Absolute Necromancer Chapter 35

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All Master Necromancer Episode 35

Jinhyeok’s request from the teller was a request that made the teller’s body tremble.

‘…Well, was that a bit harsh?’

To compare it to Earth, it would be like asking an employee who works at the front desk of a large company’s lobby to meet the company’s chairman.

Naturally, it was more difficult for the teller than obtaining dragon scales and elyos feathers.

It’s only natural that if you make a mistake, your hair could be blown off.

“I… I’m sorry to you, but I think that’s going to be a little difficult.”

Jinhyuk hid his inner feelings and smiled at the sight of the employee showing a very weak appearance, unlike his confident appearance just now.

It was natural that the smile felt like a sneer to the employee who was looking at Jinhyuk restlessly.

‘…I’m so embarrassed.’

That didn’t mean he didn’t want to sell the item Jinhyuk had mentioned, or rather, the item he was doubtful about.

‘But the right to arrange a meeting with Gold Rich! ‘How on earth do you sell something like that?’

Right to arrange a meeting.

It’s not like he’ll let you meet unconditionally, he’s just arranging a meeting, but he, who is only a low-level employee, can’t possibly have that kind of power.

The most important thing is that most people know that Gold Rich, the person using the right to arrange a meeting, has been so busy recently that he has not even been able to show himself to the outside world. He is a member of the Gold Rich Company.

Therefore, the employee could not sell a ridiculous item called a meeting arrangement ticket.

‘…I don’t sell things that can’t be used.’

3,000 gold.

A ghost who wants to use that large sum of money only to meet Gold Rich.

Maybe it was because he was scared, but his beliefs as a merchant prevented it.

This was because he knew very well that even if he was selling something he didn’t have, the right to arrange a meeting with Gold Rich, he couldn’t use it.

‘No matter how much the climber in front of you is the greatest rookie among the recent rookies, meeting him is impossible, even if he is as big as Nine Star.’

A 10th floor climber meets someone who can’t even meet the giants who dominate the tower?

He knew very well that this would truly change the world.

That’s why he spoke confidently, looking at Jinhyuk with a face filled with determination and Jinhyuk wearing a goblin mask.

“I can’t sell it.”

“…Didn’t Gold Rich Company say they were selling everything? “I guess that goes against your company’s motto?”

The employee’s face became stiff as he felt the eyes behind the mask turning thin and looking at him.

However, he was not such a faithless and uncommitted merchant that he would go back on what he had said.

“It goes against our motto, but we can’t do it for our customers and we can’t do it for the company.”

“There are two reasons. “Can you tell me?”

In response to his confident attitude, Jinhyeok laid down on a soft chair and snapped his fingers in a posture that could seem arrogant.

Despite the arrogant attitude that seemed to demand an answer, the employee opened his mouth, thinking that it suited him very well.

“of course. “When a product cannot be sold, Gold Rich Company must explain the reason.”


“I haven’t had anything to say so far, but… I’ll tell you.”


Hearing Jinhyuk’s attitude of just nodding his head and telling him to explain, he took a deep breath and started explaining.

“The reason for you is that it is an unusable item. In other words, you’re just throwing away your money.”

“Why can’t I use it?”

“Goldrich is busy. I’m so busy that I can’t even express it in words. He has never been seen in public to the point where it is said that it is not even possible to know when he last appeared. So, even if I sell it and Goldrich receives it, he won’t show up.”

Jinhyeok nodded and listened as the employee spoke in a quiet voice, step by step, saying what was in his head.

Jinhyuk, who had been waiting to see him take a sip of water after the explanation, opened his mouth the moment the cup of water was placed on the table.

“Yes, I heard the reason for the customer. “Then can I now give you a reason for the company?”

Hearing the rather warm voice, the employee internally sighed with relief and began by saying a word of warning.

“…From now on, this may be uncomfortable for customers to hear. “I apologize in advance.”

“I’m fine, so whatever you want.”

In response to Jinhyuk shrugging his shoulders and replying that it was okay, he nodded slightly and expressed his gratitude, then his dry mouth opened.

“It’s too cheap. I think it would be too much of a loss for our company to buy the right to arrange a meeting with Gold Rich for at most 3,000 gold. That’s why I can’t sell it. Merchants are inherently sensitive to profits and losses, and their level depends on how much they sell the goods for the right price. As a merchant, I cannot sell valuable items at low prices.”

Jinhyeok rested his chin and closed his eyes as he calmly told him to bring more money because he was running out of money.

When the black jade-like eyes that were glaring at him from behind the goblin mask closed, the employee lowered his head and sighed.

Wouldn’t they jump out of their seats and attack the place at any moment? Jinhyeok was silently lost in thought as he thought about it.

How many minutes had passed since then?

“Well then, I think I’ve been holding you back for too long… and it looks like we’ve had a backlog of customers, so I’d like to make a suggestion.”

“What are you proposing…?”

Hearing the words Jinhyeok offered as he opened his mouth, he tried his best to ignore his dry mouth and listened to his words.

And his next words were enough to make him turn pale again.

“Can I talk to the branch manager here?”

In conclusion, Jinhyeok’s request to meet with the branch manager was a success.

-…It is also true that I no longer have the confidence to deal with you. However, if you are the branch manager, you can contact him right away, so you can go upstairs.

Since it was inevitably easier to arrange for a company boss than a company president, the employee chose to pass on his work to his boss.

“You are a really bad guy too. Are you asking an employee to meet the chairman instead of the boss? “I wonder if you are in your right mind.”

“Then is there any way to meet Gold Rich other than this? Please tell me if there is any. “I’ll give it a try.”

“…don’t say anything.”

Balkan clicked his tongue at Jinhyuk’s trick.

This is because I saw an innocent employee being sent off with a smile on his face and a face that made him look 10 years older.

But Jinhyuk was confident.

‘Gold Rich is more wealthy than anyone else in the tower. ‘If you meet someone like that, you have to be this reckless to meet them.’



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It is impossible to meet someone great through ordinary means.

It goes without saying that the other person is someone who is sitting at the top of the vast space called the tower and is considered to be an unrivaled person with great wealth.

Balkan also clicked his tongue at him, but the fact that he couldn’t come up with a method as effective as Jinhyuk’s proved it.

“Is this place?”

A door that looks expensive even at first glance.

Balkan nodded to Jinhyuk’s muttering in front of him.

“I guess that’s right. “This looks like the room of the branch manager here.”

“Then there is nothing more to measure. “Let’s go in.”

Despite entering the room of the branch manager in charge of a branch, the two people did not seem to have any concerns.

It was probably natural for them as they were planning to overthrow the great enemy called the Four Emperors.

As the two people opened the door with such vigor, a man in a neat suit came in.

“I heard everything from below. “You want to buy a product that has never been seen before?”

‘…The branch leader is definitely the branch leader. 90th floor? No, is it the 100th floor?’

Jinhyeok naturally guessed the number of floors he had climbed upon seeing the branch manager exuding strength.

From the 90th to the 100th floor.

It was clear that he had climbed up the floor by his own strength, not by relying on items or someone else.

‘At least I’m not a branch manager of a commercial association… What’s going on?’

At that level, even if he wasn’t at his level, it was no wonder that he was called a rookie and grew by breaking through the layers.

Even though such a person was Gold Rich Company, he was not the type of person to be in the branch located on the 10th floor.

Above all, if he had reached the 100th floor and obtained a sub-job, it was obvious that his power would be greater than it seemed.

Still, Jinhyeok did not reveal his true feelings to Lee in front of his eyes.

“It’s a ghost.”

“Can I call you Mr. Ghost?”

I nodded slightly as he asked questions in a gentlemanly manner, and he also introduced himself.

“My name is Puppet. Although I am not good enough, I am the branch manager on the 10th floor.”

Seeing him greeting him while holding his fedora in his hand and placing it on his chest, Jinhyeok nodded slightly and sat down on the chair in front of him.

“I’m sure you heard everything I said earlier… what do you think?”

“It’s the same. “I think everything Halcyon said is correct.”

Jinhyuk shook his head as Puppet responded with a faint smile, thinking that the employee’s name was Halcyon.

“Are you going to sell it or not?”

However, when we briefly moved on to the question of whether to sell or not, he shook his head with a perplexed look on his face.

“Goldrich is busy.”

“So you’re not saying you’re going to pay money to buy it.”

“At most 3,000 gold? “There is no one who can meet him even if they pay several times, no, hundreds of times that amount.”

Jinhyeok frowned at the sight of the puppet drawing a line as if armed with armor called resoluteness, and decided to try his hand at winning.

“Then how about this?”


“Preparing a place to sign sponsorship deals with people who will bring in more money.”

“…You’re arrogant. I know you’ve been making a splash lately, but that’s about it. The tower is high. Many climbers perched inside that tall tower are anxious to sign a sponsorship contract with Goldrich. Do you think he would be interested in a 10th floor rookie like you?”

Jinhyuk did not give in to the puppet’s ability to stare at him with a sharp gaze and at the same time weigh him down with intangible energy.


“Then let’s add one more to this.”

“…What else do you mean to add?”

Additionally, the stakes were raised.

He smiled at the puppet that was looking at him with a slightly shocked face and grabbed the air.

“Now… wait!”

However, Jinhyeok’s smile grew even brighter at the sight of the puppet who couldn’t help but feel embarrassed even though he was only grasping at the air.

Wow –

the moment when the hand that was holding the air was pulled violently.

The puppet’s body swayed with a loud sound.

Jinhyuk opened his mouth, giggling as he looked at the staggering puppet.

“I put your arrogance of trying to control and control other people’s bodies on the table. “Is this not enough?”

Jinhyuk, who was chuckling, threw the transparent, no, transparent thread that was in his hand onto the puppet’s desk.

“Marionette. “It’s your trait, right?”


And upon seeing Jinhyuk talking about his characteristics that he had never told anyone about, the puppet looked at Jinhyuk with a hard face, then sighed and nodded.

“Okay, there are conditions.”

“Well, okay. “I know my stake isn’t enough anyway, so I’ll listen to you, tell me.”

Jinhyeok’s attitude remained the same even in front of a strong man who climbed 90 floors higher than him.

Despite his arrogant appearance that he was standing above him, the puppet could not say anything to him.

‘…I can see the qualities of a supreme king.’

As befits a job that involves frequent encounters with people, Puppet’s eyes for people were accurate.

And his eyes evaluated the man in his eyes as having the qualities to become a ‘king.’

After completing the evaluation, he took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

“Let’s have a competition in the world of imagination.”


Jinhyeok nodded as soon as he heard the terms of the bet, and Puppet’s face turned into astonishment.

It was the moment when the bet between the two was established.

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