Absolute Necromancer Chapter 26

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All Master Necromancer Episode 26

‘There’s definitely something in that sword… but I can’t really understand it at this level, so I’ll have to go to the 10th floor and check it out first.’

The appearance of downstream with a secret smile.

That was Jinhyeok, who couldn’t leave his head.

Actually, smiling itself is not strange.

Originally, Ha-Ryu would often be seen smiling while passing by.

‘But I’ve never laughed while killing something.’

The problem was that she laughed while killing one life, even a monster, during the battle.

Ha-ryu, who is still a young goblin, does things that he didn’t normally do, things that people who are drunk from blood or battle would do, without even realizing it.

Jinhyuk was not unaware of what this meant.

‘Is berserker magic imprinted on the sword?’


A magic that temporarily grants the user equivalent or superior power at the cost of driving them crazy.

Naturally, it was also a magic that Jinhyuk had seen countless times while climbing the tower in the past.

But paradoxically, that was why Jinhyuk had doubts.

‘…Can something like berserk do that?’

Berserking is definitely a useful magic.

Except that it is limited to the lower floors.

The cost was not that great compared to eating away at the user’s spirit.

Who would like magic that has strong aftereffects and becomes less useful as you advance to higher levels?

Berserking is not often used unless you are a talentless person who has reached his or her limit, or have a strong mentality that does not suffer any aftereffects from berserk.

However, the sword is presumed to be the treasure of a village, specifically a goblin village.

It’s not enough to have low-level magic such as berserk engraved on a sword that surpasses the level of an excellent treasured sword, so you send that kind of sword to a child who was barely saved?

‘It doesn’t make a lot of sense.’

It doesn’t fit.

In a situation that made him think, Jinhyeok stroked his chin, then remembered another assumption and his face hardened.

“…It’s not a magic sword, is it?”

“yes? “What did you say?”

“No, it’s nothing. “Just talk to yourself.”

Jinhyeok hurriedly turned his horse’s head at the tilt of his head from Ha-ryu, who was running next to him.

Fortunately, Jinhyeok sighed in relief when he saw Ha-ryu not showing any interest and spoke to Balkan.

– Balkan.

-…Why are you doing this without saying anything?

Jinhyeok, a spirit master, was able to communicate with spirits without using his mouth.

Of course, I didn’t use it until now because I had no reason to, but now I have a reason.

-Watch downstream.

-downstream? Why downstream? You sure don’t think a kid like that is going to stab you in the back, do you?

Jinhyeok shook his head and growled at the sight of Balkan becoming the defender of the lower class.

-Valkan, we are not children’s guardians. And it’s not because of that, so don’t show it off.

Since he was referring to Vulcan’s distorted face, Vulcan cleared his throat and cleared his expression.

In fact, Jinhyeok also did not want to keep an eye on Ha-ryu.

But it was unavoidable.

-A sword used by Haryu. I think there is a high probability that it is a magic sword. At least that is the ego sword.

-…It can’t be possible. Whether it’s an ego sword or a magic sword, it’s not just a weapon lying around on the floor… -You

don’t think that that sword is an ordinary sword, do you?

-Of course not. Even at first glance, it has the hardness and sharpness of a treasured sword. It doesn’t have to change even if you go across hundreds of floors, so it can’t be normal. But is that an ego sword or a demon sword?

A sword imbued with ego, the Ego Sword.

In addition, there is a sword imbued with magic, the Demon Sword.

The two Noble Phantasms were not that many, even considering the entire 999-story tower.

‘I don’t want to believe it either, but under the circumstances, I have no choice.’

Every time I hold the sword and draw out the right energy, my head turns red like a demon or iron and my hands become cruel.

If we rule out the option of berserk magic, there is only one thing left.

It is either an ego sword with an ego that eats away at the user, or a magic sword that tries to devour the user just by holding it.

-And you also knew that that sword was a bit strange. is not it?

-…I admit it, I didn’t think it was a magic sword because it didn’t emit any evil energy…

-The minimum I set in the first place was berserk fire. It’s definitely not a good thing for a young child, especially one who has a lot of growth ahead of him.

-You’re worried about downstream by pretending it’s not the case. In your world, would that be called a tsundere?

-…shut up.

When did you start searching other people’s heads? Harshly.

It is inevitable that the more powerful the soul, the deeper the assimilation with the Spirit Master.

Although the spirit would not reveal its secrets, I couldn’t help but be worried because its existence was Balkan.

‘I can’t replace it.’

-You thought you were a soul group.

-I didn’t think anything.

Trying to ignore Balkan’s sharp words, Jinhyeok once again emphasized what he had said.

-So shut up and watch downstream. To be precise, watch over that sword. okay?

-i get it. I, too, was about to become curious about that sword, and I am one of those people who would like that child to go down the right path.

-It’s probably not a person, but a ghost.



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-…Is it a racial characteristic of you Earthlings to never back a word?

I’m actually a bit special. Jinhyuk replied, insisting on saying that.

-Let’s not talk nonsense and move on.


After staring blankly at Jinhyuk’s back as he was just saying what he wanted to say and spitting out a spit that had no effect on the material world, Balkan followed Jinhyuk.

“We are going to create a monster wave from now on, so Vulcan, prepare prototypes of Spirit Bottles, Demon Soul Bottles, and Demon Bone Bottles.”

“It’s not a prototype, it’s already completed.”

“Tsk, are you planning to call something that hasn’t even been used properly a finished product?”

“…You leave me speechless. But it was really finished…”

“Be quiet.”

“…I get it.”

Balkan, who knew full well that Jinhyeok was the one who would force him to shut up if he didn’t shut up, nodded with a shit-chewing face.

“Downstream, you too. You have to take care of your own share. Survival comes first. “If necessary, you can take care of the missing parts from another floor.”

“…all right.”

It was a very different atmosphere compared to Balkan, but Balkan didn’t say anything.

This is because I know that the reason I speak out here and then come back is not just warm words, but preparations for creating a soul troupe.

However, Jinhyeok did not only say warm words to Ha-ryu this time.

“And don’t use your sword this time.”

“…yes? why?”

Ha-ryu was taken aback when Jinhyeok suddenly told him not to use the sword after not saying a word until now.

Currently, the sword plays a significant role in her battles.

In the first place, Ha-ryu had only one proper weapon, the Dragon Slayer Sword, so if he didn’t use the sword, he would have to fight with his bare hands.

“To be precise, you can use a sword, but as you know, the power that is built into the sword. “What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t use that power if you can.”

“I understand if that’s the case.”

“…Aren’t you curious why I’m not allowed to use a sword?”

“Why aren’t you curious about me? But I think there must be a good reason for your brother telling you not to do it.”

“…Okay, thank you.”

Seeing Ha-ryu trusting him 100%, he sat down thinking that he had to quickly find out the secret about her sword.

“From now on, don’t touch me and start preparing for the monster wave that may start at any moment.”


“I get it.”

Jinhyeok closed his eyes as the two people who answered before they finished speaking dispersed to their respective positions.

Above the source of the 5th floor that he had found and infused with mana and magic energy for several days.

[The pinnacle of all evil reveals interest.]

[The Nine-Tailed Fox says it is impossible.]

[The Mad God of War applauds your challenge.]

[The Goddess of Battle advises that reckless dares are not right. .]

In fact, what Jinhyeok was trying to do now was not so likely that even the gods predicted it was impossible.

Jinhyuk himself only knew how to do it, but it was something he had never tried before.

The reason was simple.

‘When the monsters were weak, there were no methods or abilities to do this, and when there were methods and abilities, the monsters were too strong. Or there is no way to get close to the source.’

It was simply due to the difficulty of the tower and the timing was not right.

When I had the ability to block a monster wave single-handedly, there was no way to artificially create it, and when I learned how to do it, I lacked the ability.

No matter how great Jinhyeok was and how he commanded an army, he couldn’t block the 300th or 400th floor monster wave alone.

‘Even the Four Emperors can’t do that.’

A monster wave that occurs on your floor.

If it was the 300th or 400th floor, the scale and quality of the monster wave was so great that it could not even be compared to the lower floors.

‘When I first reached the 5th floor, I was only a somewhat talented climber 1, so it was impossible to create a monster wave at that time.’

Before reincarnation.

When he first attempted the tower, Jinhyuk was also an average climber.

A little more talented than others.

Jinhyuk’s real value came after he was able to change jobs after the 10th floor, and it was after the 200th floor that he learned how to artificially create a monster wave.

Of course, even if I knew the method and had the ability to put it into practice, I couldn’t do it because it was impossible to fix it.


‘They said there was no such thing as experienced new recruits in the world, but now here they are.’

Newcomer with experience.

This is something that only experienced newcomers like Jinhyuk can do.

The story was that Jinhyuk was doing something that literally couldn’t happen.

The reason was simple.

‘I’m the experienced newbie, you damn b*stards.’

A former climber of the 599th floor who is about to reach the 600th floor, a 2nd spirit master, and now a 3rd generation spirit master and an all-master.

However, the number of floors currently climbed is only 5.

Newcomer with experience.

Jinhyeok, who achieved the conditions that fit the name, immediately poured his energy into the source of the 5th floor.

Over the past few days, Jinhyeok’s blow, which had been opening a hole little by little and widening the gap, was ready to explode, and was successfully stuck at the root of the 5th floor.


The ground where Jinhyeok was sitting exploded, and the source of the 5th floor beneath it spread throughout the entire 5th floor.

The suddenly dense energies soon manifested themselves as an abnormal phenomenon.


There were few things that could be called abnormal in the tower, and the abnormal phenomenon occurring now was no different from the abnormal phenomenon experienced by climbers on the first floor a few days ago.



“Is it a goblin wave? “After the kobold wave, it’s definitely the goblin wave.”

It’s just that the beings that make up the wave have changed from kobolds to goblins.

Soon, Jinhyeok stood up, listening to the ear-piercing cries of the goblins, and muttered quietly with a smile on his face.

“…wake up.” The


suddenly grew to Wave-level size due to abnormalities at their origin.

In order to confront them, Jinhyeok also just brought up numbers commensurate with his size.

The earth split, the corpses rose again, and their spirits glared at the goblins shaking the forest, burning their natural flames.

“Wipe it away.”

It started with a low-pitched voice, but it ended with a very powerful voice announcing the departure.

And the reborn undead and spirit soldiers followed their master’s orders and rushed towards the enemy named Goblin.

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