Absolute Necromancer Chapter 25

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All Master Necromancer Episode 25

“So, the basic idea is that instead of the mana that fills the inside of the skeleton soldier, we fill it with demonic energy.”

“Yes, now anyway, mana will not be completely emptied like in the case of Demon Soul Bottle, but it will be created at a ratio of 9 mana and 1 magical energy.”

“…It’s definitely a good method.”

Using a method similar to that of the Demon Soul Soldier, the Skeleton Soldier is born into an advanced level of undead.

Naturally, it was bound to be an attractive option for Jinhyuk.

In any case, it was clear that the newly created skeleton soldier would be of great help by joining Jinhyeok’s army.

But questions remained.

“Why is it a skeleton disease? There are many other undead as well. “There are zombies among the low-level undead right now.”

Why does the entity that infuses demon energy have to be a skeleton soldier?

And Balkan made Jinhyeok understand by giving a very reasonable reason.

It was such a valid reason that Jinhyuk himself nodded as soon as he heard it.

“It’s cheap.”



To put it simply, it also means that the level is low.

Above all, the lower the level, the easier it is to summon in large quantities and it does not take up much of the caster’s control.

Of course, because it is so weak, it is a low-level undead, and in the future, it is an undead that is not used except when pushing out in quantity.

It’s safe to say that the undead are looked down on by all necromancers, but the magic energy has been added, but all the shortcomings of the skeleton soldiers have disappeared.

“The advantage of skeleton soldiers is that they are cheap. “The advantage is that with a small amount of mana, you can cause as many as you want as long as there are corpses around.”

“Let’s mix demonic energy with it to create demonic skeleton bottles and magic bone bottles?”

“Yes, it is not easy to make a demonic soul bottle at once as it interferes with the high-dimensional substance called the soul, but the demonic soul bottle will be different.”

“…I just need to replace the contents inside the bone?”

“That is correct.”

Mana is what moves the skeleton soldiers.

To be exact, it was the mana seeping into the bones.

Just by converting that mana into demonic energy, the skeleton soldier becomes a powerful enough weapon.

“Well, since the unique vulgarity of the skeleton soldiers doesn’t go anywhere, it might be difficult to deal with even one truly talented person…” “

Wars aren’t fought by just one strong man.”

It would be different if it were the Four Emperors or other powerful people comparable to them, but I had no intention of fighting those guys from the beginning, and above all, this condition would be met even when fighting them.

The condition is that war is not fought alone.

“…It’s not bad, go ahead.”

“Hehehe, praise me more. “You ignorant disciple.”

“…Well done, Balkan.”

“Okay, from now on, if you serve Master well, you will run out of rice cakes even in your sleep. Do you understand?”

“Okay, so I work hard to create Demon Bone Soldiers whenever I have time, and you know that the power of Demon Bone Soldiers is that they can be created right away, right?”

“know. “Let’s try to find a way to make it as quickly as possible.”

“Okay, then let’s move on to the next floor.”

Jinhyeok and his group, who had already met the quest’s requirements as they were the type to do it all at once, disappeared from the third floor as soon as the decision was made.

The battle on the 4th floor was unremarkable.

That’s bound to happen since I’m only meeting people I’ve already gotten used to.

In the end, Jinhyeok and his group went straight to the 5th floor as soon as they roughly accomplished the quest.

[5th floor]

Hebe Village is large enough to be called a village, but small enough to be called a city.

There were concerns even in this place, which was like a natural fortress, with the village surrounded by a strong wall and a cliff behind it.


These little demon-like people were the very thing to worry about.

Clear conditions: Goblin kill (0/20)

“It’s finally a goblin.”

Jinhyeok looked at the quest window with an expression of emotion as he looked at the quest announcing farewell to the kobolds he was sick of.

[The pinnacle of all evil claps in celebration.]

“No need.”

[The pinnacle of all evil is sullen.]

[King Mifu looks at someone and cackles.]

[King Mifu looks at someone and cackles.]

[King Mifu looks at someone and cackles.]

[The pinnacle of all evil wanders around looking for a mouse hole. .]

You guys are having fun.

Jinhyeok shook his head and looked downstream at the sight of a devil playing around with a message window and a person who was neither a god nor a devil.

“A new monster will appear from now on, so be careful.”

“What kind of monster are goblins that you are telling me to be careful of?”

Seeing Ha-Ryu tilting his head and not being able to hide his curiosity, perhaps at an age when he was at the peak of curiosity, he shook his head and corrected it.

“I’m not saying you should be careful because it’s dangerous, but you should always be careful about the unknown.”


“Goblins are not much different from kobolds. It’s a little bigger, and the strength and agility that come from that size are a little stronger. But the most important thing is the sting.”

“Poisonous sting?”

“If you get hit, the area around it gets paralyzed, and if you get hit multiple times, your whole body becomes paralyzed. “Even if you get hit by everything, you can’t get hit by the poisonous needle.”

“I understood.”



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Maybe it’s because he’s a goblin, but he understands me well even if I say it just once.

Satisfied with the sight of Ha-ryu immediately understanding and nodding his head without any in-depth explanation, Jin-hyuk moved on.

-That person is a ghost, right?

-Isn’t it a Force joke?

-Would you like to at least talk to me?

-There won’t be a guild, right? Wouldn’t a recruitment offer be okay?

Jinhyuk came out of the village, leaving behind the conversations of the climbers around him that ended in question.

“Now that a new monster has appeared, I have to win the slayer title again.”


Ha-Ryu, who won the Kobold Slayer title through Monster Wave on the first floor, trembled as he recalled that time.

To be honest, Jinhyeok also patted her on the shoulder as if he understood because it was something he would not have been able to do without the spirit soldiers and Ha-ryu.

“I’m going to rest for a bit before proceeding, so you don’t have to worry.”

“…I’m fine.”

Jinhyeok shook his head at the sight of Ha-ryu clenching his dainty hands and clenching them into fists as if he could do it right away.

“Hards are not good. It was a time when I needed a break anyway, and Vulkan had something to research, so it was perfect. “More than anything, I need time to create a monster wave.”

“…Was it something that could be caused artificially?”

Monster Wave.

Ha-Ryu looked strangely at Jin-Hyeok, who spoke as if a climber could artificially create a special event that only occurs when certain conditions are met.

At her gaze that seemed to ask if it was really possible, Jinhyeok nodded his head proudly.

“of course.”

“I will believe it.”

“…Okay, thank you.”

Jinhyuk, who was ready to explain as much as he could when Ha-ryu showed faith right away even though he said he could do it, expressed his gratitude with regret.

“Then let’s just do our best until we find a place to prepare for the monster wave.”

“That’s really okay.”

“I know. “Let’s go, Balkan.”

“…Tsk, you seem like a guy with no consideration at all.”

“I can hear the sound of soul dan ingredients barking somewhere. I guess it’s an illusion, right?”

“Goes! go!”

Did I boil the train fire box? My eardrums will burst.

Jinhyeok cleared his ears at the sound of Vulcan’s wailing voice and disappeared into the forest where goblins haunted.

Jinhyeok disappeared into a place that even climbers avoided and did not come out of the forest even after several hours.


“You know that?”


“There are ghosts in the forest?”

“I heard that, but is it true? “Isn’t it already the second day?”

“No, it’s the third day.”

“anyway. Why isn’t it coming out? “I heard you didn’t even go to the 6th floor?”

In a quiet forest.

Climbers walking there told stories about ghosts that had disappeared in the forest.

I was bored while looking for the goblin, and the ghost that was causing trouble suddenly stopped attacking me.

Of course, it was only 3 days at most, and it was enough time for an average person to clear it, but prospects were far from ordinary, so it was natural for people to ask, ‘Why still?’

The climbers on the 5th floor did not hide their incredulity when they realized that the demon face had not been ascended by talking to colleagues who had climbed up first or using the tower’s messenger service.

-Why didn’t it go up?

-Are goblins that strong?

It was a natural reaction as the Super Rookie, who had been struggling to break through the floors until reaching the 5th floor, suddenly disappeared and ended up in the forest.

“Hey, let’s stop worrying about the super rookie and just go about our business. “We also have to climb up slowly.”

“That’s right, there are only three left. You have to quickly move on to the next floor and then move on to the 10th floor and change jobs to be considered a true climber.”

As they disappeared into the outskirts of the forest, talking loudly, someone sat down at the spot they were staying.

“I didn’t mean to, but my name has gotten quite popular.”

“It’s only natural that it suddenly disappeared. In fact, it may be a bad thing. “At best, there are no rookies caught by their ankles on the 5th floor.”

“Well, once this matter is over, the evaluation will rise again.”

A being that wears a goblin mask on its face and acts under the name of Ghost Face.

It was Jinhyuk.

Jinhyeok, who had sat down and had a chat with Balkan based on what the climbers had just passed by, soon returned to his nest.

Hook – Ha

-ryu, who had been meditating with his eyes closed, immediately responded to the now familiar sound of blowing the pipe. At some point, the


that had not been pulled out was pulled out by Ha-ryu’s hand, and the poisonous needle that was flying down the barrel was split exactly in half and fell to the floor.

-Key profit!

The goblins realized that their attack had failed and revealed themselves in anger.

Five or six goblins.

There was also a goblin warrior among them, so it was quite a difficult enemy for the 5th floor climber to deal with alone.

of course.

“…It’s almost time for your brother to return, so hurry up.”

This did not apply to the lower class, which glared at the goblins with two light red eyes.

It was natural that what applied to an ordinary 5th floor climber would not apply to Ha-ryu, an unusual 5th floor climber.

Swing –

one swing.

The slash flies through the air and rips off the goblin’s neck.

Push –

Red blood fills the air from the sharp sword strike of the downstream that cuts exactly where the blood vessel passes.

However, as if this was the beginning, the moment the eyes of the lower blood that looked redder than blood flashed and the red hair fluttered, the bodies of the three remaining goblins were split horizontally.

-Quick? Squeak?

“You too, come quickly. “I have to finish quickly and clean up.”

The sight of Ha-ryu calmly looking at the last remaining goblin warrior and snapping his fingers was enough to wake up the bewildered goblin warrior.

The goblin was very small, but the downstream was also small.

Therefore, despite the fact that all of his subordinates had just become victims of Ha-ryu’s slash, he gained confidence and fought back.

of course.


that confidence disappeared the moment I was hit in the face by the handle of Ha-ryu’s sword, which came flying at me as soon as I could throw myself away.

Goblin warrior.

For climbers on the 5th floor, it was a monster they most likely did not want to encounter, but for those on the lower level, it was nothing more or less than Goblin 1.


“…I find myself laughing a lot these days. “Why?”

Ha-ryu, who had been smiling unconsciously as he looked at the goblin warrior falling down with blood spattering, shook the smile off his face in shock.

These days, I often worry about my faint smile.

“Preparations are over. “We’re causing a monster wave today.”

Upon hearing Jinhyeok’s words after returning from reconnaissance, Haryu shook off the thoughts that were filling his head and nodded.


“…Then let’s begin.”

Jinhyeok, who was looking at Ha-ryu calmly nodding his head, or more precisely, at the corner of his mouth where a smile had appeared before his arrival, soon fluttered the hem of his robe and headed towards the center of the forest.

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