Absolute Necromancer Chapter 36

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All Master Necromancer Episode 36

‘…How on earth does a 10th floor climber know about the world of imagery?’

Even though he had prepared to explain the rules of the bet, the puppet was left speechless by the sight of Jinhyeok nodding his head as if he knew of course.

It was surprising to him that he only knew about his own trait, Marionette, but now he couldn’t believe that he knew about the 100th floor, and the world of images that he had only recently known about, even his related ability, Puppet.

However, even after seeing Jinhyuk’s confident appearance, not many people would believe that he was bluffing.

‘That’s definitely the look of someone who really knows. There’s no way it’s a lie.’

And as he thought, Jinhyeok knew about the battle in the mental world.

No, Jinhyuk had so much knowledge about him that it could be said that he knew him well.

‘You can think of it as a battle over your status itself. Without causing any damage to reality.’

The more you climb the tower, the more your status as a climber increases, and armed conflict does not always occur.

What often appeared in that process was a battle in the world of images.

‘You fight in the world of images by combining the level of your soul and mental power. And the simple rule of taking what you bet on as a result of winning or losing. I did it a lot in the past.’

Balkan also nodded at the sight of Jinhyeok smiling while recalling dim memories of the past.

‘This body also won almost all of its battles in the world of images. A spirit master cannot be defeated when discussing the status of the soul! ‘You are my disciple after all!’

‘…almost? Did you say almost now?’

‘…What’s the problem again?’

‘I’m undefeated, but it looks like there was a loss, Balkan.’

Vulcan, who had been caught in the pod, made excuses while breaking into a cold sweat.

‘I once had a battle in the virtual world with the Four Emperors. Moreover, I wasn’t even a fully matured spirit master at that time! ‘Isn’t this enough to be acknowledged?’

‘Hmm, well. ‘I understand for now.’

‘Damn, you’re always like that. It has been done. I’ll stand by your side and watch how well you fight.’

‘You can look at it as much as you want, but what if you end up feeling ashamed and dying? Oh, is he already dead?’

‘…Damn you.’

Balkan gritted his teeth and cursed at Jinhyuk, who slyly shrugged his shoulders and made fun of him.

‘Defeat, lose, I hope you lose and get ripped off!’


Jinhyeok, trying to ignore the Vulcan curse, pounded on the desk of Puppet, who was looking at him with a surprised face.


desk rang, and the puppet, which had a blank face with its hand on the desk, looked at Jinhyuk with a surprised face.

“Now that we have the rules, why don’t we start by talking about what to bet on?”

“…You really knew.”

“Because to me, what I don’t know is weirder. “First of all, I want you to let Goldrich know that you want to meet him.”

“Then, if I lose, I hope you will step down. Of course, I have been rude to you, and I hope that you will continue to patronize Gold Rich Company in the future, so I will give you 30,000 gold, which is 10 times the 3,000 gold you paid for the transaction.”

“Are you already thinking about my defeat?”

“…I guess I can’t deny it. However, as you know, fights in the world of images are one-dimensional, unlike fights in reality.”


“…But I still don’t understand why you’re trying to win a match where you’re sure to lose.”

Jinhyuk snorted, looking at the puppet that was fiddling with his chin as if he genuinely didn’t know.

“Because I bet on this.”

“…Huh, fine then. “Can we start the battle right away?”

“I guess there’s no need to prepare?”

“Sure. “If you’re ready, let’s get started.”

With his legs crossed and a proud attitude, the puppet shook his head as if he had lost and held out his hand.

“Let’s catch it.”

“…I always feel this way, but I like this beginning process. Men and women have to hold each other’s hands. “And that too.”

“…There’s nothing we can do, right? This is the only way to connect the world of images. “I’m not very good either.”

The eyes of the two people who were trembling and competing slowly sink, and only emptiness fills their eyes.

The mental worlds of the two people merged.


“It’s been a while since I’ve been here.”

“…Didn’t you say you were a 10th floor climber?”

“Well, put that aside. Can we fight right away?”

A space of nothingness where nothing exists.

Or, in the white space, the puppet tilted its head at Jinhyuk’s unknown words.

This is because the world of imagery cannot be ‘a long time coming’ for a climber who has just climbed to the 10th floor.

‘I thought it might be possible to know the information… but it’s been a while… something is definitely strange. But that doesn’t change anything.’

Although Puppet could not hide his surprise at that fact, he was confident.

In any case, the fact that Jinhyuk was a 10th floor climber did not change, and in an imaginary world where only ‘strength’ and ‘mental strength’ were combat power, the gap between a 100th floor climber and a 10th floor climber was enormous.

in other words.

‘It’s an easy win.’

It’s not that strange to guarantee one’s complete victory.

In reality, Puppet was confident of his victory.

Of course, I didn’t make the mistake of revealing it outwardly.

‘He will be a great customer of Gold Rich Company in the future. There’s no need to upset me now.’

A young tiger will grow up big someday, and if there is any lingering resentment left over from the adult tiger, that in itself will cause damage to the business.

For him, who had the title of branch manager of Gold Rich Company before the title of climber of the 100th floor, that was something he hated.

He had the intention of winning victory from Jinhyeok, but not leaving behind any traces.

‘Quality customers will one day be essential in the journey to becoming a target customer. It would be right to prepare step by step from now on.’



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He had an idea to one day break away from Goldrich Trading Company and open his own trading company.

Goldrich also knew this, and even agreed to support him in the future.

Even so, it was absolutely necessary for him to establish a good relationship with the water owner named Jinhyeok for his future.

“Let’s start thinking about this, right?”

When Jinhyuk frowned at the sight of the puppet lost in its own world without responding to what he said, he finally came to his senses and took a stance.

“I have no ill feelings toward you. So don’t worry too much about winning or losing. “You will rise to even higher heights.”

“Do you think that will create more ill feelings? “Isn’t it so cheesy to talk as if you’ve already won?”

Puppet smiled softly and spread his hands as he spoke as if he didn’t like the idea of being defeated unconditionally.


At the same time, the world of nothing and white shook.

I felt a vibration like an earthquake and my face frowned.

Change has come to the world.

“Let me show you. This is why I am confident of victory.”

“…Huh, what is that again?”

Perfect! Crack! Perfect!

Move your chin up and down and click! The streets are an army of dolls.

When an enemy of a type he had never seen before appeared, Jinhyuk looked at them with uncharacteristic confusion.

Seeing Jinhyeok silently looking at his troops, Puppet smiled softly and began to explain with his arms spread out.

“Puppet Army! “In the original world, it cannot be handled due to mana limitations, but it is my own army that is perfectly realized in the world of my imagination!”

The sight of the army of dolls filling the world of nothingness and whiteness was quite majestic.

Above all, there was something else that surprised me.

‘Each one of them can contain mana.’

Contains mana.

The so-called state of loyalty.

What it meant was simple.

‘I can cure soul sickness.’

The soul soldiers and demon soul soldiers are the main forces of Jinhyeok’s army.

It meant that they could die at the hands of that puppet army.

‘You are arrogant.’

At least in the world of imagery, the puppet’s level has surpassed that of a 100-story climber.

Thanks to his characteristics as a marionette, he has a strong ability to manipulate and dominate others, and his mental power and status are also formidable.

His army was so frighteningly perfect that even Jinhyeok admitted it was arrogant.

Dolls similar in size to humans.

Each of them can handle mana, and like a doll, they even have a strong body that is different from that of a human.

‘At that level, it’s possible to reach the 150th floor in a one-on-one fight… No, if you’re a melee type climber, you might be able to reach the 200th floor.’

Countless legions of dolls.

Before they can penetrate them, the mental power of the melee climber will be depleted first.

However, he was no different from being a wizard-type climber.

‘To break through those guys, chanting a few large-scale spells isn’t enough. As of now, I can barely break through their first line.’

1st base.

At most, it was the first team.

An army numbering over thousands, consisting of dozens of camps.

It was impossible for a 10th floor climber to break through them.


‘…To put it another way, it is at most the 200th floor.’

Even though all Jinhyuk knew about puppets was that they had marionette characteristics and that they would have strong mental powers, the reason why he willingly accepted the battle in the world of images was simple.

“Are you scared? You might. My puppet Armi has a record of winning a mental battle against a climber on the 180th floor…”

“Fear? I think I’m misunderstanding something. I was bored by the 200th floor, so I didn’t even drag it into the virtual world battle. Do you know why?”


“Because I’m weak. They know that even if they attack me in droves, they won’t do anything to me. There was no need to drag it into a battle in the world of images. because? “If I bring out my army, I will take care of it!”


Jinhyuk flashed his two black eyes at the puppet, who was tilting his head and showing his curiosity.

It was like a ghost fire, and the Puppet was surrounded by its own forces and felt afraid even though it was the safest place in the world.


‘…Fear? In the battle of the world of images, I am afraid? Am I the one who has never been defeated in the world of imagination?’

Fear of death.

A place where you don’t die.

Even though it was a battle in the virtual world, the puppet felt unbearable fear and horror.

It also refers to the fear and fear of death.

And soon he was able to see the reality of his fear and horror with his own eyes.

“Wizards who defied death and rose, wake up.”

Gradually –

– Bow to the King of Death.

The border of nothingness split and dozens of skeletons appeared within it.

As soon as they appeared, they bowed their heads in front of Jinhyeok.


The identity of the skeletons was none other than a lich.

‘…Dozens of lichs, each one of them boss level, on the 100th floor or higher? Does this really make sense?’

But the puppet’s surprise didn’t end there.

Jinhyuk’s words did not end, but they were just the beginning.

“Knights of death who cut down even death, appear before me.”

-Loyalty to the King of Death.

Death knights dressed in jet-black armor are once again in a divided border.

The Death Knights revealed themselves and at the same time knelt in front of Jinhyeok with perfect posture.

Puppet felt like he was going out of his mind at the sight of the Death Knights showing perfect obedience.

‘Death… The Death Knight is a monster that is no less than a boss on the 200th floor… Monster…’

Following the Lich, even the Death Knight.

None of them were high-ranking undead, and there was something else that surprised him more than anything else.

‘…They are not fake or anything. The power that was dormant within the ghost’s soul emerged within the world of images.’

It was true that they were not fake, but were truly Jinhyeok’s power.

These are not just creatures created from imagination, but are real and can actually exist.

This means that if Jinhyuk has enough power and mana, there are beings in front of him who can appear in reality at any time.

Trembling –

When you can’t control your body that is shaking violently without realizing it and you are barely able to calm it down.

“Army of death, wake up.”

Crumbling –

Hundreds, if not thousands, of undead surged in like waves from the cracked border, accompanied by a vibration that was incomparable to anything seen before.

Puppet felt like he was going to faint at the sight of them joining forces and quickly becoming one corps.

And that’s when the highlight of the performance emerged.

“…Souls who could not leave this world, please appear here again.”

-Death to the living!

-I will give you death!

A huge amount of soul bottles comparable to the undead.

Their souls, who would have easily climbed the 100th to 200th floor while alive, became soul soldiers and became Jinhyeok’s faithful soldiers.

As soul soldiers, their power seemed to pierce the tower.

“…not this. “This is not a power that a mere 10th floor climber can possess!”

Jinhyeok’s eyes burned fiercely as he heard the cries of the puppet that had entered the stage of denial among the five stages(?) of death.

“Destroy it.”

As soon as those words were finished, the battle between Jinhyuk and Puppet began.

of course.


It was a game no different from one that ended as soon as it began.

While listening to the puppet’s screaming voice, Jinhyuk looked at Vulcan, who was looking at him, and asked.

“how is it?”

“…You crazy b*stard.”

“That’s the best compliment.”

Jinhyeok watched the battlefield after giving a scolding blow to Vulkan, who was praising him as a crazy b*stard with a blank face.

It was to enjoy the sight of his army for the first time in a long time.

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