Absolute Necromancer Chapter 38

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All Master Necromancer Episode 38

‘I don’t know if the author knows that secret.’

Goldrich thought as he glared at Jinhyeok with a cold gaze.

He never imagined that he would hear a story from a climber on the 10th floor that no one knew, at least no one except the transcendent beings of God and the Devil.

‘Where on earth did you get the information that I am the owner of the auction house? Tsk, my headache is killing me.’

Auction house.

A top-of-the-line system used by all climbers.

A place where all items are posted and auctioned in real time, or where items are purchased or sold at an immediate winning bid.

Naturally, there was no way Goldrich could have made something like that alone.

‘Ten years ago. A crystal created by offering enormous amounts of wealth to gods and demons, and pounding all the merits earned by climbing towers and living as a merchant. But I didn’t reveal to anyone that the owner was me.’

God and devil.

Transcendent beings who watch climbers climbing the tower and put them to the test.

He made deals with them, and created an auction house by using up the public values he had earned through his achievements as an excellent climber.

Gold Rich’s achievement in creating an auction house used by all climbers to climb the tower was enormous, and although he achieved an achievement that allowed him to easily recover the public value he had invested, it is natural that he never made this fact known to the outside world. Day.

‘Damn, the Four Emperors must have an appetite…’

The Four Emperors.

Anyone who climbs the tower cannot be unaware of the ruling class of the tower.

If it benefits them, they will try to take it regardless of whether it is a person or an object.

They had kept it a complete secret until now, so they didn’t know that the owner of the auction house was Goldrich, but not anymore.

‘The person who knows about the auction house other than me is dead. If the source of that information is the Four Hwang Clan, and the climber named Gwimyeon is actually a climber created by the Four Hwang Clan… In fact, killing the author here will not change anything.’

Goldrich sighed as he looked at Jinhyeok, who was still weak and the amount was small, but was clearly manipulating demonic energy and filling the room with demonic energy.

He consoled himself by saying that he had kept the secret for over ten years, but eventually spread his hands outward and said,

“But if we kill you here, we can shorten the time it takes for it to spread to the Four Emperors.”

As he spoke, his outstretched hand began to swim in the air.

With his appearance as if he were a maestro, the waves of gold coins rushing towards Jinhyeok moved according to his command.

The waves of gold coins that seemed to be alive soon pressed down hard on Jinhyeok.

[This is a good that cannot be acquired.]

[This is a good that is already owned.]

[This cannot be acquired…]

“…I am dizzy and dying.”

Jinhyuk frowned at the message window that appeared every time he touched the gold coin.

A wave of gold coins crashing towards you.

They were all just gold coins held by Gold Rich released into the real world.

However, thanks to the physical power and mana contained in the gold coins directly controlled by Gold Rich, they could never be considered ordinary gold coins.

In addition, there was even a visual attack like the message window that appeared right now, so Jinhyuk was so annoyed that he felt like he was going to explode.

Balkan asked Jinhyeok while he was fighting with all his might against the person who would be on the same boat from now on.

“Why don’t you just reveal your identity?”

“Where everyone else is? If it spreads, it will kill you. know? “Who are the people I’m targeting?”

“…Well, I guess that’s it.”

The opponents Jinhyeok is currently targeting are Nine Stars and the Four Emperors.

It goes without saying, but if they find out that Jinhyeok, whom they killed, is alive, they might cause some kind of interference.

‘In the worst case, they move it themselves.’

This was the part I was most worried about.

The perpetrators move directly.

All climbers who exceeded at least the 600th floor would have become monster-like beings.

It was clear that someone like Jinhyeok could easily be crushed to death even with the top penalty.

Jinhyuk knew this better than anyone else, so he bit the inside of his mouth slightly.

‘Goldrich, that guy is also a formidable climber… Even though he has retired from active duty, he is a climber of at least the 300th floor. ‘You can never take it lightly.’

Gold Rich.

Although he was known to others as a merchant with ordinary goods, Jinhyeok knew well that that was not all that Gold Rich was about.

A climber who has surpassed the 300th floor.

This was the level Gold Rich reached before creating an auction house 10 years ago.

Considering that most climbers are blocked by the ordeal of the 300th floor, it would be difficult to view Goldrich as an ordinary merchant.

It was the same even after he stopped climbing the tower and took the merchant’s path. ‘That’s


. There weren’t that many before.’

Waves of gold coins keep targeting you.

That was an ability I had seen several times before.

The only difference is that the amount of gold coins differed from then on.

‘If 10 years ago it was a wave, now… is it a tsunami?’

Jinhyeok waved his hand, frowning at the pain he felt every time the gold flower struck his entire body.

Puhwaaak –

The moment when the demonic energy that escaped from the body surrounds Jinhyeok’s body, and soon even the demonic energy that filled the room surrounds Jinhyeok’s body.


“…let’s get the other things sorted out first and then talk again.”

Jinhyuk’s demonic energy no longer existed as energy.

Barding (魔鉀).

Jinhyeok’s eyes sparkled as he felt the fullness of his barding, which had become a piece of armor.



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At the same time, the guards felt as if black naturalization was flickering from the gaping eyelids of the goblin mask, and at the same time, Jinhyeok’s new form rushed towards them.

Kwasik –

The face of one of the rushing guards is smashed and he falls to the floor.


Despite the sight of his fallen colleague, the other guards did not give in and rushed at Jinhyeok.

Jinhyuk’s floor number is 10. The number of floors they had was more than double that number, so it was only natural.

Because no climber is scared by climbers on floors lower than themselves.



“Go, Goldrich!”

“…Tsk, I guess I would have been better off alone.”


The Puppet’s room could not be said to be that small, but with about a dozen guards, Jinhyeok, and Goldrich entering, there was no way they could fight properly in a room that felt small.

However, Jinhyuk, on the other hand, easily avoided the attack.

The disadvantage of being in a narrow room was an advantage to Jinhyuk.


“Damn it, everyone get out of the way! “I will catch him alone.”

“…But Goldrich is in danger…!”

“I’m saying this because I think it would be more dangerous to be with you guys. Everyone step back. Or go out.”

Thanks to this, when the number of guards, which had been about a dozen, was reduced by half, Goldrich took special measures.

The guards followed to protect themselves.

It was to push them all back.

In fact, it was right for Goldrich to do this.

‘Anyway, guards are only climbers of the 20th to 30th floor. ‘I’m stronger alone.’

He originally came down after biting off all the guards guarding him.

There was a penalty from the tower, and more than anything, it was so urgent that they couldn’t be summoned.

Of course, if he had known that the person who called him was related to the Four Emperors, he would have dragged them all in, but it was already too late.


The task of the guards was determined in accordance with the orders of the commanding authority.

One by one, they began to slowly retreat behind Gold Rich, wary of Jinhyeok.

Jinhyuk frowned as he watched the room slowly getting bigger.

‘This isn’t good.’

The reason Jinhyuk was able to fight with a certain degree of advantage over Goldrich and the guards was not just because Jinhyuk was superior.

The size of the room, the fact that Gold Rich’s ability is a large-scale ability, the fact that the guards were used as shields, etc.

It was the result of a combination of various conditions.

However, the two conditions – the size of the room and the guards – had disappeared, so the situation was no different from the one that got worse.

Moreover, Jinhyeok gritted his teeth as he saw even the last remaining condition disappearing.


The waves of gold stopped crashing and slowly began to return to their owner.

And just like Jinhyuk, the gold coins stuck to Goldrich’s body and slowly became one.

Some time passed and there was Gold Rich, dressed in shining golden armor.

“…Are you serious about it? “If you use that, it will be difficult to retrieve it.”

“Does not matter. Because this is cheaper than other methods. And I have no intention of fighting until my armor is broken.”

Jinhyeok, who knew what other methods Goldrich was referring to, sighed in relief.

‘It looks like they aren’t even using their gold power. Actually, even just gold armor would be enough to crush a 10th floor climber.’

Gold power.

Gold Rich’s ability, literally called the power of money.

It was a bizarre ability that consumed one’s gold to temporarily increase the stat corresponding to the amount consumed or to exert the corresponding power.

His financial power was so powerful that it felt like an ability only for Gold Rich.

If Gold Rich had used his financial power, Jinhyeok would have had to focus on surviving, let alone fighting.

However, Gold Rich did not use gold power.

They only used gold armor that was made by gathering gold together.

That felt good to Jinhyuk.

‘At least I can show you who I am without having to tell you.’

If he had used his money, he would have been so busy defending himself that he wouldn’t have been able to show who he was, but since the situation was designed for Jinhyeok, he no longer had to worry about that.

“Take a good look. If you don’t know who I am after seeing this, you should go out of business. If your eye for seeing people is that poor, you will fail as a merchant. is not it?”

“…You will have to tell me everything about the source of the information you spit out. “It’s all about who’s behind you.”

“Let me tell you in advance, there is no one behind me. “It’s just me.”

“…Are you telling me to believe that now? At most, an ordinary climber can crush the guards on the 2nd to 30th floors, possess information that no one knows, and go through 3 monster waves while arriving at the 10th floor, so he defeats them all and shatters the record set by the Four Emperors. I entered the 10th floor. Now, after all this, do you really want me to believe that you are alone?”

“…It’s definitely not a joke since it’s stretched out like that.”

Jinhyeok couldn’t help but feel quite shaken as he heard about what he had done through other people’s mouths.

Even though it was something he had done, when I heard it, I couldn’t help but think, ‘How did I do that?’

“So you didn’t tell me, you monster?”

Jinhyeok’s face fell as he heard Vulkan’s comment, who had been quietly listening to Goldrich’s words.

“Be quiet, Vulcan.”

“Tsk, he’s such a tight-lipped guy that he can’t accept even if I tell him the truth.”

“…It’s been a while since it’s time to eat soul dan.”

“Damn you.”

“Have I finally gone crazy? When you are in front of a person and suddenly speak into the air… “You’re talking into the air?”

The sight of Jinhyeok talking to Vulcan in front of him came across to Goldrich like a crazy person.

However, he realized something and concentrated his mana into his golden eyes.

Kiiing –

He could feel the burning heat in his eyes, but he didn’t care.

If you wanted to see something that you couldn’t normally see, that kind of pain wasn’t a big deal.

And in the following scene, Gold Rich looked at Jinhyuk, or more accurately, the two people including Balkan, with a blank face and muttered.

“…soul? Soul disease? Could it be you…?”

“Third Spirit Master. And the connection to the second generation is quite deep.”

Jinhyeok, who shrugged his shoulders and confirmed Goldrich’s doubts, clicked his tongue.

“If it’s going to be like this, I’ve laid the groundwork for no reason.”

Jinhyeok’s original plan was in vain as his golden eyes saw through the Balkans, which were not even visible.

Of course, Jinhyuk gave the clue, but Jinhyuk didn’t care.

Chuck –

Jinhyuk opened his mouth while looking at Gold Rich with his arms wide open.

“Are you going to continue like this? “I’m sure you knew that I wasn’t your enemy, right?”

“…F*ck it, sit down. “Let’s talk first.”

“It’s good to talk.”

Goldrich’s decision to respond to Jinhyuk’s calm attitude was ultimately conversation.

In response to Goldrich’s choice of conversation, Jinhyuk placed his butt on the broken sofa.

Goldrich, who was looking at Jinhyuk in a comfortable position as if he were in his own home with a puzzled expression, glared at Jinhyuk and said.

“Let’s each say what we want one by one.”

“good. “What do you want?”

“Your identity. And the information you have.”

“Good, I hope you will fully support me in the future.”

“…I think it’s a business where I’m losing money.”

“Maybe once you hear everything you want, you’ll change your mind.”

“Whoa, good. First, listen and think. I will sponsor you for the value of the information I heard. “Is this okay?”

“not bad. “Anyway, if you listen to me, you’ll have to scoop up the coins of a passing child to sponsor me.”

When told that the value of the information he possessed was such that he, the top rejecter, even had to shake off a child’s coins, Goldrich looked at Jinhyeok in confusion.

It was to find out the truth of what I had just said.

However, it was almost impossible to read Jinhyeok’s expression as he was wearing a mask on his calm face.

Eventually he declared surrender.

“It’s okay, I’ll give up trying to get to know you. “Then will you tell me right away?”

“Nothing can’t be done. However, for the sake of the importance of the information, you can at least block the eyes of voyeurs who might be watching from up there, right?”

“of course.”

Just as

soon as he finished speaking, the golden armor that protected Gold Rich’s body watertightly shattered into pieces and scattered throughout the room.

Gold power.

It was conclusive evidence that Gold Rich’s abilities had been used.

Gold Rich nodded lightly after confirming that the scattered gold dust had completely permeated the room.

It was his signal that it was okay to talk now, and the moment I saw that signal.

“I am Cha Jin-hyuk. He is the 2nd Spirit Master and the 3rd Spirit Master. He was stabbed to death by Nine Stars and provided all the funds necessary for you to set up the auction house. “Is this enough information to sponsor me?”

Jinhyuk told him information that he had never told anyone before, and Goldrich’s face fell as he listened to it.

Sigh –

Finally, he put a thick cigar in the corner of his mouth and smoked it for a while before pulling his mouth away, roughly scratching his shiny blonde hair.

“Is the damn loan shark who I thought was behind still alive?”

“It’s time to pay off your debt, debtor.”

It was a moment when the joys and sorrows of the two people were divided.

Naturally, it goes without saying that Hee (喜) was Jinhyeok and Bi (悲) was Goldrich.

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