Absolute Necromancer Chapter 24

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All Master Necromancer Episode 24

“…Tsk, if I’m going to criticize you, I’m going to criticize you. “I can’t help it.”

“You’re finally accepting your life. Looks good, Vulcan.”

“…Shut up!”

Jinhyeok chuckled and tapped Balkan on the shoulder when he saw Balkan finally accepting his role as a Mahon bottle factory.

As a Spirit Master, he was able to tap Vulkan’s shoulder without even passing by his body.

That fact made Vulcan even more irritated, but he couldn’t change what had already been decided.


“Ha, okay, thank you. But in that case, it’s not about congratulations, it’s about comforting.”


“No, what is your fault? “The guy over there giggling is crazy.”

Balkan glared at Jinhyeok while calming down the restless Ha-Ryu.

“What do we do now?”

“I have to climb the tower.”

“Is this the end?”

“Uh, I’m going to think about breaking through from the 10th floor first. “I heard about the White Swallows, so let’s meet them first.”

“…That’s not bad.”

Information about White Swallow that I heard from Seungtae Kim.

At best, it was only brief information about the location and what the symbol looked like, but Jinhyeok didn’t care.

Anyway, I would naturally find out the details as I robbed them.

The important thing was to get to the 10th floor, where their guild branch would be located.

“Then are you planning to go up right away?”

“Uh, please take care of me when I go up. A chaser.”

“…Damn, I’m not the kind of person who goes anywhere and gets treated like that.”

He gritted his teeth and glared at Jinhyuk with bloodshot eyes, but Jinhyuk was not afraid of that.

“Should I make a soul dandelion and eat it?”

Card Deuk –

Balkan averted his gaze at the sight of Jinhyuk catching a kobold soul that was rolling around next to him, grinding it up, and consuming it to form a soul group.

Even though it was more efficient to catch and eat him using his characteristic predation, he knew that intentionally turning him into a soul troupe was a silent protest.

‘…Damn you. ‘You’re threatening to replace your teacher.’

Although he is a student who will continue his progress and become the best spirit master, Balkan shed tears at the sight of himself living off of his blinders.

Pat pat-

“…there is only you.”

“…Please take care of mine too.”

“…Damn it.”

Balkan’s face distorted as he heard the whispers of Ha-ryu, who was patting his back.

Jinhyeok looked downstream, leaving behind Vulkan, who was pounding his chest and saying that there was no one in the world he could trust.

“You cleared it, right?”

“Yes, everything is done.”

“Then, from now on, we will run without stopping until the fifth floor.”


A quest to defeat a dozen kobolds and kobold warriors.

That situation was quickly cleared thanks to the dozens of monsters brought by Balkan.

Ha-Ryu nodded when he was told that he would immediately move on to the next floor.

It was a decision I made because there was nothing more to do here and nothing more to gain.

“I’ll see you on the third floor.”

With those words, Jinhyuk was enveloped in a halo of light and soon disappeared.

Ha-Ryu, who was staring at the empty seat of Jin-Hyeok who had disappeared to the third floor, soon disappeared along with a ray of light.

3rd floor.

The quest there was not much different from the previous floor.



-right! Boo! right!

“Aim for the shamans first. “That is the basics of combat.”

“all right!”

It’s just that the number and quality of shamans that need to be captured have increased slightly.

In the process, Jinhyeok began teaching Ha-ryu.

As he climbed the tower, he saw people like Ha-ryu, and all he wanted to do was tell Ha-ryu how they behaved, but that was enough. Every time


sword of the lower class, emitting dark red light, was shaken, the bodies of the kobolds were split in half, and the wooden shields of the kobold warriors who were trying to protect the shaman were shattered with a cracking sound.

Eventually, the kobold shamans who were hiding behind them and using magic were not much different from the end of the previous kobolds.


bang-! Grumble-!

The kobold shaman could not even respond to Jinhyeok’s single move, which exploded at the same time as he thrust a fireball into the empty space where the kobold and kobold warrior had left.


Although he was somewhat intelligent, it was not easy to hold on to his sanity while his whole body was on fire.

For shamans and wizards, loss of concentration means defeat or death.

It wasn’t much different for kobold shamans.



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smashed the head of the struggling guy with his fist to put out the fire on his body, and looked at the frozen kobolds and radiated magical energy.


The dark, dark magic spreads like smoke, sending the kobolds into a state of complete panic.

It was a common logic.

Even if you only smell the urine of a wild animal, you can often see herbivores urinating and running away or freezing.

And something different but similar was unfolding right here.

“Deal with it.”

“I am not your slave!”

“To the Spirit Master, the soul is like a subordinate and a slave. “Slave No. 1, sortie.”

“Damn it!”

Vulcan leads a sortie with soul soldiers and demon soul soldiers towards the confused and panicked kobolds.

Their souls were kobolds, but inside they were transformed into faithful servants of Jinhyeok, so there was no mercy in their hands as they aimed their weapons at their own people.

“die! die!”

Like a puppeteer who moves puppets as if to vent his anger at being treated as a slave by Jinhyeok, Balkan, who deals with soul disease, demon soul disease, and even resurrected corpses, is like a maestro on the battlefield.

Of course, the only driving force that drove him was anger and frustration, but his talent produced great results even with that driving force.


In an instant, the rotted corpse jumps up from its seat and bites the nape of the neck of the comrade in front of it who was fighting with it just moments ago.

The kobolds collapsed as they were attacked from within.

Eventually, the skeleton soldiers (skeletons), who had shed their rotten flesh, started swinging the bone swords made from their own bodies with their lighter bodies.

It was a very crude sword technique, but the power contained in it was too powerful for ordinary kobolds to block.

More than anything.


-…Kek! Kekkeek!

The huge difference in headcount became a decisive weight in deciding victory or defeat.

The hand-to-hand assault of the skeleton soldiers, who did not care about being crushed by the charging zombies and destroying their own bodies, was a very harsh enemy for the ordinary monsters, the kobolds.

“Not bad.”

Balkan looked down at the devastation he had created and stroked his chin.

In fact, this battle was a battle method that Balkan had often used since he climbed the tower.

And he was truly satisfied with his fighting method, which was still working well.

“Are you okay?”

Even Jinhyeok showed interest in his fighting style, so didn’t he say it all?

“Hehe, it would be a waste to just throw away the bodies of those we killed. All you can do is take out the soul, but just remember that there are endless ways to use even the corpse, kid.”

“…This time, I’ll admit it without my pride.”

Necromancy was clearly a power that Jinhyeok could handle.

It’s not that difficult to cause zombies or skeletons like the current Vulcan, and there were times when they were used on the first floor.

However, it is not that easy to revive a dead body at the right time and attack it during a battle.

Above all, do you understand the battlefield situation thoroughly while placing and directing other subordinates, soul soldiers and demon soul soldiers, to the right place?

‘…As expected, the name of the first Spirit Master is not an empty name.’

Being the first in something is difficult for even geniuses with exceptional talent to accomplish.

Most of Jinhyeok’s achievements were nothing more than discarded scraps because they did not receive the attention of the Four Emperors.

In contrast, Vulcan’s achievement of being the ‘First Spirit Master’ is a new job recognized by the tower itself.

‘There are very few people who create jobs, and even fewer people create excellent jobs.’

You have accomplished a task more difficult than finding a single grain of sand of a different shape on a white sand beach.

In addition, necromancers and spirit masters are beings who command something.

In terms of handling, suppressing, and manipulating souls, Jinhyeok was one or two levels more talented than Balkan, but on the other hand, Balkan was several levels superior in terms of his ability to handle them.

When you are shaking your head and acknowledging what needs to be acknowledged.

Balkan surprised Jinhyuk as if showing off his talent.

“But this is what I felt while dealing with demonic energy, and I think this can be applied to other things as well.”

“Something else? Besides soul disease?”

A combination of magic and other things.

This meant the achievement of a new achievement and at the same time, it meant that Jinhyeok could become even a little stronger.

Naturally, Jinhyeok, who was thirsty due to his strength, immediately responded, and Balkan nodded as he looked at Jinhyuk.

Chuck –

Seeing him raising his finger and pointing to one side, Jinhyuk’s eyes naturally turned to the tip of his finger.

“…Skeleton disease?”

There was a skeleton soldier there.

In other words, there were skeletons that were a step up from zombies.

“…You really want to combine demonic energy with skeleton soldiers?”

It is true that skeletons are definitely a higher-grade undead than zombies.

However, if you look at it from an overall perspective, it is true that it is a very low-level undead.

Even the Headless Knight Dullahan, the next step up from Skeleton, is a mid-level undead that can compete against 100-story climbers.

They say that something like a skeleton is something you can’t reach even if you grind hundreds of them.

Wouldn’t combining such skeletons and skeleton soldiers with demon energy be a waste of demon energy? A thought passed through Jinhyuk’s mind.

of course.

“…Let’s just listen to the story first. “I want to know why you made that choice.”

If you are at the level of Vulcan, you can produce not only Dullahan but also more undead.

If only there was enough time.

Nevertheless, Jinhyeok thought that there must be a good reason for selecting the low-level undead skeleton soldiers as the target, and nodded as if asking them to have a conversation.

Although he had the appearance of a superior, Balkan didn’t care much.

That’s because I’ve gotten used to it now that I’ve been with Jinhyuk so many times.

Above all, Balkan thought that even he would be viewed as a crazy person until he received a proper explanation.

‘You’ll be surprised when you hear it, you idiot.’

Nevertheless, there is one reason why Balkan obediently opens his mouth and explains.

He thought that even after this explanation, he would not be able to speak in such an arrogant manner.

‘You won’t be any different from when I first saw Demon Spirit. ‘Because we are that kind of people.’

When you discover new things you didn’t know about.

As Vulcan was well aware of the reactions shown by people of his type, the explanation soon ended and he began to look forward to Jinhyeok’s reaction.

“I, Balkan, an excellent teacher, will personally explain for my foolish student!”

Balkan’s explanation began with a sound like an ahem, and his expectations were correct.

“…That’s amazing.”

Jinhyeok’s voice of surprise rang out quietly in the middle of the fourth floor filled with kobold corpses.

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