Absolute Necromancer Chapter 34

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All Master Necromancer Episode 34

“So where are we going?”

Balkan asked as he saw Jinhyuk leaving the hotel and walking through the shopping district of his former village.

“I’m sure you saw a lot while you were here, right? “There are quite a few signs with the name ‘Gold Rich’ on them.”

“…A lot? Was that a lot? “It seemed to me that the whole street was surrounded by Gold Rich.”

“Well, that’s also true. The place we are going now is the place that became the foundation of Gold Rich. “It’s Gold Rich Trading Company.”

“…So, if what you say is true, does this mean that you are being sponsored by someone who owns such an enormous business?”


“Say something that makes sense!”

Balkan shouted at the sight of Jinhyuk shrugging his shoulders and saying, ‘Maybe?’

“My eardrums are going to explode. “Why are you doing this?”

“What on earth is so disappointing about someone who runs a business of that size that they sponsor you? Above all, the person with such business acumen is you, and no one else?”

“I’m not the type of person who ends up like that.”

“…Then let me ask you something.”

“say it.”

“Has that Goldrich guy ever sponsored anyone?”

“There won’t be any?”

“Not even one?”

“The guy I knew was a bit shabby until then. “I wasn’t that rich even before I died.”

When Balkan looks at Jinhyeok with a faint look on his face as he reminisces about the past, as if in disgust.

The two had already reached the front of the Gold Rich Company.

“Let’s end the conversation here. “From now on, I’ll be busy looking for sponsors.”

“…Phew, I don’t know. “I’ll have to take a look at your resourcefulness that amazes even gods and devils.”

“don’t worry. “Everything will work out well.”

Jinhyuk responded with a bright smile and eventually walked into the crowded Gold Rich Store.

Gold Rich.

A person who suddenly rose to the ranks of rich people at some point and began to make his fortune on the entire tower.

Most people don’t even know what dimension he comes from, what abilities he has, or even what he looks like.

Gold Rich Company, run by such a person, became the foundation for all businesses operated by Gold Rich, and it is no different now.

Buzz, buzz –

“There are a lot of people.”

What Goldrich Company did was simple.

“I found this while hunting. Can you leave it to me to appraise it?”

“This is definitely a treasure! It must be an artifact! emotion! “Please give me an appraisal!”

The first was emotions.

Most items that come out of the tower have a status window, but there were often cases where the status window was not visible.

Things like hidden secrets or artifacts dropped by monsters.

Naturally, there were not many low-rise climbers, as well as middle- and high-rise climbers, who had emotional skills.

Thanks to this, Gold Rich Company was providing an appraisal service for those without appraisal skills, and it has now become a service that accounts for a considerable amount of revenue.

“…I’m in a hurry for money, so can I get a loan?”

“once! I’ll just win it once and pay it back! So, please give me a loan using this as collateral!”

The second was a loan.

It was a service that provided loans to climbers using weapons, armor, or various potions, which were life-threatening to climbers, as collateral.

This loan service, which is said to have been created by Gold Rich after hearing it from an Earthling in the past, was also a welcome service for climbers who indulged in gambling or looking for new weapons or armor.

Well, most of the time there was more of the former than the latter.

“I came to sell some things.”

“Climbing is blocked, so I’m trying to get a new weapon. So, I’m looking to sell my original weapon. Do you have any good ones?”

The third and final part was the purchase and sale of goods, which can be said to be the most basic part of the business.

Goldrich Trading Company has a monopoly on the opportunity to view and purchase various products through the first and second services.

With the trust built based on that opportunity, you attract climbers who sell goods, and you make money by selling the goods they want.

Although it was the most basic commercial service, the money earned from it was by no means basic.

It is no exaggeration to say that advanced services exist only for the sake of last resort.

“Where are you going?”

“What are you asking? “Of course, it’s window number 3.”

Window 3.

Among the services mentioned above, this counter specialized in the third service, and was quite quiet compared to window 1, which received appraisals, and window 2, which received loans.

However, even though the transaction volume was small, the value of the transaction itself was high, so the employees at window 3 were assigned higher ranks and were more excellent than the employees at other windows.

“Customer number 18.”

“It’s a number that suits you.”

“…That’s true, but why do I feel so bad?”

Jinhyeok, who got up from his seat when he heard the voice of the teller calling him, frowned at Balkan’s words.

However, they couldn’t make a fuss in this place where everyone could see, and the guards at Gold Rich Company were of a high standard.

In other words, if you make a fuss for no reason, you will be kicked out immediately.

That wasn’t what Jinhyuk wanted.

“…I’ll see you later.”

“Originally, the person who said I’d see you later said he wasn’t scared.”

Leaving behind the snorting Vulcan, Jinhyeok sat in front of the employee who was waiting for him.

Counter number 3 was a separate room, not a partition, as customer confidentiality was important.



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In addition, Jinhyeok, who confirmed that the soundproofing spell was clearly applied, stuck out his tongue.

‘You’re really spending money, Goldrich.’

The idea of installing a soundproofing magic circle in a single booth inside a store located in a village on the 10th floor is not something that just anyone can come up with.

However, Jinhyuk understood Goldrich’s feelings.

‘It’s just for show. In addition, we capture the hearts of our customers.’


It was a way to show off one’s wealth to others.

At best, he has the ability to install a soundproof magic circle even in the 10th floor commercial booth. Showing others your abundance of wealth by showing it.

Although others may see it as a bad thing, Jinhyeok knew that Gold Rich did not install the soundproof magic circle just for that reason.

‘At best, it shows that even climbers on the 10th floor are treated as customers. ‘Fox-like b*stard.’

For a small amount of money, he can win the hearts of climbers on the 10th floor who become potential customers.

That was the reason why Gold Rich poured money into merchants on all floors, regardless of floor.

He thought about the future of the company that would become the source of his existence and the foundation of all his business.

Of course, Gold Rich’s business acumen paid off.

-…Wow, is there a soundproof magic circle?

-…Of course, Gold Rich Company. It’s a good thing you came here. Other stores don’t have rooms like this, and I wondered if security was maintained.

Jinhyeok’s mood and the voices of other customers caught by hearing cannot be stopped by the soundproof magic circle installed in the store located on the 10th floor.

Judging by the way they were talking, Jinhyeok realized that he had already lost his heart to Gold Rich Company and stuck out his tongue.

‘You’ve already hooked two guys.’

Jinhyeok’s thoughts of a man who could charm people even when he was not there and knew how to spend money better than anyone else were broken by the employee’s voice.

“customer? “There is another customer waiting, so could you tell me your business first?”

A soft, yet powerful voice.

Jinhyuk was pulled out of his thoughts by that voice and looked at the employee with a gentle smile.

‘Is it about the 20th floor? Climbing up to the 20th floor with just one counselor? ‘You’re truly crazy.’

20th floor climber.

This literally means that if Gold Rich Company is attacked, the employees can stand up and fight.

There may even be employees among them who fight better than the guards. I thought to myself and took out my business.

“We sell anything that doesn’t have the Gold Rich Company’s motto. I heard that. Is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s right. “There may be something we don’t have in the first place, but if we don’t have it, our motto is to find it and sell it.”

Jinhyuk stroked his chin and exclaimed in exclamation at the sight of the proud employee.

As you can see from the saying, “There is nothing that is not there in the first place,” he felt that he was indeed an employee working at Gold Rich’s Company, and immediately moved on to the main topic.

“So, if you have money, you can take anything and sell it?”

The employee also noticed something in Jinhyeok’s hesitant attitude and nodded with a slightly stiff but determined face.

“Yes, whether it’s a dragon tooth or an elyos feather, I can get it for you as long as you have enough money. “That’s our motto.”

Jinhyeok, who was attracted to the term referring to objects or body parts of the Four Emperors, smiled and nodded.

“Then let’s leave the moxibustion to this point…”

Boom –

As soon as he finished speaking, Jinhyuk, who had placed all the gold coins he had registered in the system on the table, opened his mouth.

“3,483 gold. “It’s the exact amount, with not even a single gold margin of error.”

“You’re the 10th floor climber… I guess that’s right?”

Even for a 20th floor climber, this is not a small amount of money, but rather a huge amount.

There are places above the 100th floor where the daily lodging fee is over several hundred gold, but that’s only on the 100th floor.

This is the 10th floor.

Of course, the prices are different, and even with the same amount of money, it is a place where you can pretend to be rich.

‘A large sum of over 3,000 gold. This is money that cannot be saved if the climber in front of you has just cleared the 10th floor. ‘How?’

Gold Rich’s company values not only products but also information.

This is because valuable information is worth billions of dollars.

That’s why he worked his hair until it started steaming, and it wasn’t long before he was able to reap the rewards.

‘…Now that I think about it, there was only one person. The only person who has won thousands of gold since climbing to the 10th floor. That’s just one person.’

The only 10th floor climber who can hold a large amount of money, over 3,000 gold, unless he receives support from someone.

And the moment the employee’s gaze landed on Jinhyuk, he knew that his thoughts were right.

“I am a ghost.”

The moment he saw Jinhyeok’s eyes shining through the eye holes in the mask while wearing the goblin mask, he felt fear even though he knew that Jinhyeok was a lower level climber than him.

“…What do you want to buy?”


He was polite from the beginning, but the politeness shown in front of Jinhyeok now was not the politeness shown in the relationship between a customer and an employee.

The politeness shown by the weak in front of the stronger than themselves.

That was the politeness shown by the employee at the third counter of Gold Rich Company.

Jinhyuk, whether he knew it or not, said what he wanted to buy while wearing a goblin mask.

“I want to meet Goldrich. “I will buy a ticket to meet him.”


Upon hearing that, the employee’s face became even paler than when he found out that Jinhyeok’s identity was the ghost that had been causing a stir in the tower these days.

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