Absolute Necromancer Chapter 33

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All Master Necromancer Episode 33

“Are you okay?”

In a dark alley.

Jinhyuk looked up at the familiar voice coming from there, and before he knew it, his face had returned to its original state.

“Of course, what are you looking at me for, Vulcan?”

“A cheap disciple.”

“…Tsk, I did the job perfectly, but I can’t praise you, so I’m cursing you. “Don’t you think it’s too much?”

In response to Jinhyuk’s frown as he touched his face after the magic had been lifted, Balkan burst into laughter and slapped Jinhyuk’s back.

“It hurts, you b*stard.”

“I hit him gently. It’s a shame. “Did it go well?”

“I am Cha Jin-hyuk. What do you think of me? Of course it went well.”

Balkan nodded at the sight of Jinhyeok speaking confidently with a faint smile on his face.

‘If that guy had said that confidently, I’d be sure. I don’t know if it’s worth it to pretend to be a ghost.’

He is a climber and a Vulcan with a past worthy of being called a high ranker or high walker.

At least, it is at the level of the current Nine Stars.

There was no great reason why he helped him, even refusing to treat him as a ghost, which he hated the most when he was reigning as a spirit master.

‘It’s true that he’s annoying and a fcking bstard, but I’m a spirit and he’s a spirit master. ‘You can’t break the eternal law.’

The Spirit Master commands the soul, and the soul obeys the Spirit Master.

Because it is a soul of Balkan size, it is possible to speak almost on an equal footing with Jinhyeok, the spirit master, and disobey orders, etc., but if it were any other soul, this would not have been possible.

‘…More than anything, this was possible because Cha Jin-hyuk didn’t really put any restrictions on me either. To the extent that he cares for me, I also put aside my pride when doing my job.’

Of course, there is no way that Balkan, the first Spirit Master, does not know that this is possible because of Jinhyeok’s consideration, not just his consideration.

In other words, Jinhyuk is using very little of the restraint required to deal with the soul for Balkan.

Balkan, well aware of such consideration, followed Jinhyeok’s orders, risking the indignity of being treated like a mere low-level monster, such as a ghost.

“They divided it into 10 floors and placed guilds under them.”

“What data?” When


asked where the data was, Jinhyuk responded by raising his finger and tapping his head.

“…Tsk, that’s arrogant.”

“Anyway, excluding this one, there are still eight guilds left.”

“…Are you really planning on hitting all of those places?”

“There’s nothing that can’t be done.”

“There is no answer.”

Although he was at most a 10th floor climber, Balkan shook his head at the sight of Jinhyeok thinking of hitting guild branches from the 10th to the 90th floor, but quickly agreed.

“But that’s also what a spirit master should have. So, have you come up with a way to attack the guild on the 20th floor?”

“of course. These guys are talents they can’t afford at their level. Well, talent of a reasonably good level are sent to the guild branch on the next floor.”

“…no way?”

“That’s right, I’m going into their arms pretending to be a reasonably decent talent. From then on, well… it will be similar to today, right?”

Seeing Jinhyeok calmly shrug his shoulders and respond, Balkan sighed as he looked at the acrid smoke blowing from afar and the people using various water magic to put out the fire.

“I hope you don’t make me act like a ghost this time.”

“I’ll try. “I will order it again if necessary.”

“Tsk, I wasn’t expecting it. So what are you going to do now? I won’t attempt to climb the tower right away. Are you going to stay on the 10th floor?”

From the tutorial until he reached the 10th floor, Jinhyuk didn’t get much rest.

And there was never a time when I only rested, doing things to do in between.

Above all, if you climb the tower right away when the downstream has not yet arrived, the distance to the downstream will be too far.

‘That doesn’t work. At least from now until the not-too-distant future, the distance between me and the downstream should be similar.’

I can’t help it if the time comes in the future when I need to increase the pace of climbing the top, but for now it was okay.

This is because you have to destroy each and every branch of the guild that exists from the 10th floor to the 90th floor, one by one.

In other words, there is no need to run like Time Attack until the 100th floor.

“First, let’s find a place to rest. “Everything starts from then on.”

“That’s not bad either.”

After coming up to the 10th floor, he went straight to the White Swallow branch without even looking for a place to rest, so Jinhyuk has not even found a place to stay yet.

Therefore, Jinhyeok’s answer was very reasonable, and Balkan also nodded.

“Then let’s go.”

After speaking, Jinhyuk, with a bright smile on his face, took off the goblin mask, put it in his arms, and started walking down the street.

“Hehe, as expected, good places are expensive.”


shook his head and asked as Jinhyuk spoke as he threw himself onto the soft bed.

“Why did you have to come to a lodging that costs 20 gold per day? “No matter how much money you have, this is luxury.”

20 gold for one night stay only.

You have to kill a couple of kobolds or goblins to get 1 gold or not, so you have to kill at least 40 to barely pay for one night’s lodging.

“Are you talking about how much gold we have now?”

“…How much was it?”

“Over 3,000 gold. So don’t worry and just relax.”

3,000 gold.

Jinhyuk had a large amount of money that an ordinary 10th floor climber could not even dream of.

A tower asset that is registered in the system itself and can be used at any time.

Since it is easy to store, ‘gold’ has been the tower’s goods and currency since the tower was first built.

That has been the case for countless times, and it will remain so in the future.



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Jinhyeok was at ease because he had enough currency to use it like water, at least on the 10th floor.

of course.

“…In the current situation, 3,000 gold is definitely a lot of money. But you’re not going to spend your whole life on the 10th floor, are you? “You probably don’t know that 3,000 gold is money you can easily earn even if you reach the 100th floor of the tower, right?”

Considering the entire tower, that money was the difference between an ocean and a bucket.

This amount may seem rich to a climber on the 10th floor, but it is not that much to a climber on the 100th floor, who can be seen as the bottom of the tower.

“If you’re going to become rich here, I won’t stop you… but think carefully. “Money is relative, and so is wealth.”

“…That is correct.”

Money and wealth are relative.

No matter how much money I have, there has always been someone who has more money than me.

The same goes for wealth, and this isn’t just about money and wealth.

‘The same goes for force and power.’

No matter how strong you become, there are people above you who are stronger than you.

Even above those who hold so much power that they even make birds fly, there are those who have more power than that.

Nevertheless, Jinhyuk did not lose his composure.

“So what?”

“…So, rather than saying anything, I am saying that you should clearly set your expenses and use them for your future schedule. Think about the weapons you need to buy and the expenses you will need as you climb the tower.”

“Nagging. “I have thoughts on everything, too.”

“…Okay, let’s listen to what you have to say. “What on earth were you thinking that you decided to stay in a luxury hotel for 20 gold a day when you might be staying for a few days?”

Hearing Vulcan’s voice growling as if he was going to eat him, Jinhyuk put his hand out in front of him as if telling him to calm down and calmed him down.

“Whoa, calm down. “I will be sponsored.”

“…Spawn? Are you kidding me? “Sponsoring on a topic that kicks back all the rituals of gods and demons?”

“It’s not like they’re trying to take something from me, they’re trying to put a dog collar on me.”

“So, are you saying that the person who will be sponsoring you is brainless and will sponsor you without any benefit? “What kind of nonsense is that…!”

“Oh, you should do it?”


It was Balkan himself who was taken aback by Jinhyeok nodding his head as if it was obvious.

Balkan did not point out Jinhyeok’s spending habits to tease and pressure him.

‘If I spend money like that, I’ll move as soon as possible. If you go slow, you can spend all the money in a month and still have some left over. You can’t do that. Special situations like monster waves are rare. He can’t cause monster waves carelessly from now on either.’

Jinhyuk’s current wealth was thanks to the slaughter of thousands of monsters based on monster waves.

Of course, it becomes difficult from the 10th floor onwards.

There were many branches of other guilds, and even if it were to start, there were enough talented people to stop it.

In other words, what you earn is not that much compared to the effort you put in.

In addition, he is familiar with Jinhyuk’s sub-job, All Master.

‘It is safe to say that the number of weapons he uses is infinite. No matter what weapon you grab, you will be able to use it at an average level. No matter how complex the ability is, if it exists within the framework of a weapon.’

All Masters.

As the name of his profession suggests, mastering everything, Jinhyeok handles a variety of weapons and can handle them at a high level.

Of course, it will take a lot of effort to get there, but even without that, it will be higher than the average level.

But to put it another way, the number of weapons Jinhyeok must have is quite large.

‘Not only do you have space to store the weapons, but it’s also a pain to fill them with high-quality weapons.’

How much money did it cost to prepare various weapons to the level of the weapons that were mainly used, and finding space to store so many weapons also cost money.

In addition, if the weapon was damaged or broken during the battle, money was also needed to obtain it again.

In other words, Jinhyuk has to pay a huge amount of money just to breathe.

‘The abilities he uses include magic. There is no ability that can destroy as much money as magic…’


There is a price to pay for performing miracles.

Just as Jinhyeok used the monster’s magic stone in the process of capturing Balkan, money is again spent to use more powerful and efficient magic.

Money, money, money.

The Vulcan wasn’t like that for nothing.

However, despite Balkan’s worries, Jinhyeok did not worry at all, and eventually he got up and said,

“Then shall we go meet our sponsor now?”

“…Who are you to sponsor you without any conditions?”

It’s unlikely that Jinhyuk did that, but Balkan’s worries about getting hit in the eye were shattered by Jinhyuk’s next words.

“You could say he is probably the person with the most money in the tower and owes me that much.”

There are rich people above rich people, and there are powerful people above powerful people.

However, Jinhyeok smiled as he remembered a person drawn in his mind.

‘There is no climber in this tower with more money than him. Even if it is a devil or a god.’

[The pinnacle of all evil bows his head and rummages through his pockets.] [

The pinnacle of all evil looks at his empty pockets with a puzzled face.] [The

playful messenger asks if he has more money than he does.]

The playful messenger, Hermes.

Among the gods of Olympus, he is the god who protects thieves and merchants.

There are quite a few people within the tower that trust and follow him and that he moves directly.

But still, Jinhyuk shook his head.

‘No matter how much money you have, is it more than the owner of the auction house?’

[The playful messenger admits defeat.]

The owner of the auction house.

An entity that is used by all climbers who climb the tower and collects fees based on their use.

Jinhyuk was planning on having him as his sponsor.

“Then let’s go.”

Jinhyeok was surprised to hear that he was going to meet the owner of the auction house and left the hotel, ignoring all the messages that were coming.

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