Absolute Necromancer Chapter 37

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All Master Necromancer Episode 37

: The fight between insects and beasts.

Insects are poisonous insects that bite wild animals when gathered in large numbers and can even kill wild animals.

On the contrary, a wild animal can crush such poisonous insects with a light kick.

No one can predict what the battle between the two will be like.

Quantity and quality.

It was clear that those two fights would be so exciting that I couldn’t wait to see who would win.


‘…This isn’t a battle between quantity and quality or anything. It’s just a violation.’

If the quality and quantity of one side were overwhelming, it could no longer be called a ‘battle’.

Puppet realized it rather than knew it.

Kwasik- Kwasik-!

-The sight of an army of dolls being smashed to pieces and scattered throughout the void of space, leaving behind only the muttering sounds of the

owner… the enemy….

It was not a battle, but a one-sided devastation and massacre.


Of course, the doll army did not suffer just as well.

Mana Sword.

Using their power to split even stones like tofu, they rushed towards the army of death, holding blue shining weapons.




They died without even realizing that they were dying.

Their stronger bodies than humans were not their only advantage.

Above all, the bodies of the undead were stronger than theirs.

Perhaps it was natural.

The undead they were dealing with now were not the common undead that were spread all over the world, but the undead controlled by the strongest necromancer in the tower, which was called the ‘Death Star’ and was driving death.


The hard body like steel breaking, bending, and shattering was like an unstoppable disaster.

The blue light emanating from the body, which had absorbed mana to its limit, clearly showed its greatness.

In addition, in the case of the undead that absorbed Jinhyeok’s spiritual power, purple spiritual power spewed out.

They were all undead who showed monstrous aspects, but the important thing was that they were not the main force.

-We are at the forefront.

-Follow me, undead!

-For the monarch!

At the shouts of the spirit soldiers at the forefront, the disordered formation was instantly restored during the battle, and the undead rushed the doll army like a rising tide.

not only.


A single magic created by the combined efforts of dozens of lichs fell from the sky and struck the center of the puppet army.

It was none other than the Death Knights who shone brightly amid the sudden attack and the puppet army’s confusion.

Squeak- Squeak- Squeak-

Hee hee hee!

Dozens of Death Knights riding on top of a skeletal horse with only bones remaining.

They fiercely tightened their grip on the horse’s reins and dug into the gap between the scurrying puppet army.

From then on it was a massacre.

In front of the Death Blade filled with the energy of death, the solid bodies of the puppet army were nothing more than a piece of paper.

Swing once and your arm flies off, swing twice and your body splits in half.

Puppet just watched in a daze as the strongest army he boasted about was trampled and crushed by the boots of a stronger army.

“That’s crazy.”

Jinhyeok shook his head at the sight of the puppet kneeling and looking at the battlefield with a scolded face.

This was because it felt trivial because it was no different from whether the winner or loser had already been decided.

At that moment, Vulcan, who had been quietly watching the battle, opened his mouth.

“Why on earth did you hit me in the back with all that power? “Are the people you’re trying to take revenge on really that strong?”

There was a question about Jinhyeok’s death.

The protagonists of the battle currently taking place in the world of images were no different from those who had been under Jinhyeok’s control in the past before he was betrayed.

Although they are not the originals, they certainly existed in reality and were the limbs that moved according to Jinhyeok’s orders.

Rather, those here were weaker than the original ones.

Currently, Jinhyuk was only a 10th floor climber to perfectly embody them with just his mental power and the power contained in his soul.

This is also an achievement achieved through considerable effort.

That’s why Balkan thought.

‘If the people this guy is trying to get revenge on are stronger than all of them, it will take a little longer to get revenge.’

If the targets of Jinhyeok’s revenge, called Nine Stars, are enough to deal with that army and even kill Jinhyeok, it will take quite a long time for Jinhyeok’s desired revenge to succeed.

But Jinhyuk wrinkled his face and shook his head violently.

When Vulcan tilts his head as if he doesn’t like the idea of Vulcan.

Jinhyuk told the story behind his betrayal.

“600th floor. You don’t know either. “What a shitty place it is.”

“…Ah, that explains it. Certainly, that army would not be fully operational there. understood.”

“…Damn, if it weren’t for that special situation, those b*stards couldn’t have done anything to me. “I’m sure they took at least a few people.”



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Thinking back to that time, Balkan shook his head as he looked at Jinhyeok, who was rolling to his feet and spitting out his anger as if he was annoyed.

‘It’s the 600th floor… Then it’s worth getting so angry. It’s like he was attacked without even being able to use his original strength…’

600th floor.

The tower consists of a total of 999 floors, and each 100 floors have a ‘trial’ with a different level of difficulty than the regular floors.

And among them, in the case of the trials on the 300th, 600th, and 900th floors, even more difficult trials lurked.

‘Trials of the flesh, trials of the energy, trials of the spirit.’

Flesh, energy, spirit.

Ordeals that result in intensive denial of what one has honed while climbing each tower.

Among them, the 600th floor trial, the Trial of Ki, was an ordeal in which the energy equivalent to one’s mana was reduced by nearly one-tenth.

‘In that state, we have to deal with enemies much stronger than those on the 600th floor, so it is an even more difficult place for jobs like ours that have to deal with a lot of energy.’

Every time you use corpses, mana is used, and if you deal with soul bottles in addition, the mana consumed is enormous.

No matter how Jinhyeok reached the peak as a necromancer and had an unrivaled body called mana, nothing changed.

In any case, in a situation where the total amount was only a small amount, the speed of mana recovery was not a significant advantage.

The ordeal on the 600th floor is like hell for professions such as wizards, necromancers, and spirit masters.

Balkan, who knew this better than anyone else, could not say anything and could only laugh bitterly.

“Thanks to you, you must have enjoyed it on the 300th floor, right?”

“…That’s it. “This is it.”

The ordeal of the tower is fair.

The physical ordeal is the stage before the physical ordeal.

On the contrary, it was like hard work for warrior-type occupations.

Likewise, with his stats such as strength and agility drastically reduced, he had to get a passing score against the warriors under the control of Emperor Wu Tess, the owner of the 300th floor.

in other words.

“We would have easily won there with the undead and spirit soldiers. “Isn’t that right?”

“…So, Emperor Wu got scolded a lot by that guy? “I eat it raw.”

Jinhyuk, a necromancer and spirit master, just uses his summons to deal with him.

Thanks to this, Jinhyeok was able to get rid of all the insults he received from Emperor Tess, the owner of the 300th floor.

It was also because of my friend Choi Kyung-hoon.

‘That kid passed the test so perfectly that it caught Tess’s eye, but the guy called my friend must have been annoyed because he passed the test with a flutter.’

Unlike Choi Gyeong-hoon, who took the test with a near-perfect warrior attitude and satisfied Tess’s heart, Jinhyeok’s attitude was an apostle among apostles.

In the end, Tess clicked her tongue and criticized Jinhyuk at that fact, and Jinhyuk could not say anything to Tess, the owner of the 300th floor in the tower where power was everything.

I just humbly listen to the curses with one ear and let them go with the other.

“He hasn’t changed. “It’s strange that a divine being can change after just a few hundred years.”

Jinhyeok, who was shaking his head as he looked at Balkan, who had a wistful expression immersed in memories while recalling what happened on the 300th floor, stood up.

“It’s over. let’s go.”

“…That’s fast.”

Balkan sighed as he was dragged away without any time to fall into memories for the first time in a long time, but before he knew it, his body was following Jinhyeok’s footsteps.

Now it seemed like he had even remembered his body.

“…I lost.”

On top of the completely destroyed corpses of the puppet army, the puppet kneeled in a 180-degree contrast to its initial proud appearance.

However, it did not look servile.

Just humbly accept your defeat.

‘It’s a complete defeat. At best, they would be defeated by a 10th floor climber… But the army just now was clearly at the level of a 10th floor climber, so it was an impossible task. What on earth is going on?…’

Of course, accepting defeat means accepting it, and as he replayed the battle from before, he couldn’t hide his wonder.

Although he was a 10-story climber, his mental strength was no different from that of a climber who had climbed hundreds of floors, so it was natural for him to be puzzled.

Well, it was far from possible for him to find out.

‘The solid bodies of the doll army were similar to or similar to those of the undead. The magic resistance of the doll army was not enough to block the magic of the lichs, and the body, which was equal to that of the undead, was split in half with a single slash of the Death Knight. Huh, there’s a long way to go.’

He raised his head and looked at Jinhyeok, recalling again the scenes he had seen in the battle just before, as if he would not forget them.

“Let’s go out.”


As soon as they finished speaking, the two people closed their eyes, and the mental world of the two people, who had become one, was divided into two again.

“…I don’t feel good either.”

“There is a great sense of disappointment.”

The splitting of the once one imaginary world into two brought about an extreme sense of helplessness and despondency.

However, if I continued to merge the worlds of images, one of them could be swallowed and turned into an idiot, so I couldn’t continue.

Puppet opened his mouth, thinking that if that were the case, he would have been the one to become an idiot.

“Then, as promised, I will pass on the message to Goldrich. He says the ghost wants to meet you. But if He refuses, I can no longer help.”

After clearly admitting defeat, he immediately said the most he could, and Jinhyuk nodded.

No matter how talented Puppet was, he was just an employee to Goldrich.

Even if it was brought by Goldrich himself, it would be no different.

And Jinhyuk wasn’t particularly worried.

“Pass this along as well.”


“You wouldn’t know it if you saw it? A note. And I guarantee you, you’d better not see that. “If you do it wrong, you could die.”

“…I will never see it. So, can I just tell you this? If it has been magically processed, we cannot deliver it to you. “It’s because of issues like explosives and curses.”

At the advice(?) that he might die, the puppet nodded with a stiff face.

This was because Jinhyuk had no reason to lie to him, and he was not unreasonable enough to look into items to be sent to the master he served.

Puppet left the room, leaving behind Jinhyuk, who asked why he was asking the obvious when Puppet asked if there was any magical treatment.

“Then please wait a moment.”

After speaking, the puppet disappeared and the room fell into silence.

Not long after waiting for Puppet in the quiet room, eating tea and snacks prepared for guests, Jinhyeok grinned when he felt the noise outside.

“…What on earth did you write and send?”

“You won’t be able to get rid of him unless he comes here?”

The sight of Balkan calmly putting snacks into his mouth in a situation where the bustle spread throughout the room made him cry.

How long has it been since there was such a fuss?


the closed door opened and Jinhyuk was able to see the face of his friend whom he had not seen in a long time.

“Who are you. Who is it that knows that? Answer well. “If it’s not the answer I want, you won’t be able to return home alive.”

Of course, the friend was not very happy with Jinhyuk.

Guards fill the room, and at the head of them is a man with blond hair and golden eyes, wearing a neat suit.

Jinhyeok looked at Goldrich, who was making threatening comments with a face that was stiff with surprise, and said with a soft smile behind his mask.

“It’s been a while, Goldrich.”

Jinhyeok was the one who greeted him first, regardless of whether he was spitting out threats towards him or not.

“Get him. Don’t kill him, but you can break a few limbs.”

Goldrich responded (physically) to the greetings of his long-time friend and major shareholder.

At the command of their indifferent employer, the guards who filled the room rushed towards Jinhyeok like beams of light.

As Goldrich said, Jinhyuk responded by smiling brighter than anyone else as he looked at them rushing towards them with the momentum to destroy something.


And the puppet’s room was covered with demonic energy.

“If you don’t know who I am, you should find out, buddy.”

Goldrich gritted his teeth and responded to Jinhyeok’s words, smiling harshly behind the mask.

“However much.”

At the same time, a wave of gold coins, boasting a brilliant golden light, crashed towards Jinhyeok like a wave, as if opposing the demonic energy that covered the room.

They say friends look alike, but they were two people who did exactly the same things as each other.

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