Absolute Necromancer Chapter 5

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Episode 5

After ignoring the voyeurs, Jinhyeok began to identify his own characteristics.


You can eat anything. (Living creatures are not allowed.)

It takes everything it feasts on.

* When using Predation, a certain amount of stamina and mana are recovered.

“It seems like it’s been a while since I read this.”


The characteristics that made Jinhyuk what he is today.

This trait is not particularly useful at the moment, but it matches very well with the job Jinhyeok will get later.

Of course, even excluding that, it was definitely a high-level trait.

“By feasting, you can recover some of your stamina and mana, and you can keep not only your memories but even your soul as your own. “It’s such a fraudulent trait.”

memory and soul.

This is quite meaningful.

If you catch a monster and obtain its memories, you will be able to hear and speak

the monster’s language.

Additionally, it was useful in finding out the enemy’s stronghold.

In other words, if we were to classify it from F to S, it has characteristics that would easily rank it in S.

But what Jinhyuk was curious about now was not predation.

‘It’s versatile. First of all, I like the name.’

Characteristics that are not your own.


A new characteristic that the current owner of the body must have possessed.

That aroused Jinhyeok’s curiosity.

Because Jinhyeok needed to master everything he possessed to be satisfied, he immediately opened a window explaining his versatility.

Luckily, I started with two characteristics from the beginning, so I calmed down my mild excitement.

It was natural that it was better to have two from the start than to get one more later, so his excitement was quite natural.

“… … her?”

And Jinhyeok couldn’t help but exhale as he read the explanation window of Daekyung.


A talent that makes you good at everything.

No matter what you practice, a correction value is added to your proficiency.

During battle, additional correction value is added in proportion to proficiency.

“… … “They laid it out very well.”

All Masters.

A name that even Jinhyuk thought would take a long time and would fail.

Jinhyuk smiled, thinking that that name somehow brought him one step closer.

“You’re lucky.”

* * *

[The pinnacle of all evil is curious about your status window.]

“Quiet. “Do not interfere with my practice.”

[The pinnacle of all evil is filled with tears.]

“… … “It’s kind of disgusting.”

After identifying the characteristics, Jinhyeok began training in earnest.

In fact, climbers do not spend that much time in the selection and training room.

I just figured out a few weapons that fit my hand, grabbed the one that suited my

hand best, and left the room.

Unlike his past self, who had passed through this place so far, Jinhyeok had no intention of leaving this place right away.

Crack! ping! Push!

“… … “Is it a hit?”

The first thing Jinhyuk picked up was a bow.

The bow is the most common ranged weapon.

Among the Nine Stars, there was someone who used a bow, so Jinhyeok knew well

how difficult a bow was to use.

Although he knew the difficulties well and had never dealt with them before, Jinhyuk pierced the exact center of the distant target in just an hour after picking up the


Of course, this wasn’t the end.

ping! ping! Pipi Piping!

Rapid fire fired in an instant.

The arrows were fired so fast that the hands were not visible and flew toward the target again.

Push! Push! Scoop it up!

It split the arrow that was already stuck and hit the exact center of the target again.

“Is this really good?”

Jinhyeok clicked his tongue and put down his bow as he looked at the five arrows

splitting each other and hitting the target.

This was the result of just one hour of training.

A power that would make people on Earth shudder, calling it a monster if they saw




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Well, he tried to strengthen his eyesight and body with mana, but other than that,

his amazing skills did not change.

[The pinnacle of all evil cries out the name of a certain elf.]

[The Moon Goddess is interested in your bow skills.]

[The sun god is interested in your bow skills.]

Not only was Jinhyuk’s number one fan, but there was even Shindeul who sent the

first message.

Of course, Jinhyeok knew who they were.

‘Artemis and Apollo. ‘Do archers show interest?’


Even in the world of gods, the hierarchy is quite high.

The prestige of the two gods there was also high.

Jinhyeok did not pay much attention to the appearance of a god that others would

have fawned over.

just… … .

“Shall we use the sword this time?”

I just reached for another weapon.

* * *

[Now that you know the pinnacle of all evil, I urge you to stop and choose.]

[The Goddess of War is interested in you.]

[The three-headed god is having fun.]

[King Mifu advises you to hold the baton.]

For a week, Jinhyeok handled all the weapons in the selection and training room.

He was holding weapons almost all day, except when he was eating or resting, so

not only the gods but even the devils were amazed at his efforts.

Well, that didn’t mean Jinhyuk was just holding the weapon.


A graceful swordsmanship that cuts through the air.

It was Jinhyeok’s swordsmanship, as he had been picking up a sword in his free time for the past week.

Just one week.

It was so skillful that it was unbelievable that he did it in his spare time, so if some

one had seen him, they would have shouted at him not to lie.

Of course, swordsmanship was just the tip of the iceberg.

Crash! Ping ping ping! Bub bub bub!

Rapid fire at a moving target while running.

The refreshing rain of arrows accurately hit the moving target.

It doesn’t stop there, but other arrows pierce the already inserted arrows.

The archery was incomparable to what it was a week ago.

After archery practice was over, Jinhyuk moved on to the next thing without resting.

Coo coo coo cooThe area around Jinhyuk, who was holding the staff, shook violently.

At the same time.


A sphere of mana that forms at the tip of the staff.

Soon, a mana ball the size of a soccer ball flew through the air and hit the wall of the selection and training room.

Of course, it was not broken as it was protected by the tower, but just by looking at the dent, the destructive power of Jinhyeok’s Mana Ball could be guessed.

After creating the mana ball, Jinhyuk moved on to the next magic.

“Magic Arrow.”

A transparent arrow created with magical power.

Five magic arrows created by Jinhyuk’s will flew into the target used for archery training earlier and stuck.

Pop! Faba Park!

Unlike during archery training, Jinhyuk snapped his fingers while looking at the magic arrow stuck in the target, forming a pentagon.

At the same time, the fine thread of mana connected to Jinhyeok flowed into the

magic arrow.

Puff! pop! Puff puff poop!

It created a series of explosions.

The individual attack power was less than the Mana Ball, but the destructive power

created by the five together was greater than the Mana Ball.

His skills are unbelievable for a wizard who has just started using magic.

Swordsmanship, archery, and even magic.

It was already enough for the three abilities to go somewhere and say, “Let me do these!”

But if that were the end, Jinhyuk wouldn’t have even aimed to become an All Master.

“Is dagger technique next?”

A set routine for a week.

Next was dagger technique.

Jinhyeok picked up a rough dagger and began training in dagger skills.

* * *

Another week passed.

In the meantime, Jinhyeok was able to achieve some of the achievements he wanted.

It goes without saying that the reason this was possible was because of his characteristics and versatility.

“It definitely has good characteristics.”

If it weren’t for the trait of versatility, Jinhyuk probably wouldn’t be where he is today.

I would have made up for my lack of talent with effort, but at least it would have taken several times longer than it does now.

Knowing that, Jinhyuk was grateful for his versatility.

“Then I guess I’ll just have to look at the final results and leave.”

The long two-week training was now over.

This is because I had to move to the first floor to hunt and take care of things.

‘You get a real job on the first floor.’


A job that every climber has at least once.

Whether it is combat or non-combat, there is no one without a job.

Furthermore, the same goes for hidden jobs.

And Jinhyuk was the master of that hidden job.

‘My characteristics only work properly when combined with the hidden job.’

In addition, predation still remains as a problem.

This trait began to shine after I got that job.

After getting a job, he will probably show greater efficacy than the versatility that Jinhyuk praises so much.

Therefore, Jinhyuk moved on to finishing work.

It’s an ending where you can tell everything about your two weeks at once.

“Okay then, let’s warm up properly and get out of this damn room.”

With those words, Jinhyuk poured out everything he had honed over the past two


When you go out, you’ll have to hide these powers to some extent, so now is your last chance to let it all out.

The day Jinhyuk let out everything.


Climbers were heard from all over the tower saying that for some reason the tower

shook for a moment.

Of course, they don’t know if the tower really shook.

There is only one person who knows that the tower shook.

It was only Jinhyuk.


[The pinnacle of all evil rejoices, clapping his hands.]

[King Mifu shouts out one more time!]

[The God of Destruction likes you.]

[The nine-tailed fox looks at you and licks its lips.]

Even voyeurs looking at Jinhyeok.

* * *

“… … “I guess I’ll break it down at least once before I leave.”

Jinhyuk smiled as he looked at one side of the collapsed wall.

It was the result of Jinhyuk throwing up everything he had.

I broke the extremely hard wall of the room of choice and training.

And that too, with a body that hasn’t even climbed the first floor yet.

of course.

“Status window.”

[Status Window]

Name: Cha Jinhyuk

Occupation: Nothing

Body: mana body


Strength: 21

Stamina: 19

Agility: 20

Intelligence: 25

Mana: 31

“… … Can this be seen as the status window of a climber who has just left the room of choice and training?”

Even if you can’t do it, it’s the 5th floor.

No, if you put it a little more generously, it was a skill level that could be expected

to reach the 10th floor.

It was also an ability that indirectly allowed us to see how hard Jinhyeok’s training

had been over the past two weeks.

This is because ability levels are inherently a mechanism that only increases when

you achieve appropriate achievements.

The fact that Jinhyuk had the abilities of a climber from the 5th to the 10th floor

meant that he had accomplished that much penance in two weeks.

Of course, it is at an ordinary level, not a genius level, but that alone does not change the fact that it is an amazing level.

Well, it was clear that he progressed easily thanks to his versatility.

However, it would never have been possible without Jinhyuk’s efforts.

With those thoughts in mind, Jinhyuk turned off the status window and finally stood at a crossroads.

“What should I take?”

Weapons that I have become familiar with over the past two weeks.

Their condition was clean.

This is because it is restored as soon as it is injured or broken.

That’s why Jinhyuk was troubled as he looked at the clean weapons that had been

treated roughly for two weeks.

There is only one weapon that can be taken out of the selection and training room.

As such, it is natural that your future steps will vary depending on what you take with you.

It was when Jinhyeok was carefully choosing a weapon.

[Achievement achieved.]

[Hidden Job: You can change to All Master.]

[Do you want to change jobs?]

“… … “Is there really a job called All Master?”

Jinhyuk was greeted by a job selection window he had never seen before.

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