Absolute Necromancer Chapter 27

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All Master Necromancer Episode 27


Monsters that are not much different in appearance from kobolds, which are called small demons, except for their size.

However, unlike kobolds, they carried barrels and poisonous needles, which were sufficiently threatening to climbers on the 5th floor, the lowest of the lower floors.

Whoosh –

Dozens of poisonous needles flying in with the sound of the wind blowing.

If all of them were hit, even Jinhyuk would be paralyzed.

It goes without saying, but Jinhyeok was not defenseless enough to accept it straight away.


A fairly powerful wind is created in Jinhyeok’s hands and flows towards the front.

And at best, the poisonous stings fired by goblins and the like were neutralized with a single moderate wind created by magic.

-Kick! Kiik!


Jinhyeok frowned as he listened to the bizarre cries of the goblins, who were angry that their attack was in vain.

“At best, a goblin or something is going to squeak and be damned.”

A climber who is about to reach the 600th floor.

The former strongest person on Earth, who has never lost the title of being the first on Earth in any given matter.

The cries of the goblins were enough to bother Jinhyuk.


who instantly broke the neck of the rushing goblin, shook his head and snapped his fingers.

“…For now, let’s act like a necromancer. “I’ve been using my body too much these days.”

Skeleton soldiers and spirit soldiers that move in response to Jinhyeok’s gestures.

Jinhyeok, who was watching them deal with the goblins with quick movements, turned his head to look in the direction of the stream and Balkan, and then turned his head again.

“I just need to do my job well.”

These people know how to make enough for one person.

In addition, in the case of Vulcan, there was nothing to worry about since he was leading all the prototype Demon Bone Soldiers and Demon Soul Soldiers.

The only thing I was worried about was Ha-ryu, who did not use the power of the sword, but if it was really dangerous, Ha-ryu would unlock the power of the sword on his own.

Above all, Jinhyeok had only one thing to worry about, as Balkan would take care of protecting the downstream.

“You can win the Goblin Slayer title… right?”

A monster wave that you artificially created.

The only worry was whether there would be enough goblins to win the title of goblin slayer.



“What do you mean, this?”

At the sound of the earth shaking, the climbers who were preparing for battle or resting in the village on the 5th floor stood up with puzzled faces.

And it didn’t take long for their faces to harden as they looked at the situation outside the village.

“…It’s a goblin!”

“But why are there so many?”

“wave? Is it really a wave?”

“No, they said a wave occurred on the 1st floor a few days ago, but this time it was on the 5th floor? “What’s happening!”

“Ahhhh! “How did I avoid that!”


Beings attacking the village.

Beings who spread sounds through earth-shaking footsteps.

The reaction of the climbers who saw them was not much different from the climbers on the first floor.

The only difference from back then was that this monster wave was not forced as it was artificially caused by Jinhyuk.

“Hey, can this thing bounce?”

“Those who have completed the quest, let’s gather together and go up to the 6th floor together!”

“Damn, I was trying to grow a little more!”

The system imposes a restriction that you cannot proceed to the next floor when a monster wave occurs.

Of course, Jinhyuk didn’t have that kind of power, and even if he did, there was no need to do it.

Since all the goblins were Jinhyuk’s prey anyway, it would be good for Jinhyuk if the climbers, who could be considered competitors, ran away on their own.

But not everyone else thought that way.

“Are you the only ones running away!”

“If you are a climber, fight against your enemies!”

Climbers who have not yet met the quest conditions.

Their reaction was not much different from that of the climbers on the first floor.

No, it wasn’t strange that it wasn’t different.

1st and 5th floors.

The climbers on the 5th floor may not want to admit it, but in the grand scheme of things, the difference between them was about the size of a piece of paper.

This was even more so because the main character of the wave that the climbers on the 5th floor had to deal with was not a kobold but a goblin.

“Damn it, everyone who couldn’t complete the quest gather together! “Let’s each process our assigned quantity and move on to the 6th floor!”

“Okay, I have two left!”

“I have three!”

“I’ll finish it soon and go up. Okay, I’ll take the lead. Those who have shields or have high health stats, come out!”

Still, since they were climbers who had climbed to the 5th floor, they each knew what they had to do.

This looked different from the climbers on the first floor.

They were too busy running away or hiding from the disaster that befell them, but did not think about fighting back.



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Of course, there were some who were not, but considering that their number was only a handful, the situation has changed 180 degrees.

Well, it wasn’t that those who gathered weren’t afraid.



“Ugh… were those guys that creepy?”

Hundreds at best.

The group of goblins, which could easily number over a thousand at most, was to the point where one had doubts as to whether they were the goblins one usually met at a hunting ground.

More than anything.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The number of poisonous needles fired in one breath ranged from tens to hundreds, so it was natural for the climbers facing them to turn pale.

“…those without shields fall back.”

No matter how high your physical strength stat is, it is only slightly higher than that of a 5th floor climber.

If you don’t have armor or a shield to block the poisonous needles, you will get hit by dozens of poisonous needles and become a scarecrow, prey for goblins.

Hearing the words of the person who seemed to be the leader who was well aware of this and had rallied the climbers, those without shields and with high stamina stats pulled back.

Although they were always at the forefront of battle, they did not want to become helpless scarecrows due to poisonous stings and become food for goblins.

“Whew, then the archers will take out the goblins from a distance, and the thieves will set up traps in advance in the alley where the goblins will enter.”

“I get it.”

“I’ll show you the power of a sharpshooter.”

Unfortunately, because it was before the 10th floor where the job change event was held, there were no special occupations such as wizards or priests.

Of course, changing jobs is not all-powerful, and there are people who use magic or are chosen by God to use divine power even before changing jobs.

However, at least right now, there were no such special people on the 5th floor.

In the end, the only ones they could trust were the few archers who could use crude bows and the thieves who could at least set traps.

“Everyone charge!”

To the voice of the climber who shouted to charge with a stern face, other climbers responded with voices rising from the danjeon.


A battle between goblins and climbers.

Hundreds of climbers competing against a number approaching or exceeding a thousand.

In a way, it is like a scene from a myth, a moment when their own myth is being written.

“Stop, this is my job.”

Their myth was stopped by the voice of a man wearing a robe standing in front of them.

A man wearing a robe blocked their way in the heat of the moment, and it was absurd for them, who were already heated up ahead of the battle, to immediately stop at the man’s words.

Naturally, there were those who opposed it.

“Who are you? Do this or that… Hike!”

“Tell me more. what?”

“Ah… ah… uh…”

Despite the warrior’s energetic babbling, the people around him could not help but burst into laughter.

There was a good reason why the muscular man was at a loss for words and babbling.



The goblins were clearly rushing towards them.

Before they knew it, they were fighting against soldiers made up of skeletons who had come out of the forest.

Naturally, they were able to immediately figure out who the owner of that skeleton soldier was.

Above all, a mask glimpsed inside the robe.

It was clearly similar to the ghostly face that had been causing an uproar on the 5th floor a few days ago.

in other words.

“…Are you a ghost?”

It was said that they had no choice but to naturally know that the person in front of them was an exceptional person who had single-handedly blocked a monster wave on the first floor similar to this one and had completed his job change before reaching the tenth floor.

In response to the question of the climber who had gathered the climbers to ask for his identity in a slightly trembling voice, the robe and mask nodded along with a chuckle coming from behind the mask.

“I am a ghost. And they are my army. “I don’t need your help, so just pick up the fallen beans and eat them.”


There was only one thing the climbers could do as they felt an emotion that could be called fear weighing down their entire bodies.

Nodding –

All they did was nod at the object hanging above their necks.

Jinhyeok, the ghost mask that liked their answers, nodded with a satisfied smile inside the mask.

“See my feat and spread the word of my feat throughout the tower. “That’s why I don’t touch you guys.”

After speaking, Jinhyeok’s lips were tender as he trudged towards the battlefield, where the battle was in full swing, with the hem of his robe fluttering.

“…wake up.”

Perfect production.

As soon as he finished speaking, skeleton soldiers with white bones sprouted from both sides of Jinhyeok.

Their numbers were not that small compared to the skeleton soldiers that came out of the forest.

Of course, there was no soul bottle, but the climber who could see the soul bottle was not here right now.

It didn’t cost much mana and didn’t help much in battle, it was just a show of bravado, but it looked different in the eyes of others.


“Death King? No, I can’t reach him yet, but at that level, I’m sure someday…”

“Prince of the Dead. ” “A climber who will succeed the King of Death.”

King of Death.

Unlike those who struggle on the 5th floor at most, climbers have broken the 100th, 200th, and even 300th floor walls.

He is a necromancer like Jinhyeok in front of him and is a rookie whose reputation is widely known throughout the tower.

Mentioning the name of the person who is evaluated as the mainstay of the new tower that will lead the next generation following Nine Star, the climbers looked at Jinhyuk’s retreating back and muttered his new nickname.

“…Death Prince, Ghost Face.”

Prince Salyeong.

They returned to Juseomjuseom Village, muttering the name of the prince who would one day usurp the place of the rookie and powerhouse with the grandiose nickname of King of Four Spirits.

As he said, the Congo will fall on them.

To escape from Jinhyeok’s hands and pick up several goblins heading to the village.

It was their first time meeting, and they only exchanged a few words, but they followed Jinhyuk’s words very well.

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