

Lastly, mana that transforms humans themselves into beings beyond themselves.

If you develop these basic stats well, you can go beyond being a superhuman and

become a god.

Well, if we were to be precise, he could have been a devil.

In any case, the fact that all five of those stats rose proved that Jinhyuk’s path was

not that easy.

This is because stats only go up when you put in the appropriate amount of effort.

Would it be possible to have the strength to split a mountain?

The status window only provided results that matched or exceeded the effort, but

did not even take care of the effort that was not there.

Of course, the rate of increase was different depending on talent.

‘In my previous life, I only cared about intelligence and mana, but not this time.’

Originally, the stats were set on what to focus on.

If not, you’ll end up as an odd person.

Wizards mainly use intelligence and mana.

Warriors have strength and stamina.

Thieves and archers mainly focused on agility and strength, with physical strength

as their wealth.

Well, mana was almost essential no matter what job you did, but the areas of effort

were almost different.

But Jinhyuk had no intention of doing that in this life either.

“This time, I’m uploading all five.”

Even if you only raise one or two stats, it takes a lot of effort.

In addition, if you want significant growth, it would be right to further reduce your

options… … .

Jinhyuk has already decided to handle everything.

To handle all jobs, of course all stats had to be raised evenly.

No, I had to go beyond evenly and become stronger than those who set and raise their stats one by one.

Only then will you be able to receive fair compensation for the demerit of being an All Master.

The sweet price of victory.

[The pinnacle of all evil looks anxiously at you.]

[King Mifu asks and mutters, “Going double?”

[The god of lightning is complaining that we should go out.]

Okay, okay, I got it. I’ll get you out, you voyeurs.

After smiling at the voyeurs who had been looking at him without fail for the past


[Do you want to leave?]

“I’m going out.”

I cleared the tutorial in just over a month.

[The pinnacle of all evil sheds tears as the tutorial era is over.]

[The god of lightning is happy and throws lightning.]

[The mad god of war screams as he dodges someone’s lightning.]

[The most perfect wife, Shin, shakes her head.]

* * *

[Welcome to the room of choice and training.]

‘It’s been a while since I’ve been here.’

A room of choice and training.

Jinhyuk smiled at the sight of the room he returned to after five years.

The scenery in the room was sterile if it was sterile, and ordinary if it was mundane.

‘I don’t think I spent that much time here.’

Just as Jinhyuk thought, in his past life, he quickly grabbed only one weapon and left the room.

‘It was a cane.’


A weapon symbolizing a wizard.

After checking the status window and confirming his talents, he picked up his wand without looking back.

Warrior? Archer? thief? That kind of job didn’t catch his eye.

Well, in reality, Jinhyuk’s choice was right and he reached the 599th floor first.

After waiting for the others, we challenged the 600th floor together, and although

it was heartbreaking that the result was betrayal.

Jinhyeok shook his head to shake off random thoughts as memories of the past came to mind.

‘It’s in the past. Anyway, it’s different this time.’


Jinhyeok, who treated the five years of hard work and sweat as if they had passed,

opened the status window.

Status window that opens after a month.

In fact, it was natural to have expectations.

‘I think I’m the only one who has trained for that long in the tutorial.’

one month.

Excluding those who gave up after entering the tutorial, no one would stay longer than Jinhyuk.

No, even if they stayed, no one would have devoted it solely to training.

Jinhyuk could be sure of that.

With that confidence.

“Status window.”

He remembered the name of the status window he was checking for the first time

since transferring his soul.

* * *

[Status Window]

Name: Cha Jinhyuk

Occupation: Nothing

Body: mana body


Strength: 11

Stamina: 14

Agility: 14

Intelligence: 10

Mana: 15


1. Predation

2. Versatility


Pain resistance, bleeding resistance, stun resistance, piercing resistance, tenacity…

… .

‘Not bad. No, should I say it’s good?’

The moment Jinhyuk saw his status window, he smiled with satisfaction.

That’s because his status window was so rich that it could hardly be considered that of someone who had just graduated from the tutorial.

[The playful messenger begins circling around you.]

[The Master of the Underworld strokes his chin.]

As well as the gods.

[The pinnacle of all evil looks at you with curiosity.]

[The fallen angel shows his possessiveness.]

[The greedy dragon wants to see your status window.]

Even the demons were anxious to see Jinhyeok’s status window.

They also saw with their own eyes how much of a monster Jinhyeok had become over the course of a month.

However, since I did not see the important status window or message window, it was impossible to determine how strong Jinhyeok is currently.

Thanks to this, Jinhyuk even received a message that made it hard to believe that he had just finished the tutorial.

[Multiple gods want to check your status window.]

[Multiple demons want to check your status window.]

[If you respond to the proposals of God and the Devil, you will receive a fair reward.]


Gods and demons often make offers called quests to climbers they like.

What should I get?

Please kill something.

Something like this.

Jinhyuk, who had received various proposals, naturally received this kind of proposal as well.

Of course, Jinhyuk at that time was not a climber who had just completed the tutorial, but was about to become the first person on Earth to reach the 600th floor.

If Jinhyuk shows the status window here, he may definitely receive a huge reward.

We may be able to show an overwhelming performance on the first floor after this



“go away. You just keep quiet and do voyeurism. “It will take longer this time.”

Jinhyeok personally rejected their offer.

While raising your middle finger.

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