Absolute Necromancer Chapter 3

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Episode 3

Resistant flow skill.

Actually, this said a lot.

‘You did that damn thing to get resistance skills? If it were me, I’d end up messing

around with items.’

Honestly, Jinhyuk thought those words were right.

Also, in his previous life, he did not acquire any defense skills, let alone resistance


Not only was he able to gain a fair amount of defense and resistance with basic magic, but he was even more so because he was the best climber on Earth and had a lot of various items.

But now that thought has changed slightly, very slightly.

“Because there is no skill that is as effective later as this.”

A painful, tiring time.

But the fruit is very sweet.

Jinhyeok knew this well, so he chose this penance.

As he knew the strength of those he had to avenge, he had to become stronger than his original self.

Slowly The arrows that pierced bones and damaged muscles were split in half and pulled

out one by one dozens of times.

“… … “I’m dying.”

Is it because so much blood was shed?

Jinhyuk shook his head, feeling dizzy due to anemia.

At the same time.

[The bleeding resistance skill has been acquired.]

[The penetration resistance skill has been acquired.]

[Pain tolerance skill acquired.]

Jinhyuk smiled as he looked at the floating message window.

Yeah, this is it. It’s somehow faster than I expected, but it’s actually better.

The thrill of acquiring a new skill.

The pleasure of seeing yourself becoming stronger.

That led Jinhyeok to the top and made him move as a climber and pioneer.

Jinhyuk fainted as he reminisced about the first time he reached the first floor.

[The stun resistance skill has been acquired.]

… … Very nice.

It was a solid system until the end.

[The skills you have acquired can be checked once you leave the tutorial stage.]

Jinhyuk closed his eyes, leaving the last message window behind.

Jinhyuk’s body was already halfway beyond the starting line.

PorororongJinhyeok’s whole body was slowly restored along with a strange ‘pororong’ sound.

The piercing wound disappeared as if it had never happened before, and color began to appear on the face that had become pale due to excessive bleeding.

That wasn’t all.

[The gods are interested in you.]

[The demons are amused by the reckless challenge of a foolish human.]

Gods and demons whom Jinhyeok labels as voyeurs.

They showed interest in Jinhyuk.

Of course, Jinhyeok, the person involved, closed his eyes and fell asleep as if he were dead.

* * *

“… … Have voyeurs already started voyeurism? “It’s in bad taste to even watch men


After about thirty minutes, Jinhyuk woke up.

He smiled or frowned as he looked at the message windows that popped up while

he was unconscious.

The part that made him smile was the message that he had acquired new skills.

The first time I frowned was when I saw a message containing the concerns of gods and demons.

[A god is angry at your profane remarks.]

[A demon is amused by your profane remarks.]

“If you look at what he’s doing, there’s nothing like a 3-year-old child.”

Are there still no people who reveal their divine or true names?

Shinmyeong and Jinmyeong.

Originally, gods and demons have modifiers that represent them, and divine names and true names that symbolize their true names.

And the most frequently used message window when announcing oneself to climbers was the same message window as now.

A phrase that cannot identify itself.

That was the method that consumed the least amount of energy.

Of course, later on, in order to make someone you like as an apostle, you reveal modifiers and reveal your divine name and true name… … .

‘Probably not right now.’

At best, no one would invest that much in a novice climber who made a fuss in the tutorial.

Jinhyuk also declined such excessive attention.

Because he really wanted to have the bare minimum of connection between God and the devil.

It must have been like that.

[The pinnacle of all evil looks at you and smiles meaningfully.]



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‘… … That stalker bastard is still there!’

If it weren’t for one crazy devil who revealed modifiers right from the tutorial.

And Jinhyuk knew well the owner of that modifier.



He was the pinnacle of the 72 devils and a devil who persistently courted Jinhyeok in his previous life.

Naturally, since Jinhyeok extremely refused to connect with both demons and gods, his courtship continued to be blocked.

Nevertheless, he always showed interest in Jinhyeok, even at the moment of his death.

He even vented his anger towards the Nine Stars who killed Jinhyuk.

Well, such sad love was none of Jinhyuk’s business.

It’s just unpleasant that a stalker who was persistent in his past life has noticed him.

[A demon can’t help but be surprised.]

[A god begins to suddenly show interest in you.]

[One god… … .]

[One god… … .]

[A devil… … .]

‘Ah, Baal, you damn stalker!’

And Jinhyuk gritted his teeth as he watched the number of fans rapidly increasing thanks to our stalker Baal.

‘… … ‘If I meet you in person, I’ll punch you in the face.’

[The pinnacle of all evil grins.]

[The pinnacle of all evil says if you want to do it, do it.]

[The pinnacle of all evil… … .]

[The pinnacle of all evil… … .]

From then on, Jinhyuk gave up thinking as he looked at the message window that

was popping up like crazy.

* * *

Wow! Crack!

The break is over.

Of course, if you’re asking if I was properly rested, that wasn’t the case.

Because Jinhyeok’s rest time was not his alone, but the gods and devils’.

And that was currently ongoing.

[One god… … .]

[A devil… … .]

[The pinnacle of all evil threatens everyone to shut up.]

Fortunately, the situation seemed to be resolved as Baal, who realized the seriousness of the situation, issued a threat to the gods and demons… … .

‘This is just the beginning. You stupid Baal bastard. If you were going to act like a

stalker, you should have done it alone. If you attack it so openly, the other guys will

notice too.’

Jinhyuk didn’t think this would be the end.

Gods and demons have always looked for strong apostles.

Meanwhile, Baal, the pinnacle of demons, showed interest in the climber in the tutorial.

It even reveals modifiers.

In other words, it is proof that even if there is something, it is solid.

Thanks to this, it was natural for not only the quiet gods but also demons to run riot.

As a result, it was Jinhyeok who became tired, but it was natural that Baal also became nervous.

‘why? Are you afraid that I might make a deal with other guys?’


A contract with God or the devil is no ordinary contract.

The gods and demons who asked to make a contract in the first place are not ordinary, so how can a contract be ordinary?

The contract they desire is the minimum preliminary apostolic contract.

To a certain extent, he hopes to mark the person he likes within his own enclosure.

Of course, if you sign a contract as a prospective apostle, it is a breeze to get to the apostle.

Thanks to this, it was natural for Baal, who had been targeting me since my previous life, to become restless.

I couldn’t even tell how many eyes were fixed on me.

There will be people who just look at you without sending a message.

In the end, I came forward and made threats, but there were probably many people who secretly tried to contact me, and it soon became a reality.

[The God of Lightning wants to talk to you secretly.]

[King Mifu likes you.]

[…] … Go to you… … .]

Jinhyuk sighed and threatened to see people using personal channels to send messages.

“It doesn’t matter when I rest. But I will never talk to that guy again who interferes

with me while I am conquering the stage.”

As soon as those words were finished, Jinhyuk looked at the message window that

became quiet and was relieved.

And it was the same for the other one, no, the other demon.

[The pinnacle of all evil breathes a sigh of relief.]

“For now, exclude that guy.”

[The pinnacle of all evil is astounding.]

Looking at the message window that had become quiet except for one person, Jinhyuk threw himself into the darkened passage again.


There were still many arrows for him to hit.

* * *

“Is this the end?”

[The pinnacle of all evil clicks its tongue.]

[The God of Lightning shakes his head at your persistence.]

[King Mifu likes you like that.]

one week.

This was the time Jinhyuk spent in the tutorial.

In fact, if it was only a week, anyone with considerable talent should have left as soon as possible.

In fact, Jinhyeok in his previous life had the experience of completing the tutorial

in 3 days.

Nevertheless, the reason why Jinhyuk took a week was simple.

“Your resistance skills must have increased a lot.”

It was to acquire various skills, including resistance.

In fact, there are not many places where you can safely acquire skills like this.

In addition, the stronger you become, the more skills are difficult to obtain, and among them, there are also resistance skills.

“I also gained grit.”

Didn’t I tell you that you have to be beaten like crazy to get the tenacity skill?

Additionally, piercing, bleeding, stunning, etc.

Various resistance skills also leveled up several times during the week.

Jinhyuk thought that this was enough.

Of course, it must have been extremely boring to watch.

Getting hit by an arrow, pulling it out, and recovering.

Because I repeated this over and over again.

However, thanks to the end of all those boring events, those who were looking at Jinhyeok were smiling broadly.

“by the way.”

[The pinnacle of all evil tilts its head at your words.]

As if to shatter their expectations, Jinhyeok muttered softly.

As if he had something to say.

The moment when Jinhyeok’s vaguely mysterious eyes turn to the message window.

“Hidden piece in the tutorial. “I need to use some of that.”

Jinhyuk uttered words that would cause pain to the gods and demons who were watching him.

[An unnamed god screams.]

[An unnamed demon screams that it will get out of here.]

[The pinnacle of all evil looks at you with a confused face.]

[King Mifu is holding his stomach and giggling at your tenacity.]

Hidden piece.

There were hidden pieces not only on each floor but also in the tutorial.

Of course, it wasn’t anything grand.

In addition, it was also a hidden piece that was well known to many people.

Nevertheless, not many people used the hidden piece in the tutorial.

The reason was very simple and simple.


[Confirm user request. Reset the stage.]


Going back to the beginning while retaining all the skills you have acquired.

That was the tutorial’s hidden piece, the reset.

In the blink of an eye, Jinhyuk returned from the finish line to the starting line and began stretching, bending his neck.

“Okay then, shall we run again?”

It was so disappointing that I only gained level 3 or 4 resistance.

Jinhyuk licked his lips, looking forward to how much longer it would be and how high his tolerance would be.

It must have been Jinhyuk’s illusion that he could already taste the sweetness.

[The pinnacle of all evil yawns, saying he is bored.]

[The God of Lightning is complaining, asking us to please let him go.]

[The Snake Prince is interested in you.]

Hearing the cries of demons and gods watching him, Jinhyeok left the starting line

and fell into the darkness once again.

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